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(Final Episode)
‘She has been like that since you left her yesterday.’
‘Has she eaten?’
‘I tried giving her some food but she had been staring at the wall talking to Jason.’
‘My poor baby, can you give us some space?’

The doctor walked out of the room and closed the door. Ruth walked slowly to her daughter’s bed. She tried touching her but she quickly stopped up.
‘Don’t touch me!’ she shouted scaring her mother in the process.
‘Rita, it’s me your mother.’
‘I don’t have a mother and get out of my room. I want to be alone with my husband.’
‘Your husband is dead!’

Her words hurt her very deeply. She turned around slowly and glared at her mother. Just after the trial, Rita was found guilty for killing her husband and she was also behind the death of Kate’s mother. She was unfortunately sentenced to life in prison. Now she was in a mental hospital after having killed 4 prisoners at the same day because Jason had told her to. Her mother had gone to visit her in the hopes of putting some sense into her head.

‘My husband is not pleased with your words, you witch,’ she said with a hoarse voice.
Ruth quickly wiped away the tears that had escaped. She wanted to touch her daughter but all hell broke loose when Rita attacked her removing the wig that she had been wearing.

The doctor quickly came in when he had screams.
‘I will kill you!’ Rita kept on shouting.
‘Rita stop it,’ said the doctor but he had to inject her so that she can calm down.
Ruth went outside to get some air. She blamed herself for her daughter’s condition. She didn’t want to leave not without seeing her first; she waited for the doctor to come out first.

‘How is she doing?’ she asked as soon as he walked out of the room.
‘She will be okay, for now she is sleeping. I am sorry Ruth.’
‘Will she ever get better?’
‘Her condition is getting worse every day. She is not getting any better and she might die with it.’
‘It is my entire fault. She wasn’t a bad person at all and now my grandchildren have also lost their mother. Who will take care of them?’
‘You have got to be strong Ruth for Rita and her kids.’

The doctor went to his office after leaving Ruth with Rita. She sat on the chair and held her hand.
‘My beautiful princess,’ she sniffed, ‘Mummy is here and I am sorry my Rose. I am sorry for not being able to protect you. I am sorry for not saving you from that place. Mummy is sorry my princess.’
‘Mummy,’ she said with a faint voice.
‘My baby,’ Ruth cried out loudly embracing her daughter.

‘Why are you crying? Where are my kids? I want to see them.’
‘I left them at home and I will bring them tomorrow.’
‘What happened to your hand?’
‘Oh my God!’ she exclaimed, ‘did I hurt you?’
‘You were not in your right state of mind.’

‘But I hurt you mother and I am sorry. I don’t know what is happening to me.’
‘You will be fine my child. I will always pray for you okay.’
She nodded in agreement.
‘I love you mum and I will always love you.’
‘I love you too.’
‘I have so much regrets. It wasn’t Jason’s fault to cheat on me but my fault. I used to push him away. I disrespected him and made him feel unworthy it.’
‘Don’t blame yourself for your past mistakes.’

‘I did so many terrible things mother and if only I could apologize to Kate but I bet she doesn’t want to see me.’
‘Do you want me to come with her tomorrow?’
‘Please mother,’ she held her hand so tightly.
‘I will try to convince her to come with me. Right now I have to go and pick the kids from school. I will come and see you tomorrow,’ she kissed her on the forehead; ‘I love you.’
‘I love you more.’

Ruth drove out of the hospital to Rita’s house. She had to talk to her; she had to come with her the following day. Kate welcomed her with open arms; she got to know her at the trial scene. Ruth sat down on the sofa opposite Kate. Kate had asked the maid to excuse them since she wanted to have a private conversation with Ruth.

‘I bet you surprised to see me here,’ said Ruth with a smile.
Kate smiled back; she had nothing against this woman.
‘How is Rita?’
‘She is not doing so well and has asked to see you.’
‘She wants to see me?’
‘Yes and she wants to apologies for what she did to you.’
Kate hadn’t seen Rita for a year now and she wasn’t ready to face her not after what she did to her.
‘But why?’

‘Closure, I guess. She won’t do anything to you, I promise.’
‘I have to think about it first. I mean it’s been long since I last saw her. I thought maybe I will never see her again.’
‘I will give you some hours to think about it.’

Ruth gave Kate her phone number in case she changes her mind. Late that night Kate told her family about Ruth’s visit and they all encouraged her to go and pay Rita a visit. She called Ruth the same night and they were to meet in town. The following day the two women drove to Bulawayo Mental hospital. When they arrived and asked to see the doctor, Ruth felt that something was wrong. The doctor came and led them to his office.

‘I thought we were going to see Rita.’
Kate saw his facial expression and knew that Rita was gone.
‘I am so sorry Ruth.’
‘What happened to her?’ asked Ruth shouting.
‘She killed herself around 3am.’
‘What do you mean?’
‘She hanged herself using the bed sheets.’
‘You are lying to me,’ shouted Ruth, ‘she promised me that she will get better for her kids. She wasn’t supposed to kill herself. Where is she?’
‘We hav..’

‘I want to see her,’ she demanded.
The doctor took her at the mortuary room where he showed her Rita who was lying on the bed peacefully. Ruth broke down and Kate quickly helped her out.
‘My baby!’
She cried in her arms as she looked at her daughter. She was beautiful and had hurt her neck.
‘She left something for you,’ said the doctor to Kate.

He handed her an envelope and inside there was a letter that Rita had written to her. Kate had to drive Ruth at her house and only left when her daughter had arrived. She later drover at her house and told her family about Rita’s death. She opened the envelope and read the letter:
Dear Katty

‘Maybe by the time you been reading this letter I will be with Jason in hell. I just want to say that I am sorry for hurting you. The problem wasn’t with him but me, I was a terrible wife for him. You were not guilty from the onset Katty. You just became his favorite and I was jealous of you. I never told you that you were beautiful but you were. I am sorry for killing your grandmother to get back at you, she didn’t deserve to die.

I want to ask you for a favor. I need you to take care of my kids. I don’t think my mother will live long without me. You will be their mother Katty and I hope you will take good care of them. Take care of our daughter too.
Goodbye Rita.’
Kate couldn’t understand why she was crying, they were never best friends. She didn’t know if she was able to take care of the kids. They were now her responsibility. Rita was buried after few days and Kate was present at the funeral. The two boys were happy to meet their new mother and sister.

‘I will be going with the boys to watch soccer.’
‘You are leaving a pregnant woman alone.’
‘But you don’t need me here. You have got Karen with you here and my mother.’
‘I am so done with you and I hate you.’
‘You just going to walk away?’ he asked as Kate walked away from him.
‘Dad, what did you do?’ asked cathy holding Karen’s baby.

‘I just told her that I am going to watch soccer with my boys.’
‘You should go and apologize to her,’ said his mother.
‘But I am not at fault,’ he frowned, ‘okay fine.’
He walked to his bedroom and found his wife sitting on the bed eating popcorns.
‘What do you want?’
She asked chewing.
‘I am here to apologize.’
‘Is it because I am fat that you don’t spend time with me? You are always with Jason’s kids.’
‘They are our kids babe not Jason’s or Rita. We adopted them.’

‘But I …’
‘I know you want me to be here with you 24/7. I will never leave you alone my sweet pie. I just love having fun with the kids.’
‘Is it because they are boys and I have got a girl?’
Miguel laughed.
‘Have I ever told you how much I love you? The way your hormones disrespect me sometimes;’ he smiled, ‘I love you my babe and I will never choose when it comes to our kids.’
‘Gosh for a minute I thought you loved them more than me.’
‘that would never happen. I will always love you.’

‘You are not guilty as charged.’
‘I love you my Kitty Katty.’
‘Food is ready!’ shouted Karen.
‘We coming,’ responded Kate.
‘Hurry we won’t wait for you two.’
‘Do you hear Craig’s wife? This is my house and she acting as if it’s hers. She needs to get out of my house.’
Miguel laughed and carried his wife to the dining room. She seems to be having a fight with everyone else including her own sister.

‘That pregnancy has made you a bad person,’ said Karen as we walked in the living room.
‘You shut up. Cow1’
We all laughed. Kate was making our life miserable but besides that we all had a happily ever after. I was happy taking care of Rita’s children.

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