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Deep Affection: 53-54

Deep Affection: 53-54

Extracted from the next episode

…Richard was lying motionless on the big white bed in the hospital, his face was upward facing the ceiling, both of his eyes were shut, different kinds of machines were connected to his body, bandages was wrapped almost around every part of his body, sitting beside him on a stool was Paul who kept watching him with pity…
Just then, the machines started vibrating vigorously, Richard’s heart was pumping very fast,
in fear, Paul ran out and called the doctor,

the doctor came in and checked Richard’s body and to his dismay, Richard had kicked the bucket,
He sighed deeply then shook his head, turning his gaze to Paul he said the most shocking word..
“Richard here is dead”
Richard died


Clara, David was sitting adjacent to chief Gabriel and his crew with a gloating smile when suddenly chief Gabriel and Dr Mike started laughing out hysterically, this left clara and David curious, the sudden laughter really left them confused,
“what is amusing here?” David asked with an arched brow,
“do you want to hear it?” Chief Gabriel asked in a sarcastic tone
“have you gone nut? you are here in captive, under my power, instead of pleading for mercy, you are laughing!!” David yelled in exasperation,
“you may be happy that you have successfully got me bound, yes my life is in your hand at this moment, but let me make something clear to you, you a thought you are smart but I just showed you both that I’m more smarter..” Chief Gabriel said leading to another round of laughter from him and Dr Mike,
“I’m still confused..what..”

“wait let me make it clear to you..”Chief Gabriel paused then chuckled,
“Richard would be dead by now..or would be dead in a minute later” Chief Gabriel blurted out making Clara and David flinch,
“what do you mean?” Clara asked with an arched brow
“we did not only beat him back and blue, we also injected a poisonous substance into his vein secretly” dr Mike said out smiling mischievously,
“wait .I’m still befuddled, you..” David speech hitched as his phone rang that moment,

He glanced at it and saw it was Paul, he picked the call and placed it on Gus ear,
“David, I called to announce to you that Richard just gave up his ghost not long ago” Paul voice sounded making David fling off his phone in shock,
“No oo it can’t happen, Richard is dead? no no..” David lamented with a teary eyes while Clara flopped down the couch exhausted, her heart was pained, her body shuddered in great fright, this Is what she feared so much, it is true that Richard was not fit her but she still loved him with passion and would never want anything to happen to him, hearing the death of Richard really made her feel down, she felt bittered, she could not just imagine that after everything he has passed through for Sandra, he couldn’t stay alive to spend a blissful time with her, she felt sorry for Sandra because she knew that Sandra would never be the same again after hearing of the news,
tears rolled down her eyes as all these thought flooded through her memory, if there was anything she could do to bring Richard back she was ready to do it but there is none, she isn’t a god..
“let’s go to that hospital” David beckoned to Clara who quickly stood up without hesitation,


“Chief Gabriel, I promise you death if I later found out that truly Richard is dead” David said bitterly while Chief Gabriel just smiled broadly

chief Daniel and his wife were driving down to the hospital to check on their son and daughter health which they prayed should not be harmed, they were still driving when Daniel’s phone rang, he picked it up and placed it across his ear without looking at the caller
“Richard is dead!” a voice sounded making Daniel brought down the phone to his view in haste, it was a number unsaved,

“what did you just said!!” chief Daniel barked in the phone in confusion
“sir, I said Richard is dead, he just died few seconds ago..”
Marie screamed loudly in deep pain, what she heard pierced through her heart like a sword, Richard is dead.. this is something that they least expected,
hot tears gushed down chief Daniel’s eyes, his heart became heavy with pain, hie can his heir die just like that? what is then the essence of finding his son after many years if he wouldn’t have the chance to live happily with him, if he had knew that this was what would result after going for that mission to save Sandra, he would have restricted him from going, Richard was someone he loved so much, losing him would make his life meaningless, he could not put focus on the car he was driving anymore and that made him nearly collided with a big truck, people around there were yelling at him for not concentrating on the car he was driving but he just lend them deaf ear, if he has even had that accident and died, it would be better for him because living without his beloved son is just like being dead,

Marie on the other hand couldn’t just stop wailing on top of her voice, she felt at fault for abandoning him for so long, losing him now made her depressed and deeply pained, why now that she wanted to make up her wrong by showering on him the motherly love he had been derived from many years in his life, she felt like dying, her heart was bleeding In great pain and despair, the more she cries, the more she feels bitter,
at last, they got to the hospital, after parking the car at the car park, they both alighted in much speed rushing to the hospital building, clara and David who had just arrived at the same time with them was also rushing into the building behind them,

Sandra eyes was shut but she wasn’t dead, tears was dripping off her eyes nutcase wasn’t crying, her heart was beating but she was motionless, the excruciating pain she was feeling in her heart couldn’t give her the strength to make a movement, she could hear her mother calling her but still she couldn’t get the might to answer her, Richard her first love is dead? so so ridiculous, how can he be dead after saving her..what Is the meaning of dying for her, now that she is alive and he is dead what Is the gain, who would she spend her life with.. her heart was locked into his own, there was no way she would ever fall in love with any other man if not Richard…
“Oh no ooo Richard you are not dead!!!!!!” Sandra screamed out and jolted off from the bed removing every pin or syringe connected to her body speeding out of the door like someone under the influence of an evil spirit,
She pushed open the door with great force and rushed out but just then she crashed into the doctor, Chief Daniel, Marie, Clara and David who was just about to enter her ward,

“Hey girl where are you..” the doctor made to inquire but couldn’t complete his statement as Sandra wasn’t any where near to him again, she had hastily stood up and sped off to Richards ward which left everyone shocked at how she knew the ward Richard was admitted,
Sandra ran into the ward like a psychotic patient heading to the bed Richard was, two nurses were covering his body with a white wrapper but Sandra quickly rushed to them and flinged off the wrapper before pushing off the nurses from her way,

Sandra peered gaze on her Richard’s face deeply, his eyes were tight shut and his whole body was stiffed, Sandra found her whole body quivering with great fear, she stared at Richard still finding it hard to believe he was dead,
Her eyes which was covered with tears made it sparkle, with a broken heart and soul she called out Richard’s name but there wasn’t a reply or a movement from him,

She smiled out tears then sat on the bed beside him,
“Richard, I know you are not dead but must be in deep slumber, the Richard I knew and fell in love with can never die at this time, not when we haven’t create a baby of our own, bit when we haven’t made love, but when we haven’t we’d if engage, Richard since I had been with you, you haven’t for once ignore my call, anytime I call upon you, you have never hesitate to answer, you have always been beside me as if your life depended on it, out of my miserable life you took me and made me feel happy and excited, you taught what love is all about, day by day, you never made me cry, you have never for once give me the cause to feel hurt..Richard I know you passed through great pain and suffering just to save me but it is meaningless if you save me only to die now that we have to begin our lives together in bliss..”Sandra paused then held Richard’s hand,

“Day and night, you made me fully convinced that you love me from the depth of your heart, you made me know that I’m your breath which you can’t do without, every day of my life, you fill my ear with your passionate words which always leave blushing, I felt glad that you are mine, my lips was always crooked in a smile because anytime I remember that you are mine, I feel on top of the world, you are a man after every woman’s dream, I had never for once stop loving you but I think you don’t love at all, for you to die leaving me alone in this world shows that you don’t care for me, it shows you are never serious In spending the rest of your life with me.. Richard so this moment I’ve came to realize that all those words you said to me was just for nothing, i can’t believe you never loved me, you are lying here dead without ever having any sex with me, we have no bond, I thought you said you will never leave me, why do you want to break that promise, why?!! Richard this is the time to show me if you really love me, this moment is time.. all over my body is eloped with excruciating pain, but I ignored it all just to stay strong here with you, because I love you, u never allowed death to depart us, now I want the same thing from you, Richard with a broken heart filled with passion, love,compassion and affection, I call out your name and I know you won’t snub me…”


“Richard!!!!!!” Sandra’s voice echoed around the whole building, her voice was cracked bit audible, there were tears in her eyes and and get countenance showed pain…
Just immediately Sandra screamed out Richard’s name. his eyes fluttered, and to the shock of everyone Richard someone who had been dead sneezed loudly and opened his eyes,
Sandra’s eyes widened in inexplicable happiness, her joy has no bound, she could feel her heart leap in immeasurable excitement,

“Richard I know you can’t ignore my call” Sandra cooed then kissed him deeply in his lips and just immediately, the sound of clap and scream of joy filled the ward,
all these while Sandra has been with Richard both the doctors, Marie, Chief Daniel, Clara, Paul, Lucy, Joy, Cole, David had been at the corner watching them silently and on seeing Richard came back to life they couldn’t control their emotions as they all screamed and clapped their hands in unending joy,
Sandra averted her gaze to them in surprised, she never knew thier was any other person in the ward all these while,
A broad smile escaped her lips as she saw everyone looking at them with their eyes glistened with unshedded tears, they were all in an emotional state on hearing all Sandra said to Richard, everyone of them sensed a genuine love between Sandra and Richard, there was no doubt they were meant to be..
Richard struggled up from his lying state to a sitting position, his gaze was on everyone as he tried recalling their faces,
Sandra was beside him and on her shoulder was where he leaned his head,
“Did he just come back to life?” the doctors asked among themselves,
“Ohhh God, this is a real description of love”

“Thier love brought him back to life”
“This kind of love is really scarce”
“I don’t think anyone can depart this two heart”
“They are born to be together, no one can put asunder”
all these words was what filled the air, everyone was amazed at what happened,
“Richard why did you wanted to leave me?” Sandra asked Richard in a calm tone

“I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt, I must be a real fool to allow myself succumb to the pain I was feeling then..thanks for bringing me back to life” Richard replied in a low tone as his lips formed a bright smile,
“I can’t do without you..i love you so so much Richie” Sandra mumbled with tears of joy
“yeah, I can’t also do without you.. if I would die, then we are both going to the grave together because I would never want to spend any minute of my life without you” Richard said and kissed Sandra’s lips,
Just then someone drew Sandra away from Richard’s kiss,
turning to the person, Sandra found it to be Paul,

“what is it?!!” Sandra asked him in tears,
“shut up girl!!! you are mine and not Richard!!” he yelled at her after winking to Richard, Richard got the message and stayed calm,
“Richard are you leaving him to take me” Sandra said with tears,
“you both are meant for each other okay? so follow him” Richard said and Sandra felt like dying,

“shhhh” Paul hushed her placing his index finger on her lips,
“Now everyone listen up!!!!!” Paul shout out to the crowd which had already formed in the ward,
Sandra was trying to struggle off her hand from Paul’s grip but it seem fruitless,
“I want to make this clear to everyone here” Paul continued
“I had always hated Richard so much because he was a barrier to me from getting this lady Sandra to myself.. I always wanted him dead silent I would make Sandra mine, but you know when two heart are created to make up each other, there is no way anyone thing or anyone could detach them.. what I’m saying Is this.. from this moment, I’ve fully withdrew from any kind of act to depart these two souls and it doesn’t ends there, from this moment, I stand like a shield to them, anyone who wants to bring asunder inbetween them would have to kill me first because I’ll never allow him succeed.. so at this point, I hand Sandra to Richard, they would be one forever!!” Paul concluded then took Richard hand and locked it with Sandra’s own..

This made lots scream erupt the whole building a second time,
Sandra smiled sweetly and hugged Richard before turning to Paul,
“Thank you” Sandra muttered to him before hugging him tightly.
I’m over happy ooo
Richard came back to life..
ehh ehh ehh
come let’s dance oo


The hospital had silence lingered through the atmosphere, the doctors and other patients who came to witness what happened had just left and those remaining in the ward was Sandra, Richard, Cole, Joy, Paul, Marie, Lucy Daniel, David and Clara who were all seated on different chairs,
“Clara I’ll appreciate if you would just leave my life or any where around me because I truly hates you so much” Sandra blurted with bitterness
“You don’t have to hate her dear, all she did was out of desperation, she is a changed person now, find a way to forgive her” Richard said in a calm voice
“why should I forgive this wicked witch, do you know she was the one who handed me to Chief Gabriel?” Sandra said angrily
“Hmm..well, I still stand on you forgiving her, she did that out of…”
“don’t tell me anything Richard!!.. as far as I’m concerned, I’m not gonna forgive this desperate bitch here” Sandra interjected in anger

“Hey Sandra or what ever you call your self..nothing should ever give you the guts to abuse me here, as for your forgiveness, I don’t even need it, you can go your way while i go mine after all, I don’t see anything I’ll gain from being forgiven by you” Clara said and hissed before standing up,
“where are you going to?” David asked her
“I’m going home, I don’t see any reason to be here..” Clara replied and headed to the door,

“I’m coming with you” David said and followed her with a crooked smile after bading Sandra and the other
“Sandra you have to forgive that lady Clara because she is the reason why you are alive today” Paul said immediately
“she was the one who put me into those pain which I passed through..she gave me to Gabriel who really tortured me, I passed through different kind of severe pain from the hand of Gabriel and she was the one who gave me to him, how do you expect me to forgive her, I can’t!!” Sandra said with finality..
“Sandra my daughter” Lucy called out
“what is it mom?” Sandra answered
“you have to forgive her because she did not only save your life, she also saved stopped Gabriel from gaining that land, meeting her only once, I got myself loving her, you see, that lady has a good heart, so my daughter, you have to forgive and forget about the past, okay?” Lucy said in a motherly tone
“do you said she stopped Gabriel from getting that land? how?” Sandra inquired with an arched brow

“yeah..even right now, chief Gabriel and his crew are under captive in gwr see that, she did not only saved you from death but also stopped the man who had always been a torn on your flesh, so forgive her” Lucy said
“okay I’ve heard you, I’ll do that” Sandra sulked
“thank you my precious daughter” Lucy hugged her tightly,
Only seeing Sandra gives lycy an unending joy, this was just what she thought could never happen, she had thought that all hope of ever being with her is gone after escaping death that very day she had that accident,
she knew quite well that that accident was a set up so she ignored the pain she was feeling after her car collided with the truck and sneaked out of her vehicle, she was still a little bit far from her car when it suddenly got ablaze, that was when it dawned on her that someone was after her life, she fled away leaving her daughter and son behind with the prayer of meeting them again later in the future and that was what just happened,
Here she is, sitting with her daughter and son..

“Mom, I want to ask this question.. what happened to one of my kidney, it was removed medically” Cole asked
“erm..this was what happened… there was a time when you were at the age of five, you were having done kind of minor sickness, as the doctor was treating you, a small girl almost at your age was drove in, her body was bloody and there was no doubt she was involved in an accident,
After the doctor had treated her, they announced that she had a big scar on her kidneys, they said she was not going to live any longer,

On hearing that, you decided to give her one of your own, it was something you willingly did, why you did it was what I myself can’t even fathom, it really surprised me how you just suddenly decided to sacrifies such fit someone you barely knew,
I tried stopping you but you were bent on doing it,
“if that little girl dies, mum I’ll never forgive myself” that was the word you kept saying,
I later gave in to your request and your kidney was removed and given to her,
“but why can’t I remember?” Cole asked
“I pleaded on the doctor to wipe off your memory shortly, I never wanted you to remember that huge sacrifies you made.. I don’t just know why” Lucy said with a sigh

“okay mum..can you recall who that lady was, I mean.. can you recognize that girl I saved her life?” Cole inquired
“Mmmm, ermmm, I can’t really remember her, I even couldn’t get enough chance to sit and chat with her” Lucy replied
“Ohhh, so you mean I can’t get to meet the lady I sacrificed my kidney to?” Cole asked exasperated
“emm, there’s only one thing I could use in recognition of the lady..a few minute after she was treated, I went to her on the bed where she lied unconsciously, I kept looking at her face still confused on why my son did that for her, it was then I got a mark on her, yeah I saw a mark at the back of her ear, that was the only thing I could recall about the so-called girl,

At the mention of mark at the back of the ear, Richard, Sandra, Joy and Cole had their eyes widened in shock as they glanced at eachother with a questioning look,
“Ma.. do you just said the girl had a mark at the back of her ear?” Joy asked confusedly
“yeah, that was all I could recall about the girl” Lucy replied her
“you mean this?” Joy asked turning the back of her ear to her view,
“yesssss..that’s exactly the mark, are you the girl?” Lucy asked in amazement
“There was a time I was involved in a fatal accident but I never knew someone offered his kidney to me” Joy said glancing at Cole

“Ohh my God…your face is really like that girl, you are the lady my son gave out his kidney to!!!” Lucy screamed with her eyes glittering with emotion,
Joy turned her gaze to Cole with her eyes glistened with much passion, Cole was also peering at her with a sweet smile
“Cole, right from childhood we were meant to be, without getting to know me you made a huge sacrifies to save my life..i can’t love you less!” Joy said smiling out tears,
“I will always keep loving you till death do us apart..” Cole muttered and kissed her deeply,
Their kiss was that which was filled with intensed passion and love, they could both hear their heart beating at the same time,

“it is okay’re in the hospital” Richard said making them broke the kiss with a smile,
“Hey, when you were kissing Sandra don’t you know it was a hospital” Cole said with a smile with made them all chuckled,
“Okay, I think it’s my turn, I’ve to introduce myself to my in-law here” Chief Daniel chipped in making everyone turn their gaze to him,
“My name is Chief Daniel and beside me is Marie my beautiful wife, Richard and Joy is my children and with the way things look now, we don’t need a soothsayer to know that we have already become in-laws” Chief Daniel said bringing a short laughter off every one’s lips

“yeah sir, who are we to say no to these soul who would make the best couple ever” Lucy said with a sweet smile,
“So we are waiting for that time you people would call us for the wedding, you know?” Marie said with a giggle
“Yeah I know, just wait, you’ll recieve my call even before Richard could start preparing” Cole said with a grin,
“Hey spoilt brat, don’t you know I’m your elder, so you have to wait, after I wed then you can now go on with yours” Richard retorted with a smirk
“okay till then, we shall see how things work out” Cole said with a crook smile
“naughty kids” Lucy muttered feeling elated,

Clara walked into her mansion with David following her behind,
“what is even wrong with that bitchy ass named Sandra, how dare her call me names, I can see she had losed her manners” Clara blurted with anger
“I’m sorry baby, I think she is being angry for..”

“Anger my foot.. if she is angry then let her smash her head to the pillar, if she is angry let her be angry on her own and never open those filthy mouth to abuse it else I’m gonna show her what true anger is all about, can you imagine..” Clara huffed and flopped down the couch
“I’ll talk to her but for now can you free your mind for me?..give me that sweet smile” David cooed while Clara’s face immediately beamed with a lovely smile,
“Thanks, so what about Chief Gabriel and the others, I can’t find them anywhere around here?” David inquired
“uhm, yeah, they had been moved to the torture room, they would all be tortured severely before I would hand them to the cops” Clara said with a mean face
“no problem, your wish and desire is mine also, can we go upstairs?” David asked grining from ear to ear
“Any problem?” Clara asked with with a little smile

“ermmm.. a little problem, I.. am in the mood to cuddle you, I mean..”
“shhhh” Clara halted his speech placing her index finger across his lips
“David you are the man of my heart, you don’t know how much I love, you can’t see how great my love for you is but I really wish you can see it, every day and night my mind has your memory enclosed in it, every of my thought is about you, let go to my room and make love because I’m all yours darling” Clara said with a bright smile which melted David’s soul, he found himself loving clara the more,
“let’s go” David said with a smile as he held her palm,

Just as they climbed up the stairs, clara felt nauseous and dizzy making her rush off to the toilet while David stared at her with a smile,
“She is already mine ” he uttered slowly feeling elated, he needed no diviner to know that Clara was pregnant because there was no way she could just suddenly become sick,
Clara walked out of the washroom with a pale face, David hastily carried her up in a bridal style and entered the bedroom then lay her on the bed carefully
“David I’m feeling sick, how could that be possible?” Clara asked with tears rolling down her cheeks

“Clara you aren’t sick, just that something is growing inside you..” David said and squatted towards her with his hand and knees pressing on the bed making Clara in between his body,
“I don’t understand” Clara asked with an arched brow
“You are..well forget” David said and let out a mischievous smile,
“I am hungry pls” clara whined while David nodded and hastily left the room rushing to the kitchen still smiling,
“Clara is pregnant for me.. Ohh God this is really great” David muttered to himself as he dished out a large quantities of rice into the ceramics plate, he dipped only one spoon into it and carried it to the room feeling all happy,

On reaching the room, he couldn’t find Clara, he dropped the plate on the stool and made to search for her but just immediately, she walked out of the en-suit with her palm on her mouth
” what Is wrong with me?” she asked and flopped down on the big king-sized bed,
“I think we would leave for the hospital later, so eat and take some rest, you don’t have to stress yourself anymore” David said in the mist caring voice ever heard
Clara turned her face to him quickly with an arched brow,

“I’m I pregnant?” she asked exuding an inexplicable expression
“emm..well..uhm.. I can’t tell, until we reaches the hospital, the doctor would be the one to say what is wrong with you” David said and sat beside her on the bed and drew the stool with the food closer
“you’ll have to feed me, I’m very weak” Clara grumbled
“there is no problem, your wishes are my command” David said with a wide grin
David started feeding her continuously until the plate of rice went empty,
“what??!!” Clara suddenly screamed with a quizzical look

“Any problem?” David inquired
“did I just finished up all those large meal alone?” Clara asked placing her hand on her stomach
“you don’t have to worry yourself, I’m gonna go get another for myself” David said fondling her cheek
“ don’t just understand, I’m befuddled..”

“Why?” David asked
“do you know, I hardly eat talkmore of taking much quantity but look at what just happened, I finished a meal meant for two people” Clara said with tears
“you are now two dear” David mussed to himself and giggled
“you’ll be alright love, just take some rest” David said and rested her head on the bed and turned to leave
“where are you going to?” clara asked
“so you want to leave me all alone in this room, why??” Clara asked crying
“so sorry, I’m not going again okay?” David cooed and layed beside her on the bed
“Why I’m I feeling emotional at something meaningless, I mean.. I do cry on something which doesn’t matters” clara asked wrapping her arm around David

“I don’t know ooo, the doctors would tell” David said smiling
“why are you smiling?” Clara asked
“uhm was I smiling, haa, no ooo” David said with grimace
“you are laughing at me abi?” Clara said emotionally with a cracked voice
“No naa, I can’t at you, just that I’m happy” David said

“why are you happy all these while I’m acting sick?” clara asked
“Hmm, okay, it is because I’m convinced that you are pregnant for me” David blurted out while Clara’s eyes widened immediately
is Clara pregnant

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