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Welcome to Doperch, Latest trending post

Angel walked into the church, it was Saturday morning, she has dedicate every Saturday to God. It her usual routine to always be in the presence of God from morning till night. She prays, sleep and read the bible until evening before heading home. The church workers know of her routine and many sees her as a role model, they see her as someone who can offers her whole time to God. She was well respected, and recognized as a committed member. Some ladies tried to imitate her by coming on Saturday just like her, but none of them last, she was then sees as Madam of Grace.

This Saturday was not different, she woke up early, swept the whole compound, rushed to the kitchen to prepare what to eat. she hate being late to Church on Saturday. ” My Dad is expecting me by 8am, I must not disappoint Him by going late” that was her usual saying. She refers to Jesus Christ as her Daddy, She hardly call God, or Jesus.
I want to talk to my Daddy, am going to meet my Daddy, I have an appointment with my Daddy. These are her usual sayings.

Sometime people got confused who she really meant as her dad. Only few close friends knows she was referring to God. This made her gain more respect from people. A child who knows and follow Her Father, that was Angel.

This fateful morning, she was cooking in the kitchen and also singing..

You are worthy, you are worthy, you are worthy, of my praise
You are worthy, you are worthy, you are worthy, of my praise” Angel sang in the kitchen.

Sister Joy, her neighbor, who happens to be her church member came in, but Angel was carried away with her song

Ah! Sister Angel, is that you? Sister Joy asked looking at her with surprise

She turned and saw sister Joy leaning at the door what do you mean? She asked rolling her eyes

I thoughts I was hearing the Host of heaven singing, I never knew you were the one, Or am I mistaken?

Angel smiled, which heaven? You have started again with your joke.. She said as she chopped the onions

No, am really serious! Who was singing? You were the one right? She asked

Okay o, madam inquisitive, am the one singing, and..

Really? Wow! Joy cut in, that was beautiful, I must say, you have a beautiful voice, so soft and tender

I know.. Thank.. Angel said feeling uncomfortable

Why waste this beautiful voice of yours, am very very sure our choir master will be so happy to have you in our midst.. Your voice will be..

Ehn.. Sister joy, thank you, can we talk about something else?

Why? What happened? Don’t you want to join us?

Do you have any spare pot? pls lend me, Angel dragged her out of the kitchen to her room..

I know you will change the topic, I have a pot, but let talked about this first…

Oh, my phone is ringing.. Angel cut in and rush out of her room

Sister Angel! Sister Angel! Sister joy called her, but she ignored her and ran off

She went back to the kitchen
I don’t know why people can’t just let me be, all what they need is to mind there business, but they won’t, she said am wasting my voice, am I giving it out for free or what? she talked to herself in the kitchen.

Back to the present

Angel walked into the church and met some workers. She greeted them and they replied her..
She knelt down, says a little prayer and sat down observing the workers

They were drama members doing rehearsal, she watched them as they delivered their role. The main cast who was a slim lady was asked to delivered a role but she was not getting it. The drama director was pissed off

You need to see yourself, look at yourself, the drama directors said out of frustration

Angel watched from afar. Should I help them? There is no harm in helping out, she thought within herself
She stood up and moved closer to them.
Hi everyone.. She greeted with a bright smile

Hi ma..

Am sorry for being an intruder

At all ma, you are most welcome, said the drama director
I was watching from where I sat down and I realized there is a problem, if you don’t mind can I help?

Sure, you can

Okay sir, what is the role all about?

The role is about a frustrated Christian.. The director narrated everything to her

Okay, I got it.. I will try

Angel delivered the role excellently, she was carried away with the role that the clapped from the members brought her back to reality that she was acting

Wow! That was great. I really love your acting. I must say you are a born drama minister

Angel smiled, thank…
Angel helped the main cast, after few rehearsals with the main cast, she did well. The main cast was so grateful she thank Angel who was happy to be of help
She left the group and mind her business, talking to her Daddy.

Two hours laters
Angel was reading her Bible when the drama director walked up to her.

Hi ma, can you spare me few minutes?

Of course, pls sit sir

The Drama director sat beside her
Thank for today ma

Let thank God

I really appreciate you for giving out your time ma, after your performance with us today, I was so convinced that you are gifted, you are truly a born drama minister, it will be a great privilege to have you in our midst

Angel bowed down her head, avoiding the director gaze, who was looking directly into her eyes

Thank you sir for seeing me as someone who could be useful. I really appreciate your effort. But sir, am afraid, I might want to disappoint you. Right now, am not actually interested in any work, I have my spiritual reason which I can’t disclose to you, but I hope you understand me sir

Oh, it okay ma, he stammered
Thank you for your time.

You are welcome sir

The drama director left, Angel looked at him until he was out of sight.
Humm.. she sighed
She stays in the church until evening and headed home

Sunday came, and it was Monday, Angel woke up early, cooked her food, dressed up and rushed to her school.

Good morning everyone, she greeted as she knelt down and pray

Hi Angel
How was your weekend? Her colleagues greeted her

Thank God.. She answered and sat down. Angel observe the office and notice some parents talking to some teachers
What going on? She asked her colleagues

Ah, you mean that? she said pointing to the small gathering


Don’t mind them jare, is it not that same useless boy Usman, he spent his school fees on his so called girlfriend, his parents found out and came to report him

Ah! Are you serious? Angel asked opening her mouth

Enn, are you surprise? He even stole his father money, a sum of thirty thousands naira, all those bad children, I pray I don’t have them, She said angrily and hissed

This is terrible.. Angel said looking sad

Abi o, she said pressing her phone, she suddenly looked at Angel
Miss Angel


This Usman, I notice something about him

Was that?

You see, whenever he does anything bad and you talk to him, he listen to you more than any other teacher in this school, you remember Tayo, the notorious boy too, I could remember the day you talked to him, he was shedding tears, that was the first day I would ever sees the boy shedding tears, no matter how much you beat or punish him, he will never cry, but your words make the impossible possible that day, all these bad boys and girls listen to you as if you talk to them with charm, but you whenever you ignore them, I mean when you stopped talking to them they go astray again, don’t you notice?

Emm, I think that just a coincident, am not saying anything special to them, she said scratching her head

No, Miss Angel, I know what am saying.. There is something special

Mrs Sanni, am having Ss1 class now, take care, she cut in and walked away

Mrs Sanni was confused, what happened to her? Well.. That her problem

Angel came back from her class and sat down looking tired.. She picked her phone and dialed a number

Her colleague entered the staff room
Have you heard?

Heard what? She answered feeling tired

Tayo was killed, she whispered

Angel was scared, she sprang up immediately. Which Tayo?

The same Tayo now, the notorious boy, the one you talked to last week that was shedding tears, have you forgotten?

Angel could not explained how she was feeling, Tayo was dead? Is this a dream,no it not possible! She speaks to herself.

My dear, this is more than reality, I heard he went to broke a shop with his gang, some vigilantes caught them and fired, he was killed at the spot, the others have been taking to the hospital. Wonder shall never end, I knew this is going to happen, but the day you spoke to him, he looked different, innocent and changed, if only you continue speaking to him, maybe he would have been a better person, well I need to get the full gist, am coming, she rushed out

Angel sat down like a robust, she was so surprise and shocked, she couldn’t believe what she heard.

I spoke to him, I did! He promise to change, he promise to be a better person, he cried and look different that day. Why did I neglect him? Why did I not invite him to the household of Jesus? Why did I ignore him? Does that means i killed him? No! I didn’t kill him, no I didn’t! But I lost a soul, She tried to hold back her tears,but couldn’t. She burst into tears and forgot she was in the staff room.


Welcome to Doperch, Latest trending post

I should have talked to him, I shouldn’t have neglect him, maybe he would have been alive, maybe he would have given his life to Christ, maybe I should have try harder, no no! It not my fault, That is his destiny, What will be, will surely be, probably he is meant to die young, but I feel guilty, nooo! Angel come back to your senses, you are not his murder, you are just a teacher, my conscience is disturbing me.. Oh, Daddy help me, Angel talked to herself as she goes home.

She placed her hand on her chest as if to console it.. Calm down, you are not his murder, she console herself.

She got home exhausted, her head hurt, her eyes were arching her, all her body were against her.
Her day was nothing to talk about. The Bad news, the hot sun and her restless mind was worst than hell. The more she tried to forget about Tayo, the more she sees his pictures. She became scared to stays in her room alone.
I did better go to Sister Ayo’s room, she thought within herself

Who is there? Sister Joy asked as she moved closer to the door

It me Angel.

Am coming, Joy opened and ushered her in

Sis Angel, how are you? This a surprise visit, we stay in the same house but, you hardly come to my room, hope am save this afternoon o

Angel manage to smile, she entered and sat on the bed..

You look worried and scared, hope no problem?

Humm, Angel sighed. She narrate everything to her

Oh My God! Joy exclaimed covering her mouth with her hands. The children of nowadays, they are unpredictable, I pity his parent, may his soul rest in perfect peace. She sat close to Angel, You shouldn’t blame yourself, everything happen for a purpose… Ehn. Pls cheer up, I don’t want to see a dull face, be happy.

Thank you, she smiled faintly

So, you are spending the night here, Joy said dramatically


No way! You can’t, I don’t like to share my room with someone else

Em, em.. OK..ok.. She stammered, feeling sad.

June fool! Joy shouted, am just fooling you, we are in June, we must fool someone in every month, you are now my victim, she laughed and hugged Angel.

You can never change, Angel said smiling

Yes, yes, you are smiling, exactly what i want..

Angel laughed

The room is yours, feel at home..

Angel nod her head smiling

She sat down quietly observing the room, she saw a picture of Joy and a guy hanged on the wall.. She stared at the picture for a long time..

Joy saw her and she quickly looked away..

You love the picture? Joy asked pointing at the her picture with the guy

Joy pretended not to hear her
Are you talking to me?

I thought you love that picture

Yea, yea it nice..

Let me gist you, that my fiancé..

Your fiancé? Joy asked surprisedly

Yes, she said smiling from ear to ear

I thought you are single..

Single? Am not, let me give you the full gist, joy said happily and hold angel hand

His name is Francis, I met him during one of my volunteer work, the one we did last year at Ayetoro village, do you remember?

Yes yes,

He also came with his church members, we were grouped together to do some certain task, we started as friends, we talked and chat everyday, a years later, he asked me out, I prayed and informed our pastor, God confirmed him to be His will for me. My dear, Francis have been the best thing that has ever happens to me. He is caring, loving, kind, God- fearing, in fact he is exactly my type of guy, if I had refused to volunteer myself for the social work that year, I would have never forgive myself, because God compensate me with Francis for doing His work. She said smiling from ear to ear
I told you to follow us then, but you refuse.

Humm, Angel sighed

We are fixing our wedding date soon. I can’t wait to be his Mrs, Tell me about yours too, who is the prince charming? She winked at Angel

Ehn? She asked widening her eyes

Your fiancé now? The man putting smile on your face, tell me about him, am here for the full gist, Joy sat properly

Em.. Emm. She scratched her hair

Tell me jor.. Don’t be shy

Am single.. Angel bowed her head

What? Why?

It not a crime to be single, is it? She tried to defend herself

Of course, it not, am just surprise, you are too beautiful to be single. You are talented, gifted, committed, God fearing..

Am hungry.. Anything at home? She cut in

Humm, you are good at changing topic, but am not going to let you win this time, we are still coming back to this, let me get you something to eat first. She went out

Humm, Angel sighed

Suddenly, Joy’s phones started ringing

She left her phone

Joy walked in after few minutes with a food and drink in a tray, she carefully placed it in front of Angel. Have this your Highness, she said smiling

Thank you ma.. you missed a call when you left

Oh really, she picked her phone and checked the caller
It Bro James, the evangelism coordinator. She checked her time
Oh! It 5:30 am late

Are you going out?

Yes, we are going for evangelism and we agreed to meet in church. I need to hurry up, she changed her clothes and carried her bible. Let go together

No, am not



Let go jor, who knows, you might meet your prince charming too, she wink at her

You are not serious, leave me alone, am not going anywhere

Alright, take care of yourself, love you.. Ghost won’t appear so don’t be scared o, bye, Joy said half way

She is a comedian, Angel said and sighed

She laid down on the bed and stared at the picture again
Joy is getting married soon. Am going to Mary’s wedding next week Saturday, two of our church member is getting married next month, but what is happening to me. Daddy, am beautiful, talented and more better than those getting married, but look at me. I don’t even have anyone coming to me, not to talk of praying about one. Daddy, what is going on? All the guys in my church sees me as a sister, none of them ever come to me, almost all my age group are called Mrs or Mrs-to-be, Daddy, intervene, She thought within herself and slept off

Joy came back at night and met angel sleeping. She looked at angel who was fast asleep

She looks exactly like her name, she is pretty.. Joy said smiling
Joy covers her with the duvet and sleep beside ger

Two weeks later

Angel got back to her normal self. She moved back to her room and continue her usual routine, her love for God increased and her fear of not having any suitor increased too

One beautiful evening, she was coming from church, when someone stopped her

Hey! Sisi, stop there.. kamo shouted

She looked back and saw a thug calling her
Me? She said pointing to herself

Yes, you

What can I do for you? She asked feeling irritated

Street is calling you over there, kamo said waving his dirty handkerchief


Baba is calling you jor, you no hear me.. He puffed out the cigarette smoke in his mouth

Angel was so confused but remain calm. She followed the thug to a nearby shed.

Hi fine girl, how you dey? There boss greeted her with a deep voice which shows he was a good smoker and drinker

Fine sir, you sent for me

Yes, I wan tell you something, I don dey notice you for this area for a long time, any time you pass like this, my heart no dey rest, my heart dey beat fast, I swear I love you die, I wan make you be my queen for this my own kingdom, abi guys wetin I talk?

Baba oo.. Tuale.. You don talk am! No more objection

One Street, one kingdom, Baba God don stamp am as you talk am, just take your wife make we go home. They all laughed

Excuse me, Angel said looking confused

Oh, sorry I no introduced myself. He stood up from his sit, walked majestically towards Angel who looked lost, the odour coming out from his mouth is enough to send anyone to his early grave. Angel swallowed hard, trying not to show how disgusting the man his

I be STREET.. King of this kingdom, king of all boys, Crushes of all ladies, friend to money! He said jumping up

His boys hailed him. Baba o! The one who don’t know which money to spend and not to spend

The powerful, mighty street..

Thank you boys, as I was saying, All this area belong to me, this is my kingdom. Babe, so be my queen, so that you can rule with me

Angel couldn’t defined what she was feeling, was she dreaming or this is really happening to her, she only watch this in movie, it so funny it happening to her, she felt like slapping some senses into the stinking guy who called himself street, she felt like raining insult on them, the old man ( self ) in her wanted to work so fast, but the thought of her status as a daughter of his Daddy, the bible she was carrying, the insult people will rain on her Daddy because of her, if she misbahave calmed her. She looked at them all and left without saying a word

Come back here, one of Street guy wanted to drag her back

Leave her, she dey shock, you no say I be every ladys dream, the good news say I wan marry am too big for am, she wan go digest it. Let give her little time, I street go marry her by force by fire

His boys hailed him again

Angel was so furious, but she didn’t know who to get angry at, maybe her life who bring nothing but bad luck to her, her Daddy who refuse to intervene in her case, herself for walking about aimlessly, she talked to herself loudly as she walked home not minding his people looked her

Daddy, what is this? Oh God! Am harassed, embarrassed, insulted, assaulted, in fact anything you could thing of. Daddy, I hate this.

She avoilded the street ever since her encounter with street until one afternoon
Angel came back from school tired and hungry, she searchd her kitchen cabinet but there was nothing to eat. Her provision is exhausted. The only choice left was for her to buy some food from the food vendor in the next street

The only place they sell food is Street area, she have been avoiding to go there, but it better for her to face the demon than to die of hunger.
She reluctantly carried a bag and a cooler and headed out to buy some food

She got to the food seller, bought her food and headed home. Suddenly she was stopped by street and his guys

Hey my queen, how you dey?

Angel looked back and saw him, she hissed and continue with her journey

Street and his guys moved closer to her and pulled her
Am talking to you now, how far? I don missed you so much, na you I dey see for my dream, I no dey eat self, He said moving closer to Angel.

The bad odour coming out from his mouth makes her moved away from him

What do you want from me?

I love you, I want you, abi boys? Is she not good for me?
Baba, I swear, she fine die! They hailed him

Angel was disgusted
Mr area

I be street, not area..

Whatever, pls let this be the last time you will ever cross my path, Jesus, what is happening to me, I must be dreaming.. She wanted to walk away when Street dragged her back

Angel gave him a slap. How dare you touch me with that filthy hands. If you dare touch me again, you will regret the day you were born to this earth ! Fool! She hissed and walked away

Street’s guys wanted to run after her but were stopped by street

Leave her alone, she is still our baby, she is still coming to apologize

Baba, let treat her fuck up, how can she slap our kingdom and go Scot free.. Ooo

Leave her..

Angel on the other hand was more than angry, her anger can boil water
Imagine! God this is unfair, how can he touch me! Street to me! A whole me ! No, something is wrong somewhere. She was fuming with anger as she walked home. She got to the main road, without checking the coming vehicle, she just walked acroos the road talking to herself
Suddenly , a car was running with full speed, the driver didn’t see Angel
she saw the car running towards her, but it was too late for her to run.
The car hit her, She fell down on the floor.
she was in the pool of her own blood, she laid lifeless on the ground, the driver was so scared and ran away.
The passer-by moved closer to her.
Oh she is dead o! Ah!
She is dead! They all cried

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