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Deep Affection: 21-25

Deep Affection: 21-25


Chief Daniel and Paul sat on the couch with a wine placed on a table in front of them,
Richard and Cole was still tied on the same chair in a sitting position in the same room, everywhere was quiet as everyone anxiously waited for Sandra,
Just then Chief Daniel’s phone rang loudly, he checked it and it was his wife,
“Hello who i’m i speaking with??” the caller voiced out,

Chief Daniel checked the caller again as the voice he had just heard wasn’t that of his wife at all,
“Who are you ? and what are you doing with my wife’s phone?” Chief Daniel asked
“Your wife is in All saint hospital right now, she had a terrible accident now, your….” before the caller could finish his statement the phone fell off from Daniel’s hand, before anybody could say jack Daniel had already dashed out of the building in a very quick motion,
Paul who had eavedropped the conversation quickly followed his father out leaving Richard and Cold aside.
“What should we do at this moment?” Richard asked Cole immediately, “We are going to do nothing, Sandra would arrive here in no distant time, then if she is your friend as you claim then she would release us” Cole said.

“Yeah that is true, thank God for that sudden call that they recieved, i can’t wait to meet Sandra” Richard said with a wide smile
“I don’t know oo. . . but i think i’m also anxious to see this lady also, she seems to be someone i had seen or heard her name before, but i can’t remember where and how i heard it” Cole said smiling also,
“I’m very much sure you will…..” a knock on the door cut him short of his word,
Before they could utter any word the door knob slided down and the door cracked open, then Sandra walked in,
A sudden gasp of surprise and shock escaped her lips as she saw Richard, she could not believe her eyes, still in shock she scrubed her eyes with the back of her palm then pinched herself to know if she was hallucinating,

“Sandra!!!!!!” Richard screamed excitededly as his heart beat increased it’s pace, he felt a swine of happiness and joy running through his spine,
They gazed steadily at each other smiling sheepily, Richard joy knew no bound that moment, he felt like hugging and kissing Sandra,

He could easily notice the change in her appearance, this was not the Sandra he met month ago, apart from the part that she was now so beautiful, her stature and shape was enough to send a man to his dream land, he could see how sophiscated she had suddenly become, her whole figure was a total discription of beauty, her smile was another thing to talk about,
Sandra on the other side was totally dumbfounded, she was just smiling widely as her heart made to jump out of it’s place,

She was lost in admiration and whole body throb in boundless joy, this was just a dream come true, this was just her wish which had came at the right time she needed it, she stared deeply into Richard’s eyes and all she could see was passion and love,

care, happiness. . . . the feeling of sensation she was feeling was something so strange and awkward to her, it was a feeling of want, a feeling of deep affection, in a quick motion she rushed at him and gave him a heart warming hug, before loosing off the rope,
Immediately the rope dropped off from Richard’s body, they both hugged theirself tightly again,
A line of tears rolled off their eyes as they engaged in the hug, they could both feel the connection between them and the sound of their heartbeat which was pumping faster in unison.

“where have you been all this while i was looking for you? Richard asked in a calm and soothing tone. Sandra quickly broke off the hug and stared at him surprisely.
“Really???… Had you been looking for me?” Sandra asked in bewildment.
“I had not only looked for you but i have had uncountable sleepless night because of you, i longed all night thinking about you, my mind hover everyday in what would be the cause of your sadness, i couldn’t get mymind off you since the day we met, i was truly heart broken then, i thought i would never see you, you just vanished out of sight, i went to the market where you do does your hawking many times so i could see you again but you were not there, i went to your house countless time to see you, but it was always under lock,


I had wept many night praying to God to bring you back to me, i don’t know the reason for all there i’m doing for you but i think….” he paused then held her chin closer to his, he could see the tears dripping, he quickly wiped it off with the back of his palm, I… i you” he said moving his lips closer to her own, in a twinkle of an eye their lips locked eachother, it was a kiss of affection, an intensed one which left the both of them craving for more,
Richard clunged his arm around her waist, while Sandra’s arm was around his neck, they were both lost in the kiss forgetting Cole totally as it seem to them that there were the only one on earth that time. it looks as if the whole planet was put to a stop and everyone vanished leaving only the both of them.
Cole stood still watching the both of them as they engages themselves in a romantic kiss.


Just immediately, the door knob swing down and the door gave way, Joy walked in and immediately stopped her step as she saw Sandra with Richard, she later walked to their direction to put a stop to the act they were indulging theirselves in,
This is the second time Sandra is kissing a guy, Not that their is something wrong in a kiss, but this sort of passionate kiss Sandra is giving is meant for the person you love,
How can she kiss two guy this same way, which of them is she in love with?” all this thought crossed through her mind that moment, Sandra she knew is not a whore so she can’t indulge in such a thing without tangible reason…
“No oo, leave them” Cole said to Joy in a low voice,

“What do you mean… who are you guys?” Joy asked with an arched brow.
“Both of them are lost lovers, so we have to leave them to enjoy their moment together” Cole said with a grin.
“I don’t understand” Joy said staring at him with a stern face.
“You will understand later, but please i’m feeling jealous, can we begin our own kissing?” Cole asked in a childish tone.
That statement that came out of his may seem like a joke, but it isn’t.
Immediately Joy had walked into that place, Cole had suddenly felt the chemistry. the sensation was really strange to him. all his lifetime had been full of hardship and pain, he had never for once had the feeling of love, he had read many story of romance but had never felt it, but at the first glance at joy he had felt it,

“Are you insane or what?… you….” Joy statement was but short with the lips of Cole which locked with her own immediately,

A strange feeling swept down her whole body that moment, she tried pushing him off but she just felt weak,
Why she felt that type of sensation was what she couldn’t ascertain,
She couldn’t even tell why she felt comfortable with the kiss, this was not her first time of kissing a guy, but this was the first time of having this sort of pleasurable feeling while kissing, what marveled her was the fact that the guy she was kissing was a total stranger to her,

Before she could know what she was doing she found herself responding quickly to the kiss,
The sound of Cole and Joy kiss brought Richard and Sandra back to reality.
They were both shock seeing Cole and Joy kissing passionately as if they had met before,
“Cole!!” Richard called out.
“Joy!!” Sandra called out also, at the same time with Richard,

Cole and Joy quickly broke off and turned to Sandra and Richard who was still staring at them in bewildment, Cole had a wide smile on his face while Joy had an expression of shame,
“Why did you both disturb this wonderful moment i was having huh?” Cole asked with a little chuckle.
“I don’t understand you Cole… i mean… have you met her before?” Richard asked with an astonish smile,
“Well… maybe we haven’t met for the first time… but i think… i’m…”
“In love with her” Richard completed the statement while they all faced theirselve with a surprise expression.
“Is… th–at true???” Joy asked in a stutter voice as her heart beat increased it’s pace and volume,
She stared at Cole curiously waiting for his reply,


She could not help but found herself praying for his answer to be ‘yes’ because there is a probability that he did not feel anything for her, the kiss as he said, was just to make him less jealous,
“Yes!!!” he screamed in a high tone forgeting they were still inside the building they were kidnapped,
They were lucky that the room was sound proof,
Joy didn’t even knew when she let out a scream of joy,
“Wait oo… are the both of you in love with each other?” Sandra asked with a grin,

“If you and Richard are in love so are we” Cole answered
“Hmmm, so we have to go to my house because this really calls for celebration” Sandra announced grabbing Richard’s palm as she made her way through the door, Cole also took Joy’s palm into his own and followed them,

To be continued



Richard and Sandra entered into the car which brought Sandra to that place, while Cole and Joy entered inside the car that car that Joy used in coming,
They all drove out of the gate in a speed motion, It wasn’t hard for them to move out as they all knew Sandra and Joy,

They all hopped down from the car immediately they reached the building where Sandra and Joy were living,
“Wow!!… this house is so beautiful” Richard exclaimed as they made their way into the building.
“This place is beautiful but not any way more than this beautiful damsel beside me” Cole said gesturing at Joy who had her palm clunged around Cole’s palm.
Cole’s word made her blush, this was just something she had always dreamed of but had never expected it to happen,
She had felt she would spend all her lifetime as a cook to chief Daniel, falling in love was something that she had never thought would ever come to pass, She was not allowed they all walked into the sitting room and slumped on the couch, Sandra and Joy went into the kitchen to make some food,”Cole” Richard called out..”yes!” he answered turning to his direction “What is going on between you and that girl?” Richard asked”Love… yea that’s it..” Cole answered with a grin

“Okay ooo. But you don’t even know her” Richard said with a smirk
“We would later get to know ourselves later…
“The food is ready” Joy announced walking to the dining table with a tray containing a large plate.
Richard and Cole rushed to the dining as their stomach let out a grumbling sound due to the aroma of the food,
Sandra and Richard was sitting in an opposite position making it possible for them to stare at each other well,
Cole was also sitting in the same position with Joy, they all ate silently staring at each other’s eyes at interval,
“I think we have to have some kind of introduction with each other.. I mean… Let’s discuss of our past… We all had passed through alot” Cole said breaking the long time silence.
“Yeah.. That would be really good, so we would commence immediately after we finish our meal” Richard said with a calm smile while they all let out a shrug.

They all sat on the couch staring at each other waiting for who to begin the introduction after the meal.
“I am going to begin followed by Joy” Cole said adjusting his position.
“My name is Cole Lewis, but Lewis isn’t my real surname, Lewis is the name of the family I was living with,
After I was bored into this world by my mother, I was termed a cause,
Starting from the beginning according to what I was told by my mother… firstly my mother had a boyfriend
i can’t remember his name, but according to what she told me, she said the both of them were having a serious problem with her friend who claimed that my mother snatched the guy from her.
The guy loved my mother so much and hated the friend of her who claim to love him.

he planned getting married to my mother but the night before their wedding the guy was found dead in his room he was shot on his forehead while still on his bed.
My mother ran away from that state as the news circulated the town that she was the one who killed him.
On her run she found out she was pregnant for him,
The felt heart broken as it dawn on her that she was going to be a single mother,
My mother suffered badly to keep herself and her unborn child safe,
She slept under the bridge, begged for money, but on the day of her labour she was taken to the hospital by some passer by who saw her wailing in pain, After she bore a son which was me she called the doctor and explained her predicament to him,

Her story made him moved in passion,
He decided to take her to his brother who was looking for a wife, as God may have it the doctor’s brother fell in love with her and agreed to marry her,
Before their marriage, News had it that a group of boys invaded that hospital where she bore me,
The boys search throughly for my mother but couldn’t see her, they questioned the doctor who helped my mother, but he denied knowing of her where about,
They shot him down with a gun,
When the news reached my mother’s hearing, she and the doctor’s brother who was her husband ran away from that place to this city,

Later on as i grow up, my mother took me away to a more far away place, as she was truly afraid of my well being,
She fully knew that as long as she was still alive, her so-called friend must continously search for her till she catches her and hunt down her life,
That made her to depatch me from her side,
I was sent to an unknown land, living with people who i knew nothing about,
I was maltreated badly by the family i lived with, my surname was changed to Lewis which was their family name,
Once in a year, my mother would come and visit me,

It was in one of her visit that she told me of all these circumstances surrounding my birth, after that, she gave me a photo which had a girl image on it,
She told me that the girl in it is my sister,she told me her name but i can’t remember, it really sound like the name Sandra but i’m not sure, later we went to a photo shop and snapped some pictures,
Later in the evening she left promising to come another day with the girl she called my sister,

Day and night i longed for the arrival of my mother and the so-called sister of mine, but i couldn’t get a glimpse of their figure,
I beared all the beating and harsh treatment impacted on me by the family i was living with, with the hope of seeing my sister,
It was now four years and i couldn’t see neither my mother or sister,
That was when it dawn on me that my mother must have fell into trouble,
I came to believe that recent visit was the last one,

I felt stranded, confused and hopeless,
I don’t really know where to start, i felt i was the cause of my mother’s pain, if i haven’t come into this world my mother’s life could have been free from all this, she would have been able to cater for herself alone,
I don’t just know what to think of, my living in this world became something i came to regret,
The family i was living in which consist of the parent and their two daughter made the matter more worst for me,
They would not just stop beating me even when i grew up to a teenager,
One day as i was coming back from hawking which i was sent to,
I met a man who was about to travel with his car,

As he went inside his house to get something, i quickly rushed to his car and hid inside the booth,
I knew nothing of nothing of where he was travelling to but i just felt following him,
That was what my instint instructed me to do,
After a very long journey which took the maximum of two days the vehicle finanly came to a halt,
I could have died of thirst if i haven’t found a bottle water in the booth..
When the car stopped, i could hear the sound of the gate being opened, i knew immediately that the driver must have unmounted from the car to open the gate,

I slowly opened the booth and ran off leaving the booth opened,
Where i was running to was what i knew nothing about, the state i am, was also strange to me but i was a little bit relief as i saw it was an igbo land as the place i was living before was a real hausa state,
According to my mother i was an igbo man, so i felt happy staying in my father’s land,
Although i couldn’t speak or hear the language but there is nothing like home,
I met some of my mates and joined them in the petty business they involve theirselves in, We all had no home, we sleeps in a classroom after work which we does in the market like helping customers to carry their already purchased goods,

As time goes on, i was able to buy a wheelbarrow for my work,
Any time i does a very taskful job, i always feels an intense pain on my stomach region which i couldn’t understand,
It was on one of my daily job that i got to get in contact with Richard through the accident which occured… to be sincered, my being alive today is really by God’s grace and mercy, i’m truly grateful to the lord who saved me from my pains… but i still pray to see my mother.. that would be the greatest miracle and wonderful thing that would happen to me in my lifetime” Cole concluded

Every one was really touched by Cole’s story, their eyes were all driping a line of tears,
They all had an expression of pity except Sandra whose expression was blank as her mind went wild in thought,
The story Cole just said to them has much resemblance with the story written on the diary by her mother,
She gazed at Cole trying to figure out any similarity between him and the picture she saw inside the diary,
There were a good resemblance but Sandra could not want to believe the fact that he was her brother,
“What is the name of your mother?” Sandra asked with her heart beating faster and louder,

“Her name is Lucy…
“What!!!… wait.. wait… come again” Sandra said with a widen eyes
“Lucy is her name… do you know her… have you seen her anywhere?” Cole asked anxiously
“That woman is my mother” Sandra voiced out,
Immediately, Cole and Sandra into each other in a tight hug,
“i’m the Sandra you saw in the picture” Sandra said amidst tears,
“i’m really dumbfounded… i never knew i will get to meet you… i’m so happy” Cole said with a wide smile,
“Today just seem to be my happiest day, i found my lover and brother… i can’t just stop smiling..” Sandra thought as they disengaged.

They all had a great celebration and meriment till dawn enjoying theirselves to the fullest,
Music kept reverbrating around the building as Sandra and Joy danced tirelessly with Richard and Cole.
To be continued


They were happy at this time forgetting the say that the evil one would not rest until they end your life,
If you can’t defeat them then you have to be ready for your early grave,
The world is a survival of the fittest realm.
Only the fittest can survive,
The battle which would take the life of your loved ones, put you into a great and intense pain, break your heart and make you cry is lurking around,
You will find the people you never expected betraying and leaving you to suffer alone, you would ask and shall not be given, you would knock but the door would not be opened, you would seek and would never find…




It was early morning the next day,
Richard could be seen lying on the large king sized bed,
Lying beside him was Sandra who had her head resting on his chest,
They were just like a newly married couples, just then, Richard woke up,
He felt really exhausted and fatigue due to the yesterday event,

He could not even remember how he got to the bedroom because he was sure he drank himself to stupour,
Getting himself drunk wasn’t his intention, but he felt he needed to drink himself to the fullest as that day was just the best day of his lifetime,
The skin contact between his body and that of Sandra sent a swine of shiver which swept down his spine, The feeling which he always gets whenever there was a contact between his body and that of Sandra was something he found so pleasurable that he always wish there should never be a seperation,
He is madly in love with Sandra and that is the fact,


The only thing which could seperate them is death only,
He was sure of the battle ahead, his life and that of Sandra and Cole are in danger, He could remember how they luckily escape, He could remember David who had helped them out, He could not lay on what could be his fate,
He had always called his number but it had never went through,
Slowly and carefully he shifted Sandra’s head off his chest and rested it on the bed,
He sat up and rested his head on the wall beside the bed,
His head was full of thought and anxiety, what he needed was a good plan on how to escape the calamity about to befall them all,

He walked to the bathroom sluggishly to clean,
Just as he made to climb into the bathtub he heard a knock on the bathroom door,
He stared at the door wondering who could be there,
There was only one person who it could be, and that is Sandra, but what does she want?…
“Who is there?” he asked calmly
“It is me Sandra” Sandra answered
Richard walked up to the door with his fully unclad body,
Immediately he opened the door, Sandra walked in,
She was claded in a white towel which clunged around her body, from her breast region down to her fresh laps,
The towel was tied tightly to her body that it was revealing the share of her butt and breast,


Sandra let out a little chuckle as she saw Richard’s eyes all over her body,
“Can we bath together please?… i feel very tired from the yesterday party, i don’t think i can bath my self” Sandra said with a childish tone…
“That is great… b–ut won’t it le–ad to… ermm… so–rry” Richard stuttered, while Sandra let a silent giggle,
Sandra loosed off the towel and immediately a sudden gasp quickly escaped Richard’s mouth,
Sandra had the type of body any man would long for, straight and sexy leg, nice curve, well shaped butt, pointed breast…

All these left Richard’s mouth agape as he stared at it,
“Can we continue our bath?” Sandra asked with a grin,
“You really has an irresistable body, wow” Richard complimented as they both entered the bathtub,
After their romantic bath, they both walked into the room with Richard carrying Sandra in a bridal way laughing loudly..
It really took Richard alot to be able to control his hormones and reaction while they both took their bath,
He had truly avoided much body contact between him and Sandra, that was the only way he could be able to control himself,

He really had the urge to have sex with her but he felt it would not be right asking her for it,
He truly cherished her and was fully ready to control himself till when she ask him of it,
After some minutes, they were both dressed up,
They both walked down stairs only to meet Joy and Cole already in the sitting room watching a movie in the large plasma tv which hung on the wall,
“Good morning lovers” Richard greeted immediately,
“Good morning the newly wedded couple” Cole answered with a wide smile,
“Did you both slept here?” Sandra asked as they settled down on the couch,
“Why would we?” Joy asked spreading her arm,

“Leave them… do they think we are sleepy head like them” Cole said patting Joy gently on her back,
“But wait oo… Joy when did you start waking up
early?… because since we lived in this house i’ve never seen you wake up at this time of the day” Sandra asked with a chuckle
“Since i entered her life, everything about her is changed, so stopped questioning her…” Cole cut in,
“Can we go to the dining, the food is already served” Joy said standing up,
“E–hen… so you have even finished preparing breakfast, wow.. that’s nice of you, he must have really changed your life” Sandra chipped in winking at Joy who just smiled back at her,
Not long after, they were done,
Joy quickly packed all the plate to the kitchen, they all sat at the couch in the sitting room enjoying the movie which was ongoing,


“Sandra!” Cole suddenly called out,
“Yes” Sandra answered while they all turned to his direction,
“Where is mom?” he asked while Sandra cringed,
The question hitted her like a bomb shell, she never expected the question at that moment.
“You m–ean?” Sandra asked pretending not to understand his question.
“Is our mother dead? Cole asked
“I-i don’t kno–w for now?… i’m confused” Sandra answered with her head down as tears formed on her eyes, she had just remembered the word of her step mother,

She can’t now ascertain if her mother was dead or alive,
She wouldn’t have had any atom of believe in what Angela her step mother said if she didn’t saw her face when she was making the statement,
Her expression was really serious, it wasn’t as if she was just trying to pull her leg,

“You don’t know if the woman you have been staying with since your child birth is dead or alive?” Cole asked with an arched brow,
Sandra raised up her head and stared at Cole who had his gaze on her as he wait for her reply,
“Do you know who Angela is?” Sandra asked,
“Yess!!.. i know her.. i had also met her, she was one of the people that kidnapped me and Cole” Richard blurted
“I also know her” Joy chipped in
“You???… how did you know her?” all of them asked in unison as they staired at her with a quizzical expression,
“Yeah.. i knew her through Chief Daniel, she is one of his sex mate, she usually comes to his house and always treat everyone around her like a piece of trash, that was how i knew her” Joy explained. “huh?.. i think i need to meet this lady, ehen Sandra how does she relate to my mother?” Cole asked
“She is my step mother, and she is responsible for any problem we have passed through, if our parent could be dead… then she is the one responsible” Sandra explained,

“I don’t understand you, firstly, you said she is your step mother, then how can she be responsible for our parent’s death” Cole asked in a confused tone
.”She told me… she said it… she said our parent are supposed to be dead but she is surprised that they are still alived… she said she would kill you… yes, she told me that our mother can’t hide you forever, that she had caught you and would kill you… then she sent a soldier to rape me to death… I..” she could not finish her statement as she suddenly burst out in tears,

Her past memories are just coming back,
All the suffering she went through were now replaying in her mind,
“I’m totally confused here, do you mean a fellow lady like you did all these things?…. No ooo!!!, she must pay!!!!?” Cole breathed angrily and quickly spranged up from the couch,
His both eyes were blood shot with fury, that must be the same lady who claimed that my mother snatched her boyfriend from her, she must be the one who killed my father!!!..” Cole snorted loudly,
The echo of his voice reverbrate through the whole building, his both fist clenched tightly,

“Calm down, we can plan how to solve the problem together ok?” Joy said in a soothing voice as she pat him gently on his shoulder,
Cole sat down gently, some drip of sweat fell off his forehead,
“I need to have some rest, my head is spining” Cole said and walked upstair, Joy waited for some minute before following him,

“What are we gonna do this moment?” Sandra asked
“There is nothing we can do for now, let’s just watch and see how things turns out” Richard replied.
“What if they attacks us unexpectedly?” Sandra asked with fear written all over her face.
“Nothing will happen to us.. Believe me, OK?” Richard said in a soothing voice rubbing his palm against hers,
“I’m afraid.. My step mother is much dangerous, she would definitely hunt us” Sandra said still afraid,
“Since the first day I saw you in the rain that fateful day I felt some kind of strange relief…

That day I was heartbroken after seeing my fiancee having an affair with my best friend, I planned getting drunk that night, but I later saw you and instantly forgot the drink, I felt my heart longing for you, I felt the real sensation of love.. My seeing you made me understand that everything happens for a reason.. I was meant to be with you and not with her, I saw the sadness in your face even when you try covering it up with a smile… I found myself thinking about you every minute of the day.. After everything I passed through because of you I was now fortunate to be here with you… That is my greatest dream which has come to accomplish.. So what do you think can ever made me allow you suffer.. What do you think can ever make me leave you…

I got to meet your step mother while we were kidnapped… She claimed to be in love with me, she shamelessly professed her love to me… She vow never to allow you get intact with me… She vowed that in no circumstances would she be alive and see us get married…hmmm.. Guess what?? Unless I die, no one will ever take you away from me” Richard concluded,
“My step mother gets what she want the way she wants it, not minding the life being wasted… This is what happened in the time of my mother… She killed the guy and my mother because she found out that their love were strongly bonded, I’m afraid she may kill me and if possible you also I… ” Sandra broke into tears.
“We are meant to be together, no body can separate us” Richard said and placed a kiss into her mouth,
Without wasting a second they both got intense into the kiss,
Just immediately the door of the sitting room sprang open..
Paul walked in….

To be continued



“Sandraaaa!!!!” Paul suddenly screamed jerking Richard and Sandra off their romantic moment,
Sandra and Richard turned sharply to his direction staring at him with different expression..
“What is going on here?” Paul asked with a furious voice which shows he was really angry,
“Are you blind?… what does it seem like to you… by the way don’t you have manner… how can you just barge into someone’s house with knocking” Richard blurted out
“I don’t have your time” Paul sneered and turned to Sandra who was at his right hand side,

“You heard my question well… so what is your explanation for flirting with this poverty striken animal” Paul snorted
“But… we aren’t dating… what explanation do you want, i’m not engaged to you, so far i could remember, i had never accepted you to be my boyfriend talk more of lovers.. i don’t just understand you, why are you poking nose in my privacy?” Sandra explained staring keenly at him as he burn in anger,

“Sandra why!..why!.. why do you wanna do this to me, han!!, what haven’t i done for you to show you that i love you, what other thing have i not done for you, i treated you nicely, shower my love for you.. but this is what you have for me in return, when did you turned into a whore.. when!!.. i…” he breathed heavily trying hard to compress the furious anger building up inside him,
He turned to Richard then to Sandra, his both fist were tightly clenched like someone who was ready for a fight,
The veins in his hands were now visible,

“There is no need for getting angry, i have my life to live and nobody has the right to tell me what to do, i have the right to choose who i want to stay with… i don’t love you but him, you are like a friend to me, i appreciate you care, but that doesn’t guarantee you to claim being the owner of my life, you…” her word was cut short by a sudden grip around her neck, the grip grew more tight almost choking her,
Paul raised his fist upward to hit Sandra on her face,

She flinched and shut her eyes tightly in anticipation, ready for the blow,
It was now almost five second and she hasn’t felt any touch across her face talk more of a blow, even the grip on her neck was already loosed,
She slow opened her eyes to get a glimpse of what was happening only to see Paul struggling to release his hand off Richard’s grip which held it tightly,
“Let go of your hand, you ‘son of a bitch’..” Paul roared angrily,
“You have the right to say all you have in mind to her, but you have no right to lay your filty hand on her because i won’t allow it” Richard said,

“You are a compound fool, how dare stop me from doing what i want to do… do you know who i am?” Paul sneered,
“You don’t also know who i myself is, so just respect yourself before i teach you how to do it” Richard blurted still holding his hand upward while Sandra who had already remove Paul’s grip off her neck stared at them keenly,
“Are you trying to challenge me??” Paul asked
“You must be a fool for trying to hit a woman” Richard snapped and tightened his grip more harder on his hand inflicting more pain on him,

“Will you… Leave my arm.. Before I.. Aaaagghrrr” a sudden scream escaped from his lips, sharp pain surge through his body as the pain got more intensed, He tried struggling off his hand but it couldn’t instead it made it more painful,
After some time, Richard pushed him off hardly making him land heavily on his butt on the ground,
“I don’t want to fight you, but if you insist on causing trouble to someone who has no feeling for you, then i will be forced to deal with you mercilessly” Richard blurted moving to Sandra who was watching him in surprise at his rate of strength,

“Are you okay?” Richard asked clunging his arm around her neck softly,
“Yes i am” Sandra answered with a sweet smile,
“Get your hand off her!!” Paul commanded,
Richard and Sandra turned to his direction only to find him pointing a pistol at them,
They both flinched at the sight,
“You think you can insult me and go scot-free??… Oh no.. i will send you to your grave now and guess what?.. I will now take Sandra as my wife, i don’t care if she accepts or not” Paul said with an evil grin,
“Please it hasn’t got to that, bring down the gun, we can solve this like matured men, ok?” Richard said in a calm voice gesturing his palm in a pleading way while Paul proudly let out a hyteristical laughter,

“Wow, i taught you are a man.. i taught you are her hero, why pleading, come and fight like a man, huh” Paul said cocking the gun,
Richard stared at him keenly to be sure if he was really serious in shooting the bullet, he could see his hand positioned on the trigger, Just then, a thought flashed through his mind..
He quickly drew out Sandra who was hiding at his back to the front..
“If you must shoot, then you would have to shoot her first” Richard said positioning Sandra in his front, shielding his body with her,

“What are you heading at?.. huh” Paul asked with a quizzical expression,
“Haaaha, you think i cares” Richard said letting out a little chuckle..
Just then, Cole and Joy walked down from the stairs,
Paul quickly diverted his attention to their side,
Seeing that his mind was no more on him, Richard quickly charged at him with a spear making him land heavily on the ground with his back, his gun flinged off from his palm,

As he fell down, Richard climbed on his belly and began giving him a heavy blow on his face until Sandra rushed at him to stop him,
After much struggling by both Cole, Joy and Sandra they were able to push him off Paul’s body,
Paul’s face was covered with minor injuries which was dripping out blood,
Richard had some feeling of victory and joy in his heart as he depatched from Paul who was lying helplessly on the floor,
His plan had just worked out neatly,
He had just used Sandra to buy himself some time as he noticed that Joy and Cole would be coming to the sitting room due to the sound they were making and that would make Paul divert his attention off him thereby giving him the chance to attack,

“What happened?” Cole asked staring at Paul who was writhing on the floor in pain,
“You all would surely pay
for this, i promise!” Paul cursed as he staggered up from the floor,
“I once thought you are a man not knowing you are nothing but a sissy, aren’t you ashamed of yourself” Joy said with a mockery chuckle,”Leave him.. lets go” Cole said to Joy,
“where are you people going to?” Sandra asked staring at them,
“Sandra!!!… i promise you.. you must regret this” Paul snorted and made his way out of the house.


:Mounting on his car he drove speedily to his father’s house,His heart was filled with anger and fury, His both eyes was blood shot, he was so much eager to end the life of Richard who he had now hated with passion,
He walked into his father’s mansion walking very fast and heavy,
‘Haha, my son this one you are here at this moment, I hope all is well” Chief Daniel greeted as he sighted Paul coming into the sitting room,
“All is not well at all” Paul said taking a seat in one of the couch beside his father,
“What is it??” Chief Daniel asked with a worried look,

Paul explained everything to his father just exactly it happened,
“Don’t worry yourself, this is a promise, that girl named Sandra is already your wife, i don’t mind wasting that boy named Richard’s life just for you to have Sandra as your wife” Chief daniel said with a solemn tone,
“What do you have in mind to do??” Paul asked staring at his father,
“Just watch and see” Chief Daniel said with a wide grin noding his head,

“Sandra!!” Richard called out,
“yes” she answered rubbing her palm on Richard’s bare chest,
Richard was sitting on the couch with Sandra lying on the couch with her head resting on his laps,
“How much do you have in your account?” Richard asked.
“I can’t really tell, but i’m sure it would be many now” Sandra answered
“tomorrow, we would be
going to the bank to withdraw all the money, we are going to travel out of this state to a faraway town where we would all lived peacefully” richard Explained
“That’s good” Sandra answered giving him a kiss

To be continued



Chief Gabriel was sitting on the couch feeling relaxed, that day was so good to him, he had just succeededly carried out his illegal business which was trafficking of a young lady which he found hawking on the street,
He had just took her to her house, trick her guardian into believing that he wants to train her outside the state, claiming that a voice commanded him to do it in his mind,
The joy and happiness in the face of both the parent and the girl was nothing to write about, they kept thanking God for hearing their prayer by giving their daughter a chance to clean their state of poverty,
Not knowing that their daughter was about embarking on a journey of no return,
Chief Gabriel let out a silent chuckle as all the event played back in his memory,
His phone made a beep sound, he smiled and picked it up as he already knew what it was,
“Ten million” he breathed out,
That was the amount of the money he sold the young lady to a famous drug dealer in Mexico, he dropped the phone and turned on the plasma tv hanging on the wall,
He rested his head on his palm still smiling as he thought of the huge amount of money he had acquired in the business,
Just then, his phone rang, he picked the phone and glanced at the screen,
It was Chief Daniel, he stared at it for some minute thinking of what could have triggered the sudden call from Chief Daniel who had been avoiding him for some month now,
He knew quite well that the reason why Chief Daniel had been avoiding him was because of the way he takes the lion share of the money made out of the illegal business they does together,
He let out a smirk before picking picking the call,
“Hello, my good friend.. long time oo” Chief Gabriel greeted immediately he picked the call,

“Yeah.. long time, please can we see in my office, i have something very important i want us to discuss, can you come?” Chief Daniel asked,
“We are friend?.. so why would i say no to your appeal, expect me in no distant time, ok?.. but seriously this your invite is somehow suspicious oo” Chief Gabriel said in a jovial tone,
“Are you afraid??” Chief Daniel said in a joke tone,
“Afraid of who??… you??… haaha, i’m coming there now prepare something for me oo” Chief Gabriel said before hanging the call,
He stood up, walked into the bathroom, dressed up then took his car key and walked out,

Chief Daniel and Chief Gabriel could be seen in Chief Daniel’s office, they were both sitting on the couch facing each other, a table was in their front with wine on it,
“So what is the reason for your invitation, you know it has been long we stayed this way, you have just been avoiding me for a long time” Chief Gabriel said siping the wine inside the tumbler he was holding,
“There is a business I want us to do” Chief Daniel said,
“Hmmmm… Business… What business is that” chief Gabriel asked in a curious tone

“There is a man I want us to traffick” Chief Daniel said,
“Wow.. Is this you??… Seriously I don’t understand… The chief Daniel I know would never inform me of this kind of thing… Are you sure there’s nothing I need to know??” chief Gabriel said staring at Chief Daniel with a suspicious eyes,
“Ermm… I know all this is suspicious, but to be sincere I really need us to pull this deal” Chief Daniel said.
“Tell me…what is your reason for wanting to traffic the young man” Chief Gabriel request adjusting his sitting position,

“The young man is a barrier to the progress of my son…. I mean… He is the one hindering my son from getting married to his heart desire” Chief Daniel explained
“Hmm.. That’s nice.. You really made a good decision, trafficking him would make us earn some cool cash” Chief Gabriel said grinning from ear to ear
“So when can we plan the deal? ” chief Daniel asked siping the wine which he had seem to forget all this while,
“What is his name??” Chief Gabriel asked with a smile,

“His name is… ” his phone which laid on the centre table rang loudly cutting him from his speech,
He picked it up and glanced at it, it was the doctor treating his wife
He curiously picked it up,
“Hello… Okay I will be there right now!!” Chief Daniel said as he picked the call,
“Please don’t be angry, we would discuss another time.. My wife needs my attention now, OK?” Chief Daniel said to Chief Gabriel immediately he dropped the call,
“Okay see you next time” Chief Gabriel said, they both shook hand and both left,

Chief Daniel walked into the hospital hastely, his heart beat has just suddenly increased it’s pace, the feeling of anxiety was all that filled up his mind,
He entered the ward where his wife was. The doctor was standing beside her, his son was sitting on a chair beside the bed,
“What is going on here?” Chief Daniel asked immediately he entered,
Immediately his wife saw him,she sat up resting her head on the wall,
“How are you?” Chief Daniel asked feeling her temperature with the back of his palm,

“I’m feeling fine” His wife answered with a forced smile,
“She said she wants to tell you something, so I think I have to give you guys some privacy” the doctor said and walked out of the ward,
“What is it you want to tell me, my love” Chief Daniel said squatting beside her bed with his palm clutching on her own,
“Paul come nearer.. Where is your sister? Marie asked,

“She went to get you your food, she would be here in no distant time” Paul answered as he drew his seat nearer to her mother’s bed,
“We would have to wait for her, what I want to say is something that all of you would not like to be told, instead would like to hear it from the horse mouth” Marie said,
“I hope we are safe?” Chief Daniel said jokingly while they all let out a silent giggle,

After some time, Paul sister walked in with a polythene bag which contains a flask and a fruit juice,
She squeezed her face as she saw all her family sitting beside her mother,
“Hmm, why the presence of everyone here… Is there any problem?” she asked placing the bag on the table,
“Take your seat” Marie said to her,
She stared at them all one after the other with an arched brow before taking her seat beside her brother,

“I know all of you would be curious and anxious to know why I called you all at this time… Yes… Before I proceed, I want you all to prepare your mind for the secret I want to tell you all… Some of them are already known by your father, why some he doesn’t… Are you guys ready??” she asked staring at them all,
“Yes we are” they all answered o e after the other,

“What is our plan now?” Sandra asked as she dropped the bag of money on the floor in the middle of the room where they are,
They were all sitting in the room in a round position waiting anxiously for Richard to say what he had said he want to tell them,
“We all staying here fully knows that our lives are in danger.. We all had a dark past that are bound to hunt us down in the future… So I had come up with a decision which is for us to leave this town as soon as possible… Our enemies are much more greater than us.. So staying here would be nothing but endangering our lives.. We will travel out to a far away land where we would not be found.. Where no one would really recognize us, there we would begin a new life without fear or anxiety” Richard explained,

“That is a very good thing, seriously I had been thinking about this for a long time now.. Even Paul is also there planning something bad for us.. I think that fleeing is the best option, we can’t afford to lose anyone of us here.. So we all agree… Let’s talk on which place would be the best place to go” Cole said,
“The place I had been having in mind for a long time is a place called Nomansland in Kano state, I have a friend there, he can help us get a new and good apartment there” Richard said,
“That us nice.. So when are we embarking on the journey?” Joy asked
“Today.. At exact 4:00pm, the journey would last till tomorrow morning, that means we would buy the things we would be needing” Richard said,
“I pray all this would be over… I can’t wait to live a peaceful life with you” Cole said pecking joy who was sitting beside him making her blush,
“So you all should get ready, see you all till in the evening” Richard said while they all departed.

To be continued.
Watch out for the next episode.

*Guess what Marie secret wants to tell them?

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