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Deep Affection: 36-40

Deep Affection: 36-40


Richard and Sandra sat on the bed staring at each other,
“So what is the good news that made you this much happier and lively this afternoon?” Sandra asked anxiously after some minute
“Oh God… It’s so unbelievable, hmm, Clara is out of the road” Richard blurted leaving Sandra perplexed
“I don’t understand”

“Clara is no longer disturbing, she just suddenly realized the truth, like you said. She found out I’m not in love with her… she found out that she can’t force me into loving her, today, she finally promised to leave me to follow my heart.. guess what?? She told me she was sorry and pleaded for to convince you that she has finally changed” Richard announced jovially

“Hmm, and you believed her” Sandra asked calmly making Richard cringe
“I don’t understand” Richard said with an arched brow
“What made you believe she has changed, what if she is up to something, who knows.. maybe she wants to gain your trust so she can do something which she is planning to do” Sandra breathed
“You’re confusing me here, can you just make it clear?” Richard said slowly staring at her closely

“I’m a woman, I know what we are capable of.. this Clara, yeah I don’t really know her but my instinct is telling me that she is up to something” Sandra blurted in a low tone
“Do you mean she is just pretending?” Richard asked surprised
“Ummmm, but do you trust her?… I mean.. how do you just believed her so quickly?” Sandra uttered
Well.. I believed because her expression said it all, her tone was also full of sincerity… I think she..”

“Well forget… I just said what is in my mind okay? If you agree she mean what she said then let take it that way.. but I will really like to see her, will she agree?” Sandra asked lively
“Umm.. sure, remember she said she would take you guys out” Richard said with a smile
“I don’t think I will go out with her anymore”

“Why???” Richard asked
“How will I go out with such a lady.. how.. how will I go out with an assassin, what if she…
“shuuuu” Richard silenced her placing his index finger on her lips
“She isn’t an assassin” He said tilting his head sideways
“You mean…”
“Yea.. she isn’t an assassin.. I just said that then out of frustration and depression… don’t see her as someone evil because she isn’t, she is just that type of lady which are so much desperate and possessive okay?” Richard explained
“Okay, I’ve heard you, what… ”

Richard’s phone rang loudly interrupting Sandra from completing her speech, there at the front of the screen was Clara,
“Clara is calling” Richard muttered to Sandra before picking the call putting it on loud speaker
“Hello” Clara’s voice sounded immediately
“Hello how are you faring?” Richard answered
“How is it… how did it go, where you able to convince her, ehn” Clara quickly asked curiously

“Ermm.. I…
“Please don’t tell me no to that… please don’t just tell she could not trust me.. don’t tell she still hates me ok?” Clara interjected with a cracked and horsey tone
“No… she..”
“Let me speak with her” Sandra beckoned gesturing her hand forward,
“She wants to talk to you” Richard said into the phone then handed it to Sandra,
“Hello, Clara wats up” Sandra greeted in a calm but jovial voice,

“Ummmm.. Sandra.. I’m. I really speaking to you?” Clara stuttered nervously
“Oh yeah, how are you?” Sandra asked with a calm smile,
“I’m very fine and you?”
“Cool.. so.. what do you want this time?” Sandra asked calmly
“Please I don’t really understand, you…”
“Why do you want me to trust you, why do you want me to make you my friend when you know fully well that you don’t like me.

what is really your plan” Sandra bellowed,
“I.. I don’t get you at all, you.. know..”
“Clara.. the real fact is this.. me and you has one thing in which we truly need, and that is Richard, yeah.. you both first met, I mean.. he first knew you, you were his first love, you were the first lady he got entwined with, you both were even close to getting married, but at the peak of everything you messed up by cheating on him, you broke his heart to pieces,


you turned him into a piece of trash, you made him down emotionally, then he get to meet me and we both fell in love with each other.. after some time, you came in and needed him at all cost.. you want him back because you’re now stranded and lonely, you now understand what it feels like to lose someone who can once loves you, I had get the chance to know you well enough, but with what Richard told me.. I.. ”


“Please just stop, you’re hurting me, please stop saying all those words to me, it’s killing me.. stop repeating my past to me, it makes me feel so bad m, I knew I had wronged in so many ways but it isn’t too late to change and that’s what I want to do, I wantyo change into a new leaf, I Want to live a good life, but you know I can’t do it without you.. I know my sudden change would sound so absurd and suspicious but I don’t just know how to make you belief that I don’t have an interior motive, please forgive me and trust me I won’t let you down” Clara explained in a sincere tone,

“What made you think I will ever make you come closer to me talk more of being your friend?.. I mean you look dangerous.. please just forget about being my friend because my heart doesn’t accept you, we both are meant to be rival bot friends, I can’t make myself vulnerable to your attack, I’m too wise to believe you have not really change.. you just need my trust but I assure you that you are not gonna get it okay?.. so back off” Sandra burst out..

“I know this is what you gonna think, I truly know.. if it was me u would also think the same.. but do you know tha some mistake one does can be really unintentionally.. later on he or she may her to realize the mistake and feel really depressed then the next would be finding a way out.. what I mean is this… after much thought over my past life I came into realization that it was a total mess, all my past years was a waste, I achieved nothing and losed many things..


I came to realize that I did many awful things which are so appalling to the ear.. after shedding tears of regret and pain I decided to change… I decided to turn to a new being… Richard loves you wholeheartedly so he couldn’t fall into any of my trap.. I’m tired of the way I’m living, I need to change before its too late but I can’t without your help.. sincerely speaking, you’re a woman with a rare virtue, I had only one chance to get to talk to you and that moment was so great, you are so much jovial and fun to be with, you would really make a good wife, I want to be close to you so as to clear off any sort of guilt and shame in my heart.. please Sandra be my one and only friend I have?” Clara beckoned with a voice filled with sincerity

“Can we meet?” Sandra asked calmly
“Yeah.. any place of your choice..”
“Okay meet me here in my house any time you’re free” Sandra said
“Okay no problem thank you very much, I really appreciate..”
“So can I hang up?” Sandra asked
“Okay see you soon”
“So what do you think?” Richard asked immediately
“ermmm.. I think I’m believing her a little bit now” Sandra replied nodding her head,
“I’m sure you would fully agree when you meet her face to face” Richard muttered with a smile,

Clara sat down comfortably on the sofa staring at the movie series going on in the large plasma TV hung on the wall, she was staring at the television but her mind and spirit isn’t in it at all, age could not even tell what was going on in it,
Her thought was preoccupied by what is far more unimaginable, it could not even be known by her facial expressions because it was blank and void of all emotion, then all of a sudden, her lips went wider forming a sweet smile, why she was smiling still remains a mystery,
After some minute m, her phone which was placed on the center table made a beeping sound, she hastily took m, looking into the screen what she saw made her little bit surprised,

BOSS was boldly written on it, there was no doubt that another mission had been found for her as that could be the only reason for her boss to call her,
“Hello boss” Clara said calmly with a masculine voice
“Clara.. how are you doing?”
“How do you know it was me?.. so that means I had not fully learn how to make ones voice unknown when making call?.. I thought you said I’m now good in it, how then do you get to know it was me speaking?” Clara whined

“Ummmm, I didn’t know it was you speaking, I just acted like I knew so as to make blurt out the truth and I really got you..”
“Hmmn, well you will not get me next time, promise.. so what brought about this sudden call at this fateful afternoon!?” Clara inquired
“Another mission for you”
“For me???.. why???… I mean is the mission much difficult that others can’t do it?” clara asked with grimace
“Oh, yes.. they can’t because it is something to do with that estate”
“Which one.. the one on Kano!??” Clara asked

“yea.. I’m gonna send all you need to know about the mission to your email.. okay?”
“yeah no problem bye”Clara concluded then hung up immediately, a sudden feeling had just eloped get system that moment, she had just suddenly had the feeling that the mission was connected to Richard and the other but she quickly waved it off..


Clara stared at her killing figure on the mirror standing in front of her, she was dressed in a red tight fitting gown which stopped at her knee, she wore very little or no make up making her look more like a devoted Christian which she was in the past years ago, as she stares at her reflection her mind drifted to her former lifestyle, she just tilted her head sideways waving off the thought,
She walked out of the house and hopped into her Lexus, she chooses to take the Lexus as that was the cheapest car in her garage she would not want Sandra know about her riches to avoid her questions,

Clara and Sandra walked into the house hours later, they had both went to a nearly restaurant to discuss as suggested by Sandra, they both had a huge smile on their lips,
Richard who sat on the couch in the sitting room with Cole and Joy stared at them with smirk
“Clara!! where did you and my sister went to without telling?” Cole asked immediately
“it’s none of your business..” Sandra replied instead
“I’m not asking you so shut your..”
“Don’t just try completing that statement” Richard chipped in scowling at Cole

“You heard me right.. so How is it?” Richard asked Sandra smiling sheepishly
“We’re now good friend and I trust her so well, I’m even feel sorry for the bad words I used on her” Sandra replied smiling
“So.. we all are now friends right?” Clara asked in an elated voice
“Yeah…” Sandra answered making Clara leap up in joy and hu

To be continued

Do you think Clara has an interior motive behind all this act???
if yes!!
What’s your knowledge on that


The chilling breeze of the early cold morning hit Sandra’s skin lightly sending shiver down her spine as she stared around the whole surrounding from the balcony where she stood,
Her mind was filled with joy and happiness as she reviewed all that she had gone through in her life till today, she was so much elated because at last her dream and wish had finally came to pass,

Since she was childhood all she had prayed for was to have a bright future and a blessed home with the man she loved, to live peacefully without any sort of transgressions, or oppression..
When her mother died, she felt all her plan and wish crushed because with what she went through in the hand of her stepmother she lost all hope of having the type of future she wants for herself, who would ever believe that an orphan suffering from lot of whip and maltreatment from her step mother would live in peace once more without any thing to be worried off..

Her face which was brightened with a sweet smile suddenly turned sour as she remembered the day she lost her virginity to the soldier sent to rape her by her step mother, that day was one of the day she prayed never came into existence, it was one of those days she had prayed for God to take her life, what happened was so painful that she was pushed to do what she never for once in her life thought she would do,

Stabbing someone with a knife, that was the last thing she ever thought she would be able to do, she was someone who has a fragile heart, she was an emotional lady who sheds tears even at the most common thing, to see someone in pain makes her heart bleeds talk more of her inflicting pain on someone, but that day she was pushed in doing it to save her self, the pain was just so much that she lost control of her memory,
Her virginity was something she had grown up to treasure so much, it was something she had preserved with everything she had, she had wants her first sex to be with her husband who she loved and the person she wants it to be with now is Richard,

Stream of tears rushed down her cheek as she remembered the event that day, she wiped the tears with the back of her hand and forced out a smile,
“I’m not gonna cry again.. my days of shedding tears is gone” she muttered to her self,
“What about Chief Daniel who helped me out of my suffering” she asked placing her hand on the steel rod used as protector,
“What about that recent call which he made to me, there is something about it and there is no doubt it was about Richard” she thought..
“Why was he concerned about him.. is it what I’m thinking?.. no.. no it can’t ?” She mumbled
Just then a strong arm wrapped around her waist making a broad smile appear on her lips, she doesn’t need a sooth sayer to know that it was no other person than Richard.
Everything about him is already in her vein and memory.
His fragrance..
His tender skin,
His breath..
Just everything.. even if she turns blind anytime, she was sure to be able to tell who is Richard even from a crowd of people,

“What are you doing out here at this early morning?” Richard cooed planting a kiss on her neck,
“Just enjoying the cool breeze of this morning, it seems so special” Sandra answered with a giggle,
“What made it so special??” Richard inquired resting his neck on her shoulder,
“It brings back my past.. it made me realize how far I had gone.. everything I had achieved” Sandra replied with a smile,

“So what about it.. is there any I need to know?”
“Have you ever met a man named Chief Daniel?” Sandra asked facing him,
“Ummm, I… okay yes I he the father of Paul?”
“Yes.. you’ve met him right?”
“He was the man who came with Paul to the building me and Cole was kidnapped that day you met me”
“Hmm, okay.. after that day have you met him again?” Sandra inquired,
“No.. what bring about all this question.. Is there any..”

“He called me on phone asking how you’re faring” Sandra chipped in immediately,
“Ummm, he must be very keen in finding me so as to either kill me or do to me what would make me leave you because that’s what I’m sure he must be looking for a way to achieve” Richard said tilting his head sideways with a sigh
“I’m not sure he still wants you dead, he must.. ”

“What do you mean?.i don’t understand why you are saying this when you fully knows that he wants you to be with his son at all cost.. he wants to depart me from you which I will never allow” Richard said with a grim expression,
“Chief Daniel is the man who saved me out of death, he was the man who made me still alive today, if not him I could have being a dead woman now, you see.. having lived with him for some time then, I got to know the kind of man he was, he has a soft and caring heart although he was once a human trafficker.. he made me the rich and wealthy which I became.. when he called me on phone, he pleaded to come and meet me that I should send my address which I refused then just immediately he suddenly became nervous, he began stuttering as if he was afraid to say something, then he asked if you’re faring well.. but what made me curious was when he said something like,
“Oh no.. there is no problem, you’re the kind of lady I want for my… ”
then he stopped, that was his answer when I asked him is there was anything wrong in me being with you.. what do you think he wants to say?” Sandra beckoned gazing at Richard straightly,
“I don’t know, we would later find out as time goes on, so can we go in because I’m feeling cold” Richard whinned wrapping his arm around his body,

“No problem.. go in I will meet you in no distant time” Sandra said with a calm smile
“I will be waiting, don’t think too much okay?” Richard cooed then walked in after pecking her on her cheeks making her blush a little,
Just then her phone boozed, she took it and found out it was Clara making her smile a little, she had just love her so much that she always wants to be with her every minute,
“Hello miss beauty” Sandra said immediately she picked the call,
“I’m coming to your house right now I hope you’re home” Clara inquired into the phone in haste,

“We are all home.. you’re free to come” Sandra replied cheerfully
“Okay expect me in no distant time” Clara’s voice sounded
“Okay bye”
The call hung and Sandra walked into the house, she headed straight to the bathroom and took a warm bath then walked into the room with a red towel tied around her chest region down her thigh only to find Richard layed on the bed with a blanket covering his whole body including his face,
She arched her brow in a questioning way then walked toward him iniquitively..
slowly and carefully, she raised up the blanket starting from his head..
His eyes were closed and he was limped,
“Hey, get up from there and stop pretending… Richard, stop those tricks of yours before I break your head..haah so you are still forming right, okay I’m getting…” she halted, stared at him straightly then tapped him on his cheek, there was no movement, she tapped him again this time more hardly but there was no movement,

Confusion was all she felt, Silently, with her towel still clung around her body, she bent down to his heart to Check if it was beating.
As she bent her head, Richard grabbed her immediately making her shuddered in shock,
“What are you doing” Sandra asked amidst laughter,
“I’m..” he stopped then placed a kiss on Sandra’s lip making her giggle,
“What was that fo…
another kiss from Richard stopped her from completing her statement,
She was still lying on top of him with only a towel,
“Why are you k.. ”
another kiss stopped her again this time more deeply,

The kiss gradually got more and more intense setting the fire of passion all over them, they kept devouring each others lips as if their life depend on it,
Richard swiftly turned around making Sandra turn out to be the one below while he sat on top of her,
They stared at each other’s eyes with much love and affection,
Sandra’s towel which she tied around her body was partly loosed making her cleavage visible,
Richard gaze turned from her eyes down to her b***st which was pointed at him, her nipples was clearly visible due to the wet towel which was drenched by her wet body from the bath she just had,
Sandra’s lips was reddish and wet and that alone made Richard rush at it again, they kissed intensely making Sandra moan silently,

Richard hand located her br**st and start fondling it sending a tingling sensation down her spine,
Richard quickly untied the towel making Sandra totally unclad,
He unlocked the kiss and placed a kiss on her cleavage then to her nipple, this alone made Sandra shudder, her while body shook in unending pleasure
Richard brought out his tongue then licked in between her two b**bs down her navel then to her thigh,
Sandra couldn’t help but shook violently at this,

What she felt was something she had never feel all through her life, she could notice she was getting wet in between her thigh,
Just then she felt a cool substance placed on her belly, look up she saw it was an ice-cream, this sent cool sensation all over her,
Richard licked off the ice-cream off her belly slowly making her breath heavily out of intense pleasure,
She quickly wrapped her legs and arm around him making Richard stucked into her body tightly,
Just then, a knock interrupted the whole event and just like a flashback scene, Sandra got her self and quickly sprang up,
They both stared at eachother with a wide grin,

“So you have succeeded in seeing my nakedness?” Sandra asked fluttering her eyes brow with her arm placed on her waist,
“Nooo.. I didn’t see anything” Richard chuckled then covered his eyes with his palm,
“Who pulled off my towel” Sandra asked this time giggling silently,
“hmmm, I.. can’t remember removing..”
“shhhh, shut up, now closed that corrupt eyes of yours, I want to dress up, remember someone knocked on that door” Sandra said and hastely wore a red gown which she took from the cloth rack,
“Let’s go” Sandra beckoned taking Richard’s palm into hers,
They both opened the door only to find Cole standing there with a questioning look

“What is it dude?” Richard asked while Cole kept quiet glancing at the both of them as if he was looking for something in their body,
“Hey what were you guys doing in there?” Cole interrupted with a lopsided smile,
“What do you mean?” Richard asked with a glare
“I was knocking on this door for half an hour without any reply from you both.. what is it that made you guys carried away” Cole asked with grimace,
“Well, it may be the time we were meditating on the scripture” Richard uttered dryly winking at Sandra who was chuckling silently,

“Hmm, I wonder the kind if meditation that involves moaning and sound of kiss” Cole blurted with a giggle making Sandra burst into uncontrollably laughter while Richard glared at Coke playfully,
“what moan are you talking about?” Richard deadpanned,
“Moan of meditation” Cole answered
“Okay that’s by the way, what brought you here?” Richard asked
“Hmmm, Clara is downstairs” Cole replied,
“Ohh, Ohh I really forgot, she told me she would be coming, haa.. I was truly carried away” Sandra sighed then rushed downstairs to meet her,
“She was carried away by what?” Cole asked Richard in a low tone grinning from ear to ear..
“Spoilt brat!!” Richard yelled walking down the stairs,
On reaching the sitting room, Sandra, Joy and Clara sat together on a couch totally engrossed with what ever they may be discussing,
Immediately Clara got a glimpse of Richard, she suddenly became calm, she could no longer become free and jovial, in every second of their discussion, she could not help but kept glancing at Richard whose cuteness was making her drool,

Just then, Sandra’s phone made a blaring sound notifying an incoming call, she took it and found out it was an unsaved number,
She picked it up,
“Hello…” she said into the phone
“if I’m speaking with Sandra , I want to just tell you something secret and I would really appreciate if you go to a secluded area to avoid eavedrops” the unfamiliar voice of a female sounded from the phone,
Sandra couldn’t help but contemplate on what she was told,
“a secret… hmm” she sighed then walked away from the view of the others,
“okay I’m in a secluded place now what secret are you talking about?” Sandra asked feeling a little bit tired..
“Hmmm, just decided to notify you that you’re being used” the voice sounded making Sandra arch her brow in confusion,

“I don’t get you, what are you talking about?” Sandra Asked with a long breath,
“Hmmm, I know fully that you may not believe what I want to tell you, you don’t know me but I know you through Richard who is my fiance…”
“Which Richard?? if I may ask” Sandra quickly interjected getting more confused,
“Ohh the Richard yiu know, the one you claim to be you lover boy”
“do you mean Richard Ben?” Sandra asked slowly

“Hmmm, girl I don’t know who you are but I want to make something clear to you.. for you to call me on phone to tell me any of your lies about Richard either for me to get angry or to put a kind of distrust between I and Richard Is really childish and immature of you, we knows each other, we trust each other, our love is much more stronger than you can think off so if you’re trying to put asunder, hmm, I will advise you to back off because you fighting an already lost battle” Sandra said with solemnity in her voice,

“wow that good of you… I think some evidence would make you believe that you’re just wasting your time with a guy that would end up dumping you and your filthy body and get married to his choice and taste in no distant time” the voice said and let out a mockery chuckle,
Her word made Sandra a little bit confused, she could sense how boldly the tone of the unknown girl was, It was as if she was really really sure,
“Hey, just don’t ever call me again, if I had known that this is the nonsense you called me out for, I wouldn’t have answer the call at all.. chump!!” Sandra retorted angrily then made to cut the call when she heard the girl say something,

“I will get you some strong evidence which would make you know I’m not joking, don’t say I didn’t told you, that man you claim to be yours would give you the shock of your life by…”
Sandra cut the call immediately without waiting to hear the last word,
She was now breathing heavily with anger, the last tging she would ever dreamed of was Richard cheating on her,
“You can’t succeed in your plan, desperate whore!” Sandra blurted then rushed back to the sitting room,
Everyone was sitting on the floor playing what, she walked closely and sat beside Richard placing her head on his shoulder,
Clara kept glancing at her secretly as if she was trying to read out something from her expression..
To be continued



Richard glanced at Sandra who looks dull and pale as she leaned her head on his shoulder, he halted the game and averted his gaze on her,
“What is it you’re troubled of?” Richard asked calmly

“I am not worried and troubled” Sandra answered then glanced at Richard a little bit with the words of that strange girl ringing in her head, she tilted her head sideways then muttered “it can’t be true” very much silent that no-one could hear,
“What is it?” Cole asked

“Just feeling weak, I’ve to rest my head” Sandra mumbled then stood up, pecked Richard and climbed upstairs,
“why is she weak?” Cole asked no-one in particular but was glancing at Richard,
“Uhmm, can’t tell but I will later ask her out” Richard replied while they continued the whot they were playing,
After sometime, they ended the game and packed the whot then head to the dinning table fit breakfast while Joy walked into the kitchen to get something eatable,

Richard walked upstars to his room only to find Sandra layed face-up staring at the ceiling fan without making any movement, she wasn’t even aware of his presence,
Richard walked closer and sat on the bed closer to her, the way the bed squeaked and the suppression made Sandra flinch back to consciousness,
“Ugh, Richie when did you came around” Sandra asked and tried sitting up but Richard pushed her down lightly,
“You’ve to rest okay?” Richard said with a smile,

“thanks but I’m hungry” Sandra whinned,
“wait a little time, I will be right back” Richard said and rushed down stairs,
in no distant time, he came inside the room with a plate of food,
“Okay, food is ready” he announced immediately,
Sandra sat up with a sweet smile on her face,

“so you went and brought my breakfast here on bed huh?” she said with a benevolent smile,
“Uhmm..i never brought it for you, this is mine, go out there and bring yours” Richard deadpanned and dropped the plate on the stool then sat on the bed ignoring Sandra’s stares,
“Do you mean you.. okay there is no problem, just know that you are not gonna eat that food in peace here in my presence” Sandra said and stood up,
“Are you going to fight me?” Richard asked in grimace,
“Uhmm, not really” Sandra answered giggling,

“I pray you don’t because I would not hesitate to break those tiny neck of yours” Richard deadpanned opening the cover of the plate,
“Do you just said I have tiny neck?” Sandra asked placing her hand akimbo,
“Me?? I never said it, I..” before he could complete his statement Sandra jumped on him and they both crash on the bed, Sandra sat on his chest and held his neck softly with her left hand raising her right hand up with her fist clenched
“oya break my tiny neck, it didn’t take me 2 seconds now to beat you down, I wonder how you will succeed in the breaking of my neck” Sandra said with a gloating expression,

“but you know it isn’t too late” Richard sneered with a lopsided grin,
“Haaa, remember you’re under me now oo” Sandra said gloating,
Just then, Richard swiftly swirled taking Sandra unaware, before she could think of holding back, Richard had already turned her down on the bed making a reverse position,
“Who is beneath now?” Richard asked as they both kept laughing out loudly,
“Haaa, my stomach” Sandra whinned in a squeak sound,

“stop lamenting, I’ve not even started” Richard said chuckling,
“Richard leave my body before I die now!”
“You. die?? haa you can’t die because angels are immortal, you think I don’t know that you are my guardian angel” Richard said with a lopsided smile making Sandra burst into uncontrollably laughter,

“Did you just called me an angel?.. I thought angels are exceptionally beautiful and perfectly made then how come one of them has tiny neck?” Sandra inquired amidst laughter
“I was joking, your neck is perfect and guess what?? you’re tremendously beautiful, your smile brightens my day like the sun brightens the day, everything about you is just so perfect that I can no longer defer you from an angel..well I think you’re one” Richard cooed staring deeply into her eyes while Sandra’s cheek went reddish from excess blush,
“you’re making me blush with your sweet words, but don’t forget you are still ontop my belly” Sandra said with a sweet smile,

“You’re beautiful in every single angle of your life, your whole body radiates a complete epitome of beauty, every single moment of my life is occupied by the thought of you, I always see those three words ‘I love you’ as an understatement for how I really feel for you, you gave my life a good meaning, the imagination of you make me smile, do you know women like you are capable of making spittle drop off from any man’s mouth while staring at you, you are a paragon of beauty”

Richard smiled then brought his lips forward, Sandra closed her eyes tightly waiting patiently for the kiss which always make her feel the surging stream of pleasurable sensation all over her body, just as she expected Richard kissed her deeply into her lips, she wrapped her hand around his neck pulling him closer to herself with their lips plunging more deeply,

They went intensed as the fire of passion, urge and want evolved in them, they kissed and clunged around each other as if they were told that they would face something that would depart them later someday,
A cracking sound like that of a broken ceramics echoed through the whole room making them detached themselves breathing heavily as they sat up only to see the food which Richard had placed on the stool spattered all over the floor, the plate was broken into pieces,

“Richard why do you always lost control.. see what you’ve done” Sandra blamed Richard immediately smiling
“I’m not the one who did that, it may be you, we both know you’re the one who has less self control so don’t blame me, there is much tendency that you are the one who broke it” Richard said with a smile
“okay I agree with you, sit down let me go and.. ”

“No sit let me go and do it myself” Richard said and made to leave but Sandra quickly drew him backward making him fall on the bed,
“Stop making me lazy, I’m the woman here, I’ve to treat..
Haaaa!!” she suddenly screamed as a the pieces of the broken plate pierced her feet,
Richard quickly sprang up and carried her in a bridal way then placed her on the bed,
“stop being stubborn, you know you aren’t so well today” Richard said with a smile before going to get the broom,

It was evening, Clara could be seen resting on a chaise lounge outside the house, her body was drenched as one could notice that it has not been long she came out of the pool,
She was being all happy with no minute passing by without her lips forming a cool smile,
She was putting on only a bra and a g-string pant, her whole body was sensual and could do well in making a complete man hard,
A magazine was in her hand which was really making her busy, it was an erotic one and that makes her flow in the urge for sex..
Her pant was wet by a whitish substance which was slowly oozing out from her pu**y, something or someone triggered her into doing this,

She was lonely after coming back from Richard’s house, it truly pained her seeing the way Sandra was going with Richard the guy which could have being hers if not for that single mistake,
She had went into the pool to swim thinking that would flush away the thought off her mind but it did no good rather worsen the situation as she started wishing so badly that Richard would just come out from nowhere and jump into the pool with her,
No matter how hard she tried, his image could not leave so she was forced into drifting herself into the realm of sensual pleasure,

Not long after feeding her eyes with the image of naked pics, she brought out her phone and clicked on the most erotic video and started watching it, unconsciously, her hand found its place to her pant which she shifted and before she could know it, she started masturbating,

Her phone fell off from her grip but she couldn’t take it up from the ground as she was now at the peak, the sound of her moan was the only sound which could be heard that moment,
Her phone rang just when she reached the climax, breathing heavily, she took the phone and saw it wasn’t a call but a reminder of an unopened email message,
She quickly clicked on it and quickly sprang up,

It was sent by her boss days ago, it was the mission he had told her off the last time he called,
“Ugh, how did I forgot this?” she mussed then opened the main content,
a sudden gasp of surprise escaped her lips, what she saw was really what she least expected although it was something that really elated her heart but it was really unexpected,

She rubbed her cheek in glee as she stared at the message, she couldn’t hold it anymore, she started laughing hysterically flinging off the magazine to God knows where, her heart which was filled with joy and happiness could be vividly seen by her expression,
“This would be interesting” she muttered then smiled widely fluttering her long eyes brow rapidly,

Chief Daniel entered into his car with a black brief case which was held by one of his guard, his wife later joined him, they were both at the back seat while their driver and one guard sat in the front,
Daniel had on his lips a benevolent smile while Marie his wife was grinning from ear to ear, they both seem so happy that night as the car zoomed off from the gate heading to a place which could be told to be the source of their happiness,
“How did you do it?” Marie asked leaning her head on his shoulder as the car swivel along the major road which was brightened by the street lights which did well in making every where visible to the eyes,

“How I did it? uhm, let me say, I did everything thing possible, you know how important this is to me, it is just like a dream come true, this is one of my wish which I had thought could never come to pass” Daniel replied with excitement glimmering in his eyes,
“So at last I can now sleep peacefully, you don’t have an idea of how much this has eaten me deeply, I feel like floating in the air” Marie stated, her eyes glitted with passion,

“I’m very eager and curious” Daniel muttered
“Not as much as know? it has been many years I set my eyes on them, I am sure they wouldn’t know me as their mother and I’m afraid they may hate me after I tell them the history about their birth” Marie blurted with a trace of disappointment in her eyes
“Don’t be worried, we will try our best, you know I myself isn’t even sure Richard would agree to anything I tells him, you know he still hates me and would hardly believe me due to the past” Chief Daniel said to his wife then swaddled her around his arm,
Not long after, she drifted into sleep, Daniel could not help but smile happily as he stared at his beautiful wife whose teenage beauty was yet to fade off so as to give way for the wrinkles of old age,
Her tender skin, misty eyes, long brow red lips and nice chin was very much perfect and really made her a paragon of beauty,

All that happened between him and her in the past came replaying in his memory,
Marie was someone he loved from the depths of his heart, she was someone he could willingly give out anything for, she was the lady he first fell in love with, day and night, his mind are always eloped with her image, but she doesn’t seem to love him a bit then, infact she hated him and had always turned down his approach, she would say all sort of annoying things to him, she had always made him have a reason to change his mind into marrying her,

countless times, he had came to her house only for her to shut the door in his face, many times at the major road she would slap and embarrassed him in front of passer-by..
What made him bent and persistent in winning her heart was something deep and could not be diminished,
Everything he did to win her heart failed him until the last one which was bribing her families and close relatives, he lavished so much money on them that they could not help but succeeded in pushing Marie into accepting him,
His happiness knew no bound then but less did he knew that he just did something that would really hurt him,
Their matrimonial life was one of a hell,
no romance
no close talk
no happiness
no smiling at eachother
That was their life, making live was just like something weird as none of the both do enjoys it,

Marie would just lay on the bed like a log of wood then Daniel would just kept pounding till he release..
no moan or romance..
no sensual sensation..
All this was eating Daniel deeply but nothing pained him more than the fact that years and years he kept losing his child, he adopted a boy and a girl from the orphanage home and treated them like his own child thinking that would reduce his pain and maybe make God give him his own but it made it exaggerated as he kept growing older without getting a child of his one
When they got more older, Daniel lost hope and decided to live his life the way fate brought to him..

Now after many years, he got the shock of his life and that was the fact that he has two children out there in the world without his knowledge,
Smile couldn’t just stop eloping his lips as he thought of all these,
He was going to meet Richard His son, he wasn’t yet sure where to find Joy as he was never to believe that joy his daughter could be the joy who had been working for him as a cook all theses while..
He smiled broadly at the thought of meeting Richard only to find out he is his missing son, he would really go gaga out of joy.
Resting his head on the headrest he slowly dozed off into sleep also,

It was night at around 11:36pm, Richard was fast asleep but Sandra was wide awake and couldn’t fall asleep after the sudden nightmare she just had, it seem so real and was as if It happened, tears kept gushing down her eyes heavily as her heart went heavy,
She could not fathom what the dream was really trying to tell her,
In the dream, she was coming into the house after work which she just started, her mind was elated as in no distant time she was going to get wed Richard, but that early afternoon, she had walked into the house to see the shock of her life,
Richard was busy smooching another lady which her face was not familiar at all, on seeing him she went stiffed in horror,

The lady turned to her with a smirk, Richard’s countenance was not readable, as she shed tears of heartbreak, she sighted someone who looked like Clara laughing at her and just then, she woke up,
This dream was the most weird and frightful one she had ever had,
Her gaze went to Richard who was sleeping peacefully with his lips partly opened, as she stared at him, she kept imagining if there was anything that would ever male him cheat on her,
“Richard don’t do that to me or else I’m gonna die of heartbreak” Sandra muttered wiping off the tears which was falling freely from her eyes..
After sometime, she drifted into sleep with her while body clunged around Richard.
To be continued

Mmmmm, who is this strange girl again?????



Morning came very fast and Richard woke up with Sandra still lying on his chest dozing, he carefully shifted her head so that she now sleep on her own, he stood up, twisted his body making a cracking sound then walked out heading to the washroom,
He took his toothbrush and cleaned his morning breath, he took a quick bath and walked out of the bathroom,
on reaching the room, Sandra was already fast awake,
“Hey good morning Sleeping Beauty” he complimented kissing her cheek which forced out a smile from her lips,
“Good morning my Prince Charming, how was your night?” she said and stood up

“It was so glorious because you were beside me, my angel” Richard answered smiling,
“Uhmm okay, I see you’ve just taken your bath, seem you are heading somewhere?” Sandra questioned
“ohhh, just decided to go out for merriment today you know it has been long we did such” Richard replied slumped on the bed
“And you are going without me?” Sandra asked in a childish tone,
“Haaa, over my dead body, you know you’re just like my breath, how can I do without you beside me.. I took my bath so as to wait for you till you wake up, you know I can’t wake you up from sleep” Richard explained with a shrug,
“Okay is it only the two of us or are we going with Cole and Joy?” Sandra inquired,

“We all are going, today is Saturday, when we comes back we would discuss on engaging ourselves in different business of our choice, you know we have stayed so long without working” Richard said with a little smile,
The word ‘work’ drifted her mind into her dream last night, she couldn’t help but feared that what happened in her dream was fast approaching, her heart quickly flipped and beat faster,
“oh no God please..” she thought
“are you okay?” Richard’s voice jerked her back to reality,

“You look lost, what is the problem?” Richard asked again,
Oh nothing just a little headache, let me go take my bath” Sandra said and rushed off immediately,
tears was forming rapidly in her eyes so she could not allow Richard see it so as to avoid multiple questions, she was not just ready to tell him all these, she loved and trust him so deeply that she felt he would feel bad if she tells him, it would not happen, that’s what Sandra kept in mind,

Not long afterwards, she was done bathing, she died her body with a towel then dressed up into a red fashioned and classy gown which it’s length stopped above her knee, the gown was so beautiful and clung her tightly bring out her killing figure eight, she make up and packed her hair up in a bun tying it with a red ribbon then wore a gold like stiletto then took her purse which had the same colour with the stiletto she wore,
She stared at the mirror and smiled to herself, her beauty could not be foretold, it was simple and natural, all her asset in the right proportion, she was just the complete description of beauty, still staring at the mirror she sighted Richard walking towards her wearing a red fashionable tuxedo with a red bow tie, his hair curled, he was looking as handsome as ever as the cloth adorned his body with an attractive look that would really get the attention of any woman he passes by,

He wrapped his hand around Sandra’s waist and placed a soft kiss on her neck,
“You looks exceptionally beautiful and genuinely gorgeous, I feel like eating you up” Richard compliment
“you’re also damn handsome, I’m sure everyone would be jealous of me because I’ve a Greek god like you beside me” Sandra said with a cool smile,
“so do we look like married couple?” Richard asked grinning,
“ about Cole and Joy?” Sandra asked

“They are already dressed up you can’t imagine how much elated they are” Richard said and locked his arm with Sandra’s own while they walked out heading downstairs,

The uproar of the word ‘wow’ filled up the sitting room that moment,
Cole was dressed in the same tuxedo but has his own blueish in colour, Joy was also wearing a fabulous, sophiscated tightly fited gown which stopped above her knee, her feet was adorned by a gold like stiletto and on her hand was a golf like classy medium sized purse, her dark hair was left straight downward reaching her below her shoulder
They all stared at each other amazingly with saying anything,
“you look so beautiful” Joy said breaking the silence,

“you are much more awesome today, all men would really drool over out there” Sandra complimented Joy smiling broadly,
“Hey Cole, so you can really dress this way?” Richard asked
“What do you mean?” Cole asked with a raised brow
“Who helped you in dressing, I mean who told you what to wear because I’m sure you are not yet matured to.. ”
“Hey hold it there before I pour out my wrath upon you, I don’t want to ruin today with filthy talks” Cole said while everyone turned at him with a questioning look,

“Hmmm, okay ooo sorry” Richard smiled
“Wait ooo you didn’t called Clara?” Joy asked
“She is on her way here, in no distant time she would come so we wou..ld” a knock was heard that moment, Cole rushed at the door and opened it,
what he saw threw him off balance, he stood stiffed gazing at her with his mouth agape, what he saw was more of an angel than human,
“ look so sumptuous” Cole praised opening the door ajar while Clara walked in after muttering a thank you to him,

“Woah!!!!!” everyone exclaimed in unison making Clara chuckle,
“What is it?” she primped
“ look so breathtaking” Sandra uttered immediately
“Really?? I never knew” she said with a sweet smile,
Her dressing was unique, it was a long ash gown which reached down to her her ankle, shining crystaline objects hung in every part of the gown, it was bright and attractive, her wrist was adorned by a golden bangle, her face was something to behold, she has a light make up which made her more beautiful, her long black hair was made dark brown, fitting he so perfectly, her gown hugged her closely showing off her own figure eight, on her neck was a shiny necklace with a gem as its pendant, to be precise, she really beat both Sandra and Joy in being beautiful, sexy and gorgeous..she look rich and classy to the highest,

“i love your attire” Joy said smiling sweetly
“Thanks” Clara muttered smiling
“So can we leave now?” Richard chipped in while Clara glanced at him
“yeah they all answered and walked out, Richard had his hand wrapped around Sandra’s waist while Cole held both Clara and Joy’s hand softly as the entered the car smiling and chatting to themselves,

Heavenly Paradise an amusement park Knowned in the whole country as the best and famous, it has a conducive environment with everything in it rich and great, just it’s exterior view would make a poor man dream of entering, it has many enjoyable game and swings, it was really a great asset to behold, it is a place for wealthy people, the inside was sparkling with bright chandelier which was filled with crystals, the tiled floor was shimmering, looking at every where inside one would be truly convinced that billion of dollar is at work,

Sandra, Clara, Joy, Richard and Cole stepped out of their car and walked into the park gaining the gaze if everyone they pass by,
This wasn’t the place they prepared to go to because everything is so costly but Clara had insisted telling them she would pay the bill, this had marveled everyone to the core except Richard who was aware of how much rich she was although he couldn’t tell what she was doing as a job,

On entering the building, they occupied an empty seat, a female waiter dressed in a classy uniform walked to them and gave them a device to place an order,

The device was like a pad with a medium sized screen showing different series of meal from different locality around the world,
They all choosed the same meal and in haste it was offered to them, a rice and stew with different types of meat, the aroma of the food alone was capable of making spittle drop from someone’s mouth, it was so great and delicious, they all are in silence without saying a word, after they were done, the plate was taken while they drank water, not long afterwards, different wine filled their table,

“So guys let play the truth and dare game” Clara said sipping her wine,
“Yeah I love that game so much, let’s do it” Joy said
“okay Yea let’s do it” Sandra chipped in
“Hmm, as our besties has agreed, who are we to say no” Cole said to Richard while they all laughed heartedly..
“okay we start with you Cole, you would ask Sandra beside you, Sandra would ask me while I will ask Richard then Richard would ask Joy then Joy would ask Cole.. good to go?” Clara asked
“yeah!! ” they all chorused
“Failure to do what is asked of would incur the punishment of drinking from this liquor” Clara added while they all nodded,

“Truth or dare?” Cole asked
“Have you ever had sex with Richard?” he asked getting a killing glare from Richard while others laughed out softly waiting for her answer, Clara was the most curious of all..
“no just romance” Sandra answered while Clara exhaled heavily..
“Truth or dare?” Sandra asked

“Do you still wish to have Richard back as your lover?” Sandra asked calmly with a cool smile, this is Richard’s time to become curious,
“Uhmm, be truthful I want him but you know fate has his way, I think I’m not meant for him so there is no need for struggle” Clara answered while Richard smiled
“Were you once wanting to get Richard for yourself?” Cole and Joy asked at the same time,
“In the past” Sandra answered,
“So truth or dare?” Clara asked Richard with a smile,

“the same with you guy, truth”
Clara breathed
“What can ever make you and Sandra stop loving eachother?” Clara asked while they all stared at her totally surprised at her question,
“why the surprise look, it’s just a normal question for two teen like you? I mean..” Clara huffed
“yeah it is nothing” Cole said while they all nodded,
“Uhmm, if you ask, I will say nothing on earth can do make it happen” Richard answered
“awwwwwnnn, lover bird” Cole said with grimace,

Clara just smiled broadly with her face calm as ever giving Richard and Sandra no cause for suspect,
“Joy truth or dare?”
“uhm, has Cole ever suck your b***st?” Richard asked with a smirk at Cole
“Ohhh. what kind of question is that?” Cole added immediately while everyone laughed waiting to hear the answer,
“Ask yourself” Richard answered
“Well, the guy here named Cole is a breast sucker, he can’t do without it, so yes is the answer, infact many times” Joy answered making then burst into hysterics laughter,
“Ohh ohhh, cole so you are this corrupt, haa my brother has killed me” Richard said amidst laughter,

“so that equally means he has had his way with you?” Clara said while they laughed the more,
“Yeah, but hey you guys should stop those laughter because I love him that way” Joy defended fluttering her eyes pecking on Cole’s cheek,
“Cole truth or dare?” Joy asked Cole
“dare” he answered while everyone glanced at him with a straight gaze,
“what?” he asked spreading his hands
“nothing” they all chorused

“okay, I dare you to kiss me deeply” Joy said with a glowing smile making Cole amazed there and then at the presence of everyone, cole drew her up, wrapped his hand around her neck and kissed her deeply with his eyes glitted with passion and love, their kiss did well in erupting a wow from the lips of those who saw it, some were even taking the picture of it,

“Woah, teen lovers”

“love at work”
“I love their romance”
“great lovers”
compliment could be heard around everywhere, people started clapping their hand and that made Cole and Joy break the kiss and stared at the crowd in amazement, everyone was staring at them,
Just unexpectedly, Cole knelt down with one leg and in a loud voice he said to Joy,
“I thought my life would always be miserable, I thought I will never find love, my life had always been dark and I never thought of ever falling in love. everyone around me had hated me all through my growing up, but coming to meet you, I found my heart flip, how we met was a coincidence, I saw you and saw my future, I saw everything I need in a woman, you make me smile and today I had decided to openly ask you if one thing which had been harbouring my heart and that is..” he paused then brought out a sparkling ring..
“Will you marry me?” he asked while everyone stared in desperation,
Sandra, Clara and Richard was totally dumbfounded, no-one expected this,
all gaze was on joy waiting for her answer,

she was stunned to the core, she never saw it coming and that alone had made her heart beat increase its pace, happiness eloped her, she couldn’t help but shed tears of joy,
in her little tiny and angelic voice she screamed an ‘I will ‘
everywhere was filled with uproar, clap and sound of shutter from cameras…
Cole took her finger and insert the ring slowly then hugged her tightly, another set of clapping began again,
just then the DJ started a music and everyone began to dance, the place turned romantic as every guy started making theirs happy either with a kiss or fondling,
No one talked to each other about it till they reached till they reached home..

To be continued



It was already dawn when Sandra and the other arrived from the park, they were all fatigue and exhausted, without wasting any minute, everyone retired to their room and slept off with Clara sleeping in the guest room
The next day was Friday, at around 6:00am, Clara woke up and hastely grabbed her phone, a sudden smile escaped her lips in seeing what could not be foretold, she rolled her eyes then stood up and left muttering something under her breath,


The day has been brightened by the sun as the time could now be gussed to be at around 9:40am, everyone was wide awake and was sitting in the sitting room gisting and laughing their lungs out,
A movie scene was going on in the television which was hung above the ground, they had called Clara to know her whereabout, she had told them that she had and emergency, the discussion they were having were centered in everything that happened yesterday, Richard was sitting on the couch with sandra lying down with her head resting on his leg, that was the same position Cole and Joy,

Just amidst their discussion, a faint knock was heard, they all stared at themselves as if to know whether anyone knew who could be at the door,
“Let me go check, it may be Clara” Richard said and rushed over to the door,
He opened it and who he saw made him shudder,
Chief Daniel and another woman who he guessed could be his wife, he could explain what he felt on seeing them, his gaze rested on the woman behind Daniel, there was something amissed, he could figure out some kind if resemblance between him and her but he later waved it off with the thought that his mother has died long ago, looking at daniel, he became exasperated,

“What do you want from me again?” He bellowed

“Hey son please let us in” chief Daniel cooed in a quiet tone
“First of all, I’m not your son and secondly, I will never allow you in here, who knows you may be with a pistol” Richard blurted making Marie burst in tears,

“Hey woman, why shedding tears, I can’t remember saying any word to you” Richard retorted gazing at the woman who seem heartbroken,
“She is your mother” Chief Daniel said and immediately Richard went limp, he whole body halted at that moment, his gaze was at the woman who without being told, one would see the clear resemblance between her and Richard,
“What is happening there?

“Who is at the door?” Sandra voice sounded from inside,
“Is that the voice of.. ”
“You both should leave her before I do something we would both regret” Richard warned sternly,
Immediately he said that, Marie rushed at him, with her hand she moved his ear and checked out to know if there was a mark there,

Lo and behold she saw it exactly where and how she made it, just then Cole walked towards them and opened the Door wider, chief Daniel quickly entered and stood at the corner,
“What do you want from us again!”coke asked him with a berserk look,
“I come for peace because I just found the truth, please can I seat?” Chief Daniel asked while Sandra and Joy abruptly ran into him with a hug,
“Sir welcome” they both chorused in an elated way,

Richard walked away and head to the couch followed by Cole
Sandra and Joy held chief Daniel and Marie his wife by their hand and lead them to the couch,
“What would you like to do, rest or eat?” Sandra asked with her hands clasped forward,
“None of the above” chief Daniel and Marie answered in unison,
“Why?” Sandra and joy chorused with an arched brow,

“We came all the way from Lagos down here for only one reason and that is to meet Richard, he is our son” chief Daniel said staring at Richard while the other became extremely shocked, they all stared at themselves with their eyes widened in shock,
“Do you think I’m a fool to believe you?” Richard sneered breaking the silence which had eloped everywhere..
“you have to believe us becausevwe have a proof” Marie said immediately,
“What proof?” Richard asked gazing at her straightly,
“the mark at the back of your ear” Marie answered making Richard and Joy cringe,
“you say?” Joy asked to be sure she heard it clearly,

“the mark at the back of his ear is the mark I gave to him when he was little, I…” she burst into tears without completing her statement, the pain of what she did in the past was really hunting her deeply, she really really regret her actions,
“you mean this?” Richard asked displaying the mark at at the back of his ear,

“yes please that’s it, I am pained for what I did in my past, I hate myself for it, please don’t make me die of anguish by not forgiving me” Marie pleaded getting down on her knees,
“I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to think, if you are my mother then who is Grace the woman I’ve lived all my life knowing and seeing her as my mother, what is all these gibberish you are talking about?” Richard asked staring at her in a gawp manner.
“I can explain it you would give me a chance”

“okay go on let’s seat down” he beckoned and walked to the couch,
“I… ”
“wait, who is this Chief Daniel here to you” Richard interrupted
“He is my husband and your father” Marie answered while Richard glared at him then returned ‘his gaze to Marie who he had suddenly got passions for, in his mind he had already loved her

“Long time ago when I was still a teen..I always had this dream of marrying my childhood lover Ken, he was from a poor family but I love him, we were secretly dating and would always promise ourselves that nothing would divide us, our love was so strong that I never fell for any other guy be him rich or handsome, I turns down any body who tries getting my attention, that was how my life went on till I came across Daniel, at first sight, I hate him so much, I don’t know why but maybe it was because he was bent on getting me or that he was rich, I never gave him slight hope of ever loving him but he was desperate,

Through bribing of my family and relatives, he got me forced into marrying him, I vowed never to have child for him.. I did everything possible never to get pregnant until one day I found out I was pregnant of you…. I gave you out to a doctor… later on, I got pregnant again, it was a girl, I exchanged her for a dead one… then another boy, I gave you and the other a mark of recognition incase for future purpose, you can’t imagine how much elated I’m to finally see you grown up, I plead for you to forgive me please” Marie said with tears gushing out of her eyes,

“Did you say you have a girl who you also gave the mark?” Richard inquired..
“that’s her” Richard said and pointed at Joy who was now shedding tears,
Marie averted her gaze to Joy and stared at her for a long time,
“are daughter?” Marie asked with a quivering lips
“yes” Joy nodded and ran to her with a tight hug,
“ are you my mom, why did you did that?” Joy asked amidst the hug
“it was the devil, please forgive me” Marie pleaded with guilty written all over her face
“I’ve already did that, I can’t believe I still have a family member, I..” Joy hugged her tightly as tears rushed down,
“Richard!! Richard! Rich..”

“don’t Richard me, Daniel or what ever you called yourself, don’t just call my name” Richard seethed standing up to leave when someone held his hand, he turned his head only to see his beloved on her knee, tears dropping down,
He could not help it,
“stand up quickly, why are you crying?” he cooed cleaning her tears with the back of his palm,
“for my sake forgive them” she mumbled
“I should forgive someone who..”
“He did nothing bad Richard.. he is the reason why I am alive, he is the reason why Joy your sister is alive and healthy, what he did was what every other father would do for his son, Richard, I know you as someone who has a good heart, so what is right” Sandra said calmly, her word touched Richard so well that tears began gathering in his eyes,

He turned and walked to where Chief Daniel stood and hugged him tightly,
“Thank you father for being there for me, you helped Sandra out of her oppressor making it possible for me to meet her again, you took Joy my sister out of suffering and raised her, thank you father, I love you” Richard said with a sweet smile which did well in making the old man feel so much elated that tears also fell from his eyes,

“Richard have you forgiven and received us back” Marie asked, her eyes glitted with passion,
“yes” Richard answered
Marie ran into him and hugged him,
“we have to take a picture” Daniel said in glee,
Daniel, Marie, Joy and Richard stood together and Sandra captured it with her phone,

“So how are you guys all doing?” Chief Daniel asked as they enjoyed the sumptuous meal prepared by Joy,
“we are all cool, and let me use this opportunity to introduce myself to you and Marie because I am gonna get married to your daughter in no distant time” Cole said with grimace,
“Ugh.. Joy is that true?” Marie asked sipping her drink,
“yes, look at” Joy said and showed them the engagement ring on her finger,
“Wow..great, you have our approval” Chief Daniel said munching the meat in his mouth,

“ehen, what about Paul and..”
“they are gone” Marie interrupted immediately
“Gone?? how?” Sandra asked
“they both left some time after telling them that you are my son” Chief Daniel replied pointing at Richard,
“Uhmm, okay”
They all finished eating and started chatting and gisting happily, at evening, Marie and Chief Daniel set to go home.
“we would have to go now” Chief Daniel announced
“Haa, my in-laws why not stay till tomorrow?” Cole said

“we would love to stay but there are alot of things we have to do down in Lagos urgently” Marie explained,
“okay bye see you” they all chorused hugging them one after the other
“we would come visiting regularly” Marie said with a smile while they all escort them out and bade them,
“ewww, this is so ridiculous, how can he be my father?” Richard said immediately they all sat down on the couch,
“things happens for a reason”

Clara stood in front of six hefty men whose muscle are as those of wrestlers, they were all on black and were armed, Clara was wearing a black tank top with a black bumshot, her countenance was far from smile, she look stern and fearful, with a mere view one would notice she was giving instructions to the men, her voice was low but deep,
after sometime, the men all left while Clara slumped on the couch with a smirk,

Dr Mike walked into Chief Gabriel’s house hastely and sat on the couch, not long afterwards Angela Sandra’s step mother also came then sat, in no distant time Chief Gabriel walled out from the inner room cladded with in a native wear,
They all sat facing eachother,
“without wasting anytime, I came to tip you all on something, you see, having been making a close research on David, I found out that he is no longer on our side” Dr Mike blurted shocking both Angela and Chief Gabriel,
“I will later tell you both why and how I found out but for now, let’s become secretive about our plan, neither him nor Paul should know what we want to do” Dr Mike said and rested his head backward,

“so you mean David had been against me all this while?..I’m gonna kill him” Chief Gabriel said and brought out his phone to dial a number when Dr Mike stopped him,
“no need for that, he is still somehow important to us, we would use him to get what we want, lets just play along” he said
“well, okay if you said so” Chief Gabriel said and dropped the phone,
“what is the latest news about Sandra and the other?” Chief Gabriel asked
“the assassin said that she gonna bring her and Cole this month so we are improving” Dr Mike replied rubbing his hand in glee,

“I can’t wait any longer, that land must be mine no matter what” Chief Gabriel said with a smirk,
“What about Richard?” Angela asked
“we would spare his life only if he minds his own business, if he tries stopping us, we would not hesitate to kill him” Chief Gabriel said then walked towards her,
“I really need sex right now, I want it to be you” Chief Gabriel said to Angela grabbing her hand

“again??” what do you intend to do with my future it would I be your sex mate till death, remember you promised to marry me” Angela whinned,
“Had I say I wouldn’t, you are so beautiful and irresistible” he said and drew her up heading to his room while Dr Mike head out to his house,

an unknown girl could be seen in a room with Clara, both if them were having a discussion which with mere view one would notice it was something secret,
Just then, the unknown lady brought our her phone then sent something to a number saved as Sandra,
At the sitting room, Sandra sat alone with her phone in her hand, everyone had left for job search, she has came back earlier because she found her own job quickly which was to be a nurse in a private hospital,
Just as she was about drifting to sleep, her phone beeped, she looked into it and saw an incoming picture message from whatsapp, opening it she saw the shock of her life…

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