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I turned to see who was calling,… goodness! It was never Martins, it was Smith my Cousin,
” I just went in now, and mum said you left home to get some items… that was how I decided to join you … I am” he said giggling 🙄
“Oh! Yeah! so how are you? ” I asked
And we both ensued in a lengthy conversation

The next day, I got set for school, eager to acquire more knowledge
I got to school so early that the school door was still locked. The only person standing right by the door was Nuel…… “Hi” he said ……I nodded and walked straight to the door. I tried opening but the door was locked
“It’s locked” said Nuel

I smiled and stepped back……we both waited together for 30 more minutes,.as there is no room for assembly on Thursdays and Fridays …….sooner ,the door got opened and we both went in… others joined and the morning class was taken.

And after the morning class, I decided to go study in the school library, I held my pen tight, replacing a hair chucker. my eyes were set on the the novel NATIVE SON by Richard Wright
All was cool and interesting, not until I heard this voice, it was of Martins….then I raised my head up…boom! He was with a fair, tall and skinny young lady whose look was quite ravishing. I paused and watched him stare at me for some minutes

He waved, I snubbed and he left
I couldn’t study any longer, I felt bad and lacking concentration…
I stood up quietly and headed straight to class.
Uncle Chuks was already in the classroom…
“Alright students, lets get started” ….”Who has already read ” A Woman in Her Prime?” he asked
Almost all the class had their hands up

“And what do you think about the plot account? ”
This time around it was only my hands and that of Sam that was up
“Let’s hear from our new comer, Martins” he said pointing him

“The plot has to do with a woman called Adwoa Powuwaa, she was a barren whose barrenness was due to her own very fault as said by the community where she lives”
The whole class was quiet, thinking his answers were very correct, but to me, it was barely correct…..So I had to raise my hands up and Uncle Chuks quickly gave me a go ahead
“I will say the plot is centered on the child quest for hardworking middle aged woman Ashanti (Ghanaian) woman who although is in her third marriage, but no offspring of her own. Her name is Pokuwaa Adwoa. And the community never hated her as quoted by Martins, they were only going by the tradition of their people”
Just as I dropped my talk, I heard Martins voice from behind

“No, the community hated the barren called Pokuwaa.. and that was why she was called a luckless woman…for the fact that she was rich, they still said her old age will be nothing but a doom to loneliness, and after her death, nobody will moan her”

I got angry, he wasn’t right, yet, he tends to still argue blindly, so I decided not to succumb
I turned back and looked straight into his eyes and started

“It’s never that way, the community never held up grudges with her, neither do they hate her… Adwoa likes the community of Brenhoma and they like her too”

“Wow! There you had it, you both are correct, that’s the power of a good book” said Uncle Chuks

After the class, we all walked out Swiftly….That was the last class though, so I had to go home .. i turned left and to my very own surprise, next beside me was Martins
“That was interesting you know” he said
“No it was annoying” I replied
“I enjoyed it” he continued
“Look whatever you’re thinking is never gonna work, we never kissed each other the other day, so what’s interesting about the game?” I replied harshly

“What? I thought we were talking about “A Woman in Her Prime” He walked out of my sight immediately

I felt very stupid, I thought he was talking about the TRUTH or DARE game……..I just messed up again!

#Olatoberu Blessing……✍️

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