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The female guards rushed with the patient at the hospital while she held her head. She didn’t want to lose her not when she needed her the most.
‘Please hurry,’ she said to the driver from the back.

The warden had asked the guards to go with her. Tears streaming down on her cheeks, she just prayed that she was going to be alright.
Doctor Miguel was already standing at the entrance waiting for the ambulance to arrive. He had already been told by the warden. When it finally arrived, he instructed the nurses to bring the stretcher bed. The patient was placed on the bed. She didn’t want to let go of her hand.

‘Is she going to be alright?’ she asked worriedly.
She had started bleeding and her breathing was slow. Doctor Miguel looked at the patient and back to her.
‘I will try to save her.’
That’s all she needed to hear. She sat on the bench patiently waiting for Doctor Miguel to come out with good news. Seconds turned into minutes and minutes into hours. She began pacing up and down while the guard sat on the bench.

‘Can’t you sit down?’ she asked irritated. ‘you making me feel dizzy with your ups and downs.’
‘Why are they taking long? He should have been out by now.’
‘Just let them do their job. Look I know you worried about her but she is going to be alright.’

The guard had to tell her some stories just to keep her mind of things. She laughed a little but couldn’t stop thinking about her. Miguel finally came out of the operation room and pronounced her dead. Her legs became weak and she almost fell when he quickly held her hand. Her only best friend had died. It was supposed to be her.

Doctor Miguel tried so hard to make her feel better but she was too much shocked. The only things left of her were her diary and all the good things that she did in that place. When she went back to the prison, the place just felt different. She went to sit in her cell remembering all that she had said to her.
‘If anything ever happen to me and you manage to get out of this place. Tell my girls that mummy didn’t do it. My husband he should know that I was framed. When I tried to fight for my innocence, they threatened to hurt my family.’

That was 3 days ago.
‘Why are you thinking of dying? You are a soldier and my protector, Godmother to my children’
She cried so hard remembering her words and the paper she had left for her. A paper with a list of names that she had chosen for her child. The pain was just too hard on her and too much for her to bear. She wasn’t even going to attend her funeral.

She slowly lifted her head up high and saw the warden handing her the handkerchief.
‘What are you doing here?’ she asked taking it from her.
‘It was a dangerous poison that killed Letwin.’

Warden sat down on the bed in her cell.
‘The person who did this wanted you to die or miscarry. Unfortunately it had an effect on her.’
‘That should have been me lying in that mortuary. Today she had actually received some good news. Her case had been withdrawn. They found the people who framed her. She was going to get out of this place. She was so worried about me that she told her lawyer to wait for a week before collecting her release papers. She was a great person and didn’t deserve to die.’

The pain she felt inside was unexplainable. She somehow blamed herself for giving her the plate.
‘You don’t have to blame herself for her death. We need to find out who did this. I am suspecting that there is a prisoner who is working with Rita. I think she found out that you are pregnant and wants you dead. I promise to take good care of you and monitor what you eat.’
‘This place will never be the same without Letwin.’

Warden hugged her , she wanted to tell her the truth but could risk losing her. When she left her cell, she quickly walked back to her office and grabbed her car keys. She walked out to the parking lot and got into her car. She drove off to her son’s house making sure that she wasn’t followed. Who knows maybe Rita had some people following her. After all she was the warden, getting rid of her will be easy and replacing her with someone who was corrupt.

Parking her car at her son’s house, she quickly got out and locked it before walking to the door. It was around 10 pm and they had pronounced Letwin dead in the afternoon. Her son didn’t take long to open it.
‘Mum!’ he exclaimed taking her into an embrace, ‘what took you so long to come?’

‘I am sorry son. I was having a talk with Kate. She isn’t taking the whole thing well. I almost told her the truth,’ she said as her son locked the door.
‘Don’t do that mother. I know how much you love that girl but at least keep this to yourself for now. I had to lie to her also and I kind of feel guilty.’

‘How did you come up with the lie?’
Miguel remembered when Letwin woke up after just taking little of the poison. She thought the food tasted different and didn’t eat it all. While she was thinking all about the food, she felt a sudden pain in her stomach and that’s when she passed out. Miguel was glad to identify the poison and gave her an antidote. From what he had discovered, it was a poison used to abort. That meant the person wanted Kate to miscarry. It was Letwin who told Miguel to tell Kate that she didn’t make it.

‘That’s a lot to take,’ said his mother when he had finished narrating, ‘can I see her?’
‘She is in the guest room.’
Miguel had come with Letwin at his house because she had something to discuss with him and his mother. The two walked to the guest room and found the door widely opened. Letwin was busy exercising.

She noticed them standing at the door and stopped what she was doing.
‘You can get in,’ she said grabbing the towel she had placed on the bed.
‘For someone who almost died in he afternoon, I must say that you are a very strong woman.’
Letwin smiled. She could have died if he didn’t save her quickly.
‘I owe my life to your son. He is a good doctor,’ she said sitting on the chair legs apart.

She cleared her throat and began,
‘We are here to talk about Kate. I have grown to love that girl since she came in that place and I hate to say I regret leaving her there alone. Nobody touched her when I was in. I don’t know what they will do to her. But I have got some good news. After they find out that I was innocent, they are making me the General.’

‘Congrats,’ said Miguel.
‘I am a good soldier,’ and she was one, ‘I was thinking to bring one of the detective I know to replace me. We need to know what happened. I found myself in that place even though I was not guilty. We need to put the right people in that place.’
‘What do you suggest we do?’ asked the warden.

Letwin explained to them what they were supposed to do. She wasn’t going to give up on Kate. Tomorrow morning she was supposed to go back to his family and asked to be excused not before she called out the warden.
‘How is she doing?’
‘She loved you.’
‘I know she did and tomorrow I will go and find her little sister, Karen. I know she been finding some evidence to prove to the court that she didn’t do it.’
The ladies finally said their goodnights.

She felt like she was going to explode. The ‘damn’ guard had failed to do her job right. A wrong person had died, she felt angry and all mixed emotion. She didn’t know what to do anymore but had to do something. She didn’t want her to leave, she didn’t want her to have the baby. She had to make another plan very soon.




For the past few months, things hadn’t been well. They used to take her food and sometimes beat her up. The warden didn’t know that she was being mistreated. She had all her attention focused on her case. Kate had missed Letwin a lot. She is the only person that cared about her. The others didn’t care less if she was pregnant, they just continued mistreating her. She could have died that day, maybe it was going to be much better. She always thought to herself. Doctor Miguel hadn’t come to check up on her.

She felt like everyone had abandoned her including him. She sat in her cell that day feeling so hungry. She couldn’t go to the kitchen because it was useless. The guard let the other prisoner grabbed her plate from her. She was feeling hungry and for a pregnant woman she needed some food..

‘Miss smiley,’ said Pancake the prisoner feared by everyone.
She never bothered Kate when Letwin was still around. She knew better not to mess around with her. Kate got up from the bed trembling. This woman scared her up a lot. She was holding a plate with food in her hand.

‘What do you want?’ she asked in a shiver stepping back.
‘I want you pretty face,’ she said walking to her.
Her eyes landed on her tummy.
‘Smiley Junior is growing up right? Do you need some food?’ she asked handing her the place.
Kate was about to grab the plate when she pulled away and laughed at her.
‘Someone is hungry.’

She slapped her hard on the cheek.
‘Panny,’ she corrected.
She placed the plate on the floor. She removed her trousers and her panty. She peered on the food whilst Kate was watching tears streaming down on her cheeks. When she finished, she put back her trousers on and took the plate.
‘Eat the food it’s good for the baby,’ she said handing her the plate.
Kate nodded her head.

She was pissing her off. No one has ever refused her food before.
‘I said eat it!’ she shouted in demand.
‘No!’ Kate shouted back dropping the plate on the floor. ‘I am not eating it. Get out of my cell!’
Anger was slowly rising as she glared at her. She pushed her against the wall and started strangling her. Kate couldn’t breath. It was either her or Pancake. Remembering the screw driver that Letwin had given her while she was still around. She had placed it in her trousers’ pocket.

On the other hand Pancake wasn’t going to stop until she was dead. Kate managed to reach his pocket and took the screwdriver and stabbed Pancake in her left eye. Pancake screamed in pain releasing Kate and falling down on the floor her hand on the eyes that Kate had hurt. Kate ran out of the room with bloody hands coughing. She could hear Pancake screaming out her name. The other prisoners seeing what had happened called the guards.

Pancake was taken to the hospital. The guards locked Kate at another room where she didn’t have sunlight or was she given food. The guard on charge that month was getting paid by Rita and made Kate suffer a lot.
Days turned into weeks and Kate was slowly losing her life. They were only instructed to give her 1 meal per day. For a woman who was pregnant, she looked very pale.

She never stopped praying for herself and her child. Whenever the guard visited Kate, she kept reminding her of Jason and that she deserved being in prison. The news soon reached the warden who was out of the city. Kate had been admitted at the hospital and Doctor Miguel had just come back from work. He was out of the country on a workshop and even though he had refused to go, the director forced him to go.

There was a high chance that Kate could lose the baby. She had lost weight and hadn’t been receiving all the nutrients needed for her body including fluids. The warden blamed herself for just leaving and so did Miguel. She heard about Pancake and the guard had been given a suspension leave when some of her colleagues bailed out on her.

They found out that Rita had sent her after she confessed, fear of losing her job. The warden visited Kate almost everyday and used to let Letwin know of her progress. A week later Panny was discharged from the hospital but she had lost her eye. She found Kate sitting alone at the grass reading her bible. Kate quickly got up wanting to leave but Panny blocked her.
‘You see what you did?’ she said showing her the now masked eye.

‘I am sorry,’ apologized Kate.
‘I am sorry,’ imitated Pancake, ‘you should sleep with one eye open. You think this is over. This has just began,’ she said showing her the screw driver that she used on her.
She continued with her journey leaving Kate trembling with fear. The doors were never locked. What if she was going to stab her? She didn’t mean to hurt her but only did that for self defense. Who was going to protect her now that Letwin was gone? She only wished if she was still alive.

True to what she had warned her about. Kate slept with one eye open. Maybe she could have just killed her. No one was able to stand up for Pancake. She was the first and probably the last. If she were to attack her, she was 100% sure that no one was going to defend her. She sat on the bed looking around and heard some noises.

‘Smieeely…I am cooooooming.’
She heard her voice and held her bible so closely to her chest trembling.
‘Where are youuuuu? Do you want to play hide and seek?’ the childish voice continued to echoe in the room.
The tears were falling every time she heard the creepy voice. It was like watching Annabelle or The Conjuring or Chucky. Suddenly the noise went quiet, maybe she was just having an imagination.

She put her head down on the pillow only to be awakened by a bad dream. Pancake was eating her baby alive. She vomited on the bed and one of the prisoners quickly went to her aid.
‘You burning up,’ she said checking her body temperature with the back of her hand, ‘let me find the guard.’
That’s how Maria and Kate got to be friends. Letwin’s resemblance had just come to the aid. She made sure Kate was alright and moved to her room. For the first time since Letwin left, Kate had never got along with anyone but with Maria, they became best friends. She was glad to have someone who would protect her.

Kate’s pregnancy was just only 8 months when Pancake and her group were planning to escape but not before killing Kate. They even began to dig up some hole inside. Pancake was the mastermind of the plan. She wanted to get out of the place since she had been sentenced to death. Pancake was the serial killer who shot her entire family because they looked down upon her. She was never a child to her parents but a monster and a failure. After being raped by her step dad and step brother, her mother never defended her but instead called her a prostitute. She killed her entire family in cold blood thus the judge sentenced her to death for third degree murder.
‘It’s just a week to my death. We need to get out of this place as soon as possible,’ said Pancake as they sat outside as a group.

They were 6 of them.
‘I talked to my man. He is going to be waiting for us just nearby the prison premises with fake ids and passports,’ replied the other.
‘So we share the money equally.’
The ladies had planned to rob a bank after getting out. Everything they needed for the robbery Pancake was going to provide for them.

‘Frog since you doing laundry for the guards. You take one of the uniforms. We will kill the yellow born. She is new,’ suggested Pancake.
‘What if things goes sideways? We need a plan B,’ said Frog.
‘We take the warden as a hostage or the pretty doctor. I heard he is her son,’ said Pancake.

They decided to break out the day after tomorrow, just after two nights.
‘I need to kill that princess,’ she said her eyes focused on Kate who was heavily pregnant.
She was laughing with Maria and didn’t know that Pancake was after her life. She thought maybe since 3 months had passed, she had forgiven her for taking her eye out but Pancake had made her look so ugly. She was going to slowly kill her without thinking twice.

‘Are you sure that you not carrying twins?’ asked Maria as she helped her sit down.
Her health had since improved and she was doing just fine so is the baby. Thanks to the warden, Maria and Miguel who was slowly developing some feelings for her.

‘I would be happy if they are twins,’ laughed Kate.
‘I saw you crying that day when you came back from the hospital.’
She remembered the day she said some awful stuff to Miguel. She just wanted to push him away. She didn’t see a future with him. She was just a prisoner and would never be compared to his late wife.

‘Miguel kissed me,’ she confessed.
Maria opened her mouth widely in surprise.
‘He did what?’ she pinched her.
‘Kissed me.’
‘The cute doctor has fallen for you. So what seems to be the problem?’
‘He said that he has got some feelings for me. I mean I am here and he is seeing the world. I am spending the rest of my life in here.’

‘Maybe its time that you tell the truth. It’s almost a year now.’
‘Who will believe my story? To them I am a slut or a home wrecker.’
‘Sometimes we have to fight for our freedom. You were the victim and yes they are going to believe you.’
‘I don’t know, I am just tired to put on a fight.’

‘You can’t expect your child to grow up in this horrible place with criminals surrounding him. You need to fight. Do this for yourself and your child’s future.’
‘I guess you telling the truth.’
‘About the doctor?’
‘No, let’s not talk about him. I hurt him already when I said some awful stuff to him.’

‘No, I meant to say. He is looking at us.’
She turned and their eyes met. He was standing outside the prison fence. She waved her hand and so did he. Pancake was watching and smiled. The two lovebirds, she was going to hurt them.


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