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Episode 6

The next day, Laura decided to make a surprise visit at Caleb’s work place, she had Caleb’s business card she stole to guide her
Laura dressed so gorgeously and she set out to Caleb’s place of work. When Laura arrived, she told the company’s receptionist, who she came for and she was told to wait. Laura swallowed her saliva nervously as she waited, as she was not sure if Caleb will be happy to see her


“Sir, a lady is here to see you” the receptionist said, “which lady? What’s her name” Caleb enquired and the receptionist said ” her name is Ms Laura!”
At the mention of Laura, Caleb almost had an attack, he was grateful that Kate has resigned.


“How would I have explained myself to Kate, I wouldn’t be able to tell her that Laura dumped me after she and her parents milked me dry, it’s so embarrassing” Caleb thought and he turned to the receptionist and said, ” Tell Ms Laura that I’m not on seat, I’m beginning to wonder how she knew where I work, please make sure she leaves immediately”


Laura was disappointed when the receptionist told her that Caleb was not on seat.
“But you told me, he was available, what’s going on?” Laura said at once
“He is not on seat, if you know him personally, please call him and book an appointment with him” The receptionist concluded and Laura left shattered.


That day wasn’t a pleasant one for Laura because she was feeling different emotions at the same time. She was dying of regret, fear, shame and rage. She wished she could go back in time and do things differently, “Why was I so money conscious, upon all the money Reuben lavished on me, I’m still empty and unhappy, the worst was my useless father took all my savings and absconded with his lover,


I am beginning to think that my parents are not my biological parents, because no parents will ruin thier child’s life like they did to mine, all my friends, most of them, thier parents were seriously struggling but they managed to see thier children through thier university education but mine folded thier hands and did nothing, untill Caleb came and did what they couldn’t do, I don’t blame my parents, I blame myself for being a fool and for dancing to thier tunes, no doubt that I’m like them, money oriented and greedy, I wanted more money, more expensive gifts, I was not contented with what Caleb was giving me, his sacrifices and his unconditional love, oh God I’m sorry, please forgive me, please Lord” Laura thought as she went back home.


Laura decided to call Caleb on the phone, she began to call all the phone numbers printed on Caleb’s business card but he didn’t pick till she called the last phone number and lo and behold, She heard a familiar voice.
“Hello, good afternoon, who is on the line” The familiar voice said.


Laura didn’t need anyone to tell her who the voice belongs to because she already knew that Caleb was the one talking at the other end of the phone. Laura was speechless but when she realized that Caleb might hang up if she doesn’t speak up,
She regained her voice and she said, “Caleb, it’s me, Laura”


Caleb lost words and was quiet that Laura almost concluded that he had hanged up but when she looked into her phone screen, she saw the call was still connected, ” Caleb, are you there?” she managed to ask.
” Yes I am, what do you want and how did you get my number?” Caleb threw in immediately.


Laura ignored his questions and said, “Caleb, I’m very sorry about everything that I did wrong, I’m sorry for everything I put you through, please forgive me, I beg you”

For the first time in years, Caleb felt at ease, as He had always expected an apology from Laura all these years, he was glad that she finally apologised, Caleb forgave her immediately and he told her everything was now okay between them.


“I heard you came to my office today but I was so mad at you, I drove you home the other day and you barely spoke to me, you didn’t even apologise all through the way to your house, I felt that you were not remorseful after all these years but now that you have realized your mistakes, you are forgiven, let’s talk later, I’m busy right now, please take care and bye” Caleb said and hanged up


From that day, Laura would call him and he would take her calls, they will speak for a while and then hanged up. She would send him text messages too
At first, Caleb felt it was nothing to worry about but started feeling otherwise when her messages and calls became too much. Even Kate had become suspicious of him but she would console herself that she was going to be his wife in few days time.

To Be Continued


Episode 7

Unknowingly to Caleb, Laura’s hope of getting back with him had increased each time, Caleb took her calls. Laura tried to schedule a meet-up between them but Caleb was too busy to meet up with her, as he was busy with his upcoming wedding plans. After much attempt to no avail, Laura decided to visit him at his work place again.


There’s nothing more shameful than trying to get back with someone you dumped and hurt terribly.
One tuesday afternoon, it was just few days to Kate and Caleb’s wedding. Laura visited Caleb at the office,
This time, at the mention of Laura’s name by the Receptionist, Caleb was shocked beyond words because he didn’t see that coming at all. “Send her in” He finally said,


Laura’s heart skipped several times when the receptionist told her that Caleb was available and that she could go in.

After about a minute later, Laura walked inside caleb’s office looking enchanting. “How are you Caleb?” she greeted smiling.


“I’m fine Laura, please sit” he replied with a faint smile on his face.
Laura nervously sat down and she was ashamed to look into his eyes, she couldn’t believe that she will one day go through such stress to get back with Caleb, after she dumped him for Reuben, without looking back.


“Honestly, i’m surprised to see you” Caleb said calmly
“Really?, I thought we are now friends and that you have forgiven me” Laura entered calmly.
“Yes, I have, this world is a small place, what’s the need to keep grudge against someone, when we all sin against God and he forgives us instantly” Caleb Said with a broad smile on his face.


And Laura smiled too.
“How is your parents?” Caleb asked
“They are fine” Laura replied
“And how is your man, I mean Reuben, are you guys married now or still engaged” Caleb asked
Laura smiled faintly, it was obvious that she was tensed and Caleb figured he went too far with the Question, so she tried to ease the tension in the atmosphere.


“What would I offer you, do you want tea, coffee or juice?” Caleb entered”
Laura choose juice and Caleb went to the fridge in his office and returned with a pack of juice and a glass cup.


In few seconds Laura was sipping juice from the glass cup and at the same time, she looked around to admire Caleb’s beautiful office, it was obvious that he was the senior manager of the company, his office was properly decorated and then her eyes went to a portrait of Kate on his desk and when she was about to ask Caleb who was the lady on the photograph, Caleb’s phone rang, as Caleb spoke on the phone, Laura was deep in thought


“I hope Caleb is not in any serious relationship, well if he is, the lady would have to step away, I just want Caleb to let go of the past. He is too good a man for me to lose and I can’t just picture another lady with him, because he is mine” She thought. Laura’s visit didn’t give Caleb the slightest clue that she wanted him back, because he thought, Laura was still with her Reuben.


After a little while of being on a call, Caleb ended the call and apologised to Laura for the interruption. Laura had not revealed her reason for her visit yet and she was feeling ashamed to open up

In no time, Laura was almost done with her drink and Caleb asked her if she wanted to have something else or more drinks. “I can call the canteen to get us a nice meal or what do you say?” Caleb suggested but Laura insisted that she was okay, she laid back on her sit and stared at Caleb who wondered what was going on in her mind


everywhere was silent for a while before laura broke the silence, she swallowed her shame.
“Caleb, I still love you, please take me back, I promise, I will never hurt you, ever again” she said calmly.
Caleb smiled and shook his head, he was surprised, he never saw that coming, Caleb was mute for a while because he didn’t know what to say.


“Please say something, you told me, you have forgiven me, please take me back, Caleb I love you so much” Laura repeated looking into his eyes and at that point, she broke down in tears. Kindly hi ish on+233544142683 to be added to sweet and nice story room, fresh stories kingdom, Novela and story room to get more of this.

“Yes I have forgiven you but please don’t make me regret my decision, because you don’t deserve my forgiveness, it’s now that you had come to realize that you love me? What happened to that your Reuben that you fell in love with, Now I see why you are pestering me with too many phone calls and visits,


Laura, I once loved you so much, you were my life and my everything, I needed you, I adored you, I looked up to you to fill the void my mother’s sudden death created, you were the reason I worked harder and you were someone I would do anything for, You left me when I needed you most, you walked away without looking back, you replaced me when I had only you.


Laura you hurt me so much, I felt used, I felt like dying, your parents make a joke out of my pain, they rubbed my pain to my face and told me countlessly that you couldn’t be with me because I’m not as wealthy as Reuben, do you remember when I proposed to you, you turned me down and insulted me, I wanted to love you forever. We would have been happily married now with lovely kids, all the feelings I had for you died when you left. I would appreciate it if you don’t call or text me again. Please don’t you ever come to my office ever again, I don’t want to see you,


I can see you want to take advantage of my kindness again, please leave and never come back, I love someone else now and I’m never getting back with you ever again” Caleb said at once and Laura stood up from where she sat immediately and left quietly.


When Laura left, Caleb became emotional and he wept, he reminisced on the past and how much he loved Laura before she misbehaved and dumped him for Reuben. As Caleb was in tears, he wondered why he was crying.
” Do I still care about that heartless Laura, no I can’t possibly feel anything for her, I love my Kate, she is special and in few days, she will become my wife” Caleb told himself.

To Be Continued

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  1. Caleb I beg you in God’s name don’t even reminisce in anything that has to do with Laure. Just go and say “I do” with your great and honest woman (Kate) and live life happily with her and ever after.

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