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Deep Affection: 16-20

Deep Affection: 16-20



David stood firmly in front of chief Gabriel, putting on a black polo on a black trouser with a black shoe, on his face was a dark glass with made it impossible to see his face, he had an AK47 gun held tightly in his hand,
He stared at chief Gabriel with a mean face as his mind wandered away in thought,
It seem hard for him to believe he was on the same job he had decided stopping, but that was just his fate so he was ready to face it,

“The mission i have for you is two, but i would be telling you the most important first then the second one, you would first accomplish the first one before the other…. so listen well to avoid mistake,
You are to kidnap one chief James, i will send all you have to know about him to your email, we need to traffic him, i want the job done before this month runs out….the second one is the same kidnap but this one is a lady, her name is Sandra i would also send her information to you….is there any confusion in it?” he asked “None, send the information and the job would be carried out in a jifty” David said “Ok you can go…expect it in no distant time” chief Gabriel said while David walked away,

“I am married with two kids all outside the state, but they would be back next week, my first son is at the age of 27, my daughter is at the age of 20, my wife is aged 47,
her name is Marie my daughter name is Jane while my son name is Paul,
They would all be back to this town, i would be glad to introduce them to you, i hope you would like them….so can you tell me everything about you, who is your parent? tell me about your biography” chief Daniel asked,
“My parent are both dead, so Angela is my father’s second wife which made her my step mother….” Sandra explained everything to him all her life event and experience,

“Am so sorry for all you passed through, I promise to make you happy and make sure Angela pay for all the pain she made you pass through” Chief Daniel said in a soothing tone,
“God would fight for me” Sandra muttered as she rested her head on Daniel’s shoulder with drip of tears falling off her eyes,
“prepare yourself,we are going to my house now, I believe it would be safer there” Chief Daniel said as he stroked his hand over her hair
“Thanks, God bless you for your kindness to me” Sandra said with a broad smile,
“But if i would leave here, I want Joy to go with us please” she added in a childish tone

“Anything for you, I can’t disagree your plea” Daniel said
“Thanks, I love you ” Sandra exclaimed excitedly

David sat on his bed with his laptop resting on his lap his gaze was on the screen, his mind was really in deep. thought as he tried thinking of the best way to carry out the mission, according to the information given to him James would be coming a house which he was about to buy, so the only way to accomplish his mission was. to kidnap him on his way, as for Sandra’s case he had found out where she was living, through the picture and biography given to him he had researched on her, and through the street camera he had got to find her location, he would attack her at night and kidnap her, the task seem so simple to him, as it doesn’t need the death of the person,

He stood up and head to the restroom to clean up as. his body was. stenched due to the sweat drizzling out,
After he was done, he wore a white shirt with a black penciled trouser and head out to see his new environment, as he made to walk out the thought of finding out all the room in the house crept into his mind,
The whole building was as quiet as a. grave yard, it seem as if there were nobody living the building, he climbed upstair as his room was situated downstairs

He found five rooms there, he just stood there thinking of which one to go first,
He opened the first door and peeped in, the room was scanty, he silently closed it and head to the other door he tried opening it but it was locked, as he made his way to the other door he heard a creaks sound in it, he placed his ear nearer to get the clear sound, he heard a deep grunt, the sound was of someone in deep pain, anxiously he took a tiny rod and unlocked the door, he gasp in shock and surprise as he stared at the figure tied tightly on a chair, he was moving slowly on the chair weakly,

He moved nearer to get a clear view of the guy, he was moved in compassion as he stared at him, he raised the young man head and stared at him keenly, his both eyes were tightly shut, his breath were heavy, he tapped him lightly to awake him,
Cole opened his eyes weakly, his eyes was bloodshot and bulgy, he squinted his eyes at the figure in his front, the face was not familiar making him thought deeply on what could be his mission there,

“Who are you?” Cole asked weakly,
“My name is David, I just sneaked into this place as I heard a noise from outside, who kept you here….i mean what was your crime to incur this sort of punishment on you?” David asked in a calm voice
“Please save me from this past pain….I Am dying slowly, please help me” Cole sniffed as stream of tears drop down his eyes

“Okay calm down…i promise to help you, but I can’t do it now we may end up in danger, I have to set out a good strategy for us, stay strong I will get you out in no distant time” David said cleaning the tears flowing down from Cole’s eyes
“Okay…but please be fast before they kills me” Cole said
“I have to leave now before i get caught, I will come back and save you, all you have to do is having courage” David said and left with a burdened heart, he had suddenly developed a kind of zeal to save him,
“Ehen what is your name?” Cole asked as David made to leave,
“David, and yours? ” he asked
He rushed out locking the door the way it was, he went back to his room as the urge to flirt around his environment had suddenly died,

Sandra and Joy gasped in surprise as they saw the building they were heading into, they had never seen such a beautiful house before, especially Sandra who hasn’t had the chance to walk around freely after her mother’s death,
“Welcome to my house” Chief Daniel exclaimed gesturing his hand toward the building
They both smiled widely as they entered into the house,

Chief Daniel was inside the sitting room with Sandra and Joy chatting happily as they watched the movie going on in the plasma TV hanging on the wall
“Do you have any idea of who would be the next president?” Sandra asked
“That is just what I can’t answer, the both parties are just drawing crowd to themselves” Chief Daniel answered sipping the drink resting on the table
“If I should say I think PDP would be the people to w…. ” her statement was cut short by the doorbell which rang that moment

“That must be my family” he exclaimed happily heading quickly to the door,
“Woooow” he screamed as he saw his wife and children at the doorpost,
They gave their selves a warm hug before entering in, Paul eyes locked on Sandra who was standing elegantly, her beauty radiating like a sun flower, he could not just divert his gaze off her, he suddenly felt something deep within,
Sandra on the other hand saw the stare and felt somehow shy,
“Dad, Who is this damsel we have here?” he asked with a broad smile still staring at Sandra making her feel unease,
“She is a friend and the other lady standing with her is my cook on your departure, her name is joy while this other one is Sandra” he said then turned to Sandra and Joy
“This are my family, my beautiful wife name is Marie while my daughter name is Jane then my son name is Paul” he introduced

“Nice to meet you all”Sandra and Joy said in unison as all shook hand together, but as Sandra shooked hand with Paul he held her hand refusing to remove his hand he stared at her smiling widely,
Sandra withdrew her hand forcefully from his, she was already hating his behaviour, he doesn’t look gentle in her sight, although he was handsome but he doesn’t just look well for Sandra, the way he sniff shows he was a drug addict,
“You guys should excuse is a little let’s get your food ready I’m sure you people must be hungry” Sandra said and left with Joy following her,
Paul stared at her butt lustily as it swayed left and right in her tight fitting gown she wore, he let out a shrug and left heading to his room.


A deep state of confusion was what David that moment, he need to help that young man before his conscience would kill him, but that was really rare David in his life of an assassin had never for once be pushed to passion he doesn’t even know what made him zealous to help Cole,
He remembered he had not checked the other doors so he went back to see everything for himself, he opened the third door there was no one, he opened the fourth one everywhere empty, he let out a sigh as he made to the fifth door with hope of it being empty like others, but oh no he was wrong, the room had a young man tied on a chair in a sitting position the same way Cole was tied, the only difference was that this guy looks more healthier than Cole
“Hey” he called out tapping him on the shoulder making him jerk awake,
“What!!!!” he exclaimed as he found the man to be Richard
“David!!!!… this you or i’m i dreaming?!!!” Richard exclaimed in shock

“How did you get here?” David asked anxiously…….
“I don’t know what this people needs from me, they just kidnapped me here for nothing….but how did you know about this place?”Richard asked
“Like my story which i told you that i worked for my uncle thats it, i don’t know how he got to know my location but he just bailed me out of the prison and forced me into what i was doing for him past ago” David explained
“Woow, you know what please just release me now, i will find my way out of here, all i need is being freed” Richard said staring at David,

“Setting you free now is not a problem because both Gabriel and Angela had went out on a date but the problem is that i need to also save another guy in the other room, he is very weak and fatigue, he can’t run fast so i don’t know what to do….i have to free the both of you now at this given opportunity because i don’t think i would ever get it again, can you escape with him faster before you disappearance would be noticed?” David asked in a low tone
“That guy is like a brother “What is his name??” Richard asked”Hmm, he said his name is Cole” David

answered..”What???….did you just said Cole” Richard exclaimed in shock and amazement”Any problem???….did you know him??”David asked staring at Richard who had a surprised expression on his face, “That young man Cole is just like a brother to me, i can’t believe this is happening….where did you said you saw him??” Richard asked with a broad smile”The second room before this one” David answered cutting off the rope used to tie him,

Immediately the rope got off his body he rushed out to the room eagerly, all that was in his mind that moment was seeing Cole who hadn’t got to see long time ago
He dashed into the room with the door making a loud sound due to the rate at which he banged it open jerking Cole up
“Oh no…what is this?” he muttered as he untied the knot on the rope,
“How are you?” he asked as he held Cole who was extremely weak on his laps,
“Please…save me from this….wicked men” Cole muttered weakily
“I promise you of your safety…how do you feel now” Richard asked “I feel pain, my stomach region all are in deep pain…i don’t think i can walk the pain is just so severe, i feel life going out of me, haaa” Cole lamented with hot tears driping down his cheek”Lets take him to the hospital, go get the car ready” Richard scream grabbing Cole up his shoulder,Cole let out a loud scream as Richard carried him the pain in his stomach became unbearable to him, his eyes began shutting itself, he tried hard keeping it opened but it just couldnt,
As they drove off to the hospital Cole’s sight became blurred, before he could scrub his eyes everything blacked out,
Richard let out a loud scream as he saw his both eyes shut, he quickly checked his heartbeat and breath out in relief as he saw he was still breathing

“Increase your speed!!!” Richard shouted at David who was riding the car,
Richard made the sign of the cross and started saying some little prayer he could remember, anxiety clouded up his mind as he stared at the motionless body of Cole, if it hadn’t been that his heart was still in motion he could have been termed a dead man,After what seem like a whole day, they got to the nearest hospital, David and Richard carefully took him up the stairs, Richard called out the nurse loudily as they reached the topmost of the steps, four nurse rushed out with a stretcher, they layed Cole on it and propelled him into the emergency ward, while Richard and David sat outside waiting patiently”Oh lord, please i’m sorry for my sins please don’t punish me by taking the life of that boy, God i’ve suffered enough please, i had lost my parent on the same day…. lost my fiancee… lost the love of my life…. lost my business…. God please keep this guy for me…he is my only source of happiness, God plssss oo” Richard lamented with flood of tears dropping profusely down his cheek,

David and some other people gazed at Richard with a pity expression, some ladies among them couldn’t withstand their own tears from falling as they watched him shed tears like a child,
“Why are you sheding such a tears for that young man…. do you guys relate in any way???” David asked with a serious tone, the kind of tears and words of pain richard was screaming was making him so annoyed,

He could not imagine what was making Richard cry this way, he was sure even if his father or mother had died he would not do such a thing Richard was doing that moment,,,,
“If that boy dies…. i think i would have to commit sucide, that boy is my love one. I value him more any other person, i want him alive at any cost” Richard said smiling widely
“I don’t think i can wait any longer, i have to go now, i have to face my circumstances, my fate, whenever he gets well find a way and travel out of this state, let me be going i even have a mission to carry out this night” David said stretching his folded long sleeved shirt,

“David!!!” Richard called
“Yes…ehen” he answered facing Richard who was cleaning his eyes and running nose with his handkerchief
” Please act wisely, i can’t afford to lose you too, i know how wicked your uncle is, don’t fall on his trap, i really love you, many people may see you as a wicked and heartless human but i see the compassion and love in your heart, you saved me and Cole from the hand of your uncle and his colleague, i pray that God would also save you out from them in the right and appropriate time, i would be remembering you everyday of my life as the hero that made my life free once again thank you I wish i can make you follow me and Cole in our escaping, but it would make the situation more harder, ehen lest i forget which mission are you talking about recently?” Richard asked as he rest his back on the wall with his hand akimbo

“It was a mission sent to me by my uncle, it is not a big deal to pull, just the kidnap of two people which i don’t know but i’m sure it is for trafficking, one chief James and a lady Sandra” David explained while Richard widened his eyes in shock at the mention of Sandra’s name, he doesn’t need any divination to know that the Sandra he was talking about is no other person than his own Sandra
“Do you know where they both lives?” Richard asked
“Yes, i had did the research and had found out their present location, i would carry out the mission at around 12 midnight” David explained
“You would not carry out one of the mission” Richard said with a sweet smile
“What do you mean??” David asked with a surprise look

“The lady you are going to kidnap is my girlfriend and my future wife so you see why you would not kidnap her, tell of her location, i’m going there after Cole gets well, all glory be to God!!” Richard exclaimed in a jovial voice,
that the Sandra he was talking about is no other person than his own Sandra
“Do you know where they both lives?” Richard asked
“Yes, i had did the research and had found out their present location, i would carry out the mission at around 12 midnight” David explained “You would not carry out one of the mission” Richard said with a sweet smile

“What do you mean??” David asked with a surprise look”The lady you are going to kidnap is my girlfriend and my future wife so you see why you would not kidnap her, tell of her location, i’m going there after Cole gets well, all glory be to God!!” Richard exclaimed in a jovial voice,
” Wooow, so you know her, hmmm… you are very lucky, let me write down her address for you, thank God i hasn’t told anyone of her house, greet her for me oo” David said then wrote down the address on a paper he got from the dustbin,

“Thank you very much… i wish i had my phone i could have taken your number, but no problem just give of yours okay?” Richard said
“Take your phone, my number is in it i saved it with ‘my brother’ you can call me when you reaches to your girlfriend’s house, and don’t forget to put me in prayer ok” David said,
Richard quickly embraced him tightly tears dripping down his cheek he was so much happy that at last in life once again he would get to see Sandra again his joy was so much but he had a little sadness deep down as the condition of Cole had not been known and that David was not going to escape with them,
“God protect you and lead you away from any danger in jesus name” he prayed

“Amen” David answered..
After some minute they disengaged
“I pray to meet you again in peace” David said,
“Even me also… you are such a nice guy i appreciate your kindness to me thanks” Richard said with a broad smile
“I have to go now… bye for now” David said waving his hand as he head out from the door,
Richard let out a deep sigh as he left, he could not express how he felt that moment, it was just the mixture of joy and sadness,
He slumped heavily on the chair waiting anxiously for a report on Cole health status.





Sandra woke up earlier than before, she rolled off the duvet to Joy who was laying beside her, she check the time on the wall clock hanging on the wall, it was 7:20am,
She yawned widely then stood up, and head out of the room going straight to the bathroom to clean up,
Today was her first day to work so she would not want to be known as an unpunctual person not minding the fact that the company she was to work with was owned by chief Daniel,
She had been made the assistant to Paul the son of Chief Daniel who was now the owner of the company,
She really needs to show what she was made of, by making the company more great and famous than it was now,
Although she was feeling nervous, as this would be her first time of working in such company, but she believed that as time goes on she would quickly adapt to the new change, she loved the job with passion, not due to the amount she was paid but because of the fact that she was now a business woman who depends on no one for her needs,

She had recently found out that Paul the son of Chief Daniel was interested in her, as he had been treating her nicely before she left their house to live on her own with Joy, she had also seen the joy and happiness in his eyes when he heard that she was going to be his assistant CEO of the company, but truth be said she had only one person in her heart which is Richard, all her prayer had been for her to see him again, there is no doubt she was deeply in love with him,

She was now a sophisticated lady with awesome beauty which she never knew she had, all the years she was living in her stepmother’s house, her whole body and shape had changed so much that people who knew her before would find it hard recognizing her now,
Sandra walked out of the bathroom with a white towel tied around her body, her whole body was wet making the towel map on her body revealing the shape of her nipples and butt,

She entered into her room, and head to the mirror hanging on the wall,
she loosed off the towel she wore revealing her nicely unclad skin, her body look radiant and glowed beautifully, she had a perfect light and fair skin with a beautiful oval face,
Her pink lips was so glossed and attractive with a well shaped chin and a pointed nose,

her body had a perfect figure eight, her dark natural hair was neatly packed inside the net she wore, her height was at seven inches, she was just a complete definition of elegance.
A wide smile crossed off her lips, as she saw her new reflection, she could not believe this was really her,
she was sure her step mother would no more recognize her anymore if she get to see her again, she was no more that skinny and clumsy lady she used to be,
It was almost a month since her escape from her stepmother’s bondage but all she experienced there was still fresh in her memory, all the beatings, abusive words, hunger and pains she passed through was not something she would forget that easily, but one statement from her stepmother was just something that still left her confused till date,

“Your brother would be killed today so what is the essence of still being alive…..after I had killed the both of you, then your parent would be forced to come out of their hiding place….” these words still rang in her mind day by day no matter how hard she tried forgetting about it,
The diary of her mother which could have given her the explanation to all these had got missing that day she fell unconscious after running away from her stepmother house, Chief Daniel who brought her home had also denied seeing it that day,

those words of her stepmother had two things which she was really strange to her, first was the fact that her parent were alive, the second was that she had a brother,
She reviewed backward on how her parent died,
Her mother had an accident while going to an unknown destination, it was said that she just rushed out after answering a shocking call, nobody knew what the caller told her, all that was known was that she left the house in a quick motion after the conversation with the unknown caller, the accident was just so real to be called a prank, her car collide with a big truck, which smashed the bonnet of her car so badly, before people could come out and rescue them, both of the vehicles got fire, and that was the end of her life as said to Sandra years back, the confusing part was that their body was said to be missing, people believed that her body was burnt to ashes as the body of the driver of the large truck was also not found, all this happened when she was in her secondary school,

Three month after the announcement of her mother’s death, she was called out one morning from her classroom to receive the heart breaking news of her father’s death, she had fainted immediately the news reached her hearing, when she later woke, the beginning of her pain, suffering and trouble with her stepmother started, the death of her father was just something no body could fathom, it was just a strange one, he died in his car without any blood, it seem as if he was strangled, but who killed him or why he was killed was something no one could say,

Hot tears dripped down her eyes slowly as all this thought flashed through her mind, she felt so weak and fatigue, her whole body throb in scourge and pain,
“but what was this her stepmother was saying, where is she heading to with her statement, is she saying the truth??…… it can’t be…i saw my father body being buried….oh no… all this is just complicated, no, my stepmother must be lying…..but she said she was also surprised that they are not dead, oh no….God please let the truth be opened, I…… ” her phone which was lying on her bed screamed loudly signifying an incoming call,

The phone ringing was what brought her out of her thoughts, that was when she found out she was already late, she even got to notice she was still naked all this while, she turned her neck and found Joy staring at her,
“Are you already awake????” Sandra asked rubbing a lotion on her whole body,
“What were you thinking of that made unconscious of your environment, you were even muttering some incoherent words…what is the problem, and look at tears in your eyes” Joy said while Sandra wore her cloth quickly
She checked the caller, it was nobody than Paul,

“Hello, how are you”Paul asked in a jovial tone immediately she picked the call
“I’m much fine, very sorry for not being in work till now, something came up” Sandra pleaded looking at the clock hanging on the wall which was at exactly 8:00
“Ooow, you don’t have to worry yourself, you are just like the owner of the company, so you don’t need to rush to work, remember I’m the owner of that company, you don’t have to worry yourself, I’m even on my way to your house, I want us to go together” he said,
“What!!!, but I never asked for such favour from you?” Sandra asked with a questioning look,

“Well, I knew you never asked of it but I just feel like…pls don’t say no” Paul said with a pleading voice,
“Pls, I don’t think i really want such a favour from anyone, I have my car…i mean… I can use it, old don’t misunderstand me, thank you for your kindness” Sandra said in a finality tone
“I’m already at your gate, you know I can’t go back, please permit me for today, you know this is your first time, I think you would need me to show you around… you know, and I am not even quite sure you knew the direction well…. please feel free and follow me, I mean no harm, remember you are my assistance, please assist me na” Paul said while they both burst into laughter,

“Ehennnn, so you mean…. I should follow you like my husband because I am your assistance ehn …please oooo, assistance is only in the work ooo’ Sandra said with a smile
“Now come and open the door for me before I break it with my head” Paul said jokingly
“Your head?????…. oya na let me watch and see how you would break the door with that your disfigured head” Sandra said smiling widely,
“No oooo, I’m just joking…. but wait oooo, I’m I the one you’re calling disfigured head, hmmmm, I will not talk till I catch you ” Paul said,

“How will you catch me when the door is locked???” Sandra asked rolling her eyes,
“Please open the door, I will not touch you talk less of beating you” Paul pleaded
“Okay, wait a little, I will be there” Sandra said and hung the call,
I have to go now, see you in the evening” Sandra said to Joy who just let out a shrug and lay back on the bed,
Joy was a nurse in a hospital, she applied for nursing as that was what she read at school, today she would be going to work in the evening as that was what her turn read that day,

Both of them are living in the same house which was a beautiful gigantic duplex with high taste of design all bought by Chief Daniel, Sandra unlocked the door the door the sitting room and Paul walked in with his hands stucked into his trouser’s pocket, His appearance was so stunning, that Sandra found herself gasping in amazement, the fragrant smell emitting from his body was so nice and attractive, he was putting on a red well ironed long sleeved shirt which lapped closely around his body, tucked in a black plain trouser which was also well ironed and rich in colour,

His hair strands were darkened and curled,
He was looking so smart and cute, Sandra could not help but drooled for him,
“Wow…you look so beautiful today” Paul complimented,
Sandra still stared at him in astonishment, he has a foreign cuteness, everything about him was so nice and awesome,
“You are already prepared right?” he asked again jerking Sandra who was lost in admiration back to reality,
“Oh y–ea, le–t go” she stuttered,
“How do i look?” Paul asked with a grin,
Sandra stared at him dumbfounded, she could not find the right word to express his appearance as the word handsome seem to be an understatement to his look
“lets go please, i don’t know what to say” Sandra answered heading to the door,
“Can you give me a minute to tell you how you look like?” Paul said smiling widely

Sandra turned her head and stared at him straight to his eyes which was so sexy and charming,
She could not help but wondered how one man would be this perfect in appearance,
Everything about him looks so much cute and handsome that any lady could be ready to commit murder if that was the only way to get him to herself,
“You look stuning beautiful, gorgeous, attractive, elegant, graceful….”
“It is okay… thanks for your compliment… i’ve heard you…. can we go now” Sandra cut his statement as she was already blushing,
“Not until you tell me how i look” he said walking over to the door post blocking the pass way with his body,
“What do you mean???” Sandra asked rolling her eyes

“We’re not going anywhere until you tell me how i look in your sight” he said with stubbornly
“Will you force the word out of my mouth?” Sandra asked
“Hmmm, not really, but i think there would be no work for you today until you adhere to my need” he said,
“Okay then, i think your time here has elapse, you can leave” Sandra said moving back to the sofa, but before she could reach, the soft palm of Paul clutched tightly on her arm and drew her backward lightly making her lose balance and fell softly on his chest,

They both stared at each other’s eyes intensely, their body cuddled against each other so much closely that it looks as if they were joined together, all this while they stared at their eyes, Sandra’s mind wandered away to the one and only man in her heart, the first man to give her sleepless night, the only man that captured her mind and left her thinking about him all day and night, the man that his name was with held from her but his image and figure kept creeping into her mind no matter how hard she tried forgetting about him
,She can’t really tell what she feel for Paul, she always gets attracted to him due to his handsomeness, but is that truly love, love is a feeling from the heart irrespective of the physical figure,
She tried accepting the fact that she would never see Richard again but it could not just leave her mind, she wants her heart to love Paul who she found very handsome, he was also very rich, there is no doubt he was really fit to be loved by any lady he comes across with, but as it may be Sandra could not made her heart fall in love with him…

Sandra was still trying to figure out all these puzzle when she felt his face drawing nearer to hers, before she could think of what to do, his lips lapped into her lips sending shiver down her spine,
This was her first kiss ever since she was born.. so the sensation she felt was so strange to her, the feeling was pleasurable making her respond quickly to the kiss,

Although she was a real amateur in terms of kissing or sex, but she found it so much good, she felt Paul’s hand fondling her breast, she loved the feeling she was getting from his touch, she let out a soft moan in response, just then, Joy walked into the sitting room, the sound of her footstep brought Sandra back to her senses,
She quickly withdrew herself from his grip and turned to Joy who stared at them in shock and fury, out of shame Sandra rushed out of the house while Paul followed her immediately.
To be continued


Richard and Cole walked out of the hospital with a calm smile, happiness and joy filled up their heart to the brim especially Richard who had in mind that he would see Sandra that day,
The location given to him by David was really far from her former house, it was even out of that state, so he would have to go and withdraw some money before heading to their destination,
They would be boarding a cab as his car was stil in the hand of his kidnapper, so he had no choice than to leave it for them than exposing himself into trouble again,

“Richard!” Cole called out as they entered into a vehicle,
“Ehen” Richard answered,
“What is your major aim for all these you have been doing for me?” Cole asked
“You are like my brother, you look like someone i love so much, you make me smile anytime i set my eyes on you, i just feel like helping you out of your problem because i was also helped by someone when i was in such a tight problem you are, i think i have to do to another person what was done to me…” Richard answered

“I don’t know how to thank you… you saved my life and bring me out of my hardship, i pray God would bless you because you’re so kind and loving… i wish you would get married to my sister although i never got the chance to see her in reality except in pictures which my real mother gave to me before leaving me in the hand of another woman who lived far away from our house where my mother lived which i never stepped my feet on till now” Cole said with a sniff showing he was close to tears,

“It is okay…don’t shed any tears, everything happens for a reason, very soon all this would be over and we will smile happily once more…the last smile that would last forever” Richard said letting out a calm smile,
“I pray so” Cole muttered,
They reached the bank, Richard brought out his ATM which he had brought from his house secretly last month, he had went there deep in the night so that he would not be seen by anyone who may in anyway expose him,After withdrawing some amount of money they both head out to board a vehicle heading to their destination which was the address given to them by David as Sandra’s location,
After some hour of their journey, they got to their final destination, shiver of joy swept down Richard heart,

Huge smile appeared on face as he walked up to the gate, that was the place Sandra is living according to the direction he was holding,
He knocked at the gate the first time, there was no answer he knocked the second time, there was no response, as he made to hit the gate the second time, it made a cracking sound then was opened. revealing a middle aged man who was dressed in a blue shirt and a black trouser showing he was a gateman,
“Good morning sir” Richard and Cole greeted in unison,

“Ehen, any problem” he asked staring at them suspiciously,
“Sorry for the disturbance……we are looking for a lady named….erm…. Sandra” Richard answered with a broad smile,
“Which Sander????” the gateman asked throwing them off balance as Richard thought flashed on the possibility that Sandra was no more in there,
“I mean Sandra, a lady that……” he was short of word as his head got blank, he was so confused on what description to give the man,

“Wait… do you mean, the girl that my oga brought here one night” the gateman asked
“O yeah, it is her…. yes” Richard answered
“Who are you to her???” the gateman asked,
“Ermmm….. let me say, I’m her brother, but not closely related” Richard answered,
All this while Richard and the gateman was discussing Cole was feeling a strange sensation, the name Sandra which Richard just called rang like a bell in his head, it seems as if he had heard such a word, or come across such person but it couldn’t really fathom or explain where and when he saw such person,
“You would have to wait, let me call my oga, so you will explain all this thing to him” the gateman man said closing the gate leaving them outside,
“Who do you said this Sandra of a person is???” Cole asked immediately the gate was closed,

“Well, we are just…Ermmm, should I say friend?, seriously we just met once, but I don’t know why I just feels attracted to her, maybe I love her” Richard explained,
“Hmmm, love?????….. does that word still exist???” Cole asked spreading out his hands,
“Why do you say such a thing… it’s still exist for sure” Richard answered staring at Cole with a surprise expression
“Okay ooo, maybe they are some people that word doesn’t exist in thier life” Cole said letting out a shrug

“What is your reason for these word you’re blurting out??” Richard asked
” I think…….” the sound of the gate opening cut him off his word as their gaze quickly diverted to the direction,
” Come in” the gateman ordered,
they both rushed in happily, but before they could say make three step forward, a strong palm gripped them from behind,
They both struggled to free themselves but their struggle couldn’t take up to a minute as their nose were both covered with a drugged napkin which drifted into unconsciousness,

Sandra hopped into the car with the feeling of guilt, she felt deeply in her heart the feeling that she was betraying someone, which was no body than Richard, she hated herself for making herself cheap to Paul, how can he just kiss me, just kiss me like that, why would he play with my innocence, I think that guy must be a devil, maybe he could have made me had sex with him if Joy hadn’t walked in that moment” all this thought hovered around her mind as she rested her head on the dash board of the car, tears dropped down her cheeks as her thought reviewed the event that just occurred,

Paul entered the car with a pale face, his face was so drawn that one would thought he would cry in no distant time, he turned his face to Sandra what head was still bent, he could see drip. of tears. on beneath her face, his expression turned from a pale one to a surprised one, he could not explain what was wrong anymore,
How can a girl shed tears just because of a kiss, especially from a cute guy like him, since he was born he had never come across such lady, this alone made his love for her rise a hundred folds……
“Am so so…. ” he tried explaining but Sandra shut him up with a slap,
“You are a fool…. a real bastard… I hate you… I hate you… but why…why… why do you want to do this to me….. so that’s the reason you came to take me to work right…. so this is your intention… what have I done to you…. why me…. haven’t i suffered enough???…. why do you play with my ignorance…. now get out of my car now!!!!!” Sandra screamed loudly with tears flooding out of her eyes
“I don’t mean to hurt you but…. ”
“I said get out… I don’t want to see you near me again..” Sandra barked pushing him roughly

“Okay.. okay I will leave but have it in mind that it was a mistake, I just got carried away… I love you” he said and walked out of the car,
He reached the place his car was parked and opened the door, he stared at Sandra for. some time again before entering his car and zooming off,
Sandra walked out of her car and barged into the house, she entered into her room and layed on the bed in a confusing state.
she couldn’t fathom what made her retorted that angrily to him,

“What is wrong with me.. why did I screamed at him, what he did was a normal thing, we were both involved in the act… we were both at fault….. I have to apologise to him, I made him look like a player with that behaviour of mine, I saw in his eyes how deeply sorry he was, oh no I did the wrong thing…. but he told me that he loved me, could it be true??….. ooohhhhh…. should I reciprocate him….should I harbour the little feeling I have for him???…..but I love that guy that saved me from the rain…. I don’t think i will see him again, here is much more far from my former house which was my stepmother house, I have to go closer to Paul, make him a bestie, I’m sure that in no distant time I will fall in love with him” Sandra thought then sighed deeply before leaving her room. Join ish on+233544142683 to be added up to get more stories from there.


Paul drove to his father’s mansion with a burdened heart, he was sure his father could help him get Sandra’s attention to him, he had learnt how his father had saved her from her stepmother’s maltreatment, that had have him the impression that Sandra would have a rethink and agree to date him if his father would help him talk to her,
He parked his car in the space left in the garage where different cars were parked, he walked into the building with a drawn face,

“Good morning father” he greeted bluntly and took a seat at a sofa beside his father who was engrossed with the News paper he was holding,
“My son, how are you” he asked with a smile which later vanished as he saw his face pale and drawn,
“What is it my son, you look distressed, what is the problem????” Chief Daniel asked with a concern expression, he really loved him, not minding the fact that he was not his real son, he was ready to sacrifice all he got to make him happy,

“Tell me the problem, I promise to dissolve it as quickly as possible” Chief Daniel said tapping him lightly on his shoulder,
“There is someone I loved and cherished so much, someone I’m ready to do anything possible to make her happy, the lady that have stolen my heart, I love her deeply with passion I……. ”
“What happen???? ” Chief Daniel asked
“I’m in love with that lady you saved from her stepmother maltreatment and suffering, my heart had truly chosen her, but she doesn’t love me, she doesn’t care for my feelings for her, she seem to be in love with another person with her behaviours to me, I…. I…. ” “Stop!!!! ” Chief Daniel retorted in an emotional tone,

” She is your wife, from the very first day I had an encounter with her, I made up my mind to do all I can do to bring the both of you together, my fear then was that you may not like her, but now I had seen you love her, consider her your wife, don’t bother yourself anymore, trust me nothing would make her not agree marrying you, and the both of you getting married would be a greatest thing of joy and happiness to me, so you see, go home or if you want, go to the company, I will call her now and invite her here, I promise to convince her for you OK? ” Chief Daniel said

“Thank you dad, you ate one in a million, I love you so much, I can’t even thank you enough, I pray God would make you live forever, I can’t afford to miss you, no matter your age” Paul said happily as he hugged his father tightly
” You’re my only son, so I…… ” His phone which layed on the table rang Loudly interrupting his statement,
He took the phone and look at the screen, the name of his head security in his liver building was boldly written on it,
He anxiously picked it up, as his mind filled up in anxiety, it was rare for his head security to call him or else something bad had happened,
“Hello, Yusuf what is it??” Chief Daniel asked immediately he picked the phone
“Two men came here this morning, they were asking of Sandra, we suspected to be from her enemy so we captured them, we need your order so we could carry it out” he said,

“Wait a minute, I will be there in a jiffy” Chief Daniel said and hung up,
“Two men came to look for Sandra at the other house, I have to go and see them, would you mind following me there??” Chief Daniel asked, picking up his phone and other accessories from the table,
“I have to follow you, to know what they need from my wife, seriously speaking, if I found out that those boys are the people who was pestering the life of my wife to be, I promise you I will make sure they see hell” Paul blurted out angrily as they made their way out.
To be continued



Chief Daniel and Paul his son drove into the compound of the building and steered the car straight to the vacant space in the garage,
They both dismounted off the car in a swift and quick motion with curiousity written all over their face,
They rushed into the building with a fast pace, immediately they entered, one of the guard led them into the building where Richard and Cole were,
Immediately they reached the door of the room, the guard opened the door while Chief Daniel and Paul dashed in immediately,

Cole and Richard were tied tightly on a wooden arm chair, both of them were still unconscious due to the fact that the effect of the drug they inhalee was still in their system,
A full bucket of water splashed over their body jerking them back to reality,
Richard and Cole shuddered in fright as they saw the frightening faces of the huge body men in front of them,
Richard shut his eyes as he tried remembering how they got there,
his body felt a tingling sensation of cold as the fresh breeze which erupt through the slightly opened window blew lightly on his drenched skin,

“What do you want from Sandra which you requested to see?” Paul snapped
Richard mind quickly flashed back to all that had happened recently, he could now vividly remember the whole event, how they were grabbed from behind and was forced to inhale the scent from the druged napkin that was placed on their nose,
“Please where is she?” Richard asked
The question impacted on Paul a kind of rage,

“That isn’t the answer to my question, you son of a b—h” Paul snarled with a snort,
“You’ve to calm down son, let us know their major motive first, we’ve them in our hand, there is no need of stressing yourself, we wouldn’t hesitate to waste their lives if we get to find out that they were sent by someone” Chief Daniel said to Paul in a soothing voice,
“I’ve heard you, i’m just not comfortable with this guy, seeing him alone makes my subconscious mind troubled, i don’t know, but…” Paul paused and turned sharply at Richard,

“Who are you to Sandra??” he asked him with a stern face,
“To be sincere i don’t know what to answer you in that question of yours, ok maybe… let me say… we’re friends” Richard explained
“Friend???” Paul asked with a quizzical look

“What type of friend are you both??” Paul asked just immediately
“Please if i may ask, who are you to Sandra…. i mean how are you and her related?” Richard asked staring at him
“Okay… incase you’re not aware, Sandra you’re talking about is my wife….”
“Huh, what did you just uttered?” Richard cut him off his statement, he could not believe his ear, what Paul just said rang repeatedly in his ear sending a sensation of fright down his spine, The statement made him shuddered, his mind went blank, his head pounded on him heavily as he pondered deeply on the sentence Paul dropped one after the other,

He could not believe she has left him and got married to this guy at the short duration of time she escaped,
” how would she do such a thing to me, why…. why, doesn’t she saw it in my heart that i love her that first day we met, why i’m i passing through all these heart break, all my hope is now gone, there is no chance anymore, she can’t be mine, so i had suffered all this things for nothing, so all I’ve loosed because of her is now a total waste, why would she just get married, so soon, she should…. ” Richard thought silently, “Now answer me quickly before i unleash my terror on you, what do you want from Sandra?” Paul asked
“I want to see her” Richard answered in a hopeless tone,

“Then i think you would have to go back to where you came from, until you tell me what is your reason for wanting to see her, you’re not going to see the glimpse of her figure” Paul retorted walking to the couch bedside his father.
“Why are you refusing Sandra from seeing him, are you afraid she may fall for his handsomeness” Cole ruthless the first time

“Huh, what do you mean?” Paul asked staring at Cole with a furious eyes
“Yeah you just told us she is your wife, then why refusing her from seeing him, you know how ugly you’re, comparing to him, so you wouldn’t want her to see him so that she would not fall for him and dump you aside” Cole explained letting out a mockery chuckle,

His statement made Paul embarrased, he could also see some of the security men there letting out a little laughter,
“I will call her here right now, but mind you… if she clarify you of being one of her enemy or a colleague of her ruthless stepmother then believe me you both aren’t leaving here alive” Paul warned with a solemn tone and expression as he brought out his phone and dialed Sandra’s number
“Hello dear” Paul said with a wide smile immediately she picked the call
“Hello” Sandra’s voice sounded on the phone,her voice sent a sensation of joy over Richard’s body, but he waved it off
“if she was already married to this man, then i don’t think there is any hope of being with her.
” Your attention is needed in….” Richard could not care listening to the others conversation, his mind was just filled with anger,

Chief Gabriel, doctor Mike, Angela and David sat on a chair surrounding a round table, their expressing shows that they were in a very bad mood,
“I can’t just believe all these happening, how can our three captive just disappear like that, this is almost two month now and they had not been found, what does that insinuates” Chief Gabriel said breaking of the long time silence which had eloped the sitting room
“I’m still trying to figure these things out, they could not just escape like that, i believe some one among us aid them to escape” Dr Mike said with a stern face
“I don’t believe you, those people could escape without the help of anybody, i wish i hadn’t went on that mission you assigned me, i really thought they were tied much well” David said shooking his head

“We must get them at all cost, no matter what it take us” Angela said in a solemn tone,
“Yes and we must fish out the Judas in our mist, the person that helped them to escape must not go scot free” Dr Mike said
“I don’t know why you still believe that someone helped them to escape, those people are men for Christ sake, they are strong, maybe there was a sharp object or something beside them which they used in cutting the rope” David contradicted with a convincing tone,
He would never want them to suspect anybody to be the one helping so as to prevent them from going in search of that person as he knew quite well what they were capable of,

He knew that he they put their interest in searching for the betrayal they would fish him out in just a little time,
“Our major aim now is getting those little brat, after we gets them, we would put them to death then take over what we want, we don’t care if their parent is alive or not, we have enough money to cover up, we would open our eyes, if we sees anybody that has a resemblance like the Johnson family we will put them to death without hesitation, i’m i understood?” Chief Gabriel asked “Yes” they all answered in unison.

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