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Dear Sir,

what would you have done?

I was impregnated by a married man when I was in school. I never knew he was married because he lied he was single.

When I got pregnant was when he opened up that he is married with kids and won’t take any responsibility on the pregnancy if i refuse to abort it. I told him I will never do that and he broke up with me.

We stopped communicating till I put to bed with a baby boy. So I called him to let him know ,he said I should name the child whatever I want that I should not ever involved him again.

When I graduated and I couldn’t find job and things got worse for me, my family stopped supporting ,so I called to ask and begged him for some money and he refused.

After a while, I had another boyfriend that was God fearing and love me sincerely. He was taking good care of me and my baby like his own. He proposed and wanted to marry me when he got involved in an accident and died.

It was a sad year for me. He has a truck that I was managing for him as a business, he was paying me for the job and I was using my wages for feeding and upkeep and remitting the sales to  his account.

The truck was collected back by his family ,they said we have not yet married before his death. I was left empty because he asked me to be managing his resources since we met and he was paying me for that.

After years of no how to survive with my baby ,I could not pay the house rent (a room) and I was about to be sent out last November, so I decided to ask my baby daddy for help. I begged and cried on him to pay my house rent but he said I should send my account number and never call him again.


I sent my account number but nothing showed in. I was later sent packing and now managing with my friend. Last month I received an alert of 500k from my baby daddy,

I swear I thought I was dreaming,I had to show my friend to be sure of what I saw.

Immediately after that, he called me that I should return 450k back to him, that he made an error, he wanted to send 50,000 to me and he mistakenly sent 500k.

When I have not sent the balance, he even threatened me with police. He is still looking for address till now.

His wife too have called and started threatening me to send her husband money.
My question is should I return back the 450k?

Advice or opinion pls

No abuse or insult


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  1. If you try it enh! Send what?

    Don’t you dare it. With all the stress you have bn passing through. Start a business with the balance after renting an apartment.

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