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Please, read.


Many a times people go through life’s challenges without knowing the source of their problem.

This was the case of my husband, Kashim Olabisi.

We were married for ten years without an issue. We had done many tests and sought for all manner
of medical help to no avail. We even did IVF twice but they both failed. The second IVF we did in the US
that failed was the first failure in Dr James Daniel’s career. All medical reports pointed to the fact that we were both medically fit to have children but none came after ten years.
Beside childlessness, we had loads of problems in our marriage. My marriage with Kashim was like hell loosed on us. We attempted many spiritualists and prayer houses but we couldn’t get help.


Our search
for a baby led us into many abominable things and almost stole our salvation from us. The frustration, humiliation and anxiety was unspeakable. It was so bad that one of the prophets we went to had to sleep with me right in the presence of my husband and then asked my husband to do same thereafter.

Assuring us that his sperm will prepare the ground for my husband’s own to fertilize my egg to enable me conceive. That month, I didn’t get pregnant and he advised we have to repeat the process all over.


Words cannot explain the pain and shame I went through, having sex with a man I didn’t love in the
presence of my husband just because I wanted a child. It will be difficult to believe the second process didn’t give the desired result and we had to do it again. This time for one week non stop. I was having sex with two men at the same time, one after the other in front of each other for eight days.


Toyin my friend, was my saviour who aborted the fourth attempt. We had scheduled to meet with
Prophet Adelaja for two weeks on the same process when I confided in Toyin. What? Toyin screamed.
Are you out of your senses, Nneka? How can you accept to do this dirty thing because you wanted a child? Don’t you know only God gives children and his time is the best? But why? Why? Why? She asked and bursted into bitter tears. This time you are not going back to that wicked and heartless prophet again. In fact, I will get him arrested and make sure he rots in jail. We looked at each other and cried bitterly. Toyin knew what I had been through all these years while trusting God for a child.
Please, Toyin you can’t arrest the man. You want everyone to know what had happened between us?
You would obviously make me and my husband a laughing stock. Please drop the idea of arresting him, I
begged Toyin. She quickly adjusted her emotion and reasoned with me. You are right Nneka but that
man must not go unpunished. Do you know how many other women he must have molested like you?


He must pay for his evil acts. She rained curses on him in her bitterness. But how we both agreed with my husband to do such an abomination is yet a mystery to me.
I will take you to my pastor tomorrow for prayer and counseling. You may also need to carry out some
medical checks on yourself. I just hope he hasn’t infected you with dangerous diseases! It will never be
well with him in Jesus name. This man will not know peace, his children and children’s children will pay
for his evil deeds. I hate him, Toyin boiled. She picked her phone and called her pastor, booking an
appointment with him. I will be coming with my friend, Nneka. Tomorrow was like a year to me, I wished
we could start going immediately.

But how am I going to tell my husband that we are not seeing Prophet
Ade but Toyin’s pastor? I began to think how to convince my husband.



Toyin took us to her pastor at Felele, an outskirt of the town. Good morning sir, this is Nneka and her husband, the one I spoke to you about. We greeted the pastor at the same time. He was an elderly man in his 60s but he was still full of life. He greeted us and asked us to narrate our challenges. I took the
stage because my husband is an extrovert and he hardly give details. While I was talking the pastor kept
shaking his head in pity


After all my stories, he said the next thing was confession of our sins. I knew we were going to have problem with that because I doubt if my husband would want the old man to hear what we did with Prophet Ade. I raised my head and starred at my husband and he turned his face away, then I got the signal. The old man was patiently waiting for us to confess our sins. I was the one who broke the silence, sir we are all liars, we keep malice sometimes, we skip our tithe most times and other sins we do daily unconsciously. The man sighed loudly and began to speak in tongues.
I was not wayward but I knew I have committed an abortion before and I have never told my husband about it. Not even Toyin knew anything about the abortion. It was a secret I had kept for a long time.


Could that be the source of our childlessness baba wants us to confess? But how can God block my womb for just one abortion yet I have seen many who lived a dirty lives with several abortions who have
good marriage and wonderful children today. This can’t be the reason, I waved the thoughts away. Baba insisted he won’t pray for us if we don’t confess the main sin that had rendered us childless. I excused
my husband, is there anything you know that we need to confess? Nothing more than what I have told
you before, he replied.
We went back to baba, sir we have thought and flashed back but can’t remember anything we did that
we have not confessed. He didn’t argue with us but refused to pray for us, not even a word of prayer. As we drove back home my husband did not utter a word as he drove. I turned from the front seat and
looked at Toyin, I thought you said your pastor is powerful and he could help us? Yes, she replied. He
had helped many other people and the testimonies are everywhere.


Deaconess Adeola waited for fifteen years before she met with papa and today she has been blessed
with two boys. Dr Ogun and his wife had no child when they joined our church five years ago but today
they have a son. I believe your case won’t be different. The same God who did for Deaconess Adeola and
Dr Ogun will do it for you. She encouraged us.


When we got home that night we barely talked to each other over the issue. I didn’t want Kassim to ask
me if I have something I haven’t confessed. I have told him everything about my paste except for the
abortion. I really don’t want him to know about the abortion because his reaction may be devastating.
Kassim is a very jealous man who cannot withstand knowing his wife was ever impregnated by someone
he knew. I have confessed to God and he has forgiven me, I can’t open the old wound again. God is merciful and he will not let my sins of many years to be remembered.


Kassim’s silence and indifference over what Toyin’s pastor told us worried me a lot but “he that comes to equity must come with clean hands”. I can’t accuse him when I myself is guilty. For one week, none of us said anything about it. Should I go back to baba behind my husband to confess my abortion? What if he insisted I must do the confession before my husband? I can’t stay another year without having my own baby. I need to carry my own child soon. I will summon courage today and talk to Kassim over what
baba said. Maybe he has something he’s hiding, he too must confess it.




Days became weeks and weeks became months, no one talked about what baba told us. We resumed
our normal life until Ope came visiting.
Ope is the younger sister of Kassim who came to seek for admission into Kogi State University, Ayangba.

Ope had made several attempts to secure admission into University of Ilorin but was unsuccessful. Toyin’s father was a senior lecturer in KSU and he had helped many of our friends relations
to get admission. Kassim advised Ope to come down to Lokoja so we can help her speak to Toyin to
speak to her father.


Ope’s visit was the beginning of revelations to the abomination that caged my marriage for over ten
years. Ope’s parent must have released her to us with the mindset that Kassim is now born again and
may have overcome his unspeakable weakness. The first two weeks of Ope’s stay was blissful. At least I
got someone we could gist together and play games together. Ope was lovely and friendly but very
hostile to her brother. Her hostility toward Kassim was my first worry but I couldn’t approach any of
them to explain the reason behind the hostility.


I was coming back from work one day and I overheard Ope shouting, “Brother, so you have not
stopped this evil”?. I should have stayed back a bit to hear which evil Ope was referring to but they both
pretended and composed themselves when I barged in on them. I managed to ask ” what’s going on
here?” But non of them responded, so I decided to let it go, after all they are brother and sister and they
can sort themselves out.

I left them in the sitting room and headed to the bedroom. In the night, I tried
asking Kassim what they were talking about that warranted that statement I heard from Ope but he
waved it off with a romantic kiss that made me forget to ask further Ope’s admission didn’t click on time and I thought that must be the reason for her recent emotional
changes. She became so moody and isolated this time unlike when she came newly. I really understood
because I have been there before and I knew how it felt. I left her alone after much attempt to make her
cheer up.


Ope began to lock herself up even when we were around. She will hardly come out for dinner
or do her regular chores. I told Kassim to let us buy Kogi State Polytechnic form for Ope instead of her
missing this year again but he refused. But can’t you see she’s losing her mind over this admission stuff?
I argued. There is still one admission list that will be coming out next week, I believe her name will be
there, Kassim was optimistic.


The life brought into my home by Ope became a shadow suddenly. I returned to my loneliness as usual
because my husband is not the talking type. We can be together in the house for several hours and he
won’t say anything. Most times, he only talks when I initiate it. His answers to my questions are always
in words and phrase, “yes”, “no”, “okay”, “alright”, “I will”, “Go ahead” etc. I can be so irritated
sometimes hence I spent more time with Toyin.
Why did Ope suddenly become moody?
Was it just because she couldn’t get admission or there is more to it?
The event that broke the Carmel’s back is in episode four…..



I was to attend a burial ceremony along with Toyin that Saturday. I left home very early to beat the
traffic that normally builds up on Saturdays because of weddings and other events.

I made my way back home because I forgot the gift we planned to present to Mrs Victoria, our friend who lost her father. On
reaching home, I was shocked to notice the central door was locked. Why will Kassim and his sister lock
themselves up less than an hour after I left home? Or have they both gone out? Non of them mentioned
any plan of an outing this morning. I became curious why the door was locked but I remembered I had
my spare keys in my bag.


I quickly opened my bag and brought out my bunch of keys and got the central
door opened.
In a jiffy I was in our bedroom but no sign of Kassim in there. I headed to the guest room and what I
saw left me in shocked and dumbfounded.
Kassim, my own husband was molesting his own biological sister right in our house. The poor girl was
struggling under him and begging him not to do it to her again. I stood there for over a minute before
my husband could realize I was around.

I felt like stabbing him to death but there was no any object I
could use around. When he realised I had been standing for sometimes watching them, he tried to put
on his boxer as he begged me to understand that it was not what I think. I couldn’t open my mouth to
say anything, my lips were heavier than rock, my tears were ticker than usual. I ran back to our bedroom
and picked few of my things and ran out of the house. He didn’t stop me because of fear of what I could


I headed straight to Toyin’s place and she was angry I came late. She noticed I didn’t reply everything
she said and she came out from her room to check why I was mute. What are you doing with this box?
She asked looking at my face, then realized I was weeping. She came close and hugged me to her chest, what happened Nneka? She asked me calmly.

Then a battle arose in my mind on what to tell Toyin. Toyin can’t withstand the bad news but what will I
tell her if I don’t tell her the truth? Toyin will surely get Kassim arrested if she knows the truth. While I
laid on her chest my mind traveled so far planning suitable lie I will tell my friend. You know I am your
friend and you can confide in me, tell me what happened, Toyin begged me. I want to sleep, I want to be
left alone now, I pleaded with Toyin.


She walked me to the children’s room and helped me to the bed.
She looked round the room and removed every harmful objects that I could use in harming myself and
went away with them. Ten minutes later she came to check on me but I was still awake sobbing.

She peeped and whispered, “don’t kill yourself, I am here for you”. That day we couldn’t go for that burial
ceremony again.


I began to connect happenings since Ope came to our house. How she was lively and became moody
suddenly. The statement I over heard from Ope ” brother, so you have not stopped this evil”, the
hostility, the isolation etc.

Was this the evil Ope was referring to that day? Was she hostile to her
brother because he has done this to her before? Why was she locking herself up even when we were at
home? Why was my mother-in-law always calling to ask after Ope almost everyday since she came?
These thoughts began to tear my head apart. I was practically losing my mind and I know it’s time to
confide in Toyin before I run mad.

Why should I even leave the house without addressing this evil and
abomination committed by my husband? I will go back and face Kassim point blank, let him explain to
me what just happened now. I wished all these were dreams.
But I need a witness, I will go with Toyin, I made up my mind. At about 4pm I called Toyin, dress up, we
are going to my house together, I said. Within five minutes she was ready. I left my things in her house
because I knew I will come back. I can’t sleep under the same roof with the beast.
The journey to the revelation to the abomination that caged my marriage for ten years has just began.



Before we left Toyin’s place, I managed to brief her. She was mute in disbelieve. We got home and Kassim was nowhere to be found. He abandoned the poor girl at home to nurse her pain all alone.

My feeling towards Ope was mixed, a feeling of pity for her and a feeling of jealousy for sharing my man with me. We waited till 7pm but Kassim never showed up. We left back to Toyin’s place that night. Her husband’s flight was scheduled to arrive Abuja by 6pm and he would pick a chartered taxi to Lokoja that evening. How will he feel when he comes and see me in their house? I don’t want to create problem for Toyin because they are living in harmony with her husband. They have just two children and David was already in boarding school while Tola schools in Lagos with her father.


Toyin’s husband worked with a big telecommunication company in Lagos as a legal adviser. He only comes to Lokoja by weekend and returns on Monday with the first flight. Toyin too is a lawyer, they met at the law school and they have been married for thirteen years.
Toyin, let me go and lodge in a hotel, I don’t want your husband to meet me here, I pleaded with her.

I already told him you are here and he’s eager to meet you. Did you tell him what happened between me and my husband? Yes of course, you expect me to lie to him? I have never lied to my husband and I
don’t intend to ever lie to him. This is one secret that have helped us live together in harmony since we got married. When he comes he will intervene and use his masculine wisdom to address the matter. I felt ashamed of myself because I have been lying to my husband and he also have been lying to me.


We had caught each other lying to each other on many occasions. Maybe I shouldn’t have told Toyin what happened? How will I be able to face her husband when he comes?
When he finally arrived, it was late and he only came to say hi with Toyin. When I saw the way they held themselves romantically I had an urge to cry but I let them out before I bursted into tears.

While I was struggling with my tears, I noticed a beep on my phone, it was Kassim. He sent me a text apologizing for what happened in the morning. “My dear I’m sorry for what happened in the morning, it was the
devil who pushed me. I know I have offended you but I still love you”. I took my phone and deleted the message in anger. Love my foot!


The following morning, I called my mother-in-law to inform her that I was no longer in her son’s house due to irreconcilable differences and the need to advice Ope to return home. She tried to asked me
what happened but I insisted only Kassim or Ope will tell her. The following day she was on the road to Lokoja. Kassim and family are from Ajase close to Omu-Aran in Kwara state. When she arrived she called me to come to the house. She also called Kassim to come but he refused.

She begged me to return home but I refused. How can I stay with a man who abused his sister right in my presence? Would I be happy living with him again? How will the wound he created be healed? What can erase that memory of what I saw that day?


It was obvious Kassim will not come, it’s getting late ma and I need to go, I told mama. Nneka you
can’t go anywhere, this is your house, she said as she held me and her tears swept me off my feet. I broke down in tears, Ope joined us as we all wept like someone just died for us.

The tears we shed that day wouldn’t be greater if Kassim was dead. I was tempted to stay back because of mama’s tears and pleas but I was adamant. If I stay back, who will encourage me and keep my mind off the ugly situation like Toyin will do? I pretended I wanted to use the toilet and sneaked out. Mama had stayed three days but Kassim was yet to show up.



Mama left with Ope and the house was deserted. I went there to pick more of my things. After a week, Kassim called Toyin begging her to plead with me to forgive him and return home. She can’t return home just like that. In fact, myself and my husband are already filing for divorce between both of you.

All these are like medicine after death. Go and continue to sleep with your sister, you beast. Toyin insulted him. You must be the reason why my friend had not been able to conceive all these years.


This is part of the abominations baba talked about the other day. You better go and sort out yourself with
God before it is too late.
Kassim kept sending me text of apology but I never reply any. We didn’t divorce but we were not living as husband and wife again until our pastor intervened.

He has called me severally, asking me why he has not seen us in church for sometime. He also had visited our home but met nobody there. I was afraid to honour his appointment but Toyin encouraged me to. A meeting was slated for 10am the next Saturday.
I went with Toyin to see our pastor but on entering into his office, I saw Kassim who was already sitted with elder James.


His head was buried in shame when he saw us. Good morning sirs, we greeted pastor and elder James together. Good morning my daughters, pastor responded cheerfully. You may have
your seats, he directed us to sit on the same couch with Kassim but I didn’t know when I screamed, “I won’t sit with this beast”. Immediately, I was given a plastic chair from the church to sit on.

I ensure I positioned my chair in a way our eyes will not set on each other.
Let us pray, pastor instructed, we all bent our heads in prayers. His prayer was short and simple. Brother Kassim what did you say happened between you and your wife that made her left home?


He kept quiet for minutes until pastor repeated the question again. He sluggishly stood up and said “we had a slight
argument and since I have been apologizing for her forgiveness. Please pastor help me beg her that I am truly sorry. Pastor looked at me, I looked at Toyin in disbelieve. To err is human and to forgive is divine.

The scripture admonishes us to forgive ourselves of our offences so that our father in heaven can forgive us, pastor continued his sermon of forgiveness as I sat down dumbfounded. So he didn’t tell the pastor
the truth. Slight argument? I was so angry like I should walk out of the pastor and the elder but they are both old enough to be my father so I controlled my temper.


Sir, I want to leave until Kassim is willing to say the truth. Before pastor opened his mouth to say
anything, I had carried my bag and dragged Toyin by her hand as we headed towards the door. My daughters, please don’t go, let us not give room to the devil, the pastor begged but all fell on deaf ears.

I became more angry than before. Kassim’s pretence and lies made me more sick than what he did to his
sister. I felt like killing him when pastor called him brother Kassim. I wished pastor knew what he has
done. I started attending Toyin’s church but I tried to avoid baba(their pastor) because of our unfinished
deal with him.


Even with Toyin around, I felt very empty outside my matrimonial home. I started giving
attention to guys that were coming close. It is not what you are thinking. It’s just for friendship so I could
get my mind off my predicament. Those friendships didn’t last because they were all after my honeypot.
I vowed never to thread that path no matter the loneliness.

The picture of what happened between us
and prophet Ade still hunts my conscience.
I was married but single. My life was miserable and I became a shadow of myself. Nothing interests me
anymore. I abandoned most of my projects because of lack of concentration.



I got a call from an unknown number on the 13th of July asking me if I was Mrs Nneka Kassim. I almost replied my caller by saying, “No, it’s a wrong number” but I changed my mind to answer in the
affirmative. “Yes, I am Mrs Nneka Kassim, how may I help you?” I asked my caller. My name is nurse Deborah calling from Diamond Clinic. Your husband is on admission in our clinic and his condition is very
critical. Your attention is urgently needed to save his life. Delay can be dangerous madam, she said and hung up. It’s true Kassim had hurt me but would I let him die? Nneka you need to put away your anger and save the life of your husband, I encouraged myself. I put a call to Toyin to meet me in Diamond clinic immediately. I chartered a taxi that drove me straight to Diamond clinic.
Without any word from the doctor, I was whisked away to the laboratory where my blood sample was taken and tested. The agitations and fear on the staff faces was worrisome, hence no one was willing to talk to me. Can someone tell me what is happening here? What’s wrong with my husband? I angrily asked a nurse. Ma, only the doctor can talk to you on this, and like you can see he’s running helter skelter trying to save your husband’s life. You just have to remain calm until he’s ready to talk to you. I was really angry because this situation will bring us together without Kassim realising the evil he has done. I tried to be calm but that was not easy. The doctor and the nurses were busy going up and down and talking to each other in a way no one was hearing.


After two hours of tension, I was invited to see the doctor in his office. I insisted Toyin should come along with me but the doctor refused her in. She’s everything to me and I will like her to hear
whatsoever is wrong with my husband. No, I will like to talk to you alone for now, the doctor prevailed.
He ordered me to sit down on a chair in front of his desk. Mrs Kassim, it is sad to announce to you that your husband is having a chronic heart condition that require intensive care in China or we lose him in a month. God forbid, my husband will not die, he will live to declare the works of God, I rebuked the doctor sharply. Well, I am a minister of the gospel and I have faith in the healing power of God but I advise you fly your husband to China before it is too late.
I called my in-laws immediately to come down to Lokoja. I was made to deposit N120,000 and two pints
of blood was taken from me. Toyin had called baba to join us in prayers and pleaded with him to send some prayer team to us. I was going up and down at the hospital reception not knowing what to do next.


When the prayer team arrived, they swung into action. Their prayers were directed against untimely death. The only sister among the prayer team stopped the prayers and shared her vision with other team members. “While we were praying, I saw brother Kassim in between two women, an old woman and a young lady. They tied his neck with chains, dragging him to an unknown destination. Immediately after the sister’s message, their prayer points changed and the prayer became more intense until the clinic management barged in and requested we lower our voice because our prayers were disturbing other patients in the ward.
I had to sleep by him in the clinic that day. By the following day, my mother-in-law and my brother-in-law had arrived. I tried to brief them about his condition but they seemed to know more about his ailment than I know. They went out to talk and by the time they came in, they requested he should be discharged. This case is not hospital case, we are taking him to the village for traditional treatment. The doctor did not protest at all. I was shocked when he did their bidding without hesitation. I made up my
mind to travel with them to the village. I called my colleague in the office to inform him about the development and the need for me to travel to the village. I begged him to cover up for me. The journey
to the village was the end of hiding for my husband.



My husband was taken to a herbalist in Egi-Oyo Ipo, a very small hamlet in Kwara state. The herbalist
made some incantations, gave him some concoctions to drink and for the first time his eyes came down.
The smiles on our faces was aborted when the herbalist came to announce to us “I see death on his
forehead”. We can only remove this death if only he can confess the secret in his belly. Secret? I shouted.
Kassim why have you hid the secret for this long even to the point of death? The same secret baba
pastor wanted you to confess that you refused. Now that you are face to face with death, will you speak
up and save your life or keep your secret and die? Even at this Kassim, was not willing to say anything.
His dad was the first to break the silence. He pleaded with the herbalist to let him talk on behalf of his
son. Fifteen years ago, Kassim was caught raping his mother while I was away at the farm.


He was arrested by the youth of our village and taken to Kabiyesi. The ifa priest was invited to seek the face of
the gods and to pronounce judgement on him. We were asked to bring two live cows, twenty one black
fowls, seven kegs of palm wine and some monies for sacrifice. We did everything we were asked to do
and he was banished from the village for three years. My body went cold on hearing all Kassim’s father had said. So my husband had done this terrible abomination without telling me? No wonder my womb
could not conceive even for one day after I married him. I wept as if my eye balls will fall off from its
socket. The herbalist checked through his calabash again, “The death sentence is still hanging”, he said.


There are still many atrocities he is yet to confess. He has just seven days to confess or he will join his
ancestors in the land beyond, the herbalist warned. I grabbed Kassim and shook him hard, why do you
want to die untimely? Look at death starring at you, yet you are still hiding secrets, please confess and
set yourself free. There is nothing that will be more shocking than what daddy had already confessed on
your behalf. I went on my kneels begging my husband to say something but he was adamant. How can a
man be this hardened even at the face of death? I didn’t know this is the type of man I married, my
thoughts were almost louder than words.
Three days has passed but my husband refused to confess and his condition got worsen by the day.


Death was all written all over him but he was indifferent. On the fifth day his hands and legs stopped moving. His condition graduated to partial stroke. Toyin wasn’t happy with me because of my romance with the diabolical arena because of my unyielding husband. Sincerely, I had forgotten I was a born
again Christian until Toyin began to ask me if I followed them to the herbalist. But what could I have done? To sit back while they carry my husband to places I don’t know? I knew I had compromised my faith but there wasn’t any option left for me. We wouldn’t have been here if Kassim had confessed to baba.
More shocking revelations to come…..




Two days to the expiration of the deadline given by the herbalist, my husband was yet to confess the atrocities that lead to our ten years of barrenness and closed heaven. Even while it was clear he would die, he refused to say anything after much begging and assurances of soft landing. As at this time, I had forgotten what he did to Ope in our house. All I wanted was for him to be out of the situation at hand.

The thought of early widowhood began to kill me gradually. I called Toyin, informing her about everything she needed to know about me in case I didn’t make it. The emotional trauma I was going through was more terrible than what Kassim was going through.



I narrated to the herbalist what Kassim did to Ope but he said he had already seen that with his powers and that’s not what caused his sickness. I knelt down and began to beg the herbalist not to let my husband die. Please sir, do everything you can do to save his life, I will pay you anything you charge.

My daughter, there are only two ways to this matter if he must not die. It’s either he confesses or you
exchange with your life to save his. What? How can I give my life in exchange for a man who caused me
barrenness for over ten years? Kassim is not worth dying for. I went back to the herbalist again to check
if there are still other options. Yes, we can force him to confess with spiritual powers but he will die
immediately after the confession, he said. I became really confused and I instantly fainted because I had not eaten for two days.


I called Toyin to update her of the situation at hand because only one day was left for Kassim to die.
Nneka, you know I am not with you in all these paths you are threading. I am a Christian and I don’t
want to be part of this but I will call baba as soon as you drop this call. Thank you, I said and dropped the
call. Two minutes later she called back, baba will call you now, she informed me. Okay, I will be
expecting his call. He called like he promised. Sister Nneka, I have been praying for you and your
husband since you left my place the other time and God assured me your husband will not die but…… I
interrupted baba because I didn’t want to hear the ‘but’.

This is the best thing I have heard in the past
one month. I know baba is not a fake pastor, his words are like oracle and can be trusted. Sir, I will leave
first thing tomorrow morning to Lokoja to see you. I put up a fake smile to make my in-laws believe my
husband will not die. As I was about hanging up the call baba told me I must come with him if I don’t
want him to die. If he remains there till tomorrow, he will surely die. It was not difficult convincing my
in-laws to let us take him back to Lokoja because they were already in mourning mood for my husband.


We took Kassim that afternoon and embarked on the journey to Lokoja. The journey was really rough
but God bless baba who was following us up with prayers. We had three terrible accidents on our way.
Death was bent on taking Kassim but thank God for the power of Jesus Christ. Who is he that saith, and
it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not? We defiled all the threats of death, we walked
through the valley of shadow of death, but Jesus through Baba’s prayers took us back to Lokoja safely.

Praise God! My father-in-law and my brother-in-law saw the demonstration of the power of God
through out the journey and they were optimistic Kassim will be well again. We drove straight to the
church to see baba. Toyin was already in church with baba and the prayer team interceding on our


I was ashamed when I met with baba and Toyin because of my weak faith.
My brothers and my sisters reading my story, I want to beg you not to hide in your sins. You can hide for
many years but you can’t hide forever. You may hide it from human beings but you can’t hide it from
God. Unconfessed sins are chain that keeps a man in perpetual prison of life. Imagine ten years of barrenness and many years of emotional guilt. The reason why kassim hardly talk is the weight of the
guilts he carries. In case you are carrying such a weight, I recommend you run to Jesus, the guilt remover.
He saved Kassim from death, he can save you too…….



It was an all-night prayer and praise session. At about 4:20am Kassim became restless and unstable. He
began to shout, “fire” “fire” “fire”. All of us standing by saw no fire but he kept screaming and
complaining fire was burning him all over his body. Remove the fire, I will confess, he begged but baba
rather increased the intensity of the fire by intensifying the prayer. For ten minutes, Kassim was rolling
on the ground in pain and agony yet he refused to confess. Suddenly, baba came closer and touched his
back and he screamed very loudly and began to confess.


When I was in secondary school, I use to be the best student until Monica joined us in SSS 2 from
Queen’s College Lagos. Monica was exceptionally brilliant and she came out the best in her first exam
with us. This brought me to second position in class and many who respected me shifted to Monica. All
the boys in my class made me a subject of ridicule, saying an ordinary girl had beat me hands down. This
development really affected me so much that I developed hatred for Monica. The next term, I tried hard
to take my position back but my efforts took me a step backward. I became third position in class from
first. The third term was worse as my position went back to tenth. This made me develop more hatred for Monica and I began to plan to hurt her.
All my attempts to harm her never materialised until few months to our WAEC. I became close to
Monica so I could get opportunity to carry out my plan. We started studying together but all was to get
her. After I had entered her and gained her trust, I lured her into a government primary school on the
pretense that we want to go and study. She was too innocent to suspect I will harm her or take
advantage of her. As soon as I noticed she was buried in her study, I grabbed her from behind and took
advantage of her. She begged me not to do it to her but my heart was clouded with hatred for her over
her taking my position and making me a laughing stock among my peers. Monica was a virgin but I took
away her virginity without her consent. She wept bitterly and began to curse me.
She lifted her stained pant up and mentioned my name three times and began;


“You forcefully took away my virginity which I have been preserving for my husband.”
“I trusted you but you betrayed my trust.”
“You took away what does not belong to you in the midst of tears.”
“You turned deaf ears to my begging because of lust.”
“It will not be well with you.”
“My innocence will inflict you with demons of rape until your life becomes miserable.”
“Your generations will suffer rape forever.”
“You will never know peace until you rape your mother.”
I didn’t take her serious until seven years later when my desire to rape every woman around me grew
like wildfire inside of me. I have been looking for Monica to seek for her forgiveness but she’s nowhere
to be found. I had done many atrocities that led me to where I am today but they’re too heavy in my
mouth to say in the public. Help me beg my mum to forgive me. Kassim looked at his dad. Please dad,
forgive me. I have sinned against you and mum in many ways that you are not aware of…..



We thought we had heard confessions until Kassim made us believe he killed his grandmother. His
father could not hold himself anymore as he bursted into tears. Pastor let him die, he does not deserve
to live, let him die. I cannot have this monster as a son, he’s not my blood. Let the bastard die or I will kill
him myself. Sincerely I could understand the man’s pain. How can a man sleep with his own mother and
sister and kill his own grandmother? What sort of life is this? How did I marry a monster without
knowing for over ten years. What happened that God didn’t reveal this man to me? There was calmness
in the hall because of the last revelation. His father walked out of the hall in rage and my brother in-law
joined him pleading with him not to go.
After much begging, Kassim’s father never returned to the hall again. He sat by the car but my brother
in-law came in after sometimes. At this time, it was few minutes to 7am and some of the prayer team
members pleaded to go and prepare for work. Baba closed the meeting and asked us to reconvene by
9pm again.


My father in-law and my brother in-law knew nowhere in Lokoja so I had to take them to our
house. I really wished I will not come back to that house again. Even though l built the house together with Kassim, I suddenly became a stranger in my house. I was agitated and restless through out that day
for fear.
The food I prepared, my father in-law did not touch it. I am not hungry, what is inside me is more than
hunger my daughter, he said. He called me for a chat at about 2pm. He took almost 14 minutes
apologising to me. We would have told you who Kassim is but he told us he was a changed person after
he gave his life to Christ. I am not a good Christian but I know what it meant when someone gives his life
to Christ. And moreover, everything we were asked to do for his atonement was done when he raped
his mother. My daughter you’re not bound to this marriage anymore, you’re free to remarry if you have
someone who will want to marry you. By the authority of a father and family head I release you to move
on. If you are my daughter, I will never allow you continue in this marriage with such a monster who had
done these evils. He may live with the consequences of his atrocities all his life and you are too good to
partake of his punishment. Your years of barrenness is enough for you my daughter. Please go…. I was in
tears without a word. I didn’t know what to say because my heart was battered.
As I went into my room, I began to ruminate over what my father in-law said. He is right, I don’t have to
suffer the punishment of what I didn’t do. I began to search for scriptures in my head to justify the idea
and they began to pop in.


“The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the
father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the
wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.”
“And I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another,
commits adultery.”
I began to weigh the options; to continue to live with Kassim or to leave and remain unmarried for the
rest of my life. But am still young and beautiful. How can I be without a man at 37? How will I overcome sexual temptations?


As I was thinking of what to do next, I heard a knock at the door. I rushed to open the door and it was
Toyin. She brought us dinner. How are you Nneka? She greeted. I just left the church now, I went to give
Kassim some food. I didn’t bother to thank her because I thought it was needless but that was a good
gesture anyway. Her presence brought some relief to me. I shared with her what my father in-law said
and how I have been giving it a second thought. She sighed without saying anything…

Watch out for the next episode…



It was 8pm and we began to make preparation for the 9pm meeting. My father in-law had insisted he
will not go with us this time. I’m already feeling my BP had gone up and I wouldn’t want it to go higher
than what it is if you don’t want to carry my corpse back to Ajase, he said. We got set and we drove in
Toyin’s car to the church. Three of the prayer team members were already seated waiting for us and
baba. Few minutes later, baba and some other prayer team members joined us. This time, it wasn’t a
long prayer before the stage was set for the continuation of Kassim’s confession.
I know I am not worthy to live again but at this junction I need to tell this gathering everything I have
done so that the world will learn from my story. My dear, I am sorry for what I have subjected you to for
a whole decade. I will beg you for something before I continue my confession. What is it? I asked. I will
like you to write the story of my life to be titled “THE ABOMINATION” and make it go viral so that others
who are in my shoe can learn. I am not sure I can make it, I see death close to my bosom and ready to
take me. Is that all? I asked. Yes, he replied.


You will not die but live to declare the goodness of God, baba interrupted him. If you can confess all
your sins and forsake them, God will give you another chance you don’t deserve. We have two members of this church who had done worse than what you did and God had shown them mercy. One is a pastor
today and the other is a member of the choir. God can forgive you brother Kassim. Just confess all. Baba
picked his old Dake and opened to Proverbs 28:13 that read thus “He that covereth his sins shall not
prosper: But whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.” He also instructed one of the
team members to open James 5:16 “confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that
ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”
Kassim continued his confession. I killed grandma when she came for treatment for her tuberculosis.
Everyone had gone out that day and only me and grandma was in the house and I began to have urge
for sex. I went round the neighborhood if I could bounce on any woman or girl around to satisfy my urge
but none was available. By the time I returned home, my urge had doubled and on entering the house,


I noticed grandma was taking her bath. I tiptoed until I forced my way into the bathroom, who is that?,
grandma asked. I didn’t answer because I didn’t want her to know I was the one. She quickly robbed off
the soap on her face, Kassim what are you doing here? Go out, she shouted. But before she could
scream again I overpowered her and released my tension on her. While I was struggling to penetrate her,
grandma begged me not to do it because it is an abominable act. You will incur generational curse on
yourself and your unborn children, she advised. When she noticed I was bent on doing what I intended
she stopped to struggle with me. The shock was what killed grandma that many didn’t know till today.
The whole place was in tears, even baba could not hold back his tears. My brother in-law fainted
momentarily. We have to start another process of prayer to bring him back to consciousness. It was
really shocking. I am sorry, Kassim begged everyone. I know this is not easy to take but I did it and I am
regretting my action. He seemed to still have more confession but no one was bold enough to ask him to
continue, not even baba. There was a long silence in the hall like we were in the graveside. My heart was
tearing in pieces and I could hear the sound of the crack in my heart. I wished the earth could open up
and swallow me but it never happened. But will God forgive these terrible acts of heartlessness and evil?
Will God not avenge grandma’s blood? These and many questions ran through my mind in a jiffy .



Kassim had really gone too deep into the ocean of atrocity. For three days we were on spiritual
admission in the church. Toyin began to prepare my mind. Nneka, if God forgives him, you must also
forgive him. You know we were all once sinners but God forgave us all. You will forgive him so God can
forgive you and give you a new life. It was when she said this I remembered I had not confessed my
abortion to anybody. The fear of what befell Kassim gripped me. Baba I have a confession to make too?
He tried to excuse those standing by but I told him I don’t mind. I confessed everything evil I have ever
done including my affair with Prophet Ade. I became very light after my confession. It was like a big rock
was excavated out of my heart. I really wished the trumpet could just sound at that moment. I was so sure of my eternity with Christ.


I reconciled with Kassim but we went through a two week counseling session before I could accept
Kassim back again as my husband. Not too long, Kassim’s father died of stroke. His mum followed suit
three months later. We left our former church and we started attending Seed of Faith Church, Baba’s
church. Kassim didn’t recover fully but he could move about. He lost his job because of his long absence
at work. The whole family load and Kassim’s medical expenses were on me. We didn’t resume conjugal
activities until after four months due to Kassim’s health and left over fear in me.
We found joy in Christ again. This time, it was a genuine encounter with the most high. In Seed of Faith
Church, no one is allowed to be a bench warmer. You must be in one department or unit in church.


While I joined the choir, Kassim joined the prayer team. We began to pick up gradually both spiritually
and financially. The fear of what Kassim said during his confession resurfaced to torment me. That he
will die childless. I couldn’t even pray to God for a child because I felt he has done enough for us. But I
need a child of my own before I approach menopause. Is child bearing part of our forgiveness package?
Will God extend his Mercy to this aspect of my life? I wished he could just answer all these questions.
Not minding Kassim’s health, I began to take advantage of every moment to meet with him. Not for
pleasure but for chances of getting pregnant. We tried for several months with the help of fertility drugs
but all to no avail. One year was gone no pregnancy. I erased the thought of conception from my mind
and focused on serving God and building my career. At the time I had completely let go trying, I missed
my period for the first time after about twelve years. I became pregnant for the man the devil said will
die childless. Satan does not have the final verdict over anyone’s life. God of Abraham and Sarah showed
up in our lives and our joy knew no bounds.


Our joy was cut short on the second trimester of my pregnancy. It was on Saturday afternoon after we
were done with lunch that two men knocked at our door. I couldn’t go for the door because of my
condition. Kassim went to open the door but came in with these fearless looking men. Good afternoon,
I’m Inspector Boniface Ada, my colleague is Fred Sam. We are men of the NPF from Lagos state
command. I guess you are Mr Kassim Olabisi? He said, pointing at my husband. Yes, how may I help you?

Kassim questioned the policemen. You are under arrest for the rape of Mrs Esther Ele on the 12th of
October, 19….. You may remain silent or anything you say here shall be used against you in the court of
The iniquity that was buried had been unburied again. My husband was handcuffed and taken away. I
called Baba immediately to inform him the police had arrested Kassim. Make sure you know where they
are taking him to, baba told me. I picked my bag and followed them. While at the police station, I called
Toyin to meet me immediately. Toyin arrived before baba came. She quickly introduced herself as
Barrister Toyin and requested to see the DPO. She spent almost one hour with the DPO but her
countenance spoke volume when she came out of the DPO’s office. What is it Toyin? I hurriedly asked
her. She sighed and took me to the car. It is rape case of over seventeen years. He has been placed on a
WANTED list and the case is not of this locality. He will be taken to Lagos tomorrow where he will be
tried for the charges against him. We cannot seek for bail because it is not within our jurisdiction. So
Toyin, what can we do now? Hmmmm, let me think, she requested.


Toyin called about three of her lawyer friends in Lagos to help us follow up until we get a substantial
lawyer who will stand for us but they all declined. It was a case at the table of Lagos state commissioner
of police with special interest of the inspector general of police. Kassim was held in custody that night
and was taken to Lagos very early the following day. My condition did not let me follow them. My
brother in-law took the next available flight to Lagos to follow up with the case.
In a nutshell my husband was jailed. He saw my pregnancy but he never saw the baby. I gave birth to a
baby girl after some months. Fast forward, my husband spent ten years in prison. By the time he came
out our daughter was already ten years old. We couldn’t have any other child again because I was
already menopausal. I stopped seeing my menses at 46. Kassim later became a pastor and dedicated his
entire life to God.


Anuoluwapo is our daughter’s name. Today Anu is just 16 and she has been raped six times by different
men. Did God visit the iniquity of the father on the daughter? Did the Bible not say “your sins and your
iniquities will I remember no more”? It is true that the father had eaten sour grape but the teeth of the
children are set at edge.
What are you doing today? It is a seed for your children in years to come.
Are you hiding anything? You can only hide it from men but not from God.
God is merciful but you will live with the scars of your evildoing all your life.
Stop that wickedness today before you are caught in the web of judgment.

The End.

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