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Deep Affection: 44-46

Deep Affection: 44-46


Blood was all that could be seen and smelt around the room where Cole and Sandra layed unconscious, every part of their body had blood oozing out, their joints were having scratch which was gushing out blood, with more view one would vividly discover that both Cole and Sandra had been badly battered, they couldn’t make a single movement and that really made them look so much like corpse, their heart was the only part of their body which was in motion, the pain that surge through their whole body is not something word can explain, cole on the other had was feeling terrible pain around his stomach region and that alone had made him totally exhausted,
Just then, the door crack open and Angela walked in feeling elated,

“Hey will you get up from there!!” she scowled hitting Sandra hardly on her head, that really jerked Sandra back to reality but she couldn’t move, the severe pain all over her body couldn’t allow her make any movement, she just fluttered her eyes and opened it, everything was blurred and she couldn’t recognize the lady standing before her,
“I know you are hearing me so do you feel now, terrible pain right? just know that this is the beginning.. everyday you would pass through this pain until you finally die, no one I mean no one would ever save you even your beloved Richard..” Angela paused then laughed out loudly,

“only me can save u but that would be if you show me where Richard is and make him mine” Angela said with a lopsided grin
“think about that, I’ll be back when you have gotten little stronger so you can give me the answer” Angela said with a wink before leaving,
After some hours, Sandra and Cole sat up with the little strength they got, their ankle were bounded by shackles which would prevent them from either standing talk more of running away, Sandra and Cole was sitting opposite each other and their gaze was full of grimace,

“do you think we can survive this?” Cole asked exhaling heavily
“We would survive by God’s grace and mercy” Sandra said feeling pain
“do you think God would help us?” Cole asked
“yes he is a loving and caring father” Sandea said while Cole chuckled
“what is amusing?” Sandra asked with a questioning look

“Have we ever thought about God when our life is smooth without any pain, I mean how many times have we prayed or sacrifices anything for God, let’s ask ourselves, are we a child of God?” Cole said spreading his arm
“everyone is a child of God, don’t you know?” Sandra said with a shrug,
“what are we doing to show we are a child of God? how many times had we prayed to God our father? how many times had we read the Bible? does our lives shows really that we are Christians? if we don’t go down to our knees and make peace with God, hmm..we are both going to die here and still end up in hell” Cole preached and that really touched Sandra, she started reminiscing on her past life, she got to realise that in all her doing, she had forgotten God, she found out that she had never involved God, she came to realize that she hasn’t had time to make God her helper and director.
“Cole. now I understand, I’ve never had time for God, I think it is time for us to make way for him in our heart” Sandea said wholeheartedly..

“are we ready to give our life to Christ because that is the only way we can be saved?” Cole asked
“I’m ready”
“okay let’s pray, I’m sure that His would save us the way he saved Paul and Silas in the Bible” Cole said and they both began praying..

“Richard haven’t you got over? why still stressing out yourself for someone who is no longer thinking about you” Clara said calmly rubbing her palm on his bare back,
“Clara do you even know that I’m hating you gradually” Richard blurted making Clara cringe,

“why?? what have I done wrong? what is my crime” Clara said in a meek voice,
“instead of finding a way to make me find my missing rib, you are always here trying to make me forget her, are you even trying to make me notice you?” Richard bellowed with a raised brow
“Richard why are you saying this? you know I am not like that anymore, why saying those hurtful words to me just because I came to sooth you” Clara sulked with tears on her eyes,
“it is okay, I’m sorry. I just got exasperated” Richard said pulling her head to his shoulder,
“Richard, what I’m I to you?’ Clara asked still sobbing

“you are my friend and my ex fiancee” Richard replied dryly,
“Richard can you tell me if you have any feelings for me?” Clara inquired making Richard flinch,
“feeling? what type of feeling” Richard asked with an arched brow
“do you care about how I feel?” Clara asked
“I care because you are my friend” Richard answered dryly
“if Sandra doesn’t comes back, will you..make me your girlfriend again?” Clara asked shutting her eyes tightly
“hmm, Clara I want you to understand something, being my girlfriend or fiancee again would do the both of us no good, the reason is that I no longer loves you, I can’t love you, I mean nothing can make me love you so as to make you my wife, it would be one of a hell for us, I love only Sandra and it would always be her” Richard said calmly rubbing her back slowly,

“those words hurt you know?”
“but that is the truth and there is no need concealing it” Richard answered while Clara abruptly detached from him and made to leave
“Clara if you had been thinking of grabbing this opportunity into making me notice you, mmm, I’m sorry it is impossible” Richard said making Clara stood still facing the door,
she stood there for some minute before storming out..

On reaching downstairs, clara sighted Joy in the kitchen, she was washing one plate constantly with tears dropping off her eyes, this made Clara touched, she felt guilty for putting the people who had loved and care for her in pain,
“Ohh no, clara you are a trained assassin, no emotion, no mercy. no guilt” she mumbled and rushed out of the house,
She entered her car and drove off to her house, she parked her car in the garage and ran into the building, with a loud thud she slumped on the sofa, just then her phone beeped, she looked into the screen and hissed loudly, it was an alert that her account had been credited, it was for that job of Sandra and Cole, what made her unhappy was what she couldn’t ascertain, the more she tried hard in moving thise guilt from her head, the more it eloped her whole memories, she walked into the bar in her house in haste and grabbed a liquor, in a twinkle of an eye she had gulped down all the content,

“Ohhh gosh, Richard!! Richard!!!” she screamed his name,
She took another bottle and drank all immediately,
“Richard!!!! why did you cause me guilt, why im feeling guilty after those words you said, why!!!!!!!!!” She screamed with another bottle going down, she drank up to ten bottle but the guilt couldn’t leave her, she took a cocaine and snuffed…
Her sight became blurred and she couldn’t see well but someone’s face was in her memory, she could see someone in front of her, that person was no other person than Sandra, she could see her in grief, her face was showing deep pain,
“Haaaaaaa” Sandra screamed hitting her head with her hand,
it was an illusion but it looks real…

“what is happening? where are the others?” Paul asked David who sat on the couch in chief Gabriel’s house sipping a wine in a tumbler
“Guy, I don’t know but I think they are hiding something from us” David said
“hiding?? why?”
“I don’t know” David said
“why did you said that?” Paul inquired
“you see, they no more calls for meeting, they no more inform us about the latest, as I’m talking to you now, the three of them is in a place i can’t describe..”
“no it can’t be, not after I did all these for them!” Paul interjected angrily
“who knows, they may even be planning to kill us and get everything only for themselves..i think we should go against them” David said to Paul resting his hand on his shoulder

“let’s spoil their plans by betraying them” David explain
“ugh..well..hmm.. that seems nice, but I don’t want to be in that Richard side, I really hate him” Paul said
“put that hatred behind, let’s revenge” David said
Paul exhaled heavily tgen nodded his head
“I will” he agreed with a smile
“thanks..we would see tommorow so as to strategies our plan” David said while Paul nodded.
they both shook hands before Paul left,

Clara walked into her room feeling drunk, she slumped on her bed and dozed off,
the next day, she woke up by the ray of sunshine radiating through the slightly opened window which she had forgot to close yesternight, she stretched her body making a cracking sound before standing up from the bed, she walked into the en-suit and took her bath after brushing, she walked out and quickly wore a pink loosely fitted gown, she climbed her hair backwardly leaving it straight, she applied a light makeups before rubbing the sex stimulant over the visible part of her body,

“Richard, I need you desperately, maybe a sex this morning would make you notice me” clara mussed to herself with a sigh

She entered her car and drove straight to Richard’s house, on reaching there, she found him sitting on the couch staring at a picture in his hand, after some minute, he would place it on his chest smiling our tears,
“what kind of love is this?” clara thought to herself before walking in,
“Hy Richard” she greeted with a smile but got no reply, Richard was still totally engrossed on the picture he was holding, this got Clara really exasperated,
“Richard!!!’ she bellowed loudly making Richard flinch back to reality,
“Ohh clara are you…” his voice hitched as that same cologne passed through his nostrils. he shook his head and shut his eyes tightly, this is the same scent he perceived that led to all these things which are happening, he could fell his whole system changing, his thought which was clouded with the thought of Sandra was view giving way for the thought of erotic things, his gaze was now resting on Clara’s bre**st and all he could not think of was having sex, he exhaled heavily still staring at Clara,
“Richard what is it?” clara asked innocently,

“Clara..I’m..I’m feeling horny all of a sudden, I having sex with you” Richard blurted while Clara flinched in pretense,
“Sex with me?..what.. ” Richard’s lips which plunged on her lips that moment cut short her speech, she wrapped her hand around her neck deeping the kiss,
Richard located her bre**st and started fondling it making her moan, they both fell on the couch still kissing intensely, Richard broke the kiss all of a sudden, it was as if something clank on his head. he suddenly got back to consciousness and quickly wore his trouser, with the speed of lightening, he scurried out of the house,

He entered his car and drive off heading to no where in mind, he could not explain or fathom what came over him making him close to having sex with Clara, his head was pounding heavily, his whole body was sweaty and he was really quivering, what if he have had sex with Clara. would he ever forgive himself? he could not help but wondered how he all of a sudden couldn’t control his sexual urge, his head was full of thought making him less concentrated in the car he was driving and just then he nearly hitted an old woman crossing the road,

“Hey young man what is your problem?” the old woman asked him after swiftly escaping his car from hitting her,

“I’m sorry ma, just that…”
“your are over thinking, and trying to solve what is not meant for human, why not seek God’s intervention” the old woman advised with a smile before leaving,
Her word clinged on Richard head like a bell,

“why not seek the intervention of God” the word resounded in his head..
“Ohh God..i think i have to visit the church of God” he mumbled and ignited his car and drove off, not long later, he found a gigantic building with a large cross at the front view, he drove in immediately and parked his car at the car park, he alighted and just then he sighted a young man in white alb, he walked to him and found out he was a priest,
“Good evening father”
“evening son, how can I help you” the priest questioned,
“ we need to discuss something serious” Richard said with grim
“okay let’s go to my office” the priest beckoned and moved away with Richard following him closely

Clara was totally astound at how Richard was able to control himself even with the lotion she rubbed, this alone made her felt guilt, she was now completely convinced that Richard really and deeply loved Sandra. she suddenly at that moment had a change of mind which she never expected. her conscience which she thought had been killed long ago in her came to life, she could not hear that little voice judging her, she felt really unease, the sound of Sandra’s cries when she ordered for her to be taken to Chief Gabriel came echoing in her head making her go gaga, her while body went cold as she thought of the pain she would be passing through there, she remembered Cole who she had found out that he had one kidney and would not survive much beating, the scene if Richard and Joy crying loudly came to her memory, she felt deeply moved and sorry for the anguish and pain the people who loved her was going through because of her and there and then, she decided to restore smile and happiness in their face by going on a rescue mission to bring Sandra and Cole back, she dried the tears which had formed in her eyes and exhaled heavily..

Richard walked into the house with the last word of the priest on his mind,
“you will experience God’s miracle any moment from now..your faith in him has saved you, but don’t forget to give your life to him after he had restored happiness to you” this was the word of the priest after praying for him,
On reaching the sitting room, he found clara and Joy watching a movie,
“how was your night Joy” he asked and got only a nod from her,

“Richard where did you went to?” clara asked in a low tone
“I visited a priest” Richard answered
“uhmm..okay..ermmm…Joy! Richard!” clara called making tgen turn their gaze on her..

“the both of you are dull and pale, I can see what happen is really eating you deep..and that shows that you both are truly in love, I..want to do this, not because I wanted to, but because of the way I feel, I want you both to cheer up because you will get to meet Sandra and Cole again” Clara said making the both of them cringe


“what do you mean?” they both asked in unison
“I will bring Sandra and Cole back to you both” Clara said and a sudden squeal of happiness erupted from Richard lips, while Joy was still confused,
“how can you bring then back?” joy asked with an arched brow
“She can, she is an… ”
“I will try tracking them” Clara chipped in immediately stopping Richard from completing his statement,
“Ohhh God..thank you very much Clara” Joy said elated hugging clara tightly,
“thank you very much Clara, you can’t imagine how much happy I am now, I don’t know how to thank you enough” Richard said and kissed her lips…
To be continued

Ohhh my God I’m so happy that clara decided to change a bit by deciding to rescue Sandra and Cole, I just pray she is not pretending again and Richard why did you kiss me, i will tell Sandra..



Sandra and Cole was just concluding their prayer when the door cracked open and that same huge men walked in, their heart started beating very fast and loud as the men brought out thier torture tool,
This time instead of using a whip on them a hot rod was brought out,
Sandra and Cole stared at them with a teary eyes, but that didn’t move the men a bit, one of the men set the recorder then charged at Sandra with a heavy blow which sent her sprawling on the floor, the remaining men went for the gown she was wearing and tore it to piece making her claded with a bra and a pant, Cole screamed, Sandra screamed but none made any positive impact, The more Sandra keeps begging for mercy the more the men keeps getting infuriated,

They drew down her pant forcefully, three men held her tightly while the other pulled down his trousers and short, they widened her legs and raped her, the pain was so much, her heart was bleeding with much anguish, staring at the men who pounded her without mercy she felt her heart shook in great fury,

Cole struggled hard to rescue his sister but he couldn’t, the place he was tied was a far from where his sister is, unending tears kept gushing out of his eyes as he kept hearing the squeal of pain made by his sister, he felt like strangling the men to death, he felt killing them with a rod, he felt totally devasted,
After some hours, the men were done, they all wore their trouser leaving Sandra lying helplessly on the floor still naked,

They walked up to Cole with a smirk which was unseen due to the mask they were wearing,
The first hit from the rod which landed on Cole’s back made him feel a very terrible pain. another hit went to his thigh, they kept hitting him hardly at any part of his body until he fainted, the men walked out and Chief Gabriel and Dr Mike walked in,

They saw Sandra lying naked and smiled to themselves,
“that’s good for her” Dr Mike mussed with a grin
“yeah, I don’t think her mother would hesitate from coming out after seeing this” Chief Gabriel said with a smile,

Richard was sitting on the balcony when suddenly his eyes went teary, why he was sheding tears was something of the heart, something that is unseen but felt, he felt it down in his soul that Sandra was in great pain but how and where is what he couldn’t say, he had also found Joy crying on her own several times, she had also confessed to him that she felt Cole in pain
“Richard we have to talk” Clara’s voice sounded behind him making him turn his gaze at her direction, clara saw the tears in his eyes but ignored it,
“let go inside and talk, time is not on our side” Clara said and walked in while Richard followed her,
They both sat on the couch facing eachother,

“Sandra and Cole are in a very serious and severe danger, Infact, their life on earth are counted. the truth is that if we don’t make haste in saving them, I think we gonna lose them” clara said calmly while Richard’s eyes bulged out immediately, what Clara just said hitted him like a bomb, that is the worst thing that would ever happen to him, losing Sandra,

“so let’s start quickly, I can’t bear losing her please” Richard pleaded to Clara whose face showed no emotion at all,
“I need a team, because I can’t do this on my own to avoid my boss noticing…do you know of any one who can work with me?” Clara asked,
“ehmmm, I..I know of one guy who can help, his name is David” Richard said and brought out his phone,
“you are with his contact?” Clara asked while Richard nodded
“okay call him to come over here, but before that, Is he good in handling guns?” Clara asked while Richard nodded
“Hello who I’m I speaking with?” David’s hoarse voice sounded through the other side,

“Richard…. ”
a loud squeak sounded that moment from David,
“Ohhh, God!! Richard, how are you doing now?” David asked elated
“I’m doing fine” Richard answered
“Hey dude, don’t tell me you are doing fine because I think that Sandra your girlfriend is in chief Gabriel’s possession” David said while Richard exhaled heavily
“yeah.. that’s why I called you”
“Richard, I think they had began to suspect me into being in your side because they refused telling me where Sandra and Cole is, they had been very much secretive this time” David breathed with a sigh,

“that’s not a big problem just get prepared and come to the address I’m gonna send to you now, that’s were I’m living, there is someone here you will love to talk to, she will be of great help to the both of us” Richard said
“okay no problem, I will come as soon as possible” David said before the call was hung,

“so Clara, that’s the guy, he lives in Lagos, it will take him a day to reach here so what should we be doing now?” Richard inquired
“the building where Sandra and Cole are caged is guarded by many well trained gunmen, we would only succeed by using the distraction method. the job of bringing down the men would be for me and that guy you called, but rescuing Sandra and Cole would be the mission of you and Joy” Clara explained,
“yeah that sounds great, I can’t wait to rescue my love” Richard said with a forced smile,

“We would wait for the David of a guy so we we can start a plan together” Clara said and walked out…
Clara was pained, she felt bittered, she can’t say what keeps triggering her into helping Richard who she needs to be her husband, for Sandra to come back means that all she had planned for starting from the first day would all be shattered,
on entering her room, she slumped on her bed feeling sad,

“Sandra, just know that I’m doing this because I pitted Richard, if not, you would have rot there” Clara mussed then brought out a laptop, she booted it then began her survey, she kept screening the building where she had found out to be where Sandra and Cole is to make a right plan on how to carry out the mission,
After some minute, she shut the laptop then walked to the bathroom and took her bath, she dried her body then layed on the bed naked with the thought of Richard clouding her mind,

It was as early as 6:00 when David arrived to Kano state, he drove to the location which Richard had sent,
on reaching the building, he walked in feeling some kind of joy which he couldn’t define,
He knocked on the door and it was opened immediately by Richard,
“Ohhh, are you here already? welcome” Richard said with a smile hugging him tightly

“Hey, where is the person I would love to meet?” David asked curiously as they walked into the sitting room,
“this one you are so curious to see her, is everything alright?” Richard said with a smirk

“uhmm, I don’t even know it is a lady” David said before slumping on the couch,
Just then, someone knocked, Richard made to go and check who was at the door but David beat him to that,
David opened the door and quickly gasped in seeing who was standing in front of him, the person was a lady whose beauty made him stiffed, he stared at her in admiration feeling his heart skip a beat, her light fair skin, long lashes, misty eyes, long dark hair, nice chin, pointed nose, pink lips, awesome shape, very nice curve made David drool,
David couldn’t help himself, his gaze couldn’t just leave her body, what he felt was something he hasn’t for once feel in his entire life, he couldn’t tell what he feel but one thing was for sure, he had got attracted to the lady,

A tap from the lady brought him back from the world of imagination to reality,
“Can you let me in?” Clara’s voice sounded in a low tone, her voice was like that of an angel to David’s hearing, this made him smile widely before shifting his body off the door entrance giving clara space to enter,

Clara walked in without giving him a glance, she sat down in the two-seater couch beside Richard, David saw this and felt a little bit annoyed, he wanted to seat with her and had wished she had took seat in another couch which would give him space to seat with her,
He slumped on the one-seater couch and sat down, not long after, Joy came and took her seat on the longest couch,
“So guys good morning” clara greeted with a sweet smile which did well in making David’s heart skip a beat, her smile made her more beautiful, David couldn’t help but kept on admiring her as she smile,

“Richard is this the David you called yesterday?” clara asked pointing at David
“yeah” Richard nodded while Clara turned her gaze to him,
“Hi.. I’m Clara”
“I’m..David” they both shook hands
“welcome” clara said with a smile,
Clara made to withdrew her hand from David’s grip but he held it tight unconsciously. the softness of her palm made it nice and cool, David found himself loving everything about Clara,
“Can you release my hand?” Clara said with a grim making David release his grip hastily,

“So guys..we all knows why we are here, we all know how aim which is to rescue Sandra and Cole, we can do it only with determination, every..” her phone rang and she stopped her speech then brought out her phone,
“excuse me” she mumbled and walked out to answer the call,
David quickly went to her previous position,

“Richard, who is that lady?” he asked while Joy and Richard stared at him with a surprise smile
“why are you asking?” Richard asked back
“I…emm” he scratched his head
“you have feelings for her?” Joy interuppted with a raised brow
“I think so” David said with grimace
“okay, I have to give you a little space” Richard said and stood up from where he sat and went to the couch where David was sitting before,

Just then, Clara walked in, she went to sit on where she sat before and noticed that it wasn’t Richard that was sitting beside her. it was now the David of a guy, she smile inwardly then sat down without saying any word,
just as her body made a contact with David. he quivered, his whole body shook in happiness, he felt his heart beat increase, the cologne emitting from Clara’s body made him dream of having her, he could not tell what was wrong with him, this was his first time of having this such feeling for a lady,
“This mission is very easy and has to be done faster…” as she talked David stared at her lips with a smile, he felt like kissing it,

“I had grouped us in two, Joy and Richard would do the job of bringing out Sandra and Cole safely while I and David would bring down the gun men guarding the building” Clara said
“me and you?” David asked with a grin
” yeah..” clara said with a mean face,
“so we would…em nothing” David stuttered rubbing his hand in glee,
“we would start tomorrow.. firstly, I will have to train David on the use of gun so that he would be perfect, any mistake may cost our life..” Clara said and stood up

“follow me, we are both heading to my house” clara beckoned to David who sprang up immediately,
“Richard and Joy you both would have to use your sense, avoid wasting of time, be fast when you go to rescue them..” clara said and walked out, David winked at both Joy and Richard before following Clara,

David and clara entered into Clara’s car and drove off, David kept staring her steadily but got not even a glance from her,
this really left him perturbed,
“Hey can you please tell me your name” David asked just to get her attention,
Clara kept her gaze straight without looking at him
“are you really good in handling guns?” clara asked as they drove into her mansion,
“yeah, I’m pretty good but I need some more training from you” David said
“must it be from me?”
“yeah, I think, I will learn faster if you teach me” David said with a lopsided smile

they both entered the mansion and David was really dumbfounded,
“are you the one living here!” he asked in amazement
“yeah any problem?” clara asked opening the training room which has every thing needed for training in it,
“Clara do you…”
“so you knew my name..then why were you asking of it then?” Clara asked placing her hand akimbo staring at him with a questioning look,
“well, I just felt bored and decided to begin a discussion with you” David replied

“I’m I a boring person?” clara asked
“no no no, you aren’t, Infact you are..”
“stop lying, I’m a boring lady and I know it so stop those blah blah blah” clara said waving her hand in the air,
“Clara!” David called

“I want to tell you something” David said
“what is it?” clara asked dryly
“ermmm, I don’t know how to put it but let me say…clara since i was born, my life had always been upside down, i had never had time to think of my future all I do is killing for my uncle, I had never had the chance to think of my future, to be sincere, i was one of those guy who solidly doubted love especially the one’s at first sight, I never for once thought in my life that It ever existed talkmore of being a victim, what I’m trying to say is that, at my first sight on you, I felt my heart limp,i felt it deep down In my heart that I’m in love with you, Clara I know this may sound weird or crazy but it is sincere, tell me what would be your reply if I ask us to enter a relationship?”


David said with his a solemn tone
Clara stared at him in surprise, all he said just rang like a bell in her ear, she could not tell what her heart was saying that moment, the truth was that she felt something for him, but she couldn’t just ascertain if what she felt was love,
“David I think I have to tell you this..I’m not worthy to be your girlfriend..I mean, I’m dangerous, I… ”
“I don’t love you just because of what I saw but I love you because of what I felt which I’m sure is a feeling that would grow to an unending love, please just tell me if you feel anything for me? ”
Clara was totally confused,

“I feel something for you but I can’t tell if it is love. I don’t think i can fall in love with any other guy” clara said in a meek voice
“if we both have feelings for ourselves then I think with time we would know what it really is” David said with a cool smile,
Clara turned to head inside but David drew her backward and kissed her deeply..


David kissed clara so deeply in passion, he was feeling so much elated for finally finding someone his heart beat for, he was only getting to meet clara today but the feeling he had for her had already grew tremendously, he had felt it deep in his heart that he would find his heartbeat after Richard had called him, it was as if Richard had knew this when he said he should come over that there is someone he would love to meet,

after some minute Clara finally broke the kiss, she stared at David with mixed feelings, her shoulder sagged
“what do you really want from me? you have to know me well before thinking of having me as your girlfriend, I am someone you will flee away from when you get to know me well, I will advise you to please kill that feelings you have for me because you may not live to regret it” clara said sternly
“what do you mean..i.. ”

“David…i don’t want to have anything to do with a guy, you may be attracted by my beauty but just know that you don’t judge a book by its cover, so let’s do what we came here for and forget about all these love of a thing” Clara blurted then walked to the centre of the room,
“Come over and stop moping at me like a moron!!” clara retorted shocking David, he could not believe it was the Clara who was all meek and smily recently is now this mean, he exhaled heavily with a shrug before walking forward
“take this” Clara beckoned shoving a gun to him which he catched immediately,.
Clara took a device which had many buttons on it

“when I press any button here, a balloon human comes up from the floor, you will have to shoot at it immediately it comes up, it stays up in 3 Seconds before deflation, so you have to shoot at it quickly before it deflates by it’s self..understood?” Clara asked with grim while David just nodded
“now at the count of three, we begins…concentrate and don’t miss any, do it the way you gonna do it tommorow, see those balloon as the gun men surrounding that building” Clara said bluntly,

“okay” David mumbled with his face squeezed, he really felt hurt the way Clara was suddenly cold towards him, she doesn’t smile anymore and was really acting bossy,
He stared at her face and breathed heavily,
“1..2..3” clara counted and pressed a button and a balloon came up, David shot at it quickly, she pressed again, another balloon came up in another position, David shot at it, this was what they kept doing till David started losing all, he now finds it hard getting the balloon before it deflates, he was no more concentrating, his thought was faraway thinking of the kiss he had with Clara, his thought started getting occupied by everything about Clara, any time his gaze averts to her direction he always feels a kind of sensation,
Clara noticed this and stopped, she walked up to him and smacked his head with her palm

“what is wrong with you?” she asked with an arched brow
“I’m sorry, i don’t think i can really continue, I am.. I’m just…I’ve to rest” David stuttered fluttering his eyes lashes rapidly
“you can’t be tired, we haven’t even did this up to 2 hours, how can you say you are tired, I guess you are lying” clara said with a straight gaze,
“whatever…i can’t continue” David said and headed to the door, he was getting really exasperated, the way clara was acting on him was paining him, he knew he love her and really wants her to accept him, being closer to her makes him feel like wrapping his arm around her warmly, this was his first love and he feared he could go crazy if she doesn’t accept him,

The training was so much boring to him, although it would really increase his swiftness in gun shooting, he still doesn’t want to do it again, not when the person he loves was treating him with grim and seriousness like a student,
He walked to the door and made to leave when Clara called him back
“What?” he answered without averting his gaze to her
“where are you going to?” Clara inquired
“Back to Lagos” he answered and Clara gasped in shock
“Lagos?? aren’t you helping in rescuing Sandra and Cole again?” clara asked with a raised brow

“I don’t think i can do it anymore..i..i..well suit yourself” David said and dashed out of the room in anger, what was making him angry was something he could not even fathom, maybe it was the way clara turned him down…
He walked down the stairs with tears filling up his eyes,
“why can’t she just see that I love her so much why?!!!” David grumbled to himself, he slumped into the couch in the sitting room and shut his eyes making the tears in his eyes roll down,
His eyes was still shut when he felt someone wipe off the tears, he opened his eyes and saw Clara in front of him with a face contort with emotion,
“Clara, I’m not someone who holds his feelings or keeps it in the heart, I’m not someone who can rest without getting his heart desire, please believe me I deeply love you, all I want from you is just an approval, I want…”

“shuuu” Clara said placing her index finger on his lips,
“I love you too, just that I’m afraid, but for now, let’s go and train so we won’t make a fatal mistake tommorow” clara said with a sweet smile which made David heart leap in excitement
“okay let’s go”

It was evening when David and Clara concluded their training, David had became perfect in aiming and shooting,
they both walked out of the room and went to the sitting room
“now David you have to go and take your bath in the guest bathroom while I takes mine in my room en-suit” Clara said while David nodded,
they both went away after Clara showed him the way,

Clara was done with her bath and was about to walk into her room when the light suddenly went off, she looked around through the darkness trying to make her way out when’s string arm wrapped her waist, she was still claded on only a towel, she needed no soothsayer to know that it was David,
“what are you trying to do” she said amidst cackle
“i love you” David cooed in hee ear
“okay can you leave me, remember I’m partly naked” clara said with a frown
“erm, okay I’m waiting” David said and walked to the switch and turned it on making the room brighten up
“So why did you came into my room” clara asked walking to the dressing table
“mmm, I came to ask of a lotion to rub, the one there is a skin bleaching cream” David said sitting on the bed
“okay go to that basket over there and choose the cream of your choice” Clara said pointing at a basket at the corner of the room

David walked toward the basket and took a lotion, without looking at the label he pulled off the cover and dipped his index finger inside it bringing out some quantity,
As he made to rub it, Clara let out a sudden scream
“no!! don’t!!!” she squealed rushing at him bit before she could stop him, he had already rubbed it almost all ovet his body except his pubic region which was covered by the short he wore,
“why did you rubbed that??” clara asked with a raised brow staring at David who was perplexed at everything,
He glanced at the cream and gasped in shock on seeing the name boldly written on can,

He averted his gaze at Clara with a smirk and started moving forward to her direction,
“Don’t you dare come near me, are you blind that you didn’t see the label or did you intentionally rubbed it!!” clara yelled moving backward,
“No oo, I never rubbed it intentionally, I forget to read the content, what should I do now” David said with a lopsided smile
“Go into the bathroom and take a second bath” clara instructed
“You know I can’t bath twice, I’m quite lazy” David said and hastily grabbed her hand,

“Ohh no, I’m..I’m getting horny..get..” Clara stuttered shaking her body slowly,
David drew his head forward and kissed her deeply with his hand wrapped around her waist, clara wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed his head closer making the kiss more deep and sensual,
David devoured her lips as if his life depends on it, a minute later, they both fell on the bed, with great passion and sexual urge burning in them, they both unwraped the cloth covering their nakedness,

David kept kissing every part of her body making her moan in pleasure,
after few minutes of romance, David finally inserted his d**k into her, this made adrenalin of unending pleasure gush down their spine, David was doing it with a slow pace, this sex was more than just a sex to him, although he knew that Clara was under the influence of the lotion he rubbed but he really adored her body like a goddess, he really prayed that this sex would not only produce pleasure but would also make up a strong and unbreakable bond between them,

He stared into Clara’s eyes which was glistened with pure emotion which he couldn’t read,
“I love you” he muttered into her ear as he kept pounding her slowly,
Clara couldn’t say anything to him, she was only biting her bottom lips,
Not long after, David felt he was about to release so he made to plung out his d**k but Clara quickly wrapped her leg around his waist holding him tight into her body with her eyes shut tightly
“should I??” David asked in a calm voice while Clara nodded her head In approval,

David inhaled and exhaled heavily, a loud groan escaped from his lips as he released everything into Clara,
He glanced at Clara and saw her smiling, David made to leave but he couldn’t as Clara’s leg was still holding him,
“Would we sleep this way?” David asked with a little smile,
“I love you” clara said and kissed him deeply,

She later broke the kiss and unwraped her legs, her eyes went pale and she drifted into sleep immediately,
David smiled widely as he stared at Clara who looked very much pretty in her sleep, her lips was partly apart making her look angelic, David couldn’t help but pecked her lips before heading to the bathroom, after bathing, he walked out and wore his short before wearing a sleeping robe which he found in the wardrobe, he carefully wore Clara her pant then wore her same robe with the same colour as his own, he layed beside her then covered both himself and her with the duvet,

He smiled widely as he layed there facing the ceiling, he could not help his smile as he remembered the sweet sex he just had with his love, he turned to Clara and wrapped his arm around her body before shutting his eyes waiting for sleep as he savoured the blissful moment he just had with Clara,
not long after, he drifted into sleep with his lips widened forming a broad smile,

Early morning the next day, David woke up and waved his hand over the other side of the bed sluggishly to check for clara but he couldn’t touch anyone, he opened his eyes and saw that he was the only one still lying on the bed,
He sat up at the edge of the bed and scrubbed his eyes with the back of his palm then yawned widely, he looked around and couldn’t find Clara, he stood up and head to the bathroom, he took his bath and cleaned his morning breath with a brush,

He tied a towel round his waist and walked out, he wore his short and head downstairs to look for Clara,
In reaching the sitting room, he found Clara fully dressed in a black attire,
She was putting on a tank top and a navy black trouser with a black leather jacket tied around her waist, her hair was left unpacked, her feet was adorned with a black shoe, looking at Clara one would really drool, she looked like a mafia but was still looking smart and attractive, the attire made her gorgeous and great, David couldn’t avert his gaze off her, she keeps making him go gaga every time he sees her,

“What are you still doing in that short, go and dress up unless we would be late and that could be fatal” Clara said with grim,
David nodded and rushed upstairs, not long after. he was dressed up, clara took a black leather bag which has an unseen contents filled in it and walked out, David went and made to take the bag from her but as he carried it he started regretting,

The bag was so much stuffy and heavy that he wondered what could be in it, what baffled him the most was how clara was able to carry it without difficulty,
After walking for a short while, they got to the garage, clara opened the booth and he carefully placed the bag in it, they both entered inside the car, all this while Clara never talked to him or even glanced at him, her face was looking stern and serious, David also never made attempt to start up any unnecessary conversation, he had to concentrate to avoid distraction in the mission ahead,

Clara and David walked into Richards house and found Richard and Joy seated on the couch waiting for them,
“Good morning” are greeted Richard with a broad smile which made David a little bit jealous,
“good morning beauty, how was your night?” Richard asked making Clara glance at David who also glanced at her with a smile,
“fine” clara answered and opened the bag and brought out a laptop,
“This mission isn’t as easy as I had thought, it will require much fatality…” clara paused then glanced at them all, she could vividly see the way which their expressions contorted to a perplexed one,

“By 11:45am last night, I woke up and was feeling some kind of unease, I believed it was about the mission I was about to go in, I felt it in my heart that I hadn’t made a thorough check out in that building where Sandra and Cole are so I went into my computer room and began a meticulous investigation, there i found out something new, something I never saw all these while, that building has up to 100 trained gunmen surrounding it both the interior and the exterior, the building is located at the outskirt of the city of Lagos in the middle of a forest, the building has only one passway which leads to the building, the passway had trained men guarding it, the worst of it is that one would hardly know where the men are, the men hides behind the thick forest, on trees, shrubs and bushes, to be frank, that place is the true description of what is known as a dead zone, on finding out all these yesternight, I was befuddled, how would he guard just a building that much?


I secretly hacked into the surveillance cameras system to get record of past video tape of what had been going on inside that building and I found out that the building is Chief Gabriel’s main base for carrying out his heinous crimes, trafficking of human beings are done there, selling of human parts are also carried out in that building.. now let me make it clear to you all.. the tendency of us accomplishing this mission without losing anyone of us is something that would be termed as a miracle…” Clara said in a stern voice making them all shudder in fright,
“With fear we all will be a corpse in no distant time, for us to accomplish this mission three things are required,
and zeal

I have informed the police men, they would come in much number, I also have like 20 of my men on our side, all these people are just there to cause distraction so as to give us an easy entrance..we have to remove fear and face this with our mind soul and spirit…
I could have did this mission alone with my trained men but it can’t be possible because I’m violating the law of the gang I’m into, my boss would be greatly angered if he finds out… now what we would have in mind is this, saving Sandra and Cole..” Clara said and looked at their faces,

“but…I hope we would be able this” Joy stuttered with a heavy heart, she was really afraid as she hasn’t come across something like this..
“Now is the time of decision..” Clara said then brought out her hand
“Richard, Joy, you have to choice,
leave Cole and Sandra to die off or rusk your life to save them, take your choice” Clara said staring at the both of them,
Richard exhaled loudly and shut his eyes tightly, his thought flashed back to his past time with Sandra, he reckoned all he had passed through for her, he remembered the times of romance they had shared, he remembered her smile which makes his heart leap in joy, all these made him shook his head,

“I’m gonna save her, even if I die, I would be happy I died for the one I love wholeheartedly” Richard said in a calm voice as he brought out his own palm
“I’m in.. I can’t lose Cole, not for anything” Joy mumbled and brought her palm, tears was dripping off her eyes
“David what of you?”Clara asked


“for the fact that clara is into this I am also in, I would make sure nothing happens to anyone because I love you all especially Clara” David said in a solemn tone and brought out his palm,
“Together we are into this, in one heart we fight, with one aim we stand, with one voice we pray that not one soul here shall we lose, not even that of Sandra or Cole, now is time!!!” Clara said In a solemn tone while they all raised their hand up the sky…

“let’s go” Clara ordered then headed towards the door while the other follows…
To be continued

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