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He sat right beside me. It was all that I had hoped for. I gave an ever grin as we both starred at each other in an unexpected silence. There I felt something was going wrong, my mind wasn’t at rest. I had diverted my eyeballs gazing intentely at my notebook, yet seeing nothing. Being around Martins makes me feel weird…

“Mercy, do you know you do remind me of a girl I met at a birthday party? ” He said, as he breaks the silence
I took a curious look at him and sighed “hmm”
“She does things like you, and her name is Mercy”
Gosh! she behaves just like you, that I almost think you’re the one” he added
I was so shock because I could vividly remember the first day he came to our class, he never acted like one who had spotted my face somewhere before….The girl he just mentioned might be his girlfriend, I quickly suggested
Huh! It’s still fine at least, he has never talked to anyone the way he is doing now

I never wanted him to conclude I’m too bored to chat with, so I asked “can you tell me more about your Mercy? “…he smiled and began, as I took a close gaze at his dimples
He talked so much about her that I think I never existed. He looks so happy while talking about her, as I studied him closely.

He noticed I wasn’t enjoying the conversation any longer, then he paused and gave me a mischievous smile ” I will be coming, do give me some minutes”…I wondered why he was laughing….

He stood up and walked straight to Hannah. I watched him talked to her, they flow easily. I felt bad, I couldn’t make chattings that lively
I looked back and saw them walked outside…. Hannah wasn’t smart as I am
She’s just a free type of girl with a perfect shape…she had a way of rolling around and around, so you couldn’t help out but notice her’…I couldn’t bring out the “Smoov Chapman and Phocus” in my bag. To make matters worst, he told me he would be right back after few minutes, but there he was hovering over a girl that is not even smart

I swore never to speak to either of them again for the rest of my life. I laid my head back on my table and slept off, there I dreamt of Martins asking Hannah out πŸ’”….I woke up with great dismay

After an agonizing moment, Martins came back to the class, wearing a painfully thin with a hopeless-looking eyes, coupled with a sealed mouth…Maybe Hannah told him another miserable thing about me,..But come to think of it Hannah knows nothing about me
Suddenly I heard loud voices from the back “Go! go!! go!!!” These were of my class mate, telling Martins to go get me….He walked up to me “Mercy, would you like to play a game? ” he said
I raised my face to him “I don’t play games, I do like you go away”…..he’s ears burned…I could tell by his face reaction….”hmmm” he sighed ….
“Please do, just for the sake of today”…..I feel like saying terrible things to him, but a strange thought floated in my head and I agreed to play the game…..

I stood up to my very feet and the whole class shouted “heh!!!!!!!!”……I buried my face in my hands, thinking of what to do,…All eyes were on me as I walked carefully, trying to avoid what happened the other day repeating itself
I sat down with a round and fun faced mates, trying to fake a smile… Beside me was Martins
And the first bottle was tossed. It stopped right before me 😱……..”truth or dare” a guy said, looking straight into my eyes….I was never ready to them any truth about me, so I said “Dare” …. “I dare you to kiss the person beside you”
Jeez!!!! What a mess! How do I kiss Martins?
How do I kiss a philanderer

Do I need to kiss him?
Or I should just walk away 🚢🚢🚢

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