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Deep Affection: 47-48

Deep Affection: 47-48


“David go back and bring that bag in the sitting room” Clara ordered as they reached the porch, David’s face squeezed immediately,
“why me naa, eh” he grumbled as he head inside, he carried the bag up to his back with all his might before heading out with heavy step,

“we are going to Lagos by air, but before that, does any of you know of anyone one trustworthy that we can stay in his or her house down there in Lagos?” Clara asked as they entered inside the car,
“yeah..I think we should go to Chief Gabriel my father’s house” Richard said
“your father?, does your father lives in Lagos?” Claea asked in surprise
“yeah, it was something I found out not long ago, and Incase you don’t know..Joy here is my sister” Richard blurted with a smile

“Wow..that’s amazing, so we are heading to Daniel’s house, there we would set the final strategy” Clara said and ignited the car, she swerved the car towards the open gate and sped off…

Chief Gabriel and Dr Mike came inside the room where Sandra and Cole were lying motionless, Dr Mike was holding a briefcase which he quickly dropped on the table, he unlocked it and brought our a syringe and an ampoule which has an unknown content in it, he emptied the content into the syringe and walked over to Sandra, he took her left arm and injected half of the content into her vein, he did the same to Cole before retiring to the table, he packed everything and turned to Chief Gabriel,

“it is done..those chemical I injected into their body would give them strength for 24 hours, they would wake up feeling better and well for the 24 hour, if the hours elapse they would become terribly weak and would die” Dr Mike said removing the hand glove he had wore on his palm,

“yeah, so when is her mother coming?” Chief Gabriel inquired
“before this day runs out, she would be here, she is living in Kaduna so it would take her almost a day to reach here, when she comes, we would do everything quickly and hand her children to her, I know she would rush them to the hospital for checkup but before she would reach, the time would have elapse and you know what next, they would both die, then we would send our men to assassinate her in her car.


that’s all, as simple as ABC” Dr Mike explained with a lopsided grin

“I love that..i can’t wait to own that mineral land, it would make me a billionaire in a blink of an eye” Chief Gabriel said feeling so much elated
“we are always the winner” Dr Mike said and turned to Sandra and Cole who just made a movement,

Chief Gabriel and Mike stared at them as they slowly regain strength and sat up, Sandra and Cole gaze was fixed at them with their mind wandering in thought of how they suddenly got so much strength after the severe humiliation,
“Hi kids” Dr Mike said waving his arm in front of their face with a smirk on his face,

“What happened” Cole asked in a horsey voice
“Uhm, they are really getting strength like you said” Chief Gabriel said nodding his head with a broad smile on his face
“There is a good news for you both..ugh, your mother is coming to get you” Dr Mike uttered making Sandra and Cole cringe,

“My mother??” they both asked in unison, their face contort with an inexplicable expression,
“You have to be both happy and sad…” Dr Mike smirked then continued
“You should be happy that after many years, you both would get the chance to see your mother who you have thought is dead long here is where your sadness lies, you both would die few hours after seeing your lovely mother, a chemical which I just injected into your body will kill you In the next 24 hour, so be ready..few minutes after you die, your mother would follow, we gonna kill her, I’m telling you all this so you will prepare you minds souls and body..” Dr Mike said and laughed out hysterically with Chief Gabriel joining in the laughter..

Sandra and Cole couldn’t believe their ear, what they just heard left them astound and stunned, they would be dead in 24 hours that alone left their whole body shooking in great fright and horror.. their thought wandered away to their loved ones..
Sandra’s mind flashed back to the past days she had with Richard, everything they had shared,

Her heart beat very fast as hot tears gush down her eyes, she felt totally down emotionally, the question that kept running through her mind was what would be the fate of Richard if he hears of her death, she really felt pity for him, she knew that in two thing one must happen, it is either Richard goes insane or he kills himself, Sandra placed all the blame on her head,
if she hasn’t left the house in anger, all these may not had happened,
if she hasn’t trusted Clara and believed all her lies, maybe all these may not have happened,

Endless tears kept rolling down her eyes with a heavy heart
Cole on the other hand was really sulking, his gaze downward staring at the floor, he couldn’t place his mind in one place, he was totally frustrated, why should it be now that he had thought of living a peaceful life, why now that he had found his true lover, someone he had planned to marry and make a blissful family, why now that he had thought his days of suffering are gone, is this how he is going to die? without fulfilling any of his dream, what is the essence of seeing your mother when you won’t get the chance to enjoy your days with her,

Cole and Sandra was in deep sorrow that they did not notice when Dr Mike and Chief Gabriel left,
“So this is how we would end” Sandra mussed bitterly
“I pray that God would just send an angel to save us, I can’t just die like this, not when I did not have the chance to enjoy life with my Joy.. No!!!” Cole lamented feeling dejected
“I don’t think we would just die like this, maybe something we don’t expected would just happen and like a dream we would be rescued, maybe” Sandra said in a low tone with sadness,

In the maximum time of 3 hours, clara and her colleague found themselves in Lagos State, they all alighted from the plane and drove to Chief Daniel’s apartment through the direction Joy led them,
Chief Daniel and Marie was just coming out of their house to spend their time in the beach having fun, just as they made to enter their car, they sighted their gateman having some sort of discussion with some people who was standing outside, chief Daniel walked forward to the gate,

“what is going on…” his voice hitched as he sighted Richard among those outside, in much happiness he ran towards them, pushed off the gate man and hugged Richard and Joy tightly with a smile,
“how are you all?” Chief Daniel asked in an elated voice staring at Richard and Joy whose face was grimly and unhappy,
“let us in, we don’t have time to waste at all” Richard urged still having his face covered with sorrowful expression
“you all don’t look happy, i hope all is well” Chief Daniel said in a caring tone as they made their way into the large beautiful and amazing mansion,
Marie ran into Joy with a tight hug, she turned to Richard giving him a warm hug, she felt their body tensed up making her somehow perturbed

“what is the problem?” Marie asked in an expression filled with care and passion,
“We would explain later, but for now let us stay in your house and do what we can’t for, as you can see, there are two people with us, we are here for a serious business please give us space. I personally promise to explain everything to you later okay?” Richard said with a forced smile placing his hand on Marie his mother’s shoulder, he really love and care for the woman who he had just found out to be his mother, seeing her perturbed really hurt him

“no problem, we will be right back In jiffy, feel at home, okay?” Marie said and pecked their cheeks, she entered the car with Chief Daniel and drove off,
“why didn’t you tell them what Is going on?” David asked
“I don’t want them to be worried” Richard replied as they walked into the house,

Clara took out a mouth piece and fixed on her neck, she brought out a bag out of the big bag and took out two pistol and threw it at Richard and Joy
“that’s for self defense.. she brought out three gun again which was silver in colour and shoved it to David,
“you will work as a guardian, your job is to ensure that Sandra and Cole successfully leave that building without harm, take this”


Clara said and gave him a mouth and ear piece, we would be communicating with that, there is also one of my men who is monitoring the interior building through a survellian camera, he would be informing you on what you need to know, my job here would be clearing off the path for our departure and also helping in bringing down the men guarding the building..we have to go” Clara said and stood up, the carried the bag firmly and walked out without looking at anyone,

“we would make use of three cars here, one would be used to escape so it would be parked at the far away from the building” Clara said and opened the car door and slipped in, David joined her while Richard and Joy entered two different cars,
They all drove off to the building with Clara’s car in the front followed by Joy then Richard, their expressions shows that they were all heading to somewhere dangerous and life-threatening..

Richard’s face was grim and solemn exuding total determination, there was no doubt he was fully ready to take the risk for Sandra, if Sandra gets to be killed, he was sure of taking his life, he took all the blame to himself,
if he hadn’t had that sex with that lady all this would not have happened? he felt he was the cause of Sandra being in pain and that did well in making his determination to save her grow a thousands folds,

“Sandra, I’m so sorry for putting you in what you are passing through, I pray you forgives me after I succeed in rescuing you even if I dies” Richard mussed with a drop of tears rolling down his cheek to his chest..

Joy fluttered her eyes trying to push back the tears forcing itself out of her eyes, she remembered the word cole had told her one time, he had made it known to her that he has one kidney and can’t bear pain and torture, he had told this to her one time when they were on the bed late at night, Joy had been sleepless so she forced Cole up and complained to him of being sleepless, she told him to tell her a story so as to make her sleep, cole who had no story to tell had decided to tell her his life story and that was where he told her of his kidney issue, now Joy was full of anxiety as she thought of how cole would be coping with the torture he is passing through, the thought of him being dead flashed through her mind and she quickly shrug it off shooking her head, she was really finding it hard to concentrate on the car she was riding and nearly collide with a vehicle,

After a very long ride, they got to an area which looked lonely, the both sides of the road were covered with big trees and shrubs, there was no building or sign of any vehicle, clara drove a little bit further before halting, Joy also halted her car followed by Richard,
Clara alighted from the car swiftly with the black bag, the other also came down and gazed at her without saying any word,

Clara zipped off the bag and brought out a small pistol and tucked it into her trouser, she took out a small bag which has different size of knives. she took out the knives and fixed it in a belt like structure which she tied around her waist, she tied her hair in a bun with a ribbon which has a sharp metal like object at the end, then she zipped up the bag after bringing our a skin mask which she wore immediately,

Richard and the others were just moping at her in awe as she got herself ready, the mask on her face made her unknown,
“Now you all should study my new face, I have to wear this so my boss wouldn’t have any chance to know it is me” Clara said staring at them for a while..
“We are about to enter into the forest, let the gun fight begin” Clara said into the mouthpiece around her neck,
“okay, no problem” a voice sounded,
“is the police near to the building?” Clara asked

“yes they are”
“inform Max to start up the system and proceed in checking that building from the cameras immediately,
“okay, consider it done” the voice sounded,
“let’s go” Clara beckoned while they all stood at a spot staring at her,
“what Is it?” she asked with an arched brow

“where are we going to? there is no road here?” David inquired
“there isn’t any road because this is not the passway to the building, you don’t expect us to follow the path that would endanger our lives, we are following this place so as to be able to sneak in without being noticed..get in the car, leave one behind” she instructed,
They all entered the car leaving one there in the road,

Clara was driving one of the car while David was driving the other, they all swerved into the forest which was a little bit dark, David found it a somehow hard dodging the trees as he followed Clara closely making him and Richard who was with him bump into some trees

They all struggled their way deep into the forest until they started hearing the sound of bullets faintly, clara halted and came down from the car with Joy, David also halted and came out with Richard,
“We are near and there is no doubt that we would reach there in no distant time, all I need is for everyone to be very alert because we can come across any attack from now on” Clara said with grim
They all started prowling forward with their gun tightly held and raised upward.
Richard and Joy’s heart was pounding so much fast, anxiety filled their whole body that they found it hard to walk steadily

The forest was partly dark with only the sunshine radiating through slight opening in the trees as its only source, it was really spooky as everywhere was dead silent with only the faint sound of bullets as the only sound,
“I have a feeling that someone is tracing us, let’s spread out and hide” Clara said and immediately everyone jumped into the shrub and covered themselves,

Clara’s eyes was moving randomly at every corners of the forest meticulously to check out any movement but found none, she made to come out from where she laid after she couldn’t see any one but just then she sighted a shrub shaking slowly, she walked further then stretched her gun and shoot a bullet which went straight to the belly of a man in a soldier uniform who was hiding carefully under a shrub,

“oh shit!!” Clara cursed under her breath as she discovered she had just used the gun with fixing a silencer into it,
On hearing the sound of bullets five hefty men armed with guns leaped out of their hiding place and pointed their guns on Clara….



Clara stood transfixed with her gaze at the men who stood in front of her pointing their gun to her, she squinted her eyes on each of them and found out they were not well trained gunmen, the way they held their guns and hiw they stood showed that they were learners, she smiles inwardly at this discovery,
“put down your gun and raise up your hands” one of the men ordered in a loud voice,

Clara smiled again, this was what she had expected from weaklings like them,
she slowly bent down and dropped her gun, one of the men walked closer to her and made to search her body when Clara swiftly grabbed him by the neck and covered her body with him, the other men started shooting rapidly but all their bullet went on the man clara had used for shield,
She brought out a pistol from her side pocket and shot at the men in a way that took them unaware, they all fell down breathlessly,
just then, David and the other ran out of their hiding place with their gaze on Clara,

“what happened?” they asked in unison while Clara just kept quiet and took her gun on the ground then started heading to the building while the others ran after her,
After running for sometime, clara stopped abruptly while the others also halted staring at her with a questioning look, Clara turned her face up and shot a bullet upward making someone scream before falling down from the tree,
“Jesus!! clara how did you saw him?” they all chorused in amazement,
“sensitivity” clara mumbled and started heading to the building,

Now, it was clear that they were close to the building as they could now vividly hear the sound of bullets, Richard and Joy on hearing this became terrified, this was their first time of hearing different sound of bullets, they could sight bullets spraying through the air,
Clara and David were in the front and was a little bit far from Richard and Joy whose had just stood at a spot without moving, their heart was really pound loudly and fast, it was now that they got what Clara was telling them, this place is really a dead zone, they were already losing hope and was now having double mind on whether to continue their journey of rescuing their loved ones,
Much anxiety filled their heart making them feel very weak,

would they survive this? was the question that kept resounding on their mind,
“what are you both still doing there?” Clara yelled as she found the both of them stiffed in one position,
Clara walked back to them as she got no reply,
“what Is it?” she asked them as she got nearer

“are we going in there?” Richard asked exuding great fear,
“You see, to be sincere, this is one thing I hated with passion, I hate weakling, I hate men who gets frightened by what they are about to face, this is a decision you took and you are bound to do it, it is for you guys good and not mine, so you both has to hasten up or else we would lose both Sandra and Cole..let me tell you,i just got an information from Max now,

Sandra and Cole would die in 24 hours by one kind of chemical injected in their body. so mind you, if we waste time in rescuing them, just know that we would lose the both” Clara said with grim making Richard and Joy widen their eyes in shock,
a sudden strength and zeal erupt their whole body, the anxiety which was in them disappeared replacing it with courage,

“let’s go now” Richard said and started walking forward in haste,
At last, they got to the building, there was a tall fence which was used in guarding the building,
“we have finally reached our destination, crossing over this fence is something that would bring two things to us, death or one knows who would survive this, but that doesn’t matters, what matters is being victorious, someone must die for the other to live so don’t be afraid of death because it is something that must come.. now you all should wear this” Clara ordered giving them a bullet proof

“this bullet proof is different, if a bullet is shot to you, something like blood would spur out making your attacker thinks you are dead, then at that moment you will take that advantage and bring him or her down” Clara explained,
Richard and Joy were done wearing theirs but David was still holding his own in his hand
“what is it?” Clara asked him with an arched brow,

“you are not wearing your own bullet proof” he said
“and how does that become your business?” Clara scowled
“well, we all are into this, I don’t see why we would wear a bullet proof without you wearing your own, do you want to die?” David asked exuding passion
“I have only four remaining so I don’t have any to wear so why being whinny” Clara sneered

“Then I’m not wearing mine, I can’t wear this and successfully come out alive and well with you being shot down” David said and dropped the bullet proof on the ground,
“David, what is wrong with you? why acting as if I’m your girlfriend or fiancee, why being this caring to me?” Clara asked with grimace
“I love you and that is the reason..even if you don’t like me, i love you and can’t afford to lose you, understand that” David replied with his tone filled with care, love and affection
“David, you are wasting our time here, what is even wrong with you?” Clara said with a forced frown
“you don’t know? okay I will tell you, take this in your head, I can’t allow you to be killed because I love you..” David said with tears,

“I love you too” clara said in a cracked voice and kissed him passionately..
“David you have to wear this okay? I don’t want you dead please” Clara said in tears staring deeply into David’s eyes
“promise me that you will be safe and alive for me, please” David said with tears dropping off his eyes
“I promise” Clara muttered while they hugged their selves tightly as if their lives depend on it..

David took the proof and wore slowly,
“Now David, lead them into the building, I will join hand in bringing down those gunmen, I would have come with you guys but I got some information that my boss is in there with Chief Gabriel and Dr Mike, so I can’t come in, he may find me.. please tread carefully and alert, use your silencer, don’t make anyone find out you are in there, disguise yourselves as a security…” clara said to them in a bossy tone while they all nodded,

Chief Gabriel, Dr Mike, Angela and Rex Clara’s boss sat on the couch in a room at the third floor, Rex had In his hand a cocaine which he kept sniffing, his eyes were bloodshot, his body was rigid and muscular like a wrestler, with just a mere view one would see that he was someone specifically trained..
“Are you sure that those attackers wouldn’t get in here?” Chief Gabriel asked with anxiety

“Hey man, don’t just ask me that annoying question, I have told you that the situation is under control, very soon every thing would die down, our men are really bringing down those foolish attackers” Rex said sniffing a larger quantity of cocaine into his nostrils
“How are you sure that we are winning?” Chief Gabriel asked still feeling insecure
“now listen, the real men attacking us are 20 in number, others are those weak vessel who called themselves police men, the police men who were close to 300 when attacking us are now just 20, the real men who I’m sure were trained are now 11, making them 31, our men have only lost 50 people so you see, we are winning, stop disturbing your self” Rex boasted

“but don’t you know who those trained men are?” Chief Gabriel asked again
“hmm, well I don’t, they are all wearing mask but I’m gonna check later after they had all been killed” Rex replied sniffing the last content..
Just then, the ear piece connected to a device made a beeping sound, he answered it by clicking a button in the device

“yes what is the problem?” he said into a mouthpiece,
“we are going down” a voice sounded from the speaker,
“what do you mean?” Rex asked with straight gaze
“Someone has joined the attackers, she is much swifter and mightier than our men, her gun has much capacity, just a few minutes she had came in we have lost 100 of our men”
“what?!!” Rex screamed in shock flinging off the cocaine he had just bought out to sniff,

what he just heard left him speechless
a lady bringing down 100 men in a few minute, there was only one person he knew could do such a thing and that is Clara his highest student and successor,
she was the only person that could do such a thing because at recent training he had gave them, she was always the best at gun fight and had been ranked the best in that, she was as swift as a cat and could possibly bring down many people at a little time,

Rex quickly stood up and head out
“where are you going to?” Chief Gabriel asked
“To the system room, I have to find who that lady is” Rex said and walked out
Rex entered the system which was dark with only the light from the monitor serving as the only illumination in the room, Rex took a seat facing a system, he clicked some keys in the keyboard and just then, the video of the lady appeared on the screen, he kept watching her as she shoot down many men in a swift and clever way, her gun was exceptional and was the type specially made in Russia by a well knowed assassin clan, it has a great velocity which would bring down anyone before that person could even notice,

Rex squinted his eyes on the lady for some time. the lady has many things in common with Clara, her body stature, her moves, her swiftness and agility, almost everything, but one thing was different, her face, the face of the lady was totally different,
Rex thought of the lady being clara on disguise but one thing he couldn’t explain was why Clara was fighting against Chief Gabriel, why would she be attacking Chief Gabriel without even informing him,

He clenched his fist in anger as he thought of Clara trying to overthrow him, she had just assembled some of his men and go into a battle without making him know if it,
“Hey lady just pray you aren’t clara, because if I finds out that you are, i promise you, you won’t leave here alive” Rex bellowed to the system and stood up heading out of the room,

David, Richard and Joy had successfully found their way up to the 3rd floor and was heading to the room where Sandra and Cole are, they were claded in a security uniform although, after bringing down the men at the entrance of the secret passway that had quickly wore their uniform, Richard and Joy’s happiness knew no bound as they walked to the door of the room, they could hear the voice of Sandra and Cole from inside and this alone made their heart leap in joy,
Richard pushed the door and it gave way immediately,

Sandra and Cole was sitting on the Cole floor facing each other, they were unaware of what was going on outside because the room was sound proofed, they were both consoling each other with tears in their eyes as they kept remembering the word Chief Gabriel had said, they would die in 24 hours..
In the middle of their discussion, the door made a cracking sound and went ajar, Sandra and Cole had quickly bowed their head downward in fear. they had thought it was those men who tortures them,

they heard two different voices call their name, the voice really sounded like that of Richard to Sandra’s hearing but she couldn’t believe it was him, how could it be him, it just can never be Richard” she thought to Her self still facing downward,

Cole on the other hand quickly raised his head, what he saw left him shaken,
“Joy!!!!!!!!!!” he screamed in the top of his voice with his eyes widened in astonishment,
Sandra on hearing his scream raised up her head and immediately cringed on seeing Richard and Joy standing in front of her,

Her mouth went agape as a sudden link grew in her throat,
“Sandraaaaa, Sandra” Richard called and squat down in front of her, he drew her jaw closer and kissed her deeply,
“Richard is this really you?” Sandra asked still shocked
“yeah it’s me, I’m here to save you” Richard said in tears and kissed her again,.

Joy couldn’t control her emotions as she saw the bruises and scars on Cole’s body, she went forward to him and held him tightly
“what happened? what happened” Joy asked In a teary tone,
“Joy, how did you get to know I’m here, how did you can’t here” Cole said in a calm tone wrapping his hand around her neck,
“you are okay right? please just tell me that you are strong okay?” Joy said tilting her head in passion,
“I’m strong now but in the next 24 hours I’ll be a dead man” Cole said and hugged Joy tightly

“we are here to save you both, you will not die” joy said In an emotional state
“Hey Richard let’s release them quickly before we are being….” his voice was cut short as five huge body men walked into the room with Chief Gabriel, Dr Mike and Angela..
“wow wow wow, who do we have here” Chief Gabriel said with a lopsided smile,
Richard, David, Joy, Sandra, cole was totally frightened,
“I’m loving the way things are going for us.. now we would kill all of them in a day and the same time” Dr Mike said in glee

“Hey..kill all of them In slow and painful way now” Chief Gabriel ordered and took a seat at the corner of the room, Mike and Angela also took their seat in readiness to watch the scene,
David quickly pressed the button in the watch which Clara had gave him so as to alert her when they are in trouble which they can’t solve..

Clara was shooting down the men in haste when her watch beeped, she sighed deeply,
“they are in trouble” she breathed before prowling her way to the building, she successfully got into the building and made to climb the stairs when someone called her name,
she turned sharply and got the shock of her life,
standing in front of her was her boss with a stern face and a clenched fist..
to be continued

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