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Deep Affection: 50-51

Deep Affection: 50-51


Paul walked closer to where Sandra laid and carried her on his shoulder ignoring the confusing stare of Richard..
Richard was lying on the ground totally befuddled, he couldn’t feel any pain of bullet around his body, Paul on the other hand wasn’t even looking at him, he was just busy finding the right way to carry Sandra so as not to tamper on her wounds,

what just happened? was the question that left Richard confused, he was so very sure that Paul shot a bullet to him but how come he couldn’t feel the pain or had any part of his body terribly bleeding, he pinched himself hardly to be sure he was still alive and really regretted it later because the pain he felt from the pinch seem exceptionally painful,

“isn’t it yet time you stop staring at me and stand up from that ground, let’s leave this godforsaken place?” Paul said sneering at Richard with Sandra on placed his shoulder,

“you thought I shot you the bullet? uhm, okay just look behind you” Paul said walking away,
Richard turned to his back and saw a man with a gun lying on the ground in the pool of his own blood,
“what happened?” Richard asked curiously walking faster to meet up with Paul who was a little bit far away from him,

“i was just pulling your legs aren’t the person i wanted to shoot at, it was the man behind couldn’t notice him and I bet you, if I hadn’t saw him quickly, you could have been a dead meat by now” Paul said with grimace,
“I don’t, Paul saved my life? absurd, how..i mean when did you suddenly changed” Richard asked really surprised

“Well..that’s Is my decision but don’t take it to heart because I can decide to eliminate you now” Paul said
“you decides to be my friend? is that what you trying to say” Richard asked
“be your friend? Ohh know I can’t..I’m just doing this for the sake of Sandra, you know I still love her, even though she rejected me for you” Paul said without looking at Richard,
“do you still want Sandra to your self?” Richard asked calmly making Paul turn at him sharply,

“do you want to leave her for me?” Paul asked with an arched brow
“uhm..not really, I just asked you a question”
“okay well if you ask, then I’ll say i still wants her” Paul replied bluntly
“okay I’m gonna leave her for you” Richard said making Paul not only gaze at him this time but also halt his pace
“are you trying to pull my leg like I did to you?” Paul asked with a short laughter
“mmm..I’m not joking, I am leaving her for you, you saved my life so I’m giving her to you as a token of appreciation” Richard said with a lopsided smile
“are you serious with what you’re saying?”

“Paul, can we make peace between us?” Richard asked and that really brought out a chuckle from Paul’s lips
“are you this dumb..I came into this place to save you which I just did, what peace are you talking of again..if we aren’t in peace, hmm I could have shot you dead long ago..” Paul said with a wide smile
“so are we friends?” Richard asked with his eyes glittering with happiness
“yeah we are buddy” Paul replied with a benevolent smile which made Richard’s heart leap with joy,

Clara, Joy, David and Cole had successfully found their way to the major road, David laid Cole on the backseat of the car and stood outside looking into the forest the same way clara was staring, their countenance was filled with anticipation as they waited to see Richard coming out with Sandra,
“won’t you lay Joy inside the car as we wait for Richard?” David asked in a caring tone

“ugh..i even forgot I’m carrying someone on my shoulder” Clara sighed and laid Joy inside the car,
“what do you think is still holding Richard?” David asked holding Clara’s palm softly,
“I can’t tell but I pray he is safe” Clara replied with a sigh
“yeah..he would be safe dear” David cooed fondling her palm sweetly
“David” Clara called out

“do you love me?” Clara asked and that question really took David unaware,
“me?? know fully well that I love you so much” David replied
“kiss me” Clara suddenly said
“kiss me” Clara repeated turning her gaze to him..
David wrapped his hand around her neck with his eyes peering deeply into her own, he drew her head forward and plunged his lips into hers, the kiss went deep and deep, their tongues meeting together closely, the kiss was really passionate and did well in sending a shivering sensation down Clara’s spine, the truth was that the feeling she got was the type she hasn’t felt once in her lifetime, not even when she was dating Richard, she felt it down in her heart that David was really her soul mate and without doubt, she was made out of his ribs,

As they kissed more deeper, Clara’s mind went back in thought, all she had went through in the past came replaying In her memory like a scene..
Hot tears rolled down her cheeks,
“David promise me you’ll never leave me” Clara said immediately she broke the kiss,
“Clara..i rather die than leave are my missing rib, you made me knew that deep affection could still exist inside me, Clara I feel like bringing out my heart to your view so you will see how it beats for you” David said in a solemn tone making a sweet smile escape Clara’s lips,
“I love youuuuuu” Clara screamed hugging him tightly..

Paul and Richard was getting close to the major road when three armed men came out of nowhere, their faces was covered with mask and they had this kind of muscular body that could send shudder of fear all over anyone’s body after seeing them,
“the three of you aren’t leaving here alive, not after killing our boss” one of the men seethed with a straight gaze on Richard who had hastily stood in front of Paul and Sandra..

“Uhm, I see, you three wants a fight right? okay I’m gonna give it to you but you would have to leave these two to go Scot free” Richard said pointing at Paul and Sandra who was still lying on his shoulder..
“uhm..well, we came here to kill the three of you, so I’m sorry, you all will have to die together” the one at the middle said,
This really left Richard terrified, what is he going to do now? he is fully ready to give his life for Sandra but the situation now is dying with her also dying with him, he had promised himself to always keep Sandra safe even with his last breath but what was he to do now,
there is no one to save them..Paul is such a weakly and sissy man who can’t stand a fight, not when the fight is to be with huge body men,

“we are don’t fight with guns, why not try taking us down in a fist fight, that’s how real men do fight, guns are for weaker vessel” Richard said in a sarcastic tone..
“uhm, okay we’re in” the three men chorused and flinged off their guns then twisted their neck making a cracking sound,

Richard averted his gaze to Paul who was really shivering in great fright,
“you have to run away as fast as you can..forget about me, I’ll be fine, just make sure Sandra is fine and healthy, inform Clara of my state when you reach, I may have been dead by then but don’t forget to tell Sandra that I really really really really really love her from the depth of my heart and that’s why I’m giving up my life for her to live” Richard said and kissed Sandra lips..

“Run!!!!” Richard screamed to Paul immediately, the men glanced at Paul who scurried away swiftly then to Richard who was staring at them with his eyes glittering with emotion,
The men smirked at Richard before removing the mask they were wearing, their faces were rigid and scary that Richard felt like pissing on his trouser,
“you just succeeded in saving those two from death now you yourself would take the suffering and death all alone” one of the men said through gritted teeth before rushing at Richard with a kick but he swiftly swerved aside making the kick passed him,

After having received thorough beating from the men back then in that building Richard had become weaken, the wound all around his body was still fresh and was still dripping out blood, he had no strength to fight even one man talkmore of three, this fight is just a death warrant because he knew quite well that he was not fit at all,
Another kick came aiming to his belly but he held the leg and made to sway it sideways but a blow really took him aback, before he could regain balance, another kick landed on his cheek making him stagger backward, his sight went blur that moment,

A heavy blow landed on his nose and that quickly spurt out a dark red blood from his nostril, the pain was sharp and excruciating that he felt his whole body drained, an uppercut went on his jaw making him fall heavily on his butt,
blows and kick started raining on him from every angle, his face was totally covered with blood that he could hardly see through,

Just then the beating stopped for some minute, Richard raised his finger to clean off the pint of blood covering his eyes but just then a metallic object landed on his knee causing a serious fracture,
Richard screeched in great pain as his leg quivered with a cracking sound, the pain was so much, it was so intensed that Richard felt like dying, he was still trying to absorb the pain a little bit when another hit landed on his other leg, this time he couldn’t take the pain, it was terrible, his eyes was blinking rapidly and he felt his soul dying, he could not breath normally again and there was no doubt that his spirit were leaving his body,

Richard was a man of strong heart and spirit, he has the type of nature of persisting and bearing pains but what he had just passed through In one day is now so much, he was trying hard to hold back himself from giving up but it became fruitless when the metal slammed hardly on his forehead..
Just immediately, chief Daniel and Marie ran out of nowhere in haste, the sound of their footsteps made the men who had just battered Richard avert their gaze to them,

Chief Daniel and Marie shivered in fear as the men walked forward to their direction,
“No please don’t harm us..we.. we are..”
a heavy blow which landed on his belly hitched his voice,
the men turned to Marie who just screamed on seeing how they hitted her husband, the men let out a lopsided smile as they stared at Marie with a lustful expression,

“please I beg you, don’t..” Chief Daniel pleaded from the ground where he layed,
One of the men kicked him hardly on his head before turning to Marie who had been stripped off her cloth, she kept screaming but the men wasn’t moved at all, they laid her on the floor and widened her legs in attempt to rape her, one of the men pulled down his trousers and made to thrust his d**k into her but just then a bullet went into his skull making him slumped and die, the other two turned their gaze to the direction of the bullet only to see Richard standing upright with a gun pointed at them, his whole body was bloody making him look really like a zombie,

He had thought he was dead and gone until he heard the scream of his beloved mother, down in his heart, he heard her scream which kept echoing inside him. what gave him strength was what he couldn’t foretell. all he knew was that he found himself jolting off from the ground and heading to where the gun the men had threw was and the next was firing a bullet to the men, he wasn’t in his right sense that moment, he was just being controlled by an unseen force,
The two other men tried rushing at him but was sent to their early grave immediately with the bullet from Richard which went straight to their chest..

Immediately Richard gunned down the men, he fell heavily on the ground unconscious,
Marie hastily wore her cloth and rushed to him with tears, Chief Daniel who had been unconscious after the kick on his head sprang up immediately and rushed to Richard who was lying motionless on the ground with blood covering his whole body,

“Let’s carry him to the hospital before he dies!!” Chief Daniel yelled and grappled Richard into his shoulder running ahead in full speed with Marie running behind,

Paul had just finished narrating everything to Clara and had kept Sandra inside the car, Clara and David made to jump into the forest In attempt to rescue Richard but just then, Chief Daniel and Marie ran out with Richard, Chief Daniel rushed into his car after laying Richard at the backseat, Marie sat besides him as they drove off, Clara entered her car with Joy and Cole lying at the backseat and David sitting besides her as they drove off..
Paul entered the last car remaining and drove off with Sandra lying beside him with her head on his laps..

Chief Gabriel was driving along the main road when he sighted Sandra’s mother in a car driving to the building, he swiftly swerved to her lane and pursued her, he kept following her behind until they got to a secluded place before he beckoned her to stop which she did immediately,
Chief Gabriel came down from the car followed by Dr Mike then Angela, the trio stood upright with a gloatimg smile waiting for her to come down,
After some seconds, the door of the car opened and Lucy came out..

Lucy Sandra’s mother alighted from the car in a slow and relaxed way, she was this pleasant and gorgeous middle aged woman, her face has a clear and vivid resemblance with that of Sandra, she look rich and classy in the yellow loosely fitted gown which she wore..
“Hi Lucy, long time” Angela said to Lucy who just rolled her eyes at her then turn to Chief Gabriel..

“what is it you want from me that made you put my children In sure a fatal condition?” Lucy inquired with her eyes glittering with pure emotion
“ at last, you finally decided to show yourself huh..” Dr Mike chipped in but Lucy didn’t even glance at him talkmore of saying any word to him..
“’ll have to sign this document..fill in the necessary info, then you’re free” Chief Gabriel said handing a file to her,

Lucy took it and stared into it, her eyes widened in shock as she read the text written on it,
“you want my land?” Lucy asked with an arched brow
“exactly” Chief Gabriel replied with a lopsided smile
“that land is.. ”
“no more word from you, sign in quickly, I don’t have time” Chief Gabriel interrupted
“where are my children first?” she inquired

“Ohh god..i think i just told you that they are waiting for you at the building..sign in then go and meet them” Chief Gabriel said getting exasperated
“okay give me a pen” Lucy requested while Chief Gabriel quickly deeped his hand inside his breast pocket but couldn’t find any,

“is any one with a pen here?” Chief Gabriel asked Dr Mike and Angela but they both shook their head negatively,
“hey Mrs Lucy, there isn’t any pen here so you will have to come down to my house now!!” Chief Gabriel seethed
“I’m not going anywhere without My children” Lucy said tilting her head sideways in disapproval
“it is a must and you are bound to do it” Dr Mike chipped in

“and what if I disagree..would you force me” Lucy said with a glare
“yeah..that would be the only option remaining” Angela replied with a lopsided grin
“do.. ” Lucy had her voice hitched abruptly as two able body men walked towards her with a gun..
“madam walk to that car now!!” one of the men ordered with a mean face which scared Lucy..
She walked slowly to the car after glancing at Chief Gabriel and the others with a confused look
They shut the door and zoomed off with Dr Mike driving on her car



In no distant time, Richard, Cole, Sandra, Joy and David were admitted in the nearest hospital, Clara for some reason best known to her refused to be administered to, she declined any medical checkup,
Not long after, she stood up and walked out of the ward…

With much acceleration, she drove straight to Chief Gabriel’s apartment, she was determined to bring him down at all cost, he was the cause of all the suffering and pain they had gone through and now she is not gonna rest until she makes him feel the same pain they all felt
Without the knowledge of anyone, clara had placed a tracker on the tyre of Chief Gabriel’s car while in the building,and now she is heading to the location which was shown in the tracking device she was holding,

In no distant time, clara reached the apartment which was a beautifully designed mansion well built to show off how rich the owner was,
She parked her car a little bit distance away then walked to the gate on foot, she knocked on the gate twice before it was unlocked and opened by a middle aged man claded on a blue uniform,
“ehen, how can I help you?” the man asked staring at Clara whose appearance showed she had just fought a bloody battle as one could see some little cuts in her arm and cheek

“i came to see Chief he in?” clara asked innocently
“ermmm..he Is in but I don’t think you can see him now” the security man said,
“why?” clara asked with an arched brow..
“he doesn’t entertains any sort of visitor here, he…” clara pointed a gun at him and that made him stopped his speech abruptly
“open this gate let me go in now!” clara said with a stern face,
“okay..okay” the man agreed nodding his head continuously as he went for the key which he used and opened the gate widely,

Clara drove in and parked her car in the garage then hopped out swiftly, just immediately she was coming out, chief Gabriel was also coming out from his house with his crew,
Clara stared at them and quickly recognized the other woman with them as Sandra’s mother due to the clear resemblance, she sat on the bonnet of her car waiting for them to come closer,
just as she expected, chief Gabriel and the other turned to her direction and saw her..

Chief Gabriel was totally astound on how clara was alive talkmore of being in his house at this very moment, likewise Dr Mike and Angela..
“what are you doing here and how did you find your way into my house?” Chief Gabriel asked through gritted teeth throwing a glance at the security man whose face was full of fright
“is that the best way to welcome a guest” Clara said with a smirk

“Clara, I can’t remember inviting you here so I’ll like if you can just steer out your car from this environment now” Chief Gabriel said in exasperation
“uhm..really, I’ll leave but that’s after I’m done with the reason for being here..okay, now..” she jumped down from the bonnet where she sat,
“if you want me to quietly leave here in peace, tear off that document in your hand” clara said while they all flinched excluding Lucy who was just staring at Clara plainly

“are you out of your can you just come out of nowhere and order me on what to do!!” Chief Gabriel seethed while Clara just smiled at him
“I came here to adopt you, Angela and Mike, either willfully or forcefully”
this words moved everyone aback, their faces were exuding much confusion
“I.. I don’t understand” Angela said with a questioning look
“you’ll understand later but that would be after we have reached my apartment” clara said and smiled again
“you know what? you’re mad!! stay here, I’m gonna call your boss now and bet me, you will be in hot soup when he comes” chief Gabriel said and brought out his phone..

“do corpse answers phone call?..well, if they do, then go ahead and call him” clara said making them all glanced at her in shock ,
“what are you insinuating?” Dr Mike asked with a raised brow
“you see guys, one thing I hate is wasting of time and that’s what you three wants to cause me now..hmm..i may be forced to break those tiny legs of you guys oo, quietly enter this car let’s go to my apartment, we have many things to sort out” Clara said to them but chief Gabriel wasn’t even listening to her, he was busy calling Rex’s number continuously
“has he answered the call from the grave?” clara asked in a sarcastic tone,
“you bitchy chump..what the heck did you did to your boss because I can’t believe you killed him” chief Gabriel cursed angrily

“suit yourself..i give the three of you 3 minutes to hop into this car or else you’ll get it the hard way” clara said sternly before walking to Lucy,
“Ma.. are you Sandra’s mother?” clara asked her in a calm tone
“yeah I’ you know where I can find them” Lucy asked with her eyes glittering with unshedded tears..
“I’ll take you to your children but I’ve to treat this old fools first okay?” clara said and wiped off the tears that just dripped down her cheeks
“I don’t know who you are but thank you very much” Lucy said with a bright smile,

“welcome..” clara said then turned sharply at Chief Gabriel and the others only to find out that he had been guarded by 10 men armed with guns..
“why do you always love doing things the hard way, why do you want to waste the lives of these guard of yours, tell them to move back now that they still had the chance or in the next 3 minute they would become corpse” clara said in an unperturbed tone
“what made you think you can bring down 10 men in 3 minute, is that how pompous you have suddenly became” Dr Mike sneered

There in the eyes of everyone, Clara brought out a small pistol which she tucked in her trouser and fired a quick shot at the men in a way that was so amazing, it really took the men including chief Gabriel and the other unaware, no one ever expeted such a quick and immediate shot from Clara so sudden..
“chief Gabriel, you and your crew had really wasted my time here, now get into the car before I slam those shapeless head of yours” clara said in a serious tone with inflicted fear in them as they entered the car without hesitation,
“Hey madam” clara called Lucy
“ride on your car to this location, you’ll find your daughter and son there” Clara said handing a sheet of paper to her before swoozing off through the opened gate,

Lucy couldn’t control her joy as she hastily entered her car, after many years, she was going to see her daughter and son, her happiness really knew no bound,
she drove speedily to the hospital with her whole body quivering in unending glee.. as she drove into the hospital and parked her car at the car park she quickly ran upstairs, tears was dropping off her eyes as she made her way to the ward where her children was..
Lucy hastily pushed open the door forcefully in anticipation making the door let out a loud creaking sound
she walked in slowly with tears still gushing down her cheeks, lying on the bed with several machine connected to her body was Sandra her only beloved daughter, her child which she had left for many years now, she couldn’t control her emotions as she burst out into uncontrollable sob, there was no one in the ward,

Lucy took a seat at the edge of the room and placed it beside the bed where Sandra layed,
Her heartbeat increased it’s pace as she stared at her child who has went through many pains all through her life,
David drove into Clara’s mansion with a smile on his face, some part of his body was plastered and there was no doubt that he could feel some kind of sharp pain in his body but the joy in his heart couldn’t allow him succumb to the pain he was feeling, the source of his joy couldn’t be far fetched as with the speed at which he headed into Clara’s house really showed she was the source of his happiness,

Seeing her gives him joy and the thought that she is his girlfriend makes cold shiver rush down his spine,
The bright smile which was on his face quickly faded off as he entered the sitting room,
The people he saw being tied on a seat was his least expected,
“Chief Gabriel” he called out really befuddled
“David” chief Gabriel called back with his eyes widened,
“what are you doing here?!!” Chief Gabriel asked him confusedly
“I.. ”
“David are you here? when did you arrived” clara interrupted walking downstairs hastily
“Ohh my yummy..I am just arriving” David said hugging her passionately
“okay, how is Richard and the others, I hope they are recuperating?” clara asked
“yeah, so what brought these people in your palace ?” David asked as they broke the hug

“I want to give them their own piece of cake” Clara said with a little smile
“okay dear..let’s do it together” David said and glared at Chief Gabriel
“do you ever knew that once in your lifetime you’ll be at my mercy?” David said with a smirk
“I’m not at your mercy you filthy brat..I’ll still frustrate your life like I had always done!!” Chief Gabriel seethed while David scoffed at his words,.
“how can you frustrate my life when you’re going behind the bar” David said making Chief Gabriel burst into laughter
“me?? know you can’t put me behind the bar because you don’t have any thing to use against me” chief Gabriel said amidst laughter
“that’s what you thought but I tell you, I’ve all it’s takes to make you rot in jail” Clara chipped in with her arm akimbo
“and what do you have if I may ask?” Gabriel sneered

“three people would stand against you in the court of law, all you did to Sandra and Cole would be used against you” clara said making Gabriel laugh out loudly again
“who would believe you if you tell them all I did to Sandra and Cole” Gabriel inquired still laughing hysterically
“watch this” clara beckoned and slide in a disk inside a disk reader, not long afterward, a movie scene began in the big plasma TV hung on the wall,
it was displaying Gabriel with the others sitting comfortably on the sofa as four men beat Sandra and the other continuously and hardly without stopping..

It displayed many heinous act done by chief Gabriel and his crew, there was no doubt that if this disk ever reaches the hand of the cops, there is no way he would escape their wrath..
“are you now convinced that you are at my mercy now?” David said with a stern face while they all stared at him with a pleading expression,
“Erm..David my son, you..”
“wait..did you just called me your son? have you gone nut or are you suddenly blind that you can’t recognize your son” David retorted angrily
“please David have mercy on us” Angela who had been terribly terrified after watching that video begged with tears
“Hey, don’t even say any single trash to me..I’ve nothing to do with you, Sandra would be the one to judge your case”David said and turned to Chief Gabriel

“Ple..ase..can..” chief Gabriel stuttered as he stared at David who had his face berserk..
“Chief Gabriel..out of peace you put me into trouble, you shattered my future, you made me a hoodlums, tiu never thought of what I should do to become something in the future, I wasted my life risking it for you, I killed many souls for you and what did you used in paying back was killing me but I escaped then you took me again and made me your killing machine, you suffered innocent soul for your own must taste suffering from me” David said in tears before turning to Clara behind him,
“We are going to hand that disk to the cops tomorrow” he said while Clara nodded in agreement,
chief Gabriel and the others kept begging for mercy but it all went in deaf ears..

It was evening time, Cole, Richard Sandra and Joy was in their ward, they had all been treated and are now expected to wake up In no distant time,
Lucy could not just leave beside her precious daughter, not even for a minute, she refused taking anything, all that she cared for was for Sandra to just wake up and talk to her, her heart was filled with passion as she gazed at her daughter, she kept praying silently that Sandra and Cole would just stand up healthy now..
Just like an answered prayer, Sandra made a sudden movements on her finger, Lucy on seeing that widened her eyes in extreme joy. she carefully grasped Sandra’s palm into her whole fondling it in a soothing manner,
“Sandra my only daughter, can’t you just for my sake wake up, your lost mother Is here, she is waiting in anticipation, please wake up and talk to mom” Lucy cooed and just instantly, Sandra’s eyes fluttered open, Lucy squeaked out in an elated voice as she peered deeply into Sandra’s eyes

“mother Is that you?” Sandra’s weak voice sounded, it was very low and was just like a whisper
“yes..Sandra this is your mother beside you” Lucy replied smiling out tears,
To the surprise of everyone, Sandra struggled up from the bed and sat at the edge
“mom, I can’t believe I’m seeing you again, where have you been all this while?” Sandra asked in tears
“I.. I was hiding and escaping from death,i..i” she broke down in tears, the scars in Sandra’s body was eating her deeply..

“stop crying mom..wait..” Sandra eyes widened, she started tilting her head in every corner of the room .
“what is it?” David asked her curiously
“where Is Richard? please tell me he is fine..pleaseee” Sandea said still searching for him
“yeah he is safe..will wake up in no distant…” Paul walked into the ward with a worn out face and that made everyone look at him with a questioning eyes..
“Richard Is dead” he announced
“No oooooooo” Sandra screamed and fell back to the bed..

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