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At night, I stood right behind my window, hands folded, eyes looking straight into the moon 🌒… Everywhere was quite silent, could hear the songs of birds, one could even tell what type of bird was singing, one could give meaning to every song sang by each bird.
My thoughts travelled a distance faraway from where I was …..”my credits now stands on such a slippery ground, either a coward or a loser, I don’t know…..I had rather keep Romeo a friend than a crush, I think then I will be free around him…… mingling with people around me, racking jokes with them, laughing with them or even playing with them will go a long way in quenching the sad flame in me”……in general confusion was my mind. So I decided to go back to bed, since I’ve concluded to be friendly to everybody….

The next day, I woke up very late, thinking I would have forgotten the butterflies in my stomach, yet i feel very reluctant to go to school. “Something is wrong with me,……yes something is wrong somewhere”

I took my bath grudgingly. I couldn’t stop thinking about how silly I was…I made a fool of myself right in front of Martins yesterday

I slowly dragged myself to the mirror…..I knew I was among the most beautiful girls in our school…..I beamed

“Mercy!!!” My mum called
“Yes mum” I answered
“You’re getting late already” she said
“I’m almost done mum” I replied

I quickly took my breakfast of rice and beans…I picked up my school bag and slung it over my shoulder……I walked sharply out of our apartment, next to the road…I saw students moving the same way I was walking…wanted to join them but I never knew how to start a conversation…
“h..i…i… Tommy” I called a young boy who lived two blocks away from my house and a class mate as well
He was shocked I called him, he couldn’t believe I called him… He stood still, pretending he was waiting for someone else, in order to avoid being disgraced…I walked towards him and greeted again……………. We started sequence of conversation….it was quite interesting being around him, he was a funny type.

On getting to school, students were gathered in twos and threes, laughing and chatting in a mockery way…it was quite certain that something must have happened,…..
“What happened? ” Tommy asked a student walking right beside him

“Ah! You never here?…… Hannah Is pregnant o 🤰, her mum came shouting this morning” said the boy holding his waist and bending like one who was expecting a drop of water

I was surprised, yet happy………”so there will be no one to disturb my friendship with Martins any longer”, ….I weared an angry face feinning annoyance..but deep down me I was the happiest on earth

“Come, who impregnated her?” Tommy asked
“They said it’s Martins o” he replied




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