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The next day I took my shower, refusing to think about what happened in the class yesterday. Longing for a quick arrival at school, hindering Mr Ogaze’s words without weight of authority behind them, representing dry bones

I trekked the pedestrian’s way as buses followed close behind. A long line of cars brought up the rare; pupils and students passed in group, but in my Zulu mood I walk alone as if I was moaning the death of a loved one, my thoughts broke the grief as I started thinking of how to gain the new boy’s attention, all grammar and strategies forgotten as I’ve always enjoyed the company of myself and no other, interacting with people was never my kind of thing….Hell! I’m dying in the heart!…what am I even thinking, I’m just eighteen, I should be thinking of how to sit for my forth coming exams, a thought cut me short

It’s was exactly 7:29, I arrived at the school gate, moving swiftly towards my class…. Guess who was standing by the door side…it was the new boy! My heart basked in euphoria, beaming was my face reaction, my mind on the other hand, telling it’s will give a chance for him to at least notice me, as I will be uttering an excuse sentence to him.

Just as I was about getting there, a lady shouted “Martinssssssss” , emphasizing more on the “s”, there I noticed he had dimples, he turned, smiled and walked towards the lady with his long-limbed leg like that of an athlete πŸ’”. “Ehr! bad time” I muttered, I got angry with myself as I couldn’t walk faster than I did
At this time, the assembly Bell was rang, the students maintaining their perfect row…the usual talk was made and students match their way to their various classes.

In the first class Mrs Adeoye our English teacher stood in front of the class holding her bulky English note and text books on her left palm, ready to pour out the knowledge of the day…”hey! Yes you” she said, pointing at the new boy, “who are you?” She asked , “I’m Okoro Martins Ma”…his voice I will say, is the nicest in our class, one could hardly know he was an igbo guy.”you must be a new student” she added, “yes ma’am” he replied sharply as he collapsed back to his new seat…”alright class lets continue” she said .

I was already preparing my mind to answer her first question if that will ever grant me a room to steal the show…she sneaky rubbed her palms on her stomach, “Duduke” murmured one of the “back sitters”…the whole class bursted into a prolonging laughter, forgetting the look on Mrs Adeoye’s face, ..I was the only one who wasn’t laughing as I found nothing funny.

In a range of thirty minutes, she was done teaching us and had majestically walk out like she always does.
At this moment the students were already on their way
to the dinning hall, forming a long row of neat beings. Sitting in front of me was Martins, the new boy, huh! he had earpiece sink in his ears, he wasn’t even gazing at me, it was as if he was sitting with nobody πŸ˜₯

Maybe he was told I use to be a saddist πŸ’”
I don’t even know if I should start a conversationπŸ€”
Or I should just sit elsewhere.

Episode 3 still loading…………..
#Olatoberu Blessings
#Bibliophile ✍️

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