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Welcome to Doperch, Latest trending post

Sandra and Lawrence met at thier first year in the university, Lawrence was on scholarship at the time, Sandra couldn’t believe her luck the first time she bumped into Lawrence on her way to class, he had such a kind smile and a tender look that weakened Sandra knees when he spoke.

Because she was late for class, they couldn’t talk much but barely three weeks later, They met each other again at thier fresher’s night party and they were so excited, when they met again. They got talking for a while and from that night, They became an inseparable pair.

At first, they were friends and as months passed by, They got closer and closer and the chemistry between them was undeniable and months later they started dating. They also graduated from the university same time and did their NYSC program in the same state.

Lawrence was everything a wealthy girl like Sandra could ever want and desire.
A year later after thier service, they got married secretly, because Sandra’s
Parents initially opposed to thier union, but when they discovered that thier daughter Sandra was already pregnant for Lawrence, They gave thier blessings.

Stepping into a new home wasn’t easy for Sandra. When she accepted to marry Lawrence , She knew he was not from a well to do family like hers and he was unemployed but she accepted to marry him.
“I remembered the comfort I’m coming from, But I love Lawrence so much and I can do anything for him” Sandra said to herself with hot love in her eyes.

What actually pushed Sandra into marrying Lawrence was that she saw a brilliant young man who has vision, She Loved Lawrence so much and she saw a bright future full of fantasies. Few months later, Sandra delivered a baby boy who they named Nathan.

Years laters, Lawrence was still unemployed, he had been unemployed for a long time as he had been looking for a job for Three whole years since they left Asaba where they did thier NYSC program.

His wife, Sandra had been thier source of survival. She was employed after she gave birth to Nathan in a reputable company, She paid for thier rent, feeding and everything. Sandra was so embarrassed to go to her parents for help because that was the reason why they were against their union in the first place.

After Seven years, Lawrence had overcame poverty, he could afford even the most expensive life anywhere in the world and he didn’t lack the beautiful things of life anymore. All thanks to Sandra, Lawrence became wealthy, through her connections, Lawrence was employed in the most reputable company in the city.
The couple were yet to have another child, Sandra love Nathan so much, Nathan is the replica of his father Lawrence.

On Nathan’s 10th birthday, sandra received the biggest blow of her life. that day, Sandra and her son Nathan returned home earlier than expected, from the orphanage home, Every year, on Nathan’s birthday, They always visited the Orphanage home to give out gifts and other goodies to the orphaned children.

Before they returned home, they stopped over at a confectionary store to buy two big cakes for Nathan’s birthday party scheduled later in the day, as soon as they returned home, Sandra headed to the kitchen, dropped her son’s birthday cakes on the dinner table, when she heard a loud moaning coming from the bedroom.

Nathan was already sited on the couch at the sitting room and he was busy flipping through the television channels to watch his favorite cartoon channel, when sandra whispered “Keep it down, my son” and she tiptoed to the bedroom after seeing to it that Nathan had obeyed her instruction. The moaning sound kept rising as she drew nigh. Nathan watched, clueless, questioning himself, what exactly was happening.

“Oh my God! Oh, no! Oh! Oh!” Sandra said tearfully when she got to the bedroom. “This can’t be true. Oh oh oh!” she returned from the bedroom in tears. Sandra bathed her cheeks in tears. pain was engraved on her face. The tears rained from her eyes without ceasing.

“Honey, I can explain. It’s not what you think. I’m sorry. Forgive me. I don’t know what I was thinking. It was just once. I didn’t…” Lawrence said as he rushed out of the bedroom sweating in his pants. He bent a knee before Sandra and remorsefully apologized.



Welcome to Doperch, Latest trending post

Sandra was emotionally torn apart by what she had just seen, She shed tears like a baby without heeding to her husband’s plea. The sudden brokenness directed her conscience to grab Lawrence belongings and fit it into a suit case and she threw all his belongings outside.

“All my life, I have sacrificed my comfort just for you and me to share the best of a lifetime. I have done what it takes to be a good wife and this is how you soil our matrimonial bed? This is how you repay me? you have the guts to sleep with another woman not just anywhere but on our matrimonial room! Disgusting! I can never forgive you, it’s over between us …”

slowly in tears she walked towards her husband, who took few steps back away from her. He was so scared and ashamed, he had never been caught, he had always been unfaithful to Sandra.
“Sandra , please, for the sake of Nathan, our only son, please don’t do this. Forgive me and let’s settle this peacefully” Lawrence grew humble with his negotiation.

He tried all the nice words to pacify Sandra. “Get out of here and never return, you shameless man, it’s over between us, you are wicked and shameless, you are very dumb, how could you bring in your lover into our bed” Sandra said with rage in her eyes, Her anger couldn’t be tamed by the arms or by the sweet words of her husband.

She pushed him outside, in the direction she threw his belongings earlier. Lawrence grew so humble and soft, Sandra picked up a sharp knife from the kitchen and threatened to stab him and herself if he comes closer to her again, “How could you do this to me, I hate you Lawrence, go away” Sandra yelled. Nathan shivered in the couch.
“Mom, Dad!” Nathan called out in fear.

“What!!!” sandra shouted at her son. Nathan saw fire in his mother’s eyes amidst the tears, Sandra’s love for Lawrence was broken even the respect she had for him, vanished, Lawrence saw fury in his wife’s eyes and he decided to go away. From that day Sandra became a different woman.

How Lawrence’s lover who he was smooching on his matrimonial bed managed to escape the fury of Sandra is still a mystery but she was lucky that she escaped right on time before Sandra’s thoughts and attention went to her.
This is the day Nathan’s nightmare started. This pain of an adulterous husband installed a different personality in Sandra, Since that day, Her reactions towards Nathan changed, and her language became bitter and cruel,

Sandra and Lawrence got divorced. Nathan lived in a broken home and with his mother. Even though She remained unmarried regardless, The love she had for her son diminish by the day. Anytime she saw Nathan, she saw Lawrence in him- and directed her rage at her son.

Not a single day passed without her referring to his father in relation to whatever Nathan did.
“You are just like your father. Why are you this foolish! If you don’t take care, you are going to end up like your father. Useless! Use your head, No wonder, you are heartless just like your father, stupid boy…” Sandra always told Nathan

These dark words registered into Nathan’s mind, controlled his thinking and esteem with time, He grew up sipping those cruel words each day and night. He began to accept that he was dumb, worthless and heartless. They cut him deep into his heart. The bond between a mother and a child subconsciously held the power to influence a child’s life especially with the mother’s words

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