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*S3x with my Teacher*

*Final episode*

Miss Helena’s POV
I woke up the following morning which is Tuesday and went to the bathroom to have my bath but also taking my phone and my nine inches dildo with me.After entering the bathtub,


I placed my phone in a secluded part of the bathtub and positioned it in a manner that it was facing me and then I scrolled through my videos and clicked on a porn of a lady fucking a BBC (big black cock) so I positioned my 9 inches dick in my pussy and began to fuck myself with it imagining it to be a real BBC

“arrh..sweet.go deeper baby ” I moaned in pleasure.I continued in this manner until I felt my orgasm coming close then I began to fuck myself faster and deeper “fuuuccckkk..” I screamed as my orgasm hit me hard.After I was done cleaning up,I had my bath and dressed up for work not forgetting to take my dildo along


when I entered the class today,I met miss Helena in class and I smiled to myself “Miss Helena get ready for a good fuck” I thought.

Finally it’s time for lunch break and also the time to execute my plan,my friends and other class mates had already left the class for the cafeteria to eat but I stayed back.Not too long after they have left,miss Helena also stood up and picked up her back as she headed out of the classroom,

I waited for a while and tiptoed after her as she followed the path that led to the school library,I wanted to turn back because I thought she was heading to the restroom but I was wrong.

I just kept following her until she entered the library, it was damn silent and also there was not any student inside it.she kept walking until she got to the secluded part of the library and turned back to see if anyone was following her but I hid beside a shelf.she then dropped her bag and began to unbutton her shirt,

she dipped her hands into her now open shirt and brought out her huge melons and began to rub it pinching the tip and moaning,she did this for a while and dipped her hand into her bag and brought out a dick-like stuff and raised her skirt then removed her panties by now I was busy searching my pocket for my phone and luckily I found it and I began to record her with my phone,

she the inserted the dick-like stuff into her pussy and fondling her boobs at the same time,after fees minutes of video recording her,I came out of my hiding place and walked up to her.

Immediately she saw me,she tried to cover up but it was too late for her so she stared at the floor embarrassed.I then Told her that it’s either she allows me to fuck her now or I will upload her video to the school group,she agreed to allow me to fuck her timidly.

I removed my trousers and boxers and ordered her to suck my dick which she knelt down and took my dick in her mouth and began sucking my did like an expert. within few minutes,I shot my load in her mouth and she swallowed it then she glanced at my dick only to discover that it was still hard.

I raised her up and placed her on a table near us and raised one of her legs and inserted my dick in her pussy and began pounding her and at the same time sucking her boobs,after fucking her in this position for some time,I turned her over in doggy style,

I penetrated her again and began to bang her really hard,spanking her ass too. I stopped spanking her and reached for her hair and drew it close to me and continued fucking her hard and fast,this sent her to her first orgasm and she screamed and started squirting on my dick,

I removed my pussy juice coated dick of mine and laid on the floor then ordered her to ride my dick she sat on my dick and began to ride and twerk on it,I later dropped her and ordered her to stand up and bend forward ,I inserted my dick again and fucked her like a slut by now she has squirted like thrice on my dick and the way her pussy thightened on my dick sent me to the edge and I pulled out and began to release my load on her ass..I got up and wore my trousers and left her there to clean up.

After the school had close,I walked up to her and told her that she needs to visit me tomorrow in our house for another sex session.I got home being happy and I thanked our maid for the idea that she gave me,I also compensated her with a good fuck.

Miss Helena later came the following day and we had rounds and rounds of sex together with our maid which made it a threesome


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  1. Just a secondary school student and you are already doing this?

    You better retrace your steps before it’s too late for you young man.

  2. This must be a story, I don’t believe it’s a true life experience for a secondary school student

  3. its possible my dear done spoil finish

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