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The presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide (a.ka. Winners’ Chapel International), David Oyedepo, has described the Nigerian coronavirus disease as an anti-church virus.

Bishop Oyedepo during his Sunday sermon questioned why the markets are allowed to proceed with their daily activities while the church remain closed.

“As a prophet of God, I said … what they call the coronavirus has suddenly become anti-church virus. Clean and clear.

“The market place is rocking. We have videos and I will show you. People are running over themselves. Social distance zero. Hand washing zero. And yet, Nigeria coronavirus never goes to the market. It only goes to church.”

Fingering people behind the decision of the government’s instruction to close the church, Bishop Oyedepo said; “I have never seen anything like this, And I know that gods ( orisas, omadiohas etc) of the land are behind this. Some merchants of evil. If I know who they are, I will call their names, but caution is a hard thing for any man. No matter the backing he may have to kick against his priest.”

The presiding Bishop of Faith Tabernacle in Ota said the church should be the place people look to for healing from the coronavirus disease.

“The church where healing takes place all around the world is the one that shut down. The market place where they collect diseases is the one that is open.

“This is an anti-church virus, and the God of the church, neither sleeps nor slumber.”

As at today, we already have 114 clear cases of coronavirus healing testimonies including a consultant in this church (Living Faith) that got healed and he posted it on his website for all to see. He said if I die, they would have posted it that he violated the rules.

By the power of God that works in this church. There are many many churches in Nigeria where healings take place like water by the word of God not diabolically.

Is that why we have to shut down? For God sake. What research sense will pass that we are trying to establish social distance but it doesn’t affect the market, only the church.

“This is an anti-church virus. Beware of waiting for God’s red-eye. For he that touches you (church members), touches the apple of His (God) eyes.”

While describing the church facilities being better than markets’, Bishop Oyedepo said; “The shops are free, people working there are not. Public vehicles are free and they are jammed with people standing outside. But church, no! Why? Coronavirus. The one in this place (Nigeria) goes only to church. It doesn’t go to the market.”

He also described Nigeria as the only unscientific place I have seen, “where the marketplace is secured and the churches that have well-built toilet facilities. Well covered places. And not only that, where the greatest sound of the world of God comes from.

“Go to Redemption camp and see multitudes of people. Come here and see the multitudes of people, come here every Sunday. You know why we are speaking, we have the temple and house-to-house. We will not take one and give one to the devil.”

“We will hear the news this week. Wherever they tied it from, it is loosed.

“Imagine you. You have a six-flat house. And a government law says you cannot use it. Is it a C of O problem. Is there no more freedom of worship in the constitution?

“Or it affect only one part of the country and not another part

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