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Welcome to Doperch, Latest trending post

Nathan grew up and became heartless and bitter, he doesn’t give a damn about the feeling of anybody, he was heartless and a bitter young man. He managed to graduate from the university because there’s so much pressure mounted on him by his mother to be strong, perfect and fearless and not to be like his useless father. Nathan always appeared emotionless and tough but deep down he wished his mother could stop being so hard on him. “It’s not my fault that I looked just like my Father” he always told himself.

Even though Sandra made sure Nathan never lacked anything, when he was still a Teenager, he had more than two cars of his own and a huge amount of money was transferred to his personal bank account by her mother every week but thier bond was delicate.

Their relationship was too strange, Sandra never compliment or applaud Nathan whenever he wins or did something right but whenever he misbehaved, she is too quick to remind him of how useless and wicked he is, just like his father

This always shattered Nathan’s heart into tiny pieces and left him deranged. He tried his possible best to make his mother understand how bad she treated him but all efforts was fruitless.
This left him devastated, broken and hurt. He grew up and he hated “Love”, “Marriage”, “Birthdays” and any feelings at all, He was heartless, he was incapable of loving anyone not even himself.
He played with people’s emotions, in the university he used girls and dumped them.

He was a law student, After he graduated from university and law school, he graduated as one of the best students and was called to Bar shortly afterwards. He never loses any case, he puts his mind into winning. He was a ruthless lawyer and winning was always sure for him.

With all these victories, one would think that Nathan was a happy and fulfilled young man, but it’s sad that the reverse was the case. Nathan was still angry with himself, with his parents and with life; he hated everyone, he was so bitter, even as an accomplished lawyer, that couldn’t stop him from hating himself.

A lot of people feared and respected him due to his uncountable court victories. But he feared his mother, Even as a grown up son,his mother’s Words still affects him, he always felt rejected and useless around his mother and he always danced to her tunes.
Everything remained the same until he met Lucy.

One-day, Nathan’s client senator Evans referred his beautiful daughter Lucy to the almighty attorney Nathan, To see if he could help his daughter win a very tough court case, when Lucy met Nathan She was very discouraged because she knew that it was not possible for her to the win the court case. She was sued and everything was not in her favour, she may go to jail if Nathan loses the case.

“Don’t get discouraged, we will win this case and you will be heavily compensated, don’t give up, I know what I could do to win this case, it just a breached contract , I know what can be done” Nathan told the senator’s daughter
“Are you sure? ” Lucy asked
“Trust me, I have never lost a case” Nathan bragged ”

There are three kinds of lawyers; Firstly, Those who know the law, Secondly, those who know the judge, Thirdly, those who knows the law and knows the judge. Nathan knows the law and he knows the judge, he had never failed his clients.

Welcome to Doperch, Latest trending post


Welcome to Doperch, Latest trending post

Nathan won the tough case and the senator’s daughter was so happy with him, she threw a big party to celebrate her victory and of course Nathan was invited as the special guest, Lucy recommended Nathan to her friends, “He is the best lawyer in the whole city” She told her friends excitedly.

They partied all evening till Nathan had to leave at around 9pm. Lucy pleaded with him to stay for few minutes, “I have something to discuss with you” she told him
“What, I’m all ears” he replied
“Have not been myself, since we met, Nathan, I think I’m falling for you “Lucy told Nathan who was so surprised, he wondered how a beautiful lady like Lucy will woo a man, instead of the other way round.

“Falling for me?” Nathan asked
“yes, I love you” Lucy replied half shyly
“Thank you but I don’t believe in love, I guess you are just excited that you won the case, you are a beautiful lady and I don’t mind getting attached to you, let’s be friends…. Or friends with benefits that’s if you don’t mind” Nathan said smiling to Lucy who was so in love with him and it was obvious that he drives her crazy.
“I won’t mind if we are friends with benefits as long as you are mine” She told Nathan who kissed her on her lips and held her hands.

Few months later, Lucy and Nathan were in a relationship but to Nathan it’s just a fling or a friendship with benefits as he felt nothing for Lucy, he is incapable of loving anyone.
Their relationship was a perfect example of a one sided relationship and it was an obvious fact that Lucy was into Nathan more than he was into her.

Lucy and Nathan were both from influential families.
Nathan never loved Lucy but was of the school of thought that one lady isn’t enough for one man, he had so many girlfriends .
Often times, he wondered why Lucy was the only girl he had remained friends with for more than a month, he had never dated any girl for more than two weeks, “Maybe because she has class and she is Senator Evan’s daughter” He told himself.

Nathan was proud and he never said sorry whenever he was wrong, Lucy was always begging for Nathan’s love, she was blindly in love with Nathan, thereby making her unable to see the red flags and flaws of Nathan.
The love she had for Nathan increased when Nathan unintentionally, introduced her to his mother, Sandra who fell in love with Lucy’s personality and her father’s influence, She was bent on seeing her get married to her son. Whenever she visited, Sandra will refer to her as Nathan ’s wife to be, That got Lucy excited, she couldn’t imagine her life without Nathan as her husband, even though he had not proposed to her yet.

Lucy cared for Nathan with all her heart and always made sure he was happy . But He hardly had time for their so called relationship, He always told his mother that Lucy was just a friend. It wasn’t a hidden fact that he had other girls in his life as his mother had caught him severally and of course she called him ” Useless and philanderer like his useless father, Lawrence”
“Lucy is a good girl and from a good family like ours, you must marry her whether you like it or not “Sandra always told her son Nathan.

One fateful day, Nathan invited Lucy over for dinner at his house and she was so surprised and excited, She had thought Nathan had finally fallen in love with her, On seeing Nathan , She became Nervous, his strong face would scare even the strongest person in the world,
“I guess he wants to end our relationship” Lucy thought to herself, she sat down at the dinner table facing Nathan, she looked everywhere for Madam Sandra, Nathan’s mother. “Where is your mom?” Lucy asked
“She travelled, why?” Nathan entered sharply
“No it’s nothing, I just want to say hello to her” Lucy replied

Nathan stared at Lucy, She wondered why she love him so much, after eating, they had few glasses of wine and talked for a while, “Lucy, you know I don’t believe in love but I have learned to put up with you, you are a good person and I want you to be my wife” Nathan said plainly.

“Nathan, are you for real, are you really asking me to marry you?” she said, she was surprised.
“Yes Lucy, it will make my mother happy” Nathan entered
“Your Mother? What about you, won’t it make you happy too ?”Lucy asked and he became speechless “It doesn’t matter” Lucy added “Of course I will marry you because you mean the whole world to me”
Few months later they got married, thier wedding was elaborate and the talk of the town. The newly weds moved to thier new matrimonial home: A huge mansion in the island, Two years into their marriage, Thier union was unhealthy, Nathan was a nonchalant husband, he is never there for his wife, he never wants to be there and chooses not to be there. Each day he loses interest in the marriage.

He doesn’t care whether his wife is happy or unhappy, He never gives his wife the first place and never makes her a priority. He was always busy with work and when Lucy can’t get the reciprocation of her love from her husband, she ended up feeling disappointed, disenfranchised and disillusioned.

One-day, Lucy stumbled upon Nathan’s birth certificate in thier bedroom and she was glad when she saw her husband’s date of birth, “September 2nd, Nathan’s birthday is next month?, I will definitely prepare a party for my husband” She told herself and then she wondered why Nathan barely celebrate his birthday.
She quickly told Nathan, about her plans to celebrate his birthday that year. “Honey, you have never mentioned your birthday, I can’t believe your birthday is next month” Lucy said excitedly

“Because you never asked” Nathan said with a straight face
“well honey, thank God I came across your birth certificate, this year will be different because I will prepare a party for you, by next week I will send invitation to everyone we know” Lucy said happily

“What? ” Nathan asked “Don’t you dare do that” And walked out from his wife’s presence angrily, Lucy was heart broken. Nothing she does ever pleases Nathan, she told herself, “Last week, He didn’t even remember our second wedding anniversary and when I told him about it, he acted as if it was nothing, He never appreciate me or the things I do and I can’t go on like this, Nathan is a bitter person, I wonder why he so bitter and full of hate” She thought.

Everyday, Lucy woke up with the hopes of living a normal married life like every other married woman but Nathan was still the worst husband in the planet, Lucy gave up and she stopped begging Nathan for his love and attention. She cried herself to sleep on many occasions. Her life was miserable and very unfortunate.

Few months after, it was her birthday and she knew that Nathan would never care about her birthday because he never cared about his own birthday or thier wedding Anniversary. At noon she took herself out, she was tired of feeling sorry for herself, “It’s my birthday and I’m going to make myself happy today” She told herself

She went to the mall to do some shopping and finally headed to a restaurant in the mall. Lucy used the elevator and it took her to the first floor of the mall. There was a fancy restaurant at her left, so she walked towards that direction. As she entered the restaurant, all eyes where on her, so she walked quietly and sat down. Few seconds later, A waitress came to her and asked her what she wanted to eat or drink, “Give me your most expensive wine, For my meal: I want Fried rice, with salad and a roasted chicken” she said.
Few minutes the waitress brought all she ordered.

At the other corner of the restaurant, A young guy was sitting opposite Lucy and this particular guy couldn’t get his eyes off her. He was smitten by her gorgeousness and was thinking on how to approach her. After a while of being lost in thoughts, he noticed that Lucy was almost done with her meal.
“There’s just something about that girl thats sitting over there, let me go and talk to her, she is so beautiful and elegant, I can’t get my eyes off her” The young guy told himself

After the boost of morale, he summoned up courage and walked towards Lucy , “can I join you to sit” he jokingly said. Lucy looked up and beheld a gentle and good looking man, “You can sit if you want to and what makes you think that I’m here alone and that I’m not waiting for someone?” she asked, “You have been sitting here for a long time now and your facial expression says you are not expecting anyone, you are alone and I’m here to entertain you, I can make you laugh so hard” he replied smiling as he sat down. Lucy smiled and looked downwards, “My name is Richard, can I please know your name?” he asked, “I’m Lucy” she replied, “Beautiful name” he complimented and she thanked him.

Richard tried to start a conversation with her so he asked how her day went and they got talking. “Well, Today is a good day, actually today is my birthday” Lucy said calmly
“Wow! Happy Birthday Lucy” Richard said happily.
“Thank you” Lucy replied
They talked and laughed for a while till the waitress brought Lucy’s bill, “I’ll get that” Richard said, “No don’t worry, I’ll pay” she said but he insisted “consider it a gift from me to you on your birthday”
and she finally let him foot the bill.
From that day Richard and Lucy became good friends, Richard was heartbroken when he learned that Lucy was married but regardless they remained friends.
It took months for Lucy to digest the shocking fact that the handsome and overly hot Richard was her friend, Deep down in her heart she knew this was a death trap considering the situation of things with her husband, but she tried to act maturely, decently and she played cool. Richard had a clean mind towards her and acted like a true friend, On too many occasions, he had told her to introduce him to her husband Nathan but Lucy was scared, she wondered how her husband would react.

One-day, Nathan was to meet up with a new client at a Chinese restaurant, He just arrived at the restaurant where he sighted his wife with a strange man, The sight of Lucy, talking to a good looking young man almost gave Nathan a heart attack. For some weird reasons, he couldn’t understand why he suddenly became angry and somewhat jealous. Lucy’s sight went to where her husband was standing and she pretended as though she didn’t see him, she kept talking with Richard.

Nathan managed to walk closer to where his wife was sitting with the strange man and said to his wife “Lucy what’s going on here” but Lucy was mute. Her silence was beginning to get on his nerves and he started boiling with anger but he kept his cool.

Richard got up, he had sensed that Nathan must be Lucy’s husband and he politely introduced himself, “My name is Richard, your wife have told me alot about you, we are friends and that makes you my friend too, nice to meet you sir” Richard said smiling faintly but Nathan gave him a disgusted look but he managed to give him a hand shake. “Nice to meet you too” Nathan chipped in Richard was a bit confused, he was finding it hard to figure out why Nathan stared at him disgustedly, “what is going on between this couple?, they both act so weird” Richard thought , “I think I’ll be leaving now” he said finally and he left as well.

As Richard left, Nathan couldn’t contain his anger anymore. He gave Lucy a piercing look, sighed and walked away. After he left too, Lucy took a deep breath and shook her head. She suddenly became sad and she stood up and left too.

As Lucy headed home, she couldn’t stop thinking about Richard, “he is such a gentleman?” she thought. When she arrived home, she tried calling him but he didn’t pick up, Later, he sent her a text message that he will call her back later that he was in a meeting.
Lucy didn’t know why she was not scared of losing her marriage with Nathan her husband but was scared of losing his friendship with Richard. For some weird reasons, she felt she no longer felt anything for Nathan.

All through that day Nathan wondered why he felt jealous at the sight of his wife and the so called Richard, “I don’t even love her” He told himself “She is free to meet new people as I meet new people everyday too”.
When he returned home that evening, he didn’t bring up the issue with his wife Lucy, he acted cool as though nothing happened. Lucy was hurt, Nathan’s reaction confirmed that he was not in love with her. She wondered how she got her life trapped in a loveless marriage with Nathan.

Days passed, Nathan still felt jealous whenever he remembered Richard, his wife’s so called friend.
“What should I do, it’s like I’m having feelings for Lucy now” He thought “Well maybe it’s because I’m used to having her around, nothing more, two years is not two days oh”

On the other hand, Lucy was thinking about Richard, she had fallen for him, all day, all she does is reminiscing about Richard, she thought of all the times Richard made her smile. She took a deep breath and immediately diverted her thoughts to her problems, she cried as she wondered how long she will continue to stand Nathan’s bad attitude and thier loveless marriage.

Welcome to Doperch, Latest trending post

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