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Just as I was about deciding whether to kiss him or to just walk away. A junior student in a white and blue shirt and trouser walked in and said
“senior Martins and Senior Mercy, Uncle Chuks had asked that you see him immediately”….I felt an ease within me as I wasn’t ready to dent my reputation with just a kiss with Martins.

I stood up sharply like one who was just released from custody. Martins never hesitated too. ..we both headed to Uncle Chuk’s office
His office was bright and clear, well furnished and good enough for the head of Corp members. A white plastic surface was used to demacate his office from that of others. At the other side of the office was the rest of the Corp members, all in their white and khaki trouser, they milled about and eagerly discussing issues in their various perspectives, they all talk as an English man would always do, except for Uncle Mustapha, who was an Hausa man, his words were been pronounced with emphasis on letter “P” and “F” (pipty naira, plenty phiful).

“Good afternoon sir, you sent for us” I said out of a beaming face
Martins took a bow and paused like one who was thinking about something
“Yes dear, I sent for you two. Actually, I was told you both have a very nice voice, which I think will possibly help for the forth coming Caro Night” said Uncle Chuks, turning his chair like a posturing peacock who panders to the gallery.”will need you to get yourselves prepared for a choir rehearsal, and you can also get more senior students who have good voice” he stopped and laughed unexpectedly

“Corper Sandra, wetin you won kon do if dem no pay our alawi?” He certainly intruded into the Corp members discussion
“Trust you can both handle that? ” He continued
We both nodded and he handed two “Digestive Biscuits” to us…….
Stepping out of his office, the closing Bell was rang…I felt much more relieved as I won’t be lured to continue the game any longer

I arrived home from school to find my mum already in the kitchen bringing out her cooking utensils
“Good afternoon mum” I grinned slightly, one would think I found a thousand naira on my way back from school” but the reason was far from that .

“My darling, you look more happy today. Tell me, what’s tickling you?”
“Nothing mum, I’m not just tired as usual” I replied

“If that should be the case, then pick that list over there and get me those items written there in” she said pointing at a short paper on the cupboard……. I had felt hungry but on hearing what she said, my appetite was gone
“Do take those fresh Bananas 🍌 over there, you must have been hungry”

I took not the banana but the biscuit inside my bag and a basket
I walked out of our apartment, heading straight to Aunt Vanilla’s shop, where I can certainly get the listed items
*A dozen of tomato paste
*Five sachet of curry
*Five sachet of table salt
*A cut four chicken and

Just as I was about crossing the road, I heard a loud voice from behind, shouting loosely “Mercy! Mercy!! Mercy!!!”
I knew it was Martins
But why is he here?
Is he stocking me around or what?

#Olatoberu Blessing


@ Olatoberu Blessing Bibliophile


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