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Purpose of the closing statement is to persuade the jurors to adopt your view of the significance of the evidence and your view of the case. Attorneys are free to argue the merits of their case. Everyone was waiting eagerly for the closing statement after the stunts that Rita pulled when she went crazy in the court room. She was also present but in police custody. People already knew the conclusion of the case but then it was part of the rule to make the closing statement. It wasn’t time yet to celebrate, as usual the Bailiff announced the entrance of the Judge. They all rose up and sat after him.

JUDGE: All the evidence has been presented now we hear closing statement from both parties. After both closing statements, the court will come to a decision.
N: Attorney Mildred was the one to get up even though she knew already that she had lost the case. She went to the front of court to make her closing statement.

ATTORNEY MILDRED: Obsession love disorder refers to a condition where you become obsessed with one person you think you may be in love with. You might feel the need to protect your loved one obsessively, even becomes controlling of them as if they were a possession. Symptoms of OLD may include an overwhelming attraction to one person. Obsessive thoughts about the person, feeling the need to protect the person you are in love, extremely jealousy over other interpersonal interactions. Kate was obsessed with Jason and the poor man wasn’t able to defend himself. We heard the doctor saying that Kate had a mental disorder and the detective found Kate holding the knife that she used to stab Jason with. As you can see, fellow citizens, Kate Moyo was the one who killed Jason Kalango, not Rita. That’s all your honor.

N: She went to sit back knowing very well that her closing statement wasn’t at all that convincing. Attorney Craig got up and went at the front. Half of the people in the room smiled and some of the ladies had just come to see his cute face. He had made headlines already of being the best lawyer. It was his first case but he did it well and his girlfriend was proud of him. He cleared his throat and began.

ATTORNEY CRAIG: Look at the young lady who is sitting beside me. Does she look like a murderer to you all? She fell in love with someone whom she didn’t know was married. She loved him very deeply and thought they will be a happily ever after between them. Yes, Kate was there the night of the crime; however she had been hit on the head and was made to hold the murder weapon. The biggest mistake that Jason made was to declare his love for Kate in the presence of his wife.

We already know that Rita was once admitted in a mental institution and that was part of the final evidence that I presented yesterday. She got hurt seeing how much his husband loved the other woman, she felt humiliated, mocked in front of a varsity student. She was the mother of his two children but then he sort of disrespected her.

Without thinking twice, she stabbed her husband once but continued the pain she was feeling inside slowly fading until she was satisfied and could feel no more. She stopped but Jason had already died and my client was watching the whole thing. Yes, Kate could have stopped Rita but she would have been killed in the process. With that said, I ask you what woman in her right mind, let alone person, would ruthlessly kill someone the love, only to wait until the police arrives.

Evidence at the post mortem shows that Jason had been stabbed minutes after Kate was found with the murder weapon. Rita called the police on the right time knowing very well that by the time the police arrive, Kate will be awake. If it was Kate who killed Jason, shouldn’t she have escaped the scene? I ask you, jury of the court, to put yourself in her shoes and see if you could do such a thing. These two were in love and they never had domestic violence unlike Rita and her husband. Therefor I say Kate is not guilty.

N: Mildred statement wasn’t as strong as Craig’s.
JUDGE: The jury must reach its verdict by considering only the evidence and facts introduced in court not only on the facts presented and not on how they feel. When the jury has reached its decision, it will return to the court and the verdict will be read out. Court session resumes after 2 hours. He bang his gavel.

N: Jurors are taken into the jury room and allowed no outside communication at all, with the exception of notes to the court registrar. Kate was feeling nervous as she sat in the courtroom; she had preferred to just remain seated. On the other side Rita was glaring at her, after spending the whole night in jail, she wished she had killed Kate too. She refused to see her mother and blamed her for not protecting her.

JUDGE: First, have the defendant and defense counsel stand. Members of the jury, have you reached a verdict?
JURY SPOKESMAN: Yes, your honor.
JUDGE: Members of the Jury, on the case of Kate Moyo vs Rita Kalango what you say?
JURY SPOKESMAN: Your Honor, the members of this Jury find the defendant Kate Moyo, NOT GUILTY.

N: There was joyous celebration as everyone clapped their hands and Kate couldn’t control her tears of happiness. She screamed in happiness. Rita shouted at her, threatening to kill her, while being taken away.
JUDGE: Court dismissed.
N: He bangs his gavel and stood up.

Back at the house, the whole family sat at the dinner table with their couples. Miguel was sitting with Kate and their two children, Craig was sitting with Karen, Bambie with her boyfriend, Letwin with her husband and their children, the warden and Maria had no partners, Harris couldn’t make it at the party since he had flew back to Dubai to be with his family. They were serving themselves. The warden said grace before they started eating. When they finished eating, they all sat in the dining room. Miguel was hosting the party at his mansion house. He was holding Jasmine; people could think that she was his daughter with the way they got along. Miguel handed her to Kate and stood up to make a toast.

‘It wasn’t an easy road, I must say,’ he sighed, ‘I would like to thank you all for coming over to my house. Today we are celebrating because our woman was set free.’
Kate blushed.
‘I am happy that you are out of that horrible place my dear, now you can be with your daughter.’
‘Our daughter,’ Kate corrected sending laughter in the room.
‘She just corrected me, our daughters. I want you to know that I love you so much my women. I have no more to say.’
Kate got up.

‘At first when I declared guilty, I wanted to protect my family, my sister and grandmother. It still pains me that granny died but we have to move on. Her memory still lives in our hearts and minds. My special thanks goes to my brother-in law, Craig. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here.’
‘That’s my man for you,’ said Karen, ‘my man,’ putting on an emphasis making the people laugh out loud.

‘She is a drama queen, anyway thank you very much Craig and all the people that helped. Now to my man, I want to say that I love you for being there for me and my little princess Cathy. I love you all.’
‘We love you too mummy,’ said Cathy making Kate cry.
‘She just called me mummy.’
They soon talked about something else and not even 1 of them mentioned Rita who was found guilty for killing her own husband and had to appear in court again for a verdict.

They all waited for the doctor to come out, Kate kept pacing up and down feeling all nervous. It wasn’t that easy to get her life back together but she was taking one step at a time. She had managed to talk to Janet and accepted her apology. They were all Rita’s victims and Kate had donated the money Jason left for her at an orphanage, some of the money she gave it to his two children, they needed it more than she did. She had moved in with Miguel who was planning to send her back to school.
‘Hun, you making us all nervous. Look at Craig, he is sweating.’

‘I am sorry, I am very worried and we spent the night in this place. Why won’t he come out? I am worried about my little sister, maybe it was a bad idea to make her do this operation.’
‘Come on. We all know that she wasn’t born blind, this just needed an operation.’

‘But she grew up blind and was used to the blind life. I don’t know why I even convinced her to do this, if anything bad happens to her, I won’t be able to forgive myself.’
‘Nothing bad will happen to her.’
The doctor from India finally came out and they all followed him. She hadn’t opened her eyes yet.
‘She insisted that I call you,’ he said referring to Kate.
‘Kate, are you here?’ asked Karen with a hint of nervous in her voice.
‘Yes, my pumpkin,’ said Kate holding her hand.

‘I am scared.’
‘Me too but grandmother is with us. Are you ready to open them?’
‘Now that you are here, I am.’
‘This is it.’
Karen slowly opened her eyes and the light in the room made her close them quickly. She opened them again after the doctor had switched them off after noticing what had happened, he actually the only person who noticed it. Karen looked at her sister, tears streaming down on her cheeks. She just stared at her and touched her cheek.
‘You can see!’ screamed Kate and quickly hugged her sister.

The two cried out loud, it was emotional and the doctor quickly wiped away the tears that had escaped. Adoring the love that the two shared, they acted like twins but yet Kate was the older one.
‘You are so beautiful,’ said Karen to her sister in between sobs.
‘Silly,’ she pinched her, ‘so are you.’
‘I love you Kate.’
‘I love you too Karen.’
‘Where is my man?’
‘I am right here,’ said Craig walking inside.

Karen burst out in tears as she got up from the bed running to him. Craig held her so tightly in his arms as she hysterically cried; she hit him hard on his chest.
‘Why didn’t you tell me that you were this cute?’
‘You such a cow.’

‘I am sorry but I tried telling you that I was cute when you were crushing over Idris Alba’s voice. You loved his voice more than mine.’
‘But I love yours more.’
Craig smiled.
‘Do you know how much I love you?’
She nodded,
‘You love me more than my sister does.’
‘That’s not true,’ Kate disagreed.
‘OH MY GOD!’ exclaimed Karen when Miguel walked inside the room ‘is this Miguel?’

‘How did you know?’ asked Craig.
‘I just asked,’ replied Karen and she went to hug him.
‘Hey, man don’t hug her that tight,’ said Craig pulling Karen away from Miguel.
Miguel and Kate laughed.
‘Really? He is my brother-in law.’
‘And you my wife, his hands off you.’
The couples talked for a while, the doctor said that Karen was to remain in hospital for some few days. Craig never left her side nor did he leave the hospital afraid that someone might take her. Every time she saw him talking to a male patient at the hospital park, he would go over and play the husband part. Karen would laugh at him.

‘I would never leave you. You think now that I can see, I will love someone else. You loved me even when I was blind, you just one in a million. I would be a fool to leave you my Hulk, I love you so much,’ she kissed him on the cheek.
_To be Continue.

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  1. Waooh

    Now I can sleep well. Rita has finally be found guilty.

    But Admin, this episode 21 seem not be continuation of episode 20.

  2. Waooh

    Now I can sleep well. Rita has finally be found guilty.

    But Admin, this episode 21 seem not be continuation of episode 20. Pls check.


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