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Deep Affection: 26-30

Deep Affection: 26-30



Silence lingered in the atmosphere as they all placed their gaze on Marie who was lying sitting at the edge of the bed,
Their expression was a full description of curiosity, their minds wandered in thought as they waited in patient for what Marie had to tell them,
Marie breathed down heavily before beginning…

“These secret I want to tell you all is something I would have like if I keep it to myself, but that would not be good because it may cause harm in the future… She paused then glanced at each of them before proceeding.. Paul.. Mary!!” She called out,
“Yes” they both answered..

“Since you were little till now, you saw me as your mother, and saw Daniel here as your father.. But the truth us that she aren’t your parent” Marie threw the first bombshell which sent a great shock on the both except Daniel who already knew,
“Daniel here knew about it, we both agreed to keep it as a secret and never allow you both to know about it… But that isn’t relevant anymore, you both are grown up, you are supposed to know how you came into this world…

Now the other one I have to say now goes to Daniel.. Please, I decided telling you this because I felt like… Because I found out that you love me so much, so I think I have to open up to you my little secret,
You know my marrying you was totally against my wish because I was in love with another guy then, I was forced by my parent to get married to you because of your wealth, I was really heartbroken then, I was angry with everyone including my parent, I felt a very deep hatred for you..


I planned to kill you many times, but my mind wasn’t harden to do it.. Then after I told one of my friend of my predicament, she adviced me that the only thing I could do to revenge on you for making me marry you was never getting pregnant to you… I found the advice so good and nice, then I began taking a conception drug which prevented me from getting pregnant


Later on, on a fateful morning, I started feeling some kind of feeling like fever, I stated vomiting, quickly I went to the hospital for a test and the test announced me pregnant,
You can’t imagine the kind of shock I got that day, I kept thinking of what to do.. How I even got pregnant was even like a mystery to me,
I felt very angry anytime you smile at my stomach, your happiness that I was pregnant for you made me always angry… The way you always touch my belly smiling sheepishly made my hatred rise a hundred folds,
I went to that friend of mine the second time,

After telling her my condition, she advised me to exchange the baby with a dead one after birth, the advise seem somehow bad for me… I suddenly started feeling pity for you who had been longing to have a baby for a long time,
But the friend if mine encouraged me on it, she made me believe I was doing the right thing, she said that you deserved it.. I later agreed on it.. That’s how I set the plan and connive with the doctor, he helped me to get a baby who was very sick and would later die and exchanged it with my baby who was a boy, the doctor begged me for him to take the child home and train him, as he said he was looking for a child, I agreed on the condition that I would be coming to see him at interval,

I personally named the child “Richard”… I also gave him a mark at the back of his ear in case of the future,
Your weeping and wailing was just like a song and laughter to me, my mind was much hardened that I felt no pity for you.
All my crying and wailing was just a pretend, my tears was a crocodile tears,
After more years later, it happened again, I became pregnant, the sort frustration I was wasn’t something that can be said with mere words,

I come in conclusion to give the baby to any woman in the hospital who lost her child and tell you that the child died inside my belly.
After i gave birth,it was a twins, a boy and a girl, I named them Daniel and Joy and also gave them the mark at the back of their ear,
I gave them to the doctor who took them away then announced to you that my child died in my womb.

So what I want you to know today is that we have three child out there in the world” Marie concluded with flood of tears gushing down her eyes,
“If the both of you are not our parent, then who is our parent??.. who are we??..” Paul asked with his both eyes covered with tears which he refused from falling,

“Why did the both of you hide this such thing from us all this while, han.. w—hy?” Mary asked and broke into tears,
“I’m sorry… but it is the decision of your Daniel that we should adopt a child” Marie said sniffing, her heart was now so heavy with grief and regret,
She could not help but cursed herself for being that much wicked and heartless to Daniel, the feeling of pity clouded her mind as she saw the expression of Daniel who just stated at the empty space dumbfounded, his expression was unexplainable,

“I’m so much sorry for the pain I caused you… I allowed wickedness rule me, you are not throne at fault for marrying me, as everyman would do that’s what you did, you never forced me to marry you, I had thought I was doing the right thing… I don’t just know what to say, but please all I need from you is your forgiveness… my mind had not been in peace since all these years, my conscience never made me rest, all the day, I would be having different dreams, please.. forgive me” Marie said to Daniel then climbed down from the bed and made to kneel down,
“No…… stand up… just stand up.. have your seat” chief Daniel said lifting Marie up to her feet,

“No… I wont .. till you forgive me” Marie said struggling back to her kneel,
“You don’t need to kneel down before I forgive you… I had lived you starting from the first day I met you.. I can’t hate you now because of the past, I feel the pain you feel now.. all that happen is now termed as things of the past, after all it was the devil’s handwork so we can’t punish men for that…. I still love you” Chief Daniel said and hugged her tightly, they both had their eyes watered with tears,

“Thank you so much for forgiving me… I feel very relief now, seriously now I see the good heart in you…now I saw we are meant to be together, I will always love you and be faithful to you” Marie said calmly hugging him more tightly.
“So what about us?” Mary asked wedding her palm,
“Oh… you see… you both are still our kid even if we we are not your biological parent” Chief Daniel said to them as they broke from the hug,

“Please there is one more thing… I don’t know ooo but I’m just feeling we should check on that Richard, Sandra’s boyfriend” Chief Daniel said suddenly,
“What do you mean?… are you trying to say or insinuate that he may be your missing son???” Paul retorted angrily,
“We haven’t conclude, but you know this world is small… it may be him,who knows” Chief Daniel explained,
“I do t understand you anymore.. you know that guy you’re trying to check on is our enemy, have you suddenly forgotten??” Paul blurted staring at chief Daniel in a disgusting expression,
“I don’t care… if I check him and found out him to be my son, I will not hesitate to take him home and treat him nice and even beg him for forgiveness” Chief Daniel said,
“Please check him…I pray he should be him, I really wants to see my son and also beg him for forgiveness” Marie said
Chief Daniel pecked her then left ,
To be continue

Richard, Cole, Sandra and Joy sat down silently in the bus as it drove speedily on the road,
Richard had his gaze outside the window, his mind was deeply in thought,
Before their departure, he had just suddenly felt bad leaving the state, it was just as if he was losing something, since they entered the bus, the thought of his parent had suddenly flashed in his memory, He brought out his phone to keep himself busy, He went to his galleries and started going on all the pictures there,
As he was swiping the photos one after the other, he saw one of the picture which they took, it was snapped from behind, his sight caught something,
He found out the same mark at the back of his ear on Joy’s own, it was at the same spot,

He stared at it confusely,
“There is something significant about this mark” he thought,
He turned to Joy who had her head bent on the edge of the seat in front of her, already asleep, he checked the back of her ear, and there it was,
That left him so curious, he tried waking her up but he later decided to leave that till they gets to their destination,

Chief Daniel drove into the compound with a very high speed, the kind of curiousity that over clouded his mind was something he himself couldn’t fathom, Since, he was driving to the place, he had being praying for this Richard to be his son,
His wife had also called the name Joy, so there is a probability that his cook could also be his daughter,

All thesethought was what clouded his memory which made him hardly concentrate on his drive, It was by God’s grace that he reached the house without having an accident,
As he walked inside the building, the silence that enveloped the house made his heart beat increase it pace,
“Why is everywhere so silent?” he asked rhetorically as he pushed the entrance door,
The door wasn’t lock but there is a way the house looks, It was somehow scanty,
Bead of sweat rolled through his forehead down to his jaw as he climbed the stairs, he found himself getting more and more afraid on the probability that they all may had travelled out of the house

He opened Sandra’s room, everywhere was the way it has always been, but there is something missing, Her bag and belongings
“No.. no.. no!!!” he suddenly screamed,
“This must not be true” he said breathing heavily.
He dashed out of the room and ran through the walkway,
He entered into another room, it was also the same way Sandra’s was,
He sluggishly walked downstairs with a heavy heart,

He called Sandra on the phone countless times but the call wasn’t answered,
He slumped heavily on the sofa in the sitting room with a highly rated alcholic wine placed on the table, as he made to open it, he saw a sheet of paper carefully placed on the table,
He quickly took it and open it,
It was a letter,
He reads

*Hi Chief Daniel, to be sincere, you are a very nice man worthy of emulation, i really appreciate all you did for me,
I know that by now you must have finished searching for me and the others, i’m really sorry, but we are gone for ever, there is no hope of seeing us again, i and the others came to a decision of leaving that state to where we can never be found by our enemies, don’t get angry, i know you must have been told by your son that Richard beat him up, we are sorry, i know you must be very angry with him, I want to tell you something, do you know that no matter how hard we try, there is no way anybody can divide what God had joined together, we knew you must fight in favour for your son to get me, so sorry but we are gone for enternity. Bye

*From Sandra*

Before he could read the last word, his eyes was already soaked with tears,
His heart pound heavily in agony,
“Richard… my son.. why do you people leave… Why now… son, why will you people leave now that the secret had just blown off,
When i first set my eyes on you, i saw the slight resemblance between you and my wife, but i waved it off because i never knew i had a son.. why is this happening to me.. since many years now, i had been training and catering for another person’s child without knowing i have my own children out there in the world,
Why!!.. what will i do now!!.. Oh i’m confused..”

Chief Daniel kept on grieving and lamenting before his phone rang,

He quickly took it in anticipation of it being Sandra but no, it was Chief Gabriel,
He furiously flinged off the phone away, He knew Chief Gabriel must be calling to ask him about the trafficking business he told him about,

“Foolish man!!… Oh how did i even planned to traffick my own son… aghrr.. what if i had already trafficked him before knowing he is my son?…
It was early morning the next day when Richard and the others got to Kano state the centre of commerce,
Richard called the friend who was to give them direction,
After waiting for some minute, the friend of his came, after the normal greeting, they all boarded a cab which took them to the estate known as Nomansland,
They had already rented the apartment online, so it took no time before they were ushered in,

Nomansland estate is known around the city for it’s development and beauty,
Every nook and crane of the estate were tightly secured with a very tight security,
It was a place meant for people who were very wealthy,
Richard had choosed that estate to be where they would stay, because their is an assurance that there is no way they could be traced,

They all dropped their bags on the floor in the sitting room which could be mistakened as a paradise due to it’s beauty,
They all roamed around the building feeding their eyes with it’s beauty,
Everything needed in a house was completely there, The whole floor was covered with tiles was sparkling neat,
The chandalia, the well painted wall, the kitchen.. everywhere was just so rich,
“I think i would be going upstair to my room, i need to catch some sleep” Cole said and went away,
“Even me sef” Richard added and followed him
“Lets go and prepare something” Sandra said to Joy,

Chief Daniel sat on the chaise lounge feeling really devasted, although, he had not clarified that Richard was his son, but he was truly feeling it,
Meeting Richard and Joy that moment was what he wants,
Just then, Chief Gabriel drove into the compound,
Immediately Chief Daniel sighted his car, he hissed loudly and walked into the house, Just as he was sitting on the sofa, Chief Gabriel rushed in,
“What is wrong with you” Chief Gabriel blurted angrily as he took his seat on the sofa opposite Daniel,
Chief Daniel glared at him for some times before looking away,
“You have to tell me the…”
“Tell you what, han?!!!” Chief Daniel retorted cutting him off his speech,
“Take it easy, ok?… what is really troubling you?” Chief Gabriel said in a calm voice,
“I think i’m done finanlly with that trafficking of a thing… i’m no more interested” Chief Daniel snapped
“Ok.. what about the trafficking of a young man which you said recently?” Chief Gabriel asked,
Chief Daniel turned at him sharply with a glare,

“Don’t just try to say that… that man i want us to traffick is my son.. can you imagine?… so if the truth wasn’t blown off at this time i would have trafficked my own son… eh, what a world” Chief Daniel said emotionally,
“So you want to tell me that because of this you wanna drop your source of income?” Chief Gabriel asked with a stern tone,
“There are many other source of income other than this… for christ sake, this is evil, just think of it, you will just useless the life of an innocent soul, because of the wealth of this world, i…”

“Shut your mouth and stop preaching to me when you yourself is also involve in it” Chief Gabriel snarled angrily,
“Whether you want it or not, i’m no longer into that evil business of yours!!” Chief Daniel screamed bitterly,
“Ok, then we shall see..” Chief Gabriel said and stood up,
Unknown to them, Paul who had came to see Daniel had stood by the door eavedropping all their discussion,
He now knew that moment that Daniel his unreal father is a human trafficker,
He had also come to know that his father had planned with the unknown man to traffick Richard before he knew Richard was his son, he smiled wickedly as he installed all these information inside his head,

Since Daniel knew that Richard was his son, he had no longer placed any attention to Paul at all,
He stays all day thinking about Richard and that had made Paul over jealous, he had planned in his mind to eliminate Richard so as to get back Chief Daniel’s attention to him as he was now very angry that Richard his enemy who had snatched Sandra away from him was now Chief Daniel’s real son, “I think i have to meet this man here and connive with him to traffick Richard secretly” Paul thought with an evil grin,
Paul quickly hid himself as he noticed Chief Gabriel coming out, almost immediately Chief Gabriel entered his car to leave the compound,

Paul also entered his own, so as to trace his resident,
Paul followed Chief Gabriel in a far distance tracing his route,
He found this as the best opportunity for him to teach Richard a good lesson for interfering into his life,
Chief Gabriel drove into his compound and parked his car at the garage, As he made to walk into his house, he sighted his gate man talking to a young man outside the gate,

It seem as if he was explaining something for the gateman, his gesture and body language was that of someone who really needs something.
He turned back and head to the gate to see who the young man really was and what he wants,
“Hey, whats it?” Chief Gabriel asked as he got nearer to the gate,
“Ehen.. oga, this man here says he wants to see you..” the gate man said while Chief Gabriel gazed at Paul with a question look,

“Sir.. erm.. please i want to discuss something very important with you.. seriously, this is something that would truly benefit the both of us” Paul said staring at Chief Gabriel who also stared at him with a smirk,
“Benefit the both of us??” Chief Gabriel asked with an arched brow,
“Yea..” Paul answered “Come in.. but make sure what you want to say worth my time” Chief Gabriel said as they walked into the large compound which was so much like a paradise,

“So what is it you wants to tell me” Chief Gabriel asked less concerned,
“erm… i want us to pull up the deal” Paul said staring at Chief Gabriel who gazed at him with a questionable expression..
“What are you talking about?” Chief Gabriel asked with an arched brow,
“I want the both of us to carry out the trafficking my father is telling you about” Paul said confidently,

“Are you the son of Chief Daniel?” Chief Gabriel asked, scaning him with his eyes,
“Yeah… I overhead your discussion with my father, i found out he doesn’t want to traffick the young man anymore, so i decided to put hand with you and carry out the deal” Paul explained,
“According to Chief Daniel, he said the young man is his son, so that means he is equally your brother, so what triggered the much hatred to him, that made you wants to traffick him?” Chief Gabriel asked sipping the wine in the tumbler he was holding,

“He is not my brother!!!… My father is just being dumbed… that young man is our enemy…”
“Wait…” Chief Gabriel cut him,
“What is the name of the young man?” Chief Gabriel asked,
“His name is Richard Ben” Paul answered while Chief Gabriel suddenly flinched,
“What did you just said?” Chief Gabriel asked with an expression filled with curiousity,

“I said Richard… Do you know him?” Paul asked with a raised brow.
“He is one of my most wanted… where is he now?” Chief asked with a smirk,
“I don’t know for now… They ran away to an unknown location.. but i think it is only a matter of time before we finds their location” Paul said with a solemn tone,
“Now i see… ” Chief Gabriel muttered nodding his head with a wicked grin..
To be continued



Richard woke up at exact 5:00 in the evening, he yawned widely then stretched his body,
He walked out of the room and head downstairs,
Sandra and joy was sitting in the sitting room watching a movie and chatting happily,
Immediately Sandra sighted him a wide smile crossed her lips, her heartbeat rate increases it’s pace due to the joy which eloped her heart that moment,
“How are you girls?” Richard said with a broad smile as he sat closely with Sandra,

“How could you sleep this long.. It seem you had a sleepless night?” Sandra asked,
“Yeah… There are many things troubling me yesternight” Richard answered with a drawn face,
“What could be troubling you” Sandra asked with a soothing tone,
“I can’t really tell.. It is something strange to me, I…” Richard paused and bent his head down in frustration,
Sandra wrapped her arm around his neck and drew him closer to her body making his head rest on her chest,
“What is the problem?” Sandra asked calmly,

Just then, Cole walked downstairs stretching his arm widely as he yawned,
“What is happening there?” He asked in am amusing tone,
He sat with Joy and quickly wrapped her passionately just the same way Richard and Sandra were,
“There is something I found out which I truly want to tell you all, it is confusing to me” Richard said as he broke off from Sandra’s arm,
“What is it?” Cole asked while the others stared at him with an anxious expression,

“Joy” he called
“Yes” She answered,
“Do you know the significance of that mark at the back of your ear?” Richard asked
” You mean this?” Joy asked pointing at the mark at the back of her ear,
“Yeah… Do you know the reason why the mark is there?” Richard asked with an inqusitive tone,
Joy waited for some minute trying to get the question,
The word which a Doctor Who she knew nothing about bad said to her about the mark when she was little rang through her memory,

The doctor had once visited them one morning, after discussing with her parent he had called in a corner,
“That mark at the back of your ear is a birth mark… It was marked by your real mother… You have two other siblings which also had the same mark.. One of them Is your twins, the other one is your senior brother.. Any time in life you ever see anyone with that same mark you had, then you have to know that person is your brother” The doctor had told her,
She had wanted to inquire more information about what he said, but just then her parent came, so he couldn’t say further,

After waiting for many years for the doctor to come again and couldn’t see him, she decided to forget about that thing totally,
She stared keenly at Richard, trying to get his mindset through his facial expression, but she couldn’t get anything as his expression was totally blank,
“Do you know anything about the mark?” Richard asked again as he saw she was not answering,
“Ermmm… Y–es” She stuttered,
“What is that?” Richard asked with a tone taint with happiness.

“According to a doctor, I was told that the mark is a birthmark and that anyone I sees with the same mark is my sibling” Joy answered while Richard eyes immediately popped out and his mouth left agape in surprise,
“What do you mean?” Richard asked with a side smile,
“You heard me right.. But why are asking?” Joy asked,
“Look here?” Richard said with a grin as he turned the back of his ear for her to get a clear view of the mark,
“Whaaaat!!!….So you are brother!!!” Joy screamed running into a hug with Richard who spread out his arm for her,
“So you are my sister… I can’t just believe how?” Richard asked as he tightened the hug,

“Those people we called our parent aren’t them” Joy said in a calm voice,
“So who are they?” Richard asked as he broke off the hug,
“I myself don’t even know” Joy answered,
“Wait ooo.. What is happening here?” Sandra asked with a raised brow,
“She is my real sister!!” Richard answered letting out a wide smile,
“Wow.. This is great, so we are having two family here” Cole said smiling
“I can’t stop smiling..i feel… ” Joy paused and held her chest with her both palm as an uncontrollable laughter erupted her lip,

“What is amusing you?” Cole asked grinning widely,
“It seems so hard for me to believe the sort of thing happening here… Firstly, we found out that Sandra and Cole are siblings then now, it is the both of us, so.. How do you see this?..isnt it amusing?” Joy said amidst laughter,
“I don’t know what to truly say in this matter… It is truly strange” Cole said
“Okay.. But the unsolved puzzle here now is who is our real parent?” Richard asked crossing his arm akimbo as he stared at each of them with an arched brow,
“Ermm… I myself… I am very confused at that side, I can’t tell where my parent are” Sandra said with a drawn face,
“Like I said before… I can’t tell, if my parent are dead or alive, because I was abandoned in the street at a tender age” Joy said in a meek tone,

“Okay then, we would have to wait for things to reveal itself” Richard said and slumped heavily on the couch,
“Let’s bring the food, I know you and Cole must be hungry by now” Sandra said and walked out with Joy following her at the back,

***In Chief Gabriel apartment***
Sitting around a circular glass table was Angela, Chief Gabriel, David, Dr Mike and at last Paul who had joined their team, all of them had their gaze rested on Paul who was operating on a system on the table,
“The location is not protected but it would take us some time to get their location as where they are now is very much far from here” Paul explained as he shut down the system and face them.
“So what would we do now, because I am so desperate to hunt those fools down” Sandra said with a stern face
“But.. Paul, what truly made you want to hunt those people down for us.. I mean..


According to what you said to us.. Richard is your brother because you both had the same father” David asked
“Please… For Christ sake.. You people should never called that fool my brother” Paul snarled in an irritating tone,
“It is okay… So when are we expecting the result of their location?” Chief Gabriel asked,
“The exact time is unspecified… But this week or next week could tell what how the result would be” David said with a proud nod…

It was 6:50am the next day, Richard woke up feeling some kind of strange sensation all over his body, he slowly pushed off Sandra head off his chest and stood up,
He walked a little bit forward then staggered backward and fell on the bed,
His head was really pounding him furiously, his whole body was dripping out sweat which drenched his shirt, his body temperature had also increased,
He stood up and staggered downstairs, he reached the sitting room and slumped hardly on the couch,

Just then, a knock sounded at the door, Richard felt his heart beat loudly and faster, he couldn’t tell who could possibly be at the door at that time,
After sometimes, he walked towards the door, as he made to twist the door knob downward so as to open the door, his subconscious mind screamed at him warning him not to,
He breathed down heavily to calm his nerve before turning the knob and the door crack opened,

Standing at the doorpost was no mother person than his worst nightmare, a person he never wanted to see that moment, someone he had never wanted to see the glimpse of the image,
It was no other person than….

To be continued


Richard couldn’t really explain what he felt after reading the message, it just looks so absurd and awkward to him, he really found it very hard believing the message was coming from Clara, all the years he had spent with Clara he had come to realize only one thing about her, she was a freaking desperate lady who would do everything possible to get what she want, but at that, she was a devoted christian,

The Clara he knew was someone who was meek and emotional but by this message which she just sent, he was sure of something fishy, there is something about her he was yet to know,
All these years he had not been with her he was sure there must be something hidden underneath,
“what about Mike, did he really did all those things Clara said he did?, what if she was just lieing, she doesn’t in any way look like someone who had passed through any suffering or pain.. how did she even know i was living here?, how did she even get to know I was living here ?” all these thought ran through his mind as he layed on his bed with his face upward staring at the rotating fan,

” I need to see her right away, we really has much to discuss” Richard mussed to himself before jerking off from the bed,
He head straight to the en- suit and quickly brushed his teeth, then took a quick bath before walking out after tying a towel round his waist,
He walked to his wardrobe and took out a shirt and a blue jeans trouser and placed it carefully on the bed,
He wore his boxer then a singlet, just as he made to put on the cloth on the bed, he heard a soft knock on his door, he knew instantly that it was no body other than Sandra ,as he knew fully well that it was only Sandra that would be the first person to check on him immediately Clara must have left,

He quietly and slowly took his cloth which was on the bed and carefully hid it under the pillow before walking to the door to open it, like he thought, it was Sandra standing at his doorstep with a tray of coffee in her hand,
” Wow. . is that for me??” Richard asked with a grin while Sandra carefully kept the tray on the tray beside his bed smiling,

” How are you feeling now?” Sandra asked with a concerned tone ,
” Ugh. . Was i sick ??” Richard asked totally forgetting he had told them he had headache before leaving the sitting room to avoid Clara,
” You said you are having headache recently. . so that’ s what i’ m asking to know how you are feeling now. . . but .. . where you lying that you had headache when you never had ??” Sandra asked with a questioning expression

” Oh. . you mean. . okay. . that’s true, i was having a little headache but it had faded away” Richard lied with a forced smile scratching his right temple,
” How then do you just suddenly forget you had headache ? have you taken any drug??” Clara inquired staring at him with an arched brow,
” Ermm. . . I- i. . ”
” Why do you feel uncomfortable around that lady who just visited us??” Sandra interjected with both arms akimbo,
” uncomfortable??” Richard asked befuddled,

” Richard!” Sandra called placing her arm around his neck,
” I am a lady who is very much good in studying someone. . I know you so well. . i know when you are angry. . i knows when you are sad . . . i also knows when you are hiding something away from me. . Richard !.. i know there is something about that lady who just visited. . there is something you know about her that you are hiding from me. .. why!! . . what is that thing that you find hard in telling ??. . what is that??” Sandra asked peering deeply into his eyes,

Richard stared at her dumbfounded, he could not ascertain what his heart was telling him that moment,
Telling her about Clara was something he feared could bring some kind of trouble in his life, he knew that thing would actually go wrong if he opens up everything to her , he is even yet to know the real colour of Clara ,
” Sandra. . i’ m not hiding anything from you . . i don’ t know that lady , she is our neighbour in this place, how do you expect me to know her when we just moved down here not long ago ” Richard said in a calm voice ,
” Ok, then why did you lied of having headache?” Sandra asked with a narrow gaze,

” Umm. . . i don ‘t feel like staying with that lady for a long time. . you know. . . she is just so materialistic and. .. ”
” It’ s okay forget about that. . . take this coffee and wait a little, the breakfast will be ready in no distant time” Sandra said with a calm smile,
“Okay, no problem” Richard muttered under his breathe,
“Ehen, .. I will be going to visit someone now, so I can’t take anything till I comes back” Richard said immediately,
“Really?.. can I know the place?” Sandra asked turning her back facing him,
“Going to a Friend’s house” Richard answered with a smile,

“Friend???… when did you get thus friend which i don’t know about?” Sandra asked inquisitively.
“Hmm… I… am going to see that friend of mine who brought us here..” Richard lied with a forced smile.
“I pray you are saying the truth” Sandra muttered loudly before walking out of the room,
Richard’s breached out loudly as she left, he was really sure she did not believe what he said, he was sure she doubted him and he was really troubled for lying

“Sandra I’m very sorry for lying to you but I really need to.. you may not understand” Richard mussed then took out his cloth and wore it then grab his phone before heading out of the room,

The road was less busy as every one could have went to their working place that early morning, Richards mind was really clouded with different thought as he drove speedly along the main road, he was overwhelmingly surprised and stunned at what could be the inside Clara’s cupboard, what does she want from him? .. why would she want them to see him after that heinous act which she committed?… why does she even came back to his life at this moment of his life, why now that he wants to start a new life with Sandra the lady after his heart,

As he drove to the place through the address in his phone he made up his mind to end everything between him and Clara that very day, the truth is that he no more have any feelings for her, all the feelings had died that very day he saw Sandra,
In no distant time, he finally reached his destination which was a gigantic building enclosed with a very large black gate and an electrified walls which circled round the house,
He was about to hoot his car horn when the gate automatically gave way revealing a paradise, a house which word can’t overly describe how beautiful it was,

Richard drove straight to the garage and packed his car in the remaining space as everywhere inside the garage were filled with fleet of cars,
Immediately Richard hoped out of the car, a sudden gasp of surprise escaped his lips, the house in his front was nothing to compare with, it could be classified as a heaven on earth, it was a tall storey building which was painted with a creamy colour, beautiful flowers surrounded it, the whole flour was interlocked, truly Richard found himself speechless, he could not help but wonder if he was in the right place,
How did Clara got this kind of huge amount of money to have this type of house if it was really hers,

Richard was still gazing at building really lost in surprise when he felt a warm arms clung around his waist, He quickly turned sharply only to get his lips locked with someone’s lips, before he could realize what was happening he was already kissing her, he tried struggling off his lips but it seems so difficult,
With much force he succeeded in unlocking his lips, his expression was full of surprise as he stared at Clara who was also staring at him deep into his eyes,
“What is the meaning of that nonsense you just did?” Richard asked with an arched brow as his heart beat faster,
“What do I did?” Clara asked with a shrug,

“What you did??.. Are you trying to pretend or what?… Why did you kiss me?” Richard asked getting alittle bit upset,
“Is there any thing wrong in kissing you?” Clara asked back with a lopsided smile,
“I don’t have time for your irritating question.. say what you want to say because I don’t have much time here” Richard seethed

“Let’s go inside, we can’t talk standing here, come inside” Clara beckoned stretching fort her hand for him to hold,
“I don’t need to hold your hand before I can walk, so keep on going while I followed you behind” Richard retorted rolling his eyes,
“Why acting rude towards me?” Clara asked as she walked towards the porch, all she could hear from Richard was a loud hiss,
Another sudden gasp escaped his lips the second time as he saw the interior design of the house, he was overwhelmingly dumb founded, he found it hard believing this house is owned by the Clara he knew,

“Have a sit” Clara beckoned as they got to the sitting room,
“Please be fast about what you have to say, I don’t want my fiancee to get worried of my whereabout” Richard said and sat down slowly on the sofa
“Who is your fiancee?” Clara asked with a calm voice,
“If you care to know, that lady that came out that day you visited is my fiancee, so be fast with what you have to say, I dont want her to be worried” Richard retorted
“Do you really love that lady that much?” Clara asked while Richard let out a scoff,
“I love her more than you can ever think of, she is just like my breath,
I can’t really do without her” Richard answered with a wide grin,
“So you don’t want me back, so you have started your life with another lady?” Clara asked with a wrinkled on her forehead,

“Clara! I don’t know what you are insinuating, do you expect me to fold my hand and wait for you till now” Richard asked with a calm voice
“Why didn’t you care to know my state after that act I did?… Why did you abandoned me to my fate.. Why did you let me suffer all alone?” Clara asked with a crack voice which shows she was close to tears,

“Clara!… I’m sorry for not caring of your whereabout… But.. What about you?.. Why didn’t you care to call me?.. Why did you also ignore me? After you cheated on me, you never called me or apology, I waited for your call back then, I was really ready to accept you back, I was ready to forgive you then but you ignored me.. Why?..” Richard asked staring at her with pity, he could see the real Clara now, he could see the emotional lady who he had fell in love with back then, the lady he had always want to be with all the rest of his life,
“It wasn’t intentionally.. I never wanted to ignore you, I love you so much, I missed you so much, I miss your care, I miss your affectionate words which always make me blush, I never knew what came over me that made me to cheat on you, I’m very sorry, i was tricked, I’m very ashamed of my self… Please..” Clara paused then went down to her knee,

“No, no, no, stand up, you don’t have to knee down for me, please stand up” Richard shunned pulling her up,
“I’m not getting up from here if you don’t forgive me.. Richard please forgive me, my heart is never at rest since all this months, all my riches means nothing without you, I…. ”
“Stop!!!…. Get up, I’ve forgiven you okay, stand up” Richard interjected drawing her up into a tight hug,

“I’m so sorry for all you have passed through, you deserve the best” Richard said in a soothing tone,
“What happened all these while I left you? How did you acquired all this wealth?.. How did…”
“Sit down, I’m gonna explain everything to you in detail” Clara interrupted, while they both sat on the sofa facing themselves..
To be continued

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