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AFTER RECEIVING PDP MEMBERSHIP, I AUTOMATICALLY BECOMES THE LEADER OF THE PARTY IN EDO STATE. I have read the constitutions, i automatically become the leader of the PDP party in the state. Gov Obaseki.

Some entrenched forces in Edo PDP appear bitter over how Governor  Obaseki was accepted into the party.

Obaseki was received by Edo PDP Chairman, Dr Tony Aziegbemi, in a carnival-like atmosphere in Benin last Friday. Some members are claiming they were not carried along and have expressed reservations over how the defection happened, especially the governor’s remarks.

After receiving the PDP membership form, Obaseki said: “I know that upon taking up membership of this party, I automatically become the leader of the party in the state. That is the constitution; I read it thoroughly last night (Thursday).

“I want to assure all of you that I am prepared to provide leadership. I am prepared to provide a leadership that will lead this party to victory and I am prepared to provide a leadership that will not only put PDP in office in Edo State but as the ruling party in Edo State.”

“One of the aggrieved stakeholders picked holes in the comment.““What he said was very revealing and disturbing. Who joins a party and automatically becomes the leader? Even if that is what will be, Obaseki should have been more discreet. It shows he is coming to the party to displace those who have worked for years to build the structure

He is going to plant his people everywhere, thereby suffocating those who have toiled for the party even in opposition,” he lamented.“Another stakeholder added: “It is just about him and his ambition. It is not about the party structure. He simply wants to use our platform to fulfil his ambition and move on. This is a great danger that will boomerang for the party.”

Fearing that the development might hurt existing cohesion in the PDP, which under the leadership of  immediate past chairman,  Dan Orbih, won four of the nine House of Representatives slots at the last National Assembly elections, two of the three senatorial seats and did well in the 2016 governorship poll, despite facing a ruling party with federal machinery,  a stakeholder said it was not yet late to make amends

So to give Obaseki the impression he is coming to help us is false because if not for federal power, PDP routed APC in 2016. Rather, he is the one that needs us. The notion that he is a big fish is just nothing but guesswork,” he said.

Indeed, PDP leaders and Obaseki are expected to ensure that the rough edges are smoothed as the growing disquiet may affect the party’s chances at the poll if long-standing members feel sidelined and unappreciated.

Many of them, sources said, may not work for the PDP in the September 19 governorship poll.

One of the party members said:  “Our party feels we will just win by fielding Obaseki as a sitting governor but it is not true. Look, APC knew why they rejected him.

He hasn’t sorted out his qualifications issue. Supposing he even manages to win, do you think the APC won’t cash in on that to file suits against him? Where will that leave us as party members and stakeholders?”

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