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Since he wasn’t even looking at me,or even starting a conversation as a guy should always do. I decided to hold on to my very peace, sipping my ‘Smoov’ Chapman carefully and inserting my ‘phocus’ like one who doesn’t care.
I turned my gaze around, the dinner hall was filled with fun-faced and hungry faced students.

This time, using the edge of my eyes to steal a stare at him again, as my heart will never allow me to rest. His large eyes ball were concentrating only on his phone, just as if my heart was sending messages to him, he looked up and our eyes met, I quickly glanced away..I’m very sure he will be wondering why i had been staring at him,..or maybe he will think I’m crushing on him, “hell! I’m not crushing”.

Besides, he’s not the cutest” or he will think I do like him “nope! It shouldn’t be, I hate guys, he should know that too” huh! My heart pours out varieties of questions, giving answers to each…I patted my cheeks lightly, and for a minute, I gazed at my ‘Smoov Chapman’, grabbed it and stood up proudly like one who has been able to get a little attention, and in the same vein never wanting him to think I’m crushing on him, so I decided to walk away.

As I walk, the earth seems brighter and colourful, having all eyes on me taking a silence assessment. Not until I felt uneasy and mistakenly hit my leg on a dinner pole, and I fell down like a dead butterfly, the Chapman flowing on my uniform, designing the red Sea. Wanted the ground to swallow me up, as the whole hall never stopped laughing, I couldn’t turn to check if Martins was laughing too. What a mess!

Not too many people felt sorry for me, as I never deserve it, that, I know very well. They think my thoughts are always like “l’m better than everyone”.

Just as I was about getting up, I saw a fair hand stretched forward for my aid, it was of Sam, our senior prefect,.. I wanted to snap and hoot a ” go away, I need no help” but damn! That will never help matters, it will only worsen it. I had to stretch forth my right hand and I was pulled up. Seeing giggling eyes sending a fire message from Sam’s girlfriend, Hannah, I felt like collapsing again.

“You got spilled! If you don’t mind, can I help get your shirt cleaned at the tap over there?” He said, pointing at a nearby tap water. I nodded, as if uttering a word would bring forth tears. I could read his face reaction, he was happy, I guess that was because, it was my very first time of talking to him. We walked towards the tap, I washed my shirt and we both waited for it to dry off a little,..

Do you know my elder sister? She is just like you, she’s extremely beautiful too, whenever she talks, you will always want to listen to her, but she detests talking to people around her, I guess her intelligence is what she thinks is above everybody’s own, she is a ghost ” he said, laughing uncontrollably. i was already lost in the thought of how I was embarrassed. He was waiting for me to vomit words, as what he said was only to provoke me, but instead I took my shirt and left.

The next day, I felt reluctant to enter our classroom, I forced myself together and drag shamelessly, as the class stare at me in surprise, some holding their mouth,pretending they never wanted to laugh. I walked towards my desk, and laid my head on my table. Everybody was talking about me, including the junior classes. My eyes gathered with accumulated tears, as I tried raising my head up…there I saw Martins standing right before me… his eyes were painted with pity.

He wanted to say something
Or maybe he wants to mock me as everybody was
What does he want?

What do you think he wants to say????

#Olatobru Blessing
Episode 4…. still loading

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