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I had never met someone who was so talkative like Craig’s mother. He should have told me that his mother was going to arrive, already she knew my sister’s story. She became the first person to say good things about her. People called her names a slut, a home wrecker and a murderer. To me she was Kate, my beautiful sweet sister who just made a mistake of falling in love with a married man destroying her future in the process. She worked extra hard to have good grades so that she can get that scholarship. I somehow blamed her friend Janet, she should have told her that Jason was married.

‘And then came Craig,’ she finally said.
I didn’t even listen to what she was saying. The woman was talkative and some of the stuff she said didn’t even make any sense. I wanted to be alone with her son and kick his ass. How dare he lie to his mother that I was his woman? I bet he didn’t want to go on that blind date. Just remembered my granny used to call me a “weirdo” because I never brought a man at our house. It’s not that I didn’t want to be in a relationship. It’s because of my condition I felt that nobody was going to love me, a blind girl. Who would want to spend the rest of their life looking after someone. I just didn’t want to be a burden to any of these men.

‘Take good care of yourself makoti.’
‘I will mother,’ I said to her while standing at the door with his son.
His arm around my shoulder. Already he was acting as if we about to get married. We had told her, actually lied to her that the wedding was going to take place next year after my sister is out of prison.
‘You take care of her,’ she said to his son.
With that said I heard her driving off. We walked back inside the house.
‘You lied to your mother? And why choosing me a blind girl?’

‘You are blind yes but you are amazing. It’s not always about the eyes but the heart. What we feel inside and not what we see. It’s about connection and bonding. You getting what I am saying. Why do you look down upon yourself Karen? You are beautiful, you are intelligent and responsible. Any men would be lucky to have you as his wife.’
‘I am blind and what if his kids are going to blind as well.’

‘Karen, you were not born blind. You can actually see one day and even if you were born blind children are a gift from God. Being blind doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t live a normal life. You can’t see but you can sense, smell and have instincts. Blind people are more intelligent than the ones who can see. To me you just perfect and only time will tell. I am sorry my mother came here unannounced. I am his favorite and she is just happy for me. She is a christian woman that one and I was really surprised when she didn’t say anything bad about your blindness, that shows maturity and care. Maybe one day you will be her makoti. I am sorry for lying to her.’

He was the first man that I actually liked for years. He was patient with me and understanding. The following day I asked him to drive me to jail. It had been a while since I visited my sister. As for my uncle I haven’t had the chance to talk to him. I was supposed to call him later and let him know that I was in safe hands. I would have moved in with him but his wife never loved us or my grandmother. I didn’t know why she hated us that much. Maybe because she thought it was unfair of her husband to send us to school but he was my mother’s brother. Most of our dad’s relatives, we didn’t know them and so I guess it was my uncle’s responsibility to take care of us.
‘You want me to come with you?’ he asked as we walked inside.

‘You my husband to be. I can’t leave you outside and I would like you to meet my sister. You are going to love her.’
‘Alright my wife.’
‘Don’t call me that.’
He laughed and led me inside. We sat on chairs in the visiting room waiting for my sister to be brought in. If only I could see, I wanted to see her face. If they hadn’t hurt her in that horrible place.
‘Karen!’ I heard her shouting with a hint of happiness in her voice.

I quickly stood up wanting her to hug me but the female guard stopped us from hugging each other. I felt bad about it. I wanted to hold her tightly in my arms.
‘I thought I was not going to see you again. I heard about what happened to the house. I am so sorry my pumpkin, this is all my entire fault. I should have never got involved with that man.’
‘Please, don’t cry. I hate feeling your pain. I am going to get you out of here.’
‘Forget it Karen,’ she said sounding defeated.

‘What do you mean?’
‘I killed that man Karen. I have asked the judge to sentence me to life in prison. I made the confession.’
‘No no no,’ I shook my head, ‘I know you didn’t do it and I believe you. You can’t give up sis.’
‘If I plead innocent…I will be putting your life in danger. I can’t lose you. You are my weakness.’
‘Nothing bad will happen to me. Look this is Craig, he is a lawyer and he will help us sis. He is willing to help. I miss you Kate and I can’t live without you, wondering how you surviving in this place.’

‘I will be fine my pumpkin. You go on and live your life. I am so sorry for the pain that I put you through. Please do take care of her. Don’t come back here with her.’
‘You can’t do this to me Kate,’ I cried ‘you can’t give up. You not guilty.’
‘I am sorry my pumpkin. Guard please take me away.’
‘I hate you Kate. I hate you. Why are you doing this to me?’
‘I am sorry.’
‘You promised mum and dad that you will take care of me. I want you out of here. Who is going to plait my hair. Kate, please,’ I knelt down on the floor and felt his arms around me.
‘She is gone Karen. Let’s get you out of this place.’
‘She wasn’t suppose to give up that easily.’

She needed her sister, I tried to make her calm down but my comforting words were not enough. Right now I am worried about her. She has refused to eat since we got back from prison. I don’t even know how do I get her to eat. I had asked one of my friends to find something for me, some concrete evidence but he hasn’t responded back to my messages.

‘She was my inspiration and my role model,’ she said as I sat in her room with her. ‘why did she give up that easily?’
I got on top of the bed and hugged her. She needed the comfort. I just needed to be there for her.
‘She was threatened and you are her weakness. She loves you very much and losing you will be the death of her. Until we find hard evidence to finally send that woman in prison, we need to lie low.’

‘What if they will hurt her in prison?’
‘Nothing bad will happen to her, I will make sure of it. I will do everything in my power to make sure that she is set free. In the meantime let’s gather evidence and present it in court.’
‘You not saying all of this to get me to eat. Are you?’

‘Not exactly but you need to eat.’
I finally managed to get her to eat. Day in and day out I worked extra hard looking into her case. It wasn’t that easy because the Janet girl who was suppose to be her friend told the detectives that Kate had a fight with her brother tbat afternoon. Not knowing if she was also threatened or was it about money. That meant we had no witnesses at our side but I wasn’t going to give up on her. I made my promise to Kate.


We all know that I wasn’t going to be that heartless if that man hadn’t cheated on me. Same story everyday, I want to completely forget about Jason and move on with my life because I gain nothing when I think about him. All I feel is hatred towards him. I take my water glass that I had placed on the table and pour some wine in it. I am extremely happy right now because I have finally gotten rid of people that were blocking my path road to success. I am talking about Jane, Kate and Karen. About Jane, I put that girl in her place when I threatened to take away everything that she has and blocking her credit cards. My husband used to take care of her financial problems.

After threatening her I made her turn against her best friend Kate. She was my new witness and thank goodness Kate had pleaded guilty.
I know that Karen escaped that fire but I decided to just leave her alone for now. It was me that set their house on fire that killed their grandmother. She chose to die just to save her blind grandchild. I wish I could write such a lovely story. Well she deserved to die after all it was her grandchild that made me lose my husband. Kate, I wasn’t going to let her die that easily. A very soft and slowly death was good enough for her. Every time I just think about my 2 boys, I feel more hatred towards her? Why? Because Jason spent more time with her than with his own kids. Sometimes he was an irresponsible father.

Anyway I finally got up from the sofa. I hadn’t started going to work, taking over the company. I had one more thing to do that could change my life forever.
‘Should I cook dinner?’ she asked.
I had looked for a maid because I wanted my kids to come back to home. My sister was moving in with her husband to be and I couldn’t let my mother take care of the boys alone. I was supposed to go and pick them up at the airport.

‘I am not hungry but you can cook for yourself. My boys are coming in tomorrow.’
‘Yes, ma’am.’
‘I have to go out now. I will be back shortly.’
I grabbed my car keys and walked out of the house. I got into my car and drove off to his house. It was around 8 and I knew perfectly well that he was back from work. I wasn’t the one to stalk someone but I was desperate. He held the keys to my fortune and my future now that my husband was dead. I arrived at his house and parked my car few meters away from his house.

I watched him as he drove inside his yard. When he got inside, I got out of my car and walked to the gate. I walked in before he closed it. He didn’t see me because it was dark. When I watched him walk inside the house. How I wished I had a cricket bat and just hit him on his head. I wasn’t going to murder him at his own house. He was welcomed by his wife and I saw him lifting up 2 beautiful girls, his children I guess. I smiled as I watch him running around the house with them. I can’t believe I was in that kind of relationship before. Used to play around in the house with Jason and the kids. I wiped away the tear that had escaped.
‘This is no time to get emotional Rita They are all the same,’ I said to myself and walked away.

I head back to my car and drove off. I was going to pay him a visit tomorrow night. I passed by the bar buying some alcohol. This was going to be my last time testing the alcohol since my kids were going to be home. I bought what I needed and drove back home. The maid had already slept. I walked to my room with the bottles and got inside locking it.

‘Sir, I am on my way out.’
‘Alright Sandra. Have a blessed night.’
‘Thank you and get home safe. Pass my greetings to Grace and the girls.’
‘I will.’
I walked out of my office later on to my car and got inside. I drove to my house. I couldn’t wait to see my family. They were the best thing that ever happened to me. Grace was the love of my life and she was a nurse at a local hospital. God blessed us with twins, my beautiful daughters. Being a lawyer, it’s not what I wanted but then I had to study it just to get my mother out of prison.

Unfortunately she died a year ago, lung cancer. Anyway I don’t know why but last night I felt as if someone was following me. Not just that but at my house, I really felt like someone was watching us from a distance. Maybe because I was a lawyer, I expected being stalked by people I had sent to jail..their families perhaps. This is the reason why I had knocked off early from work afraid that something bad might happen to my family.

When I arrived at home, I sighed in relief. You never know what would happen along the way. I drove in my yard and was surprised to find another car parked. Well I thought maybe it was my cousin brother who often visited us at night. He will be after the food my wife would have cooked. It had been a while since I last saw him. I was hoping it was him. We had a lot to catch up on.
I walked to the door and stood there for a minute listening to the conversation my wife was engaging in with the other person in the room..sort of eavesdropping. I finally opened without knocking first since it wasn’t locked. I often told her to lock the door after 8. Their safety mattered the most in my life.
‘Honey, I am….,’ I stopped at mid sentence shocked to see the person standing at my stove cooking as my wife sat on the chair with the kids.
My heart started beating. Her presence in my house didn’t sit well with me. She actually scared me a little after the drama she put in her house when I went to read the will. Talking about the will, when I heard about Kate’s grandmother one person came to mind, I knew she had something to do with the fire. Now here she was standing in my house and getting along very well with my family. Long time ago I would have loved her to be friends with my wife but now I didn’t trust her one bit. I wish it was just easy to get her out of my house.
‘Honey you home,’ said my wife getting up.

I scooped one of the girls and kissed my wife on the cheek my eyes on Rita who stood at my stove holding the cooking stick smilingly.
She had never met my wife or my girls. She had never set foot at my house. Something was up with her. I was trying so hard to act friendly around her but I didn’t like the idea of her hanging out with my wife. When my wife and girls excused themselves as she took my bag to our room, I got up and walked to the kitchen.

‘What are you doing here?’
‘You and I need to talk,’ she said her eyes on the pot, ‘you have been ignoring my calls.’
‘I was busy.’
‘Oh, please.’
To be honest I was ignoring her calls. After the fire incident, I thought about what Jason said to me. There was just something wrong with his wife. I am 100% sure that she is the one who killed him. If only I can get in touch with Kate’s lawyer. I know what Jason did was wrong, cheating on his wife but the guy was unhappy. I remember seeing his scar on his left hand when they had a fight with Rita after she caught him red handed with their maid. That stopped Rita from going to work and she preferred to be the housewife. I am not justifying his actions because he wasn’t perfect as well.

‘You need to get out of my house. Now!’
‘I am not going anywhere. I said w….Grace I was just telling Harris how lucky he is,’ she said looking at my wife who had just walked in.
I hope she didn’t hear our conversation. I faked a smile. They talked for a while and laughed. I had never seen Grace so happy with someone but she wasn’t the right person for her. Later on we had dinner and I hardly ate my food. Grace couldn’t stop complimenting her food and my girls. I didn’t say anything just kept my eyes focused on her. After we were done eating, I volunteered to wash the dishes as they went to sit in the dining room. Minutes later Grace took the kids to sleep and came back to sit with Rita as they sip on wine that she had brought. When I was done with the dishes I found Grace lying on the couch asleep.

‘What did you do to her?’
‘Sleeping pill. She will be fine Take her to bed, I wait for you here,’ she said removing Grace’s shoes.
I lifted her up and walked with her to our room. I lay her on the bed and quickly went back to the dining room. I didn’t trust the woman in my house. Maybe I wasn’t wrong after all, she was the one stalking me. I found her lying on the couch naked.
‘What are you doing? What if my kids wake up?’
‘They won’t,’ she pushed me and I sat on the couch.

She started kissing me on my neck and going down there. I quickly pushed her and she fell on the floor.
‘Damn you Harris!’
‘Don’t you want this?’
I looked at her from head to toe. I quickly looked aside not wanting to give in to the temptation.
‘Get out of my house,’ I said picking up her clothes and handed them to her.
‘Fine I will go but you have to do something for me. You have to change that will. Kate had an obsession. When she found out that Jason was married. She killed him, that will be your story. Say you made a mistake when reading the will. Kate was not there. After Jason found out that she was mentally unstable, he removed her from his will.’
I laughed.

‘What if I don’t?’
‘I know you are intelligent and have already figure out that I killed my husband. What makes you think that I won’t kill your whole family? Imagine you losing your beautiful girls because you refused to change just a paper.’
‘How dare you threaten me in my own house?’
‘You will do it and maybe you and I can…you know,’ she bit her lip, ’48 hours to change that will and forge his signature,’ she said walking to the door.

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  1. Rita is really unstable. May you be put to shame. As for my baby Karen I pray things work out well btw you and Craig

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