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The new guard had just been killed silently by Pancake. She was 23 years old and have always wanted to be a prison guard. Countless times her parents had warned her saying that it wasn’t the safest job in the government but she didn’t listen to them and went ahead to apply. She wanted to help these women and hear their stories.

If only she knew that she was going to meet her fate, her last breath in this world would end in just few minutes, she would have opted for a nursing one. Pancake quickly covered her body just after removing the uniform leaving her body naked lying on the floor. She walked out with the kitchen utensils that they were going to use to attack some of the prisoners or guards. The plan had changed. They would start a fire in one of the cells, this will cause chaos in the rooms and they would get out very easily.

It was around 7pm and all the prisoners had finished having their supper. Some were heading back to their cells. None of them noticed that Pancake wasn’t in the eating room. Only her group friends were sitting at their table waiting patiently for their boss.
‘Do you think she got caught?’ asked Paida, the youngest one.

She was sentenced to 20 years in prison for insulting her in laws. 20 years were too much for a woman like her who was deeply in love with her husband but had his parents always interfere in their marriage. She just wanted to be with him only. As it was said in the bible that a man shall leave his parents to live with his wife. Having her husband’s parents interfere with their marriage, she couldn’t take it thus she went at their house. After having been said some nasty stuff to each other she assaulted them at their house when they called her mother a witch and a prostitute. Something that she never wanted to hear being said, they had provoked her.

‘Pancake is too clever for that,’ responded Frog with a hint of confidence in her voice.
She was Pancake’s first friend when they arrived in prison. The two had been close since day 1 and formed the group ‘Sisterhood.’

‘If she hears you calling her that.’
She just smiled and her smile was brightened up when Pancake finally arrived. She was worried that something bad might have happened. Frog couldn’t also wait to get out of the place . She had a score to settle with someone else. Pancake sat down and sighed.
‘How did it go?’

‘1 down and I have got the uniform and the keys.’
They finally stood up and handed their plates knowing very well that it was the last time they were having such meal. Once they were out and have got money. They would book themselves into a hotel and do all they ever wished for with the money. They walked to their cells and communicated via body gesture, facial expression.

They would wait for some prisoners to fall into deep sleep. After what seemed like forever, it was quiet and the guard that had replaced the yellow bone was one of Pancake’s people. She stood at the door and opened it.
Pancake quickly got up and set a fire burning a prisoner whom had crossed path with. Screams could be heard, which awakened some of the prisoners. They began fighting each other after realizing that the door was open which led outside the yard to the main gate. There was fire and smoke. Some were making it to the exit but some we getting killed in the process.

On the other side Kate couldn’t take in the smoke. She wanted to get out.
‘Wait for me here. I get help,’ said Maria as she made her sit on the bed.
‘No, wait,’ Kate quickly grabbed her hand, ‘don’t leave me here please.’
‘I will come back to you. I promise.’
Maria left Kate in her cell and went out to look for help. Some of the guards had already saw what was happening and called the warden. The prison was on fire and quarter of the women had already been killed and some guards that failed to defend themselves against serial killers.

‘We need to get out of here and sto…,’ she stopped at mid sentence when she got stabbed at the back.
‘Frog!’ shouted Pancake.
She wasn’t supposed to get hurt. Pancake ran to her as she fell down on the floor bleeding profusely.
‘Frog frog don’t leave me,’ said Pancake as she tried to stop the bleeding.

‘I i…,’ she tried to speak, ‘thank you,’ she whispered and breathed her last.
Pancake screamed in anger holding Frog in her arms. She is the only person that never judged her. She was always there for her. Remembering all the good times that they had shared together. Pancake wiped away her tears. She just wanted to kill each one of them. Gathering all her strength together, she began to attack.

Kate sat patiently waiting for Maria but her heart couldn’t stop beating. She was scared to be attacked and having no tool or whatsoever, she was sure this was the end of her. While Maria was busy fighting other prisoners, she was scared that someone might hurt Kate. Kate was about to get up when Pancake stood at the door with bloody hands and her bloody uniform.

‘What did I tell you the last time we talked?’
‘Please don’t hurt me,’ said Kate beggingly hands on her bump.
‘You trying to protect the little one?’ asked Pancake in a laugh.
She walked closer to Kate and hit her on the head. Kate collapsed and Pancake quickly held her hand. She lifted her up. Pancake was a giant and very tall. Holding Kate in her arms was like holding an infant. All her people had been injured, she was the only one getting out of the place with Kate as her hostage.

This was her plan but unfortunately Frog had died because she was supposed to escape only with her and kill the others. Pancake got out of the cells and changed into a guard uniform. Outside police officers were standing trying to calm the situation. The warden was busy talking to the General when Pancake got out with Kate in her arms dressed in a prison guard uniform.

The warden wasn’t even paying attention to all of this when the police applauded making Pancake a heroine not knowing that she was a prisoner. To them she had managed to save a pregnant woman. Doctor Miguel was still driving on his way back to the prison after he heard what had happened. Pancake sat inside the ambulance with Kate as they drove them to the main hospital in town. Since she had saved Kate, they thought it would be best if they leave together.

Knowing very well that her people were waiting for her. Pancake texted them while the ambulance started of. The warden wasn’t even aware of what was happening. She wanted to get Kate out of that place and prayed that Maria had her. The ambulance was out and after minutes of driving. The driver saw a pregnant woman stopping it.
‘What is she doing on the road at this time of the hour?’ asked the police officer who sat beside the driver.
‘Maybe going to labor. I should stop,’ said the driver.

‘Don’t stop. We already have got a passenger at the back.’
‘You can’t expect me to leave her.’
‘Fine, stop.’
The driver soon pulled away. The police officer walked back to the woman. Walking her to the ambulance, she removed the knife and stabbed him. The driver was busy talking to his wife on the phone. The same woman walked at the front and the 4 men came out of their hiding area. The driver saw them and pleaded to be saved. Pancake was hearing what was happening. She got close to the door wanting to listen. She finally opened it.

‘Sis!’ exclaimed the woman.
‘Thank God. It’s you. You scared me up a little. I thought they were wrong people. Come give your big sister a hug,’ said Pancake.
‘I missed you.’
‘I missed you too.’
‘You look good in that uniform.’
Pancake laughed. She once saved Bambie from the drug dealers. Bambie owed her a lot. The ambulance driver was beaten up and left on the other side of the road half dead. They got into the van and drove off.
‘My people, great job,’ said Pancake, ‘I brought you all a gift,’ she said referring to Kate who was still unconscious.
They all laughed.


They had already figure it out that the person who saved Kate was Pancake. They didn’t know what was her motives. News had already spread. Chikurubi Maximum Prison had caught fire, some were dead including prison guards and some were in a serious condition. The journalist surrounded the place the next following day wanting to get a statement from the warden. She was in her office pacing up and down waiting for some good news.

‘Mum, you need to sit down,’ said Miguel who spent the whole night attending to those that were injured.
He was extremely worried about his mother. She hardly had some rest. The whole night she was trying to find Kate. Now news had come out with a lie, journalist saying Kate conspired with Pancake to break out of prison. Her name was still fresh in media. The woman who murdered someone’s man. Everyone close to Kate had read the story including her young sister Karen. Police had already surrounded at Craig’s house where Karen was still staying. She wanted to move out months ago but Craig had asked her not to. Now she blamed herself for putting his life at risk. It could have been better if she wasn’t staying with him. The detective thought the two looked suspicious and were probably hiding the whereabouts of Kate. What they didn’t know is that, Kate had asked Karen not to come and visit her at the prison. The two were under house arrest now until further investigations.

‘Why are they keeping us locked? This is insane Craig.’
‘Don’t worry my family will get us out of this situation. We just need to be patient.’
‘I feel helpless right now because I haven’t managed to help. You only have helped me countless times. If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t be in this kind of situation. I should have left when you stopped me.’

‘I couldn’t let go of you Karen,’ he said with a hint of honesty in his voice.
He was in love with her and haven’t told her yet. He was just scared that she will reject him. They were good friends and he didn’t want that to end. It would be hard for him not having her around.
The two talked about random stuff. They finally got released when Craig’s uncle talked to the detective assigned to the case.

I am opening my eyes slowly with a pounding headache. I scan the room and don’t recognize it. I sit straight on the bed. The room is small and have burglar bars. It’s dirty inside and there are pictures of a young girl hanged on the wall. The young girl looks exactly just like Pancake. My heart aches at the flashing back memory of her wanting to kill me. I swallow hard when I heard the door being opened. Holding the sheets so tightly in my hands. Pancake walks inside the room with a plate.
‘Wakey wakey.’

‘How long have I been sleeping? What are we doing here?’
‘I got you out of that horrible place. Me and you are now the most wanted 2 women in the country. We both dangerous and the police have been ordered to kill us once they finds us. Isn’t that horrible?’
This woman is sick and I am scared that she is going to hurt my baby. I look aside when she is trying to feed me. What if she added poison in that food?
‘I want you strong for them.’
‘Them?’ I say in a question.

‘I wanted to kill you back then but,’ she placed the plate on the floor, ‘you are beautiful, young and would still look fresh after having that baby. The auction starts today. You need to dress up a little. I will ask Bambie to help you out with little make up.’
‘What auction?’
She got up and ignoring my question.
‘What auction?’ I shouted.
‘You will soon find out pretty girl,’ she said opening the door and locked.
I only pray that someone gets me out of this place. The stress is too much for the baby but I can’t help it. I am trying so hard to be strong. I am praying to God to protect me and my child. How she got me out of that place? I have no idea and I think I might have blacked out or something. The place I am right now is far much worse than the prison because I am her hostage. I can’t eat the food that she gives.

Later that night a young girl walks inside the room with a plate and some water to drink. She places it on the floor without saying a word and turns to leave.
‘Thank you!’
She looks at me and have this guiltness in her eyes. I think she regrets what she is doing.
‘I didn’t know that she would do this to you. When I helped her get out of that place, I thought maybe she will be someone better. Not the evil person she had turned into.’
‘You can still help me get out of this place. What auction was she talking about?’

‘She sells women. Men from different countries are meeting her later. She wants to sell you to one of them and if your baby is a girl, she will take her. I have to go.’
‘Bambie, is it?’
She nodded.
‘Deep down there, I know you disapprove with what she is doing. Help me!’
‘I can’t help you and if I turn against my sister. I would have no one to take care of me. I owe her for saving my life. I know that what she is doing is not right but I can’t save you. This is beyond my control. I am sorry,’ with that said she rushed out of the room.
If this woman was going to succeed then I will never see my child or my sister again. God please help me.

I struggle to get out of bed because there is this sudden pain that I am having. I have been locked in this room for days now. From what I heard with Bambie, there was trouble at the auction when the police arrived. Pancake had managed to escape. I thank the person who tipped off the police. That day Pancake couldn’t leave with me because of my condition.

It’s Bambie.
‘Are you okay?’ she asked concerned.
‘I don’t know, I am just experiencing this pain.’
‘Could it be that you going into labor?’
‘Maybe but I am 8 months and some weeks.’
‘This place is not good for you. You shouldn’t give birth in here. I will help you.’
‘No, I don’t want to put your life in danger.’
‘To be honest I don’t want to be part of this operation anymore. I am the one who called the police.’
Pancake was standing at the door listening to the whole conversation. She felt betrayed by her.


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  1. Pancake another wahala for Kate again, I pray it will work out for Katie’s good and Pancake will be apprehended.

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