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Episode 9

(Second To Last Episode)

The misunderstanding between Kate and Caleb was cleared but thier wedding was rescheduled to happen, in four weeks time. The Injury Laura sustained from the accident was minor, she was discharged from the hospital some days after and of course, Kate and Caleb came to take her home after they cleared the hospital bill.


Laura felt shattered when she discovered that the lady that ran her over with her car was Caleb’s fiancee, She remembered, that she had seen her portrait in Caleb’s office, Laura was devastated but she somehow comported herself. She had noticed that Kate was a good person, her mother had told her that Kate always visited her, all through her stay in the hospital, at the time they had no clue who she was.


Life is a mystery and only God knows why somethings happen.
Kate and Caleb gladly took Laura and her mother home.
From that day a strange friendship sprouted between them.
One-day, Caleb and Kate visited Laura and her mother, they came to invite them for thier upcoming wedding.


Laura shivered at the revelation that Caleb was getting married, it was just obvious that she had lost Caleb forever but she consoled herself with the fact that Kate was nice and she would make Caleb happy.


Laura and her mother agreed to show up at the wedding.
Caleb was being careful with Laura, he was not so generous to her as he used to be but Kate had a heart of Gold, Kate had promised to help Laura get a good Job and she was so happy.
Just 3 days to the scheduled wedding, Laura’s mother was able to convince Laura to distrupt Caleb’s wedding.


“A fellow woman like yourself, snatched Caleb from you, she knocked you down with her car, and now she had promised to get you a Job, just to get you off Caleb, and you are not going to do anything about it?” Laura’s mother had told her
“But mom, Kate seems like a nice person, she deserves Caleb and she loves him so much, I saw it in her eyes” Laura replied


“Kate is just pretending to be nice, I know within her, she would call you a big fool for losing a good man like Caleb, you better wake up, all you need to do is stop the wedding and Caleb would return to you” Laura’s mother said sharply and when Laura gave it a deep thought, she decided to follow her mother’s advice.


The scheduled day for the wedding came and Laura had no confusion on what to do.
“I must distrupt Caleb’s wedding, I love him, he belongs to me” ,She had told herself. Join us through+233544142683 to read more stories from his group . She was gorgeously dressed for the occasion and her mother decided to sit back at home, since her daughter was going to distrupt the wedding after all. She had ignited more fire of revenge on her daughter before she left and Laura was charged for her mission.


In no time Laura arrived at the church looking enchanting. He gently walked inside the church auditorium and quietly took her seat. She came just at the right time, as Caleb and Kate were about taking their vows and it was almost time for the pastor to ask that dreadful question “who among you, doesn’t want this couple to be join together?, speak now or forever remain silent”


Deep down in Laura’s heart, she felt broken and sad about what he intended to do to Caleb.
“Does Caleb deserve this? He forgave me after everything I did to him, Kate didn’t snatch him from me,


I was stupid and foolish to let a good man like Caleb slip out of my hands, he loved me so much but I was so money conscious and my parents are not good people too, they led me astray, now I see why my parents never made any progress in thier life ” she thought sadly.


The sad reality of Laura’s life suddenly dawned on her at that moment but she tried to maintain a positive outlook at the wedding. Kate and Caleb finally exchanged thier wedding vows and were pronounced husband and wife by the priest. The applause by other guests present at the church wedding Brought Laura back to reality.


She smiled faintly as Caleb kissed Kate. Hot tears rolled down from her cheek. She wished she did things differently, she wished she could turn back the hands of time. The church wedding ended and everyone headed to the reception venue. While Laura headed back home in tears.

To Be Continued

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  1. Thank God for you Laura, I tot you were going to through with your mother’s instruction. Try n change, learn to do your thing n not what papa or mama wants you to do

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