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Deep Affection: 6-10

Deep Affection: 6-10



Richard rose up from his bed with the feeling of joy, the urge to see the young man, talk with him, know his background was so much in him, he knelt down beside his bed muttered a little prayer and left to do the usual,
Not long after he was done, he entered into his vehicle and zoomed off,
He walked into the hospital anxiously, he was led into the ward where the young man was, after a little explanation, as he walked into the ward he could not help but felt internal joy, calm smile passed through his lips as he watched the innocent face of the young man who was lying down on the bed with both eyes opened,

“How are you doing?” Richard asked sitting on a plastic chair beside the bed where he layed.
“Am feeling better, but can i know how i got here?” the young man asked
“Okay, my name is Richard Ben, and you” Richard asked
“My name is Cole lewis” he answered
“Hmm, well you had an accident yesterday, my vehicle knocked you down as you were about to cross the road with your wheel barrow, i brought you here quickly, i really thank God you are alive” Richard explained “Is that what really happened, wow you must be a very good man, not every driver would care for the safety of the victim which they hit, i thank you so much for your generosity” Cole said smiling
“There is no problem, ehen i want to ask you a question?” Richard asked
“Go on” he said “Where do you live?” Richard asked,
Just then his face became dull, “What is it? why the sudden mood twist?” Richard asked curiously as he found out the drawn face of Cole,
“Why are you asking?” Cole asked after some minute

“I want to know because i don’t really like the way you are stressing your body, i feel like helping you out of your present condition” he answered “Please i don’t want to disturb your life with my problems, i’m a cursed child, i don’t deserve anything from people like you, i have been known to bringing badluck into someone’s life, i had……” he could not finish his statement he broke down in tears leaving Richard confused and emotionally moved, he was almost closed to tears as he watched the innocent looking guy shed tears,
“Just stop this tears you are shedding it isn’t good for your health okay i promise to help you out from your problem, but you have to tell me your story” Richard said calmly while Cole’s face quickly beam with smile
“What did you just said?” he asked surprisely

“You heard me right” Richard answered,
“Oh God, thank you so last” he said and quickly hugged Richard tightly as tears rolled down his cheeks.
“Seriously i don’t really know how to thank you, but i know God would bless you for me, this is just like a dream to me” he said as he broke off the hug
“hmm, but you haven’t answered my question” Richard said
“What question??” he asked
“I asked of your residence, where do you really live?” Richard asked
“I will tell you everything when we gets home” he said with a bright smile,
“Okay oo, the doctor said you would be fit to go home tomorrow, so i have to go and bring your food, i know you would be hungry by now, i will be back shortly” Richard said while Cole stared at him with happiness in his heart,

Sandra rushed out of the room after closing it,
she could hear the footstep of someone heading to her room, silently she dashed into the bathroom and locked the door, she let out a sigh of relief as she sat on the water closet, she could have been skinned alive if her step mother had seen her in that room,
“Sandra!!!!!” she heard her step mother called from the sitting room
“ma!!”she answered stressing her voice so as to make it seem as if she was really excreting, “Will you come out of that place now, before i gets you there” her step mother shouted
“I would right there in a jifty” she said, after some seconds she came out of the toilet
“Ma, you called me” she answered
“You have grown up and now very matured, all your women material is now larger, so you would enter into another set of business that would suit the both of us” her step mother said
“What do you mean ma” she asked
“You will be helping me acquire wealth with your body” her step mother said
“All you are saying here is just confusing, i don’t understand a damn of it, please be straight forward” she said staring at her
“Okay if you say so, you would enter into prostitution in this house, i will bring a rich man to have sex with you then after it, he would pay me a huge amount of money which would be used to take care of you and me” her step mother explained

“This is just what i will never do, it is better you kill me because there is no way i will agree to exchange my body with money” she said with zeal and determination, she would never allow that happen,
“What if i contacts a disease or mistakenly gets pregnant, that means i’m doomed” she thought in her mind
“If you don’t adhere to my instruction, then i think i have on option than to call the soldiers again”her step mother said bringing out her phone and quickly dialed their numbers
“You guys should come immediately, i have a job for you both” her step mother said then cut the call and stared at Sandra who was already shivering in fear
“Are you accepting my request and stay safe, or would you decline it and suffer everyday of your life? chose your choice i give you today to think about it, learn how to do it, all the styles and all you need to know about sex you hear” her step mother said and left for her room, Sandra quickly rushed to where she hid the diary and took it to her room eagerly

Richard entered into Cole’s ward with a flask inside a polythene bag,
“Oya stand up and eat, or do you want me to feed you” Richard said opening the flask which containes a well garnished jollof rice and plantain
“Thank you so much for your help” he appreciated again
Cole divoured the food joyfully, he could not remember the last time he had tasted such a delicious food
“Thank you very much” he greeted immediately he was through with the food,
“Thanks, do you like it” Richard asked
” Yes na, very much, it has really been long i ate this food last” he said with a cool smile.”Okay then i have to go, i will come and take you home tomorow” Richard said “No problem, good night”he said and covered his body with the thick blanket on his bed.




Sometimes, some challenge we face in life only needs wisdom for it to be tackled, the kind of trouble and maltreatment Sandra found her is just the application of wisdom and knowledge then every thing would be over, tears can never solve any problem in this state she was, her situation had turned into something severe, she could not help but imagine what she would be like when she had been turned into a prostitue,
She remembered Richard which she had not get to see again, she regret not sharing her problem with him.
the only chance she had gotten to help her condition had been lost. She sat down on her bed and brought out the diary. firstly she brought out the picture that had fallen off from the diary then, she stared at it keenly to know if the woman in it was her step mother, there is no doubt there was a striking resemblance between the both but she could not just accept the fact that it was her,
“How can this be?, does my mother know of my step mother before her death? wait oo…my step mother killed my mother so that she would take her place as the wife to my father?….is that what happened, but if it is so why did she also killed my father…. oh no am so confused, i think their are many things i did not really know about this my step mother, but if she could be so heartless to the extent of killing my both parent, why hasn’t she kill me also all this while??” she thought,
She opened the center page of the diary, that was where she saw what she had been looking for, “MY HIDDEN SECRET” was the sub heading,

“Today being 5/6/19 i met the lady that turned my life from joy to sorrow,from happiness to anguish, pain and tears, the lady which could termed as the devil in human flesh…..” she could read forward anymore due to the footstep coming to her room, she quickly hid the diary under her bed and laid on the bed, closing her eyes in pretense of being asleep,
The door of her room gave way while her step mother walked in with those two soldiers
“Hey, get up from there before i chop off those bulge eyes of yours”Angela said sternly
Sandra quickly opened her eyes fear swept through her as she saw those two heartless soldier with her step mother
“Don’t be afraid, they are not here to flog you, they came to tie you up” her step mother said with a smirk,

“I don’t understand”she said surprisely
“You see, i’m a lady with much sence and cleverness i can never be defeated in any condition i find myself, i gets what i want when and how i want it, i had read your mind and discovered that you are planning on how to run out of this house, even as the door is always kept locked i still know your ability of getting your way out of this house, the same way you got into your mother’s room” her step mother said with a calm smile
Sandra was dumbfounded with what her step mother said, she could not tell how her step mother got to know she went to her mother’s room, she had made sure she closed the door firmly before leaving,
“What is it you want me?” she asked staring at her

“Well you know i would be of great loss if you succeed in running out of this house because the men i would be bringing here to satisfy their sexual urge with your body are rich and wealthy men who would load my account with much money so you know i can’t afford to lose it, so i had decided to tie you up for now till the men are ready, that is why i called this men okay?” her step mother said then gave the men sign with her eyes just immediately they grabbed her and tied her up on a chair in a sitting position, she tried forcing herself off the chair but end up injuring herself,

“Why choose to destroy my future? what is my crime?” Sandra shouted on top of her voice
“Oh, you mean what is your crime wow, okay if you care to know, your crime is your mother, yes your mother, she is the cause of your present predicament, she knows what to do to save you, but she had refused doing it, so you have no choice than to pay for her sin” her step mother said followed by a chuckle
“My mother is alre ady dead, how do you intend her to do what you said would save me, or do you mean you would never free me from all this distress till death because she didn’t do what you said she should do before her death” she said in a cracked voice, she tried hard not to shed tears in front of her step mother as she don’t want to look so weak, she already had a nice plan on how to leave that house all she had to do was to play her part well and leave the rest for God,

“Stay calm, i will bring a laptop here and insert erotic movies for you so that you would learn how to do it well, don’t try to play smart because i already have everything set, any smart move from you leads you to more pain, don’t play with fire, i’m dangerous than you can ever think of” her step mother said then let out an evil smile before leaving.

Richard woke up from his sleep feeling an intense headache, his both eyes were reddish and swollen due to the sleepless night of yesterday, the thought hovering all over his mind had made vanish from his eyes, Sandra and Cole’s image was what had stucked into his mind, he could not remove it out of his mind, he had wondered if they were related in any way but hasn’t found any resemblance in the both, he had loved and care for both of them just at first sight,
He stood up from his bed feeling dizzy and weak,as he made a step forward he fell back to the bed his joints were weak and unable to carry his weight,
He wondered if all this were happening to him just because he didn’t slept last night, then suddenly his heart beat began beating fast and loud, tears driped down his cheek slowly,
“What is all this?” he asked himself as he cleaned off the tears, quickly he stood up from his bed rushed to the washroom after cleaning up,

He rushed to his car and head straight to the hospital with much speed as if he was being chased,
Within some duration he reached the hospital, dash into the hospital and head straight to Cole’s ward, just like a dream he found the bed empty,
He searched around the ward but couldn’t find him, he rushed to the doctor’s office to ask of Cole’s whereabout but the office was also empty with the door opened, he looked around the office and found a drip of blood on the desk, fear griped him, he could not ascertain what is really going on, He went to the place where the nurses were

“Please do you know where i can find doctor Mike?” he asked in a shaken voice, the nurses stared at him with a suspicious look,
“Why are you looking for him? and by the way why do you look frightening,
“Do you know where he is or not, answer me and stop asking flimsy question” richard said impatiently
“Ok oo, he just left with a patient not long ago” one of the nurse said
“Do you know their destination?” he asked quickly
“We don’t know oo” the nurses said
Just as he was about leaving a text message entered his phone from an unknown phone number, he quickly opened it, and found the shock of his life in the message.

To be continued

Sandra turned her face side way with a digusting look,
The sound of moans emiting out from the xxx movie going on in the laptop resting on the table in her front, kept irritating her to the core,
After some time her neck start aching her due to the sideway position she kept it, she straightened it up well and got a glimpse of what was going on in the movie, an unclad lady was sucking the d–k of a guy, she stared at it for sometime and suddenly a thought crept into her mind,
“If sucking that thing is part of the sexual activities then i think it would make my plan easy” she thought,
She stared at the direction where she had hidden the diary, she just wish she could get it that moment,

Richard stared at his phone screen keenly, his both hands were shaking furiously, bead of sweat drip down his face, his heart beat increased,he was just totally confused and deep saddened
“You may be the next if you try interfering into the matter of his disappearance, stay quiet or else we would use his disappearance against you in court and you know what it means” he read the message again slowly, his legs became weak, he knew if he stood any longer he may end up falling on the floor, he quickly head to his car, whin up the glass, and immediately a loud scream forced itself out of his mouth, all he felt was guilt,
He had just lost another person who found favour in his sight, he cried loudily not mind where he was, he could not imagine the fact that someone he saw yesterday was no more, “What is all this about? why do i lost anybody my heart accepts, firstly it was my parent, secondily my fiancee, then Sandra, now it’s Cole,

why can’t i secure what i want, what line of man i’m for christ sake, oh God please save him for me” he said amidst tears.
His mind flashed back to the day he met Sandra, the feeling of his heart when their eyes met together, the skip of his heart beat when they
were together in his car, the strange feeling he felt when he held her hand as she was about to leave his car, there was no doubt his heart has fell in love with her,
He ignited the car and zoomed off heading straight to the bar, he silently prayed he would see Sandra pass that way again just like before, but he couldn’t get a glimpse of her figure until he reached the bar,
Out of frustration he ordered for five bottles of highly rated alcoholic drink, he gulpped down the whole content in the first bottle at once,and grabbed the other one, in a twinkle of eyes he drank it all, his head was now spinning round, his eyes were thick red,

He was really becoming drunk, but he cared less all he need was to forget all this sorrowful events, just as he finished the third bottle he started talking to himself, his mind were very far from reality, he turned his left and found a lady with her boy friend, the alcohol in his head made the lady look like Sandra, with speed he rushed to where she was not minding the guy she was sitting with, he knelt beside her with tears in his eyes
“Am sorry for anything i did wrong to you, please don’t leave me, i really love you so much, i had loosed many things recently please you are my only hope of survival……” he kept expressing his heart out to the lady who was more than shocked and surprised,
she just stared at him with pity, there is no doubt he was truly troubled, her heart quickly melted, she was moved to tears with the condition of the young man, she had totally forgotten she was with her boyfriend,

she knew the young man was drunk and that would be the reason for him to be doing all this to the her,
Out of pity she held the palm of Richard and lifted him up to his feet, as she stared at his handsome face she had the urge to hug him tight and console him,
Just then her boyfriend coughed a little and that was when she returned back to reality, she quickly withdrew her palm from Richard’s grip.

“What is the meaning of all this drama” the lady boyfriend said in an angry tone.Richard in his drunken state stared at the guy with fury, he just couldn’t fathom who he was to her, but he was not ready to leave the lady he thought was Sandra”What kind of silly question is that?” he asked staggering forward to the guy, but before he could say jack, the guy sent a heavy blow on Richard’s nose leading to a profuse bleeding, just then, he came back to his senses as the pain that moment was incomparable, he fell heavily on his butt, people had already start gathering to watch the scene, some were taking snapshot of it, the guy still in rage carried a bottle and made to hit Richard on his head, but his eyes were clear now, he quickly held the guy’s hand on the air, before the guy would think of what next to do, Richard gave him a hard head butt on his mouth followed by a heavy blow on his belly, the guy groaned in pain, in a normal day Richard would never fight, he had long ago stopped fighting due to an event that occured in his secondary school since then he had stopped fighting, that day was just a memorable day for him, everytime he gets angry and are pushed to fight he would remember that event and calm himself down,

Richard packed up all his books into his one hand bag immediately the closing bell was heard, that day was not really good for him because of the test which he failed woefully, he knew it was all planned by his enemy, he could see the difference of handwritting in his book, but he was not just in the mood to fish them out, He walked out of the school compound heading home with a straight face,

Just immediately three boys who was in ss3 class rushed to him, being a ss1 student he stood calmly to hear his seniors out,
“Hey this boy” one of them said scrubing his palm on Richard’s head, the act made richard angry but he tried supressing it,
“Shey you no fit greet again abi” another one said giving him a heavy knock on his head, the pain from the knock surge through his head sparking up the rage and fury in him, in a flash he gave the senior a heavy kick on his manhood making him fall heavily on the ground, the other two rushed at him with a blow but he swiftly dodged it making them lose balance, before they could regain their stance he sent a blow to the first one then gave the second one an elbow blow on his neck, he rushed to the one he had first gave a kick in his manhood, he was ready to finish him off, the pain from his knock was still fresh,

He sat on top of his belly and start sending blows on his face, blood were oozing out from every part of his face but that wasn’t Richard business the anger in his body closed the emotional part of his memory, the other two rushed at him again this time with a pen knife, Richard dodged their attack, they came again but where in his opposite this time, he stood still till they were closer then he swiftly moved back making them stab theirselves unintentionally, Richard quickly took the knife and stabbed them both multiple time on their belly, then he rushed to the one who knocked him,
He quickly dugged the knife into his chest, the guy withe in pain breathing heavily, that was just when Richard eyes opened, he looked around him and found crowd of people staring at him in bewildment, immediately the boys in the crowd there rushed at him hitting him furiously,

They quickly brought a tyre to burn him alive but the police showed up immediately saving him from death,
they chased the angry crowd away before taking Richard away in their hilux,
After much pleading and compensation from his parent he was freed, immediately they travelled out of that state to save them from further embarrassment.

Since he had abstained from anything that would push him to fighting, he doesn’t know the fate of those boys till today, it still surprised him how he got to beat those boys, there is nothing anger can’t do, he had thought.
The guy stared at Richard surprised of his sudden reaction.
“Am sorry” Richard muttered and left that place, he had just found out he was at fault, he ran out of the bar entered his car and zoomed off





At exact 12:00 in the midnight, Sandra step mother walked in with one of the soldier,
“Release her” she said to the soldier who immediately oblige to her request,
“At last the time has come, i hope you learnt a lot, don’t fall my hand oo” she added pecking Sandra on her cheek,
Sandra stared at her wickedly, she just wish she could pounce on her that moment, just then the door opened, a man claded on a white abada his pot belly sprout out from the cloth, his dressing tells how rich he was, with a mere view one would notice he was a married man,
“Good evening sir” Angela greeted him with a beautiful smile
“Oh how are you” the man asked
“Am fine sir” she answered
“So is this the lady for tonight?” he asked pointing at Sandra who was sitting on the chair,

“Yes sir, thats her, i hope you like her” she asked
“erm, she is nice but she looks innocent” he answered sitting on the bed
“Okay so i think we have to leave you guys” she said winking at Sandra “Yes, leave oo, let me begin the enjoyment” he said rubbing his palm on Sandra’s bare lap,They all left leaving the both of them in the room all alone,
“Hi beautiful lady what is your name?” he asked
“My name is Sandra” she answered with a calm smile
“Okay so let start the…..” Sandra placed her finger on his lip shutting him up, she placed her hand underneath where his large d–ck had formed a bulge in his trouser, she rubbed her hand on it making the man let out a little groan in pleasure, she took his other hand and placed it on her already exposed boob, after some minute she slightly pushed him on the bed then pulled down his trouser with his boxer making his already erected d–ck sprang up immediately, the size of his d–ck made her shiver a little, she started doubting whether to carry on with this part of her plan,

“Is it too large?” the man asked excitedly
“Yes oo, the largest of the one i had being encountering long ago” she answered
“Oh yea, i took a drug before coming, do you like it?” he asked”hmm, lets see how it goes” she said and inserted it into her mouth, she started gradually then faster and faster, the man groan loudily as the pleasurable feeling he was getting was so intense, he quickly grabbed her and placed on the bed, but just as he was about thrusting in, Sandra placed her hand at the entrance, blocking him from entering,

“Oh babe, i will take it easy ok” the man said but Sandra still made on move of removing it,
“I said it would not hurt allow me enjoy what i paid for, to the fullest” he said removing her hand but before he could regain back to his position Sandra slipped off from the bed
“What is wrong with you?” the man asked a little bit anger
“How do you met Angela?” Sandra asked staring at him
“What kind of question is that?” he asked still angry
“I don’t want you dead” she said wearing her cloth

“How???” he asked a little bit afraid
“Angela wants you dead but i don’t want you to die because i know you are a married man and you have a family to take care of” she said sitting on the bed fully dressed, “Please can you explain to me, i’m very confused with what you are saying here” he said
“Okay, but can you tell me how you both met?” she asked,

“Well, it had not been long we met, it was on a birthday party organized by my friend, after normal introduction,we became friends, later on we turned to sex pathner, we had sex almost everyday, my job was just to give her money, then when we met yesterday she told of about you, she said you are a retired prostitute, that recently stays with her, she requested for another huge amount of money from me, so as to have sex with you, and that is how i got here please tell how she intend to kill me” he asked with fear written all overhis face
“hmm, i’m infected with a very deadly sexually transmitted disease, which she knew about, i may die next week due to the infection, out of pity thats why i’m telling you this, many people had died after i infect them with this disease after having sex and you have a family to take care of” she said sitting on the bed fully dressed,

“.. Sandra said with a convincing tone”What!!! you mean Angela want me… but why…why, what have i not done for her?…. I must deal with her mercillessly then she would know i’m not a kid she would play with and go scot-free” he said fuming in anger “You have to calm down, lets plan on our to revenge on her” she said drawing nearer to him”I don’t need any plan in dealing with her, she is just a mere woman, watch and see how i will make her regret her action” he said “I don’t think you really know who that woman really is, she can do what you never expect, she is very cunning and clever” she said calmly”So what are insinuating?” he asked anxiously

“Do you have a phone you aren’t using that you can give me” she asked
“Yes i have, this is it” he said giving her a black android tecno phone which he got from his pocket,
“okay input your phone number, i will give you a call later then explain to you the best way to handle this situation well because if you go after her now without setting a good plan i’m sorry you may end up dying” she said “Thank you so much for your kindness, i’m sorry for the infection, but is there nothing that can be done about it?” he asked in a concerned tone

“erm, it really require enough money to make the victim live more longer, as it would be used to buy some drug which are very costly”
“Okay do you have a bank account let of see what i can do” he said
she wrote down her account number and gave to him,
“Okay thanks once more for saving me, you are such a nice girl, i promise not to cheat on my wife again” he said happily, He quickly wore his cloth and head to the door

“One more thing, pretend to her as he we did it, don’t let her suspect any thing ok”
“There is no problem with that but make sure you call me early, i’m very desperate in dealing with that witch” he said before heading out.
“Woooow!!!!”Sandra screamed in joy and happiness immediately he left, her joy really knew on bound, she was so happy that her plan had worked out
she went straight to where the diary was and brought it out after making sure the door was locked
“I met the woman of destruction, i had trusted her with all my heart, i never knew she was a devil,
it all started when we had a little arguement over the issue of relationship, i fell in love with a guy which unknown to me was also her crush, she had crushed on him for a very long time, she had showed green light to him so many times but he never cared for her,
She called me to help her get his attention to her but mistakenly we fell in love with each other on the very first day we met, and that was when my problem in life began.




Richard slumped on his bed heavily feeling tired and weak both mentally and physically, everything happening to him recently had really bring him down, he was now very ripe for marriage, he had the money and was ready to settle down with a woman he love, but when he had thought he would be a family man at last and become responsible, everything just turned to a heartbreak, when he thought he had found the lady he truly love, she suddenly vanished into the thin air after the first day they met, now he found a guy who he got attracted to, who he was willing to help, to share his problem with him, treat him like a brother, make him happy, and look he was kidnapped because of me, because of me he was kidnapped ooo, God why na? i just exposed the young man life to danger, if i hadn’t knock him down with my vehicle he wouldn’t have good through all this things he is passing through now, i have to do something about his disappearance or else my conscience would never let of rest, that boy cannot be suffering over there why i stay here enjoying my life freely, he switched on his phone, he clicked on that message and read it over again,

“Could this be from Dr Mike?” he asked himself, that was the only person that knew more about Cole’s condition, even that blood in his office may be Cole’s blood maybe he was beaten before taken away, he called the number that sent the message to him but it was not going, he layed there thinking of all the events,
One question he cannot answer is why Cole was kidnapped, the man does not look like a thief or cultist,
Why would they kidnap him, there is something Dr Mike know about this, and i must make sure i hunt him down, he was the one who took Cole out of the hospital,

He must have planned with the kidnappers to bring him out for them to easily catch him, i’m going to that hospital first thing tomorrow morning, he checked his time and it was 1:am,
He went into the shower took his bath and layed down on his bed for a cool sleep

He woke up the next dy feeling tired and exhausted due to the sleepless night he passed through yesterlnight,
He looked at the wall cloclk hanging on the wall and quickly sprangeld up from his bed, the time was 7:29am and that day was Saturday, he was supposed to be in the market so as not to miss his customers who always come to buy goods from him on weekends,
He rushed into the restroom to take his bath and do the other necessary things, after some minute he was done,
He went to the kitchen to find something to eat, that was how his life had been since Clara dumped him for his best friend, go to shop, eat, and sleep, he was not the social type so he had always stayed in the house bored
If it was when Clara was there for him they would always chat and crack joke happily, she does almost all the cooking for him, sweeps his house on regular basis,

He had stayed all day recently thinking on what his friend used in charming her that she had just suddenly forgotten about him not minding to call him or know his present condition or what he is passing through, she had just broken his heart to pieces and left him to bleed to death, He dished out a much quantity of the cooked rice he had bought in bulk, he walked into the dining to devour it, not long after, he was done, He wore his best outfit which was a red long sleeved
entered his vehicle and left,


Sandra hid the diary again and layed on the bed forming tears on her eyes for it to look as he she was crying, her step mother knocked on the door as she found the door locked,
“Get out of here you witch, i hate you, you are such a digusting human, you are so heartless, get out!!” Sandra screamed from inside the room, but before she could utter any other word the door gave way, she was so surprised as she never knew her step mother had a spare key to her room, with the speed of flash a resounding slap from her step mother landed on her cheek, the pain in she felt was so terrible that she felt like crying, her lips was dripping out blood as a result of the slap, she was still trying to bear the pain of the slap when another one landed on the other cheek,
She speed off from the room trying to run away, but as she came nearer to the sitting room, she jammed one of the soldier, she tried running back but it was too late, as the soldier had knew what she want to do, he grabbed her on the hair and threw her on the bare floor of the sitting room, just immediately her step mother stepped out

“Thanks for holding her, call your colleague, both of you should rape her to death now, i don’t want anybody to put me into trouble, you guys should just end her life, i don’t need her anymore, she is capable of exposing me” her step mother said without mercy
“Haaa, thank ma oo,
I was even asking myself this question why you leave this girl to still stay alive, you no sey if she mistakenly she leave this place we are all in trouble” the soldier said happily,

Sandra stared at her step mother
shock, as what she just said rang through her head like a bell, tears clouded her eyes making her sight blurring, dying was not the main problem, but dying through rape was something she had never dreamed off, “Why are you staring at me that way ehen, there is no need of you being alive, your only brother would be killed this night, so you have to follow him please, let me just rest abeg” her step mother said operating her phone
“Which of my brother!” Sandra said very surprised

“Why are you shock, don’t you know you have brother?” her step mother asked less concerned
“Seriously, i don’t know the brother you are talking about, i’m the only child my parent bore” Sandra said
“That is your own cup of tea, your wretched mother gave birth to the boy before you, she had hid him from me for so long but she doesn’t know i will later get him, like i told you before, i’m a very clever human who get what she want no matter what it would cost her.after i had killed the both of you then your parent would be forced to come out from their hiding place” her step mother said
“What!! you mean they are not dead?” Sandra asked totally shocked with the revelation

“I’m even surprised that they are not dead, but be rest assured that i would kill them he i set my eyes on them” her step mother said and stormed out of the sitting room,
“Oh God what type of confusion is this, what does she mean by those word she said, or was she just trying to pull my leg” she thought deeply,
“Hey, go to your room and wait for me, make sure you are unclad before i gets there” the soldier said.
Sandra rushed to her room,and immediately ran a call to the man that came earlier,

“Please answer your call na” she said as the phone rang without anyone picking it, she called it severally but there was no answer, she kept crying and beging God to make him answer the call but all to no avail, she was about calling it the 26th time before she heard a footstep walking to her room, she hid the phone and Spranged up immediately thinking of what to Do but no idea came in.
The door gave way and the soldier came in,

“What did i told you” he said and rushed at her with a heavy blow which sent her on the bed,
“After i’m done with you today i am very sure you will not leave to tell your story” he said and climbed on Sandra’s belly, tore the gown she was wearing completely, widen out her leg..

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