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Deep Affection: 11-15

Deep Affection: 11-15



The soldier widened up her leg, her p—y exposed facing the soldier, he licked his lips lustfully as he stared at her tight p–y,
he quickly pulled down his trouser and brought out his large d–k, Sandra kept screaming loudily beging him,
“Please i’m a virgin, please don’t do this to me, i beg of you” she pleaded crying profusely “Who your virginity help, if i handle you, hmm” he said and widened her leg more wider,

Suddenly she felt an intense and severe pain on her pubic region, the pain was very much painful, she raised her head up and saw blood stained all over the bed and her thigh, then it dawn on her that she had losed her virginity to this heartless soldier, he kept on pounding her furiously not minding the blood or the pain she was passing through, she stared at his eyes and saw nothing but total lust.

Just then she felt a hard metal beside the place she was laying, then she remembered she had hidden the kitchen knife she used in opening her mother’s room there,
With a speed of lightening she took the knife and dugged it into the soldier’s chest, “Haaaaaa” he screamed loudily and fell on the ground in pain, his blood flowing freely around the floor,
Sandra stood up quickly to run away but she felt a very sharp pain around her private part, the pain couldn’t let her walk properly,

She stared at the soldier who was lying on the pool of his blood, anger gush through her vein, the fact that he had broke her virginity made her furious, she rushed at him with a blow on his nose,
She held the knife which was stucked into his chest and turned it in a rotational form inflicting more pain on him,
He wince in great pain but Sandra’s heart was far from pity or forgiveness.
Not long after, the soldier have up his ghost, she stared at him regretting why he died,

She want a more painful death for him, she stood up quietly and head out of the room after wearing another cloth which was a black tight fitting gown, taking the phone and the diary with her she rushed out of the room, she head straight to the main door, opened it and ran out,
Everywhere was lighten up with the dim light of the moon making it easier for her to see through,

In a gigantic building beautifully decorated with interior and exterior design, which with mere view one would know the building was owned by a very wealthy person, bright light shine at every corner of the building giving it a tremendous beauty,
Sitting in a room in the house was Cole, he was tied up tightly on a chair, his mouth glued up with a masking tape, his both eyes were tightly shut, looking at him from a far distance one would mistaken him to a dead man, the only part of his body in motion was his heart,
The room was totally scanty and empty with a candle light as the only source of light in the room.

At the sitting room of that same building was three huge body men standing beside a middle aged man named Gabriel who was claded with a black expensive suit and a
plain trouser, he was really wealthy in nature and appearance, sitting in front of him was Angela and Dr Mike, they were both chatting and laughing at interval,
“So Dr Mike seriously how did you really get to find that boy, you know we had even given up in ever finding him after years of fruitless searching” Chief Gabriel asked with a broad smile..
“hahaa. don’t you trust me again? do you think i’m a doctor for nothing, i have the brain of ideas and researching, when we all loosed hope of ever finding him, i took it as my duty to get him, no matter what, i engage in many type of researches just to get him, i found out he was staying in that market, it has been long i had been suspecting that young man to be the one we are looking for due to the slight resemblance in him and the figure in the picture we got, but i couldn’t get a chance to get him, then luckily that day he was brought to my hospital by another man who said his name was Richard, without wasting time i quickly conducted a DNA test on him luckily for us, it was him, my joy knew no bound when i found him to be him” he explained happily,”Hmmm, thats nice of you, so Angela what about Sandra?” Chief Gabriel asked resting his gaze on her”Well, she must be dead by now, i ordered those soldiers to rape her to death” she answered”Why na? you should have wait a little” Gab said”She could have ran away, if not for the intervention of one of the soldier, you know we couldn’t risk our safety, i have to kill her before re exposes us later in life” she explained,

“Okay there is no problem, so what is our plan on the youn man” Gab asked
“We have to end his life before he in anyway escape from our hand” Angela suggested
“How do you see her suggestion?” Chief Gab asked refering to Dr Mike
“I don’t think killing him would be the best” he said
“Why??” they both asked in unison
“He is our only hope in getting Mr and Mrs Jackson, we can get them out of their hiding place with the boy in our custody, to fully get what we want we are to put in extinction anything that could bring asunder, what i am trying to say is that we have to finish up all the Jackson family before we could freely gain possession of our heart desire” he explained bringing out smile from both Angela and chief Gabriel’s faces. “Thats true, you are very right, i love your wisdom” chief Gabriel commended with a broad smile

“So what is the next plan?” Angela asked
“I need some time to think, by next week i’m sure to come up with a nice plan” Dr Mike said boastifully
“There is no problem, we would see till then, you all can now go” Chief Gabriel said while they both stood up, they all shook hand before leaving,

Richard closed his shop when it clocked exact 6:30pm, he was whistling happily due to the fact that he had sold so much that day,
As he made to walk to where his car was parked two police hilux droved just in front of him, two police men jumped down from the back, two other who wasn’t wearing on their uniform hoped down from inside the car,
Richard stared at them confus ely,

“You are Mr Richard right?” one of the police officer who he could guess to be their leader asked with a stern face
“Yes thats me, how can i help you guys?” he asked
“We got a report that you are in possession of an illegal goods, we would love if you allow us search your shop okay” the leader said still frowning his face

Richard stared at him suspiciously, wondering what they were up to
“Can i see your search warrant?” he requested they quickly brought it out as if they were waiting for that question
He unlocked his shop after examining the search warrant,
Three police officer rushed in immediately,

The way the officers were acting were strange to him,their body language and facial expression show they were sure he was handling an illegal drug
Not long after, the three officers came out, one of them was holding a black polythene bag containing a large quantity of cocain
“Sir we got this in there” one of them said
the leader gave out a wicked smile then turned at Richard who was shocked and dumbfounded with the content found in his shop, he could not fathom the meaning of all this happening, there was no lie or trick to get away from this,
It has been caught in his shop red handed,he could not help but imagine what and how the substance has got into his shop, drip of sweat slid down his face his heart were beating very fast and loud,

He opened his mouth to say something but no word could come out of his mouth,
“Mr man, you would have to follow us to the station for investigation, and please no word is needed from you as any you say or do now would be used against you in the court of law” the leader said,
Richard silently and slowly walked to where the police officers hilux were parked, he held the handle of the door some minute, then looked around, many traders and buyers had crowded up to watch the scene,
Pain, shame and grief filled up his body mind and soul, this was just the greatest disgrace he had ever encountered in his entire life,

There was no doubt that it was someone kept that thing in his shop but the riddle now is who is the person? why did that person want to implicate him?Since Richard started his marketing he had did everything possible to be in good terms with anyone he come across with, he had helped many people in their business, he was loved by his fellow business men, but this very event had made him know that there are some people who was his back stabbers, “Oga, you dey waste our time for here oo, or you want make we scatter your head before you go regain your senses” the leader barked at him drifting him back to reality, He entered the vehicle, while another police man drove his car, he kept mute all through the journey as he knew a word from him would incur sheding of tears, this is just an addition to his pain, They reached the police station and was led into the DPO office handcuffed, As he entered into the office with two police officers as an accompany, Who he saw in the office with the DPO threw him off balance, he was so shocked and shakened.



Sandra ran speedily into the darkness as faster as her leg could carry her, after running for a very long distance, she felt exhausted and very tired her knee throb in pain all her body was in deep pain due to the previous molestation she got from the soldier,
She looked around her to know if she could know where she was, but everywhere was just strange to her, she brought out the phone and called that man, luckily he picked it,
“Hello, how are you?” he asked immediately
“Please come and take me” Sandra said breathing heavily
“Where are you?” he asked curiously
“I’m in… she paused, looked around and found a large catholic church signboard,
“I’m be..side a ch..urch signboard” she stammered as her strength was slowly draining.

“Okay can you explain your whereabout more clearly, i can’t understand” he asked confused
“I….. don’t …” she tried explaining further but ended up slumping on the ground as her leg was now weak and could no longer carry her body, the phone fell off her hand and shattered on the ground, she tried standing up but there was no more strength in her, not long after, she fainted.

Angela walked into the house smiling widely, the thought of the fact that Sandra is finanlly gone made her heart leap for joy,
She dialed the soldier’s phone number to know his whereabout and to know if the plan was successfully carried out, the call wasn’t answered after much attempt
“Maybe he must be dumbing her in the river i guess”

She slumped on the sofa, turned on the television relaxing,
Not long after, she climbed up to Sandra’s to clear off everythin that could implicate her, as she reached the doorstep she saw blood flowing beneath the door, she let out a little smile as she sighted it, her thought was that it was Sandra’s blood,
She slowly opened the door, and saw the soldier’s lifeless body, but couldn’t believe it was reality, she scrubbed her eyes furiously, but the body was still there
the eyes of the soldier was wide opened, with the knife still
dugged into his chest,

With anger she kicked his head hardly and screamed loudly as reality strucked on her,
“No ooo!!!!”
She quickly dashed out of the room,
With the speed of lightning, she rushed out in search of Sandra,
“It can not be… no no…no” she said as she speeded out of the house.

Richard stared keenly at the man with the DPO, this was just the same man he was going to meet, the man who was his main suspect in Cole’s disappearance, he looked at him straight into his eyes all he could see was pure wickedness,
“Where is that young man i brought to your hospital” Richard asked calmly
“Have your seat first, before any discussion” Dr Mike said ignoring his question

“You must be out of your senses..if you don’t want me to create a terrible scene here kindly show me where you kept him” he said with a serious tone
“Do you remember what brought you here?” he asked staring at him,
“What is the meaning of that question ehn” he asked angrily
” An illegal drug was found in your shop, you know? so just keep your mouth shop and listen to me, or you would have yourself to be blamed ” Dr Mike said this time with a serious tone ,
” You are a total fool , hard drug were found in my shop and then , what made you think i’ m guilty, see if know what is best for you provide that boy or else. . . .hmm” he said with fury, Dr Mike stared at him for a short time then silently stood up

” I can see you are a hard out to crack , but i know how to treat people like you ” Dr Mike said then left.
” You can ‘ t do anything you wicked thing” he shouted , then turned to the DPO,
” Sir, that man is a kidnapper, he is just covering his act with his innocent face and career” he said to the man
” You have just made your case more harder by this your act” the DPO said sending fear into Richard, the word rang on his head multiple times, he could not explain the sentence clearly but the expression of the DPO said it all ,
” Where are you heading at by that your statement” he asked with fear written all over his face
” You will understand it later, officer!!” he called
” Sir” the police officer that brought him in answered with a salute,
” Take him to the prison ” he ordered
” What!!. . . prison!. it is not true, i’ m innocent, i can ‘ t sleep in that place , no . . never” he said as the officer draged him away.

In a blink of an eye Richard found himself inside the prison in the middle of huge scary men , they were all staring at him as if they were waiting for something , Richard stared back at them one after the other without fear,
The last thing in his mind that moment was displaying weakness in front of the prisoner , much anger and fury filled up his heart to the brim,

Staying in a prison with people who he was far more better than, he could not help but imagine what would be his fate when finally the news of the drug found in his shop would circulate,
He doesn ‘t need a soothsayer for him to know that all this was the handwork of Dr Mike, but what was the reason was the question he couldn’ t answer,
” Hei , mr man you no dey greet again abi” one of the prisoner who was the strongest said to Richard who sat on the floor still in thought,

Richard stared at him for sometime then shaked his head without saying any word to him, the reaction got the man angry, immediately he landed a heavy knock on Richard’ s,
The knock instantly formatted his brain for that moment, his eyes turned red ,
Immediately his mind quickly flashed back to that horrible event that occured in his secondary school, he tried holding his anger but he could not just suppress it, the knock was very painful that he felt his held pounding heavily ,
Quickly he stood up and held the guy tightly on his neck choking him,
Then almost immediately he gave him a hard headbutt on his forehead , the guy staggered backward a little then fell hardly on his butt

Richard rushed him and sat on his belly and began sending blow on his face, the other prisoners were busy praising and hailing.
” Richard!!” the guy screamed under his breath,
Richard stopped abruptly and stared at the guy in shock,
” Did you just called my name? did you know me” Richard asked confused
” Please sit up from my belly before i lose my breath” he said while Richard quietly stood resting his gaze at the guy, he squint his eyes as he tried remembering whether he had came across the guy before

” Stop staring at me like that, don ‘t you remember me?” he asked
” I don’ t know you , how did you know my name?” Richard asked
” Okay, look at this” he said then pulled off his shirt ,
” Remember this?” he said pointing at a large scar on his chest ,
” Jeeez, i’ m i dreaming?” he asked rhetorically
” No you aren’ t, this is truly me, the guy you beat up back then” he said smiling,
” wats up na, long time oo” Richard said with a broad smile
” Nna ee, we dey oo, so how come na?” he asked as they both sat down on the bare floor surprising the other prisoner with the sudden turn of event, they were all murmuring silently.

” mtcheew, guy i don suffer ” Richard answered with a drawn face ,
i’m sorry for that thing i did , it was really out of anger ” Richard pleaded with a remorseful tone
” I’ m the one to be asking for your forgiveness, i was the first to stir up the fight by knocking you on your head ” he answered ” Hmmm, but seriously that your knock dey pain oo, you put charm for there” Richard said with a bright smile
” Na true oo, anybody i knock must testify the pain ” he said while they both bust out in laughter,

” So how do you go with your wound in your chest after that day, and how about the other guys ?” Richard asked curiously
” Well, it was really by God grace that i got to survive the wound , the others are also fine and healthy sha , so how did you really get here, because i don’ t know you for being a bad boy like us” he asked with a caring tone
” Thats is just what i want to ask you , so if i must tell you mine promise you will also tell me your own reason of being here” Richard said
” Okay no problem” he answered
Richard explained everything to him leaving no stone unturned
” Hmmm, your problem is such a very hard type, the people you are dealing with are very intelligent, and they are already succeeding in their plan” he said leaving Richard surprise with the statement

” What do you mean?”Richard asked
” With a mere view at this your story,it is obvious that they really needs something from you ” he explained further
” How???” Richard asked in bewildment
” They want you to do something for them, so they set you up so that you would agree to their deal, they had succeeded in getting the attention of the mass to your case , i don’ t think you would have any other choice than to comply to their deal after they are done with you ” the guy explained
” i’ m getting very confuse here, explain well to me” Richard said staring at him
” They have two things they can use in implicating you if you disagree to their term, firstly the kidnap of the young man and the cocain found in your shop, this two are enough to put you into a serious trouble, so i would advice you to comply with them but use your brain, apply wisdom then you can be saved, a little mistake can cause your life” the guy explained

” But why are they doing this to me?.. . what have i done, who had i wronged. . . ehn” Richard said soberly
” Its okay, i really pity you but i pray for God to see you through ” he said as he wrapped his arm around Richard’ s body ,
” So, do you care to know my own side of me being here?” the guy asked
” Yes, i would like to know” Richard answered,
” Okay, my name is David Smart , it all started at my childhood when i was 9 years old, i came back from the church one sunday and found our house totally burnt althrough. . .




“Wait you mean, everything was burnt up” Richard asked surprisely
“Yes, after the burial of my parent, i was taken to this state by my uncle, he taught me the wrong way to follow, he taught to be heartless, i started stealing at the age of 10,
All the years i had lived with him was wasted, i knew nothing about passion, i had killed many people for him, i wasted lives without having a rethink,
I did all this secretly, no one knew about it, i behaves and lived my life like every other person hiding my true self under my uncle who was a well respected man in the society and church,

I formed a gang in my ss2, we consist of three boys and a lady including me making us five in number, the atrocities we committed is not something to about,
Later on when i was in ss3, my uncle set up plan to eliminate me, for the reason best known to him, but the little year i had lived with him had made me wise and iniquitive,
I set up a nice plans and escaped, i left his house and wandered in the street, getting what to eat through petty thief and pick pocketing, After some months, i ran across a very rich girl who was about to have a fatal accident, then i saved her, risking my life, i was rushed to the hospital, after i was treated and got well and strong, i explained my condition to the family of the girl,

Out of pity they took me home,
i began schooling… i tried changing my bad attitude, but it was so difficult due to the fact that i had been trained up that way, i formed another set of gang in the school, this time we were seven in numbers, we were responsible for many bad things that happened in the school, and that was when we came in contact with you, we saw you as a strong and brave guy being respected in the school so out of jealousy we planned to ruin your fame,

But you drew our name to mud by dealing with us in the public, our other members instantly hated you and planned to murder you brutally, but you were no where to be found,
We went on with our evil acts killing and wasting lives without pity or restraint,
Later on after many years we grew famous known by many rich and influential men, politician calls upon us when in need of a mission which involves killing.


It was on one of our mission that i was caught by the securities,one of my men were killed, others escaped leaving me in the hand of the securities…that was how i got to find myself here, this year marked the 3rd year of being here, my judgement was that i would be killed by hanging in my 5th year…. i’m not afraid of dying but i feel guilty for all the lives i have wasted, and i feel very angry that i would not have the chance to revenge on my uncle who put me into all this things i had passed through….” David concluded with a drawn face, tears forming in his eyes, the feeling of pain surge through his vein as he remembered his parent. the image of their burnt body flashed through his mind, the tears already formed in his eyes dropped slowly down his cheek,

“Its okay everything would be fine, we would leave here by the grace of God, he….” Richard statement was cut short by the sound of the prison cell which was cracked opened, Three police men came in and walked to where Richard and David where sitting
“Hei, follow me” one of the officer said pointing at Richard,
Without much hesitation Richard stood up, and followed them,just as they reached the door he turned back and stared at David who also gazed at him,
That moment Richard felt in his heart a strange feeling he couldn’t understand, he suddenly felt attracted and care to David, he could not help but prayed silently for his safety,
Although they had never been in good term, but he knew his heart had just loved him at that little time they spent together, he just wish he could help him out of his helpless condition.
“Mr man, what are you waiting for?” the police officer asked him as they saw he wasn’t moving anymore.

“Sorry” he muttered and left the prison yard following the officer leading them,
They reached outside the building, a jeep was parked there waiting for them,
“Where are you guys taking me to?” Richard asked looking at the officer leading them
“Just shut your trash and do as you are told” the leader said with a killing look
“I’m not going anywhere, until you tell me where you are taking me to” Richard said stubbornly standing akimbo as the handcuff around his wrist was already removed

“Then i think we have to do it the hard way” he answered then rushed at Richard with a heavy blow,
Swiftly, Richard dodged the blow making the police man lose balance,
The other officer rushed him with a spear before he could see it coming, he landed on the ground flat, then blows from different corner landed on his face, before he could regain his strength to fight back, a drugged handkerchief was placed on his nose, as he inhaled the scent he drifted into unconsciousness immediately,

David rested his head on the cell wall, with stream of tears dropping down at interval, he felt heavily
burdened in his heart, his head pound hardly as if he was carry a house, he really felt empty and emotional, first time since his career of assassin he had felt weak and guilty, he cursed his uncle repeatedly for putting him into this trauma, but one thing that was a real puzzle for him was how he suddenly got emotionally by the story of Richard, He had just let out his life story to him, something he had never done before, He really felt free and calm in his mind when he was discussing with Richard, he had prayed that moment should never end, he turned to where Richard was sitting before and saw a phone on the corner, he quickly picked it up and hid it at a hidden corner, he looked around to be sure no one was looking at him and smiled calmly as he found out all the prisoners gaze was in another direction, he held his jaw with his palm as he thought of what to do with the phone he just found,

Sandra opened her eyes slowly, her head pound furiously making her squeeze her face in pain, her whole body was so weak, she tried standing up but found out her sole was bandaged. she turned her head around the corners of the room everything was so strange to her, her mind flashed back to what happened before her unconsciousness,
“Where i’m i, for Christ sake??, how did i got here”she asked herself as she forced herself into sitting up,
just then, the door crack opened, she quickly turned her head to it’s direction, she let out a deep sigh of relief as she found out it was the Man she was calling past timotherow are you feeling?” he asked with a calm smile
“I’m felling fine… how did you saw me?” Sandra asked

“By God Grace” he answered smiling broadly
“So can I know about you?” Sandra asked sitting up
“Well, my name is Daniel smart, aged 40, with two kids, a boy and a girl, is there any other” he asked sitting on the bed with her
“So how do you get to leave that house” he asked
She explained everything to him in full detail
“Hmmm, I’m so sorry for not answering your call, I was not with my phone then, I promise you a 100% protection in this house, feel free to do whatever you like, the cook and the houseboy would provide you with anything you need, please don’t leave this house without my security men, I have an important meeting to attend I would be back in no distant time” he said standing on his feet,
“thank you for your kindness, God bless you” Sandra said smiling
“No problem, it is a pleasure, I just feel like helping you out, you are such a nice girl” he said smiling widely,
“okay bye, safe journey” Sandra muttered
“Bye” he said and head out,

Richard opened his eyes gradually, his forehead pound heavily, his eyes were bulge and blood shot, his both hands and body were tied tightly on a chair, the room he was were empty,
The door opened and Dr Mike with chief Gabriel walked in smiling wickedly,





“Thats him, the guy who brought Cole to my hospital” Dr Mike said immediately they walked in,
“hmm, so whats your plan with him?” Chief gabriel asked
“He can help us get Cole’s parent out of their hiding place easily and faster” Dr Mike said with a calm smile
“How??” Chief Gabriel asked confusingly
“He is the only one Cole trust, so i think if he could work with us, he could help us convince Cole to say his parent hideout without much stress,” he explained
“Woow, thats true you cannot just stop amazing me with your wisdom and initiatives, i love that” Chief Gabriel commended in excitement

“I will never work with you wicked fellows, never it’s better you do your worst because nothing would ever make me agree to put hand in you guys evil acts, and as for you Mike, the earlier you leave this evil you’re doing the better for you, because i promise you, you must pay for all this” Richard blurted angrily
“You have no other choice, so why are you trying to make things harder for you” Dr Mike said calmly squatting in front of him,

“How do you intend to convince him? it seem he is strong headed” Chief Gabriel added
“I think Angela would be the one right for this part, you and i know she doesn’t take mess from anybody, i’m sure by the time she is done with this young man, he would quickly join us without any resistment” he explained standing erected
“So i think i have to call her now” Chief Gabriel said bringing out his phone from his pocket, quickly he dialed her number
“Hello, where are you right now, your presence is needed in my house” Chief Gabriel said immediately she picked the call

“There is a little problem…. Sandra is missing….i don’t even know how it happened but i only saw the body of one of the soldier, a knife dugged on his chest, that means Sandra had finanlly escaped” she explained…
“Okay, we would treat that one later, just come to my house now” Chief Gabriel said
“Okay, i would be there in a jifty” she said
Not long after, Angela walked in majestically wearing a cool smile,
“Ah, you’re already here, so thats him” Dr Mike said pointing at Richard who was fuming in anger,
Angela turned her gaze to him, just immediately her heart stopped beating that moment, she starts admiring every part of Richard’s body, his fairness in complexion, his pink lips, pointed nose, everything about Richard was so amazing to her,

At that moment her heart melted, she felt pity for Richard’s condition, the cuteness of Richard made her had the urge to hug him.she can’t really explained what was going on but she knew she felt something for the young guy being tied in her front
“Angela!!, are you alright” Chief Gabriel asked bringing her from her realm of thought,

“Erm…i…” she stammered leaving them in confusion
“I don’t think you are okay, we had being talking to you since but your mind weren’t here, what are you thinking of?” Dr Mike asked staring at her keenly
“Nothing really i just think i have
seen this face somewhere one time” she said
“Where??” they both asked in unisonshe stared at Richard for some minutes then just immediately it struck on her mind where she had saw him before,
“I have remembered where i saw his face” she announced

“Wow, tell us” Dr Mike said
“He once drove Sandra back home one time ago when there was rain outpour”she said
“Hmmm, this is getting really interesting, so this guy know about the both party” Dr Mike said happily,
Richard stared at them in total confusion, the lady they were saying he brought home was just the same lady he had long to see, the lady that had stolen his heart at first sight,

“So her name is Sandra??….but what connection does she have with these people, wait oo, is she not the one said to be missing, oh my God please save her for me, i want to set my eyes on her once more” Richard thought
“Angela, the reason you were called here, is for you to make this young man work with us, he can help up easily convince Cole into exposing his parent whereabout” Chief Gabriel explained

“There is no big deal in it, just consider it done” Angela said
“Okay,we would be leaving now, start now so that we wouldn’t run out of time, you know we still have one of our captive out there, so try as much as possible to make this not take much of our time” Chief Gabriel said in an authorative tone
“There is no problem” she answered,
They both left leaving Angela and Richard inside the room, Angela brought a chair and sat opposite Richard who stared at her with a digusting look
“Why that stare??” she asked immediately she sat down,
“What do you bunch of fools want from me??” Richard blurted.

“Well, just answer my questions first…who are you to Sandra??” she asked with a serious tone,
“What sort of question is that??” Richard asked staring at her
“What is your name???” she asked in a soothing tone
“What is wrong with you,ehn? have you good nut??…you are asking of my name and you think i will tell you, aren’t you ashamed of yourself, at your age you still follow those wicked men in doing evil, just look at your life, can’t you just see, you are old enough to…..” the remaining unspokened words hung on his throat as Angela pointed a pistol straight at his skull
“A word from you now will lead you to hell, don’t just try me” Angela warned with a serious tone
“Now answer my question, who is Sandra to you??” she asked again this time with a rised voice
“Just a passerby” Richard answered bluntly,

“Stop lying!!!… say the truth or i would be forced to send you into your early grave” she barked furiously,
Richard stared at her confusely, firstly he doesn’t know who she is to Sandra, the word Sandra told him that day rang into his mind…was it because of this woman that she said those word to him, he remembered that sadness that covered her face that day she was saying those word to him in his car, he could not help but wished Sandra had pour out her problem to him, he could have knew how to tackle this present situation,
“She is just a friend” he answered
“A friend???…that means you would know many of her secret” she said
“What do you mean?” Richard asked. “Sandra escaped from my house yesterday night, and as her friend you are bound to know her whereabout, so tell me where did she went to??” she asked

“To be sincere i don’t know where she is” Richard answered
“Shut up!!!…so you still had the mind to cover her up, hmm, that is good sha, but mind you, i wouldn’t hesitate to drop her dead if i find her” she said with a stern face
“What did she do to you that would warrant her death, ehn” Richard said with a calm voice, he have to find a way to save Sandra,
“Do you care to know??” she asked with a seductive smile,
“, but why are you staring at me that way” Richard asked surprisely
“Do you know you are such a handsome guy every woman will long to be hers??” she asked rubbing her palm on his face,
“Are you out of your senses??” Richard asked shaking his head sideways,

“I don’t know how to say this, but i think i have got attracted to you…. once in my lifetime i had found another guy who my heart chooses after so many years of heartbreaking, i have found a guy who i long to spend the rest of my life with, a guy whose handsomeness had made me lose my sense of thinking. and that guy is you, it may sound strange but that is just the main truth, i can’t suppress it, i don’t mind doing anything to let you be mine, i’m ready to kill any person who would try being an hindrance, even you……”
“Shut up, you old fool, aren’t you ashame of those nasty words coming out of your smelling mouth, what age are you?.. shameless irritating woman” Richard screamed

Angela quietly stood up and left, the shame of what she just said had now clouded her mind, pains and regret filled her heart to the brim,
Not long after she came back with three able body men.
“I want you guys to beat him up to stupour, make sure he feels terrible pains all over his body” she ordered and immediately left,
She rushed down to her reserved room in the building and slumped on her bed,
All the words Richard threw at her started resounding in her ear, she felt very angry with herself for stooping so low to the extent of receiving such an insult from a small boy like him,
She went closely to the large mirror hanging on the wall beside her bed, she smiled widely as she saw her reflection, although she was in her early forties but it didn’t show in her appearance as her face was still smooth with no form of wrinkle,

Her young beauty was still glowing, her killing figure was exposed well with the tight red gown she wore, she was really beautiful and can really gets a husband to herself if she really wants, but how can she enter into a family when the shade of revenge had clouded up her mind,
Although Chief Gabriel had promise to marry her but she hasn’t see any sign of seriousness that he would really carry out his promise,

She layed down on the bed and closed her eyes, just then the image of Richard popped into her mind, she began admiring
everything about him, his beautiful and charming eye, his body status,
She felt her heart beats for him, something she had not experienced for a long time, she found herself regreting why she sent those boys to beat him, the sound of his scream and pleading filled her ear, he knew what those boys wher capable of, they are ready to pluck out both of your eyes without caring for the pain you are passing through, she surprisely found herself praying silently for Richard,

She tried rushing into that room to stop them from beating him further but her ‘ego’ could not just let her,
It was really out of anger due to the words Richard’s said to her that pushed her into calling on those men, in every scream from Richard that reverbrate all over the building her heart leaps in fear, she wished those men would just leave him alone
She had just fell in love with Richard and she knew it well..there is no doubt, but how can she make him understand… what she want was him being her husband regardless of the age difference,
no matter the time it would take her to make him love her she was ready to wait till then,she would never allow him to be taken away from her like her first love which was taken away by Sandra’s mother,

“You are mine already, despite the fact that you are in this building, i would do everything possible to make you love me alone, no matter what it may cost me” she said and dashed out of the room heading to where Richard and the boys were.

Sandra stood up from the bed and head outside with the mindset of surveying her new resident,
She gasped in surprise as she saw how beautiful and rich the house was, the sitting room had all the type of expensive furniture you can think of,
She kept on walking around the house till she reached the kitchen,

A young lady which would be the same age with her stood in front of the sink watching the plate while a pot was placed on an electric stove with vapour rising into the air signifying that there was something being cooked..
“Hi” Sandra greeted
The lady turned sharply in fright as she never knew someone was standing on the doorpost..

“Good morning ma” she curtsied
“How are you doing??”Sandra asked with a smile
“I’m fine, and you too?” she asked with a smile also
“I’m feeling great, so whats your name?” Sandra asked as she moved inside the kitchen..
“My name is Joy, and you?” she asked
“Mine is Sandra..what are you cooking?” Sandra asked as she came nearer
“Fried rice, i hope you like it?… and please ma you have to go to the sitting room while i finish up with the cooking, you are not suppose to be here, please” Joy said facing her

“What are you insinuating??” Sandra asked as she washed her palm,
“Please, i’m the cook here and i will never allow you join me in doing my job” Joy said shaking her head negatively,
“What if i insist, would you force me out??” Sandra said maintaining her usual smile, Joy stared at her surprised at her caring behaviour,

“Okay fine but you have to go for today, you know your sole injury had not yet gone well, and moreover, i would be skinned alive if my master comes back and finds you here, please go and rest okay?” Joy said in a pleading voice,
“Okay oo, no problem, but please don’t see me superior over you, treat and see me as your sister” Sandra said
“Yes ma” Joy answered

“No, please i beg you in the name of God, remove that ‘ma’ of a thing, my name is Sandra,after all we are even age mate, so i don’t see the reason for adding such personality for me, i would be waiting for you in the dining” Sandra said and head to the door
,”Okay ma… Sandra” she stammered as she tried removing the ‘ma’ Sandra let out a calm smile and left, she head straight to the sitting room which was chilled due to the air conditions applied in it, she slumped on the sofa which at mere view one would notice that it was the costly type,

She turned on the large plasma tv and inserted a Nigerian movie
Not long after, Joy walked in carrying a tray containing a plate of the fried rice garnished with a large size of chicken lap,
The aroma of the food filled up the room, immediately, Sandra dropped the remote on the centre table and went straight to the dining table where Joy had kept the food,

She sat down to eat while Joy made to go, she called her back
“Joy” she called
“Yes” Joy answered
“Go get your cutleries, we are eating this food together” Sandra said leaving her very surprised
“You can’t be serious, you are really surprising me with this your acts” Joy said spreading her arm widely
“Please, i feels bored eating alone, and lest i don’t see anything wrong in you eating with me, or is there something i need to know” Sandra said staring at her in her eyes

“There is nothing wrong….but its just amazing, i’m so surprised…i mean. what brings about all this your friendly manners toward me?” Joy asked clasping both of her hands behind her back
“I just feel like…as you said there is nothing wrong with it, so please do it” Sandra said uncovering the plate of food which gave space for the enclosed vapour to rise freely around the air feeling their nostril with the delicious and inviting aroma of the well cooked fried rice with a different species of meat..
“Okay, if you said so” Joy muttered then head to the kitchen to get her cutleries as being told

“So what bring about your kindness to me” Joy asked curiously as they settled down after eating the meal,
“Well, i can’t really say, but maybe we can say my heart just led me that way but seriously why did are you this surprised is it something rare to you??” Sandra asked staring at her,
“Lets say, not really, but who are you to chief Daniel??” Joy asked
“Hmmm, that question does not have an answer for the main time, till chief comes back,

“Okay, so would you mind knowing about me??” Joy asked
“Yes, i would love to, please tell me” Sandra said happily
“I am a 19 years old lady without a parent, whether they are dead or alive i can’t tell, i was abandoned my the both at the age of 5, luckily for me i saw chief who helped in training me up, after my secondary school he made me a cook here, this building isn’t his main house where his family lives, here is just where he satisfy his sexual urge with young women which he always brings here, some always lives here for weeks and months then i will not see them again, all of them had treated me so badly, so i was very surprised at your difference among them, can you tell me your own life events” Joy asked

But as Sandra made to begin, the door crept open, chief Daniel with two security men walked in,
“Haa, how are you Sandra?” he asked with a broad smile”I’m very strong, thanks for your kindness” Sandra said smiling
“Okay, just came to know how you are coping, i would be back later” he said and made to walk out when Sandra called him “Sir!!” she called
“Yes?” he answered turning back abruptly

“I would like us to discuss something” Sandra said
“When ?” he asked after staring at her for some minute,
“Now” Sandra said walking to her room upstair, chief Daniel watched her for sometime then stared at Joy with a questioning look before climbing upstair following Sandra.

David was woked up by the sound of the cell which was being unlocked, two police men came toward him,
“Hey man, follow us” one of the police men commanded,
He stylishly took the phone which he had hidden and followed the police men, they walked through the passage and came out from the prison building, they entered into a car and head out immediately, David could not understand what was going on but he just decide keeping shut, they drove hastily till they got to a large building which was gigantic and beautiful,They got down and headed into the main building, they reached the sitting room and took a seat on the sofa, Just then the door at the corner of the building swung open,
David turned to the direction and widen his eyes in shock, he could not believe who he just saw, it was just like a dream to him, he scrubbed his eyes and pinched his skin to be sure of his consciousness,Walking towards them was his uncle who had led him to the wrong way, the man who had made his life useless, Chief Gabriel walked in and sat at the sofa staring at David with a smirk,

“How are you faring??” he asked David who was still dumbfounded by the whole event
“Are you surprised seeing me?” chief Gabriel asked letting out a chuckle
“What do you want from?” David asked slowly still resting his gaze on him,”Hmm, that’s a nice question….i want you back to work for me, like you do then, i really need you in my present condition, you have no choice, you have to agree or be ready to face the law by being killed by hanging” chief Gabriel said in a serious tone,”But why did you want to kill me then?” David asked

“Hmm, i just felt like, because i thought you were no more useful to me, but thank God you escaped, so are you in or not??” he askedDavid stared at him in confusion, he could not just believe that this was real, he had wanted to change his life he given the chance to leave the prison and also avenge on his uncle, but what was happening, he was going to start afresh in his evil act again, but that would be better than to be shamefully killed, he thought for a while then gave in ” I agree” he muttered
“That’s my guy, so you would be updated about the mission i have for you after you have gotten fit” chief Gabriel said and left

To be continued

EPISODE 15 continue

The door flunged opened stopping the soldier from hitting further,
“Get out!” Angela ordered immediately,
while the soldier quickly rushed out,
“I’m very sorry, i would call the doctor to treat you, please don’t be angry with me” she said rubing her palm on Richard’s cheek,
Immediately she ran a call and not long after a man in a white cloak walked in with a first aid box,
“Just treat him well and nicely” she said and head out
After some minute, she came back with a tray containing a well cooked rice and stew,

“You have to eat, okay, and i would feed you myself” Angela said with a cool smile,
“Why are you doing all this?” Richard asked in a weak tone
“Its because i love you, please can’t you see it in my eyes, i may look old to you but i’m not that old you may think i am, i am not married because i dont , but i think you would be fit for me as you are the only one my heart beats for, i can do anything you asked of me, no matter what even if it is releasing Cole, just if you can accept and marry me, please i have really need to settle down and you are the one i want to settle with” Angela said with a soothing tone,

“If it had been that my hands are not tied i could have disfigured that your ugly face with countless slaps, shameless woman” Richard blurted out staring at her with a digusting look,
“I’m ready to take all your insult but mind you, Cole and Sandra’s life would never be spared, i would make sure i destroy their life, then would take you home whether you like it or not” Angela said with a mean tone
“Who is Sandra to you?” Richard asked
“Hmm…a step daughter,why do you ask?
“Because i love her, and want to spend the rest of my life with her, she is the only one i love, the one i cherished so much, the lady that had stolen my heart at….

“Shut up your stinking mouth… before i…” she barked gnashing her teeth in anger,
“Why are you angry?… you don’t to, you are my in-law, so you should be happy i’m your half daughter”Richard said making her fume in anger
“I bet you, i will never live to see both of you go along with each other”Angela screamed furiously
“Then i think you should go and buy your casket, because nothing not even you can stop me from marrying Sandra, its better you take that into your empty skull” Richard blurted out bluntly”
“huh?…is that a challenge?” Angela sputtered,

“Call it any word you want to call it, i had said my own” Richard said rolling his eyes
” Woow, i really love challenge so much….lets see how it goes, i will not kill you because i love you and can’t afford to lose you” Angela said with a smile before leaving,
“Why did you brought me here?” Sandra asked chief Daniel as they both settled down in her room..
“I don’t understand the meaning of your question??…i brought you here for your safety”chief Daniel answered with an innocent face,
“What is your occupation?”Sandra asked, immediately Daniel’s countenance changed into a frightened one, the question just caught him unexpectedly, that question was just the least of what he expected, he stared at Sandra trying to figure out the best answer to give her as a shudder ran through him,
He could not help but flinched,

“What do you mean?” he muttered as strip of sweat rolled down his face,
“What is there that you don’t understand, this is a simple question that needs an answer, i said where do you acquire your income from??” Sandra asked again this time with a little bit high tone, her gaze was directly on Daniel’s eyes making him doubt if lying would be the best option, his source of income was his greatest secret in life which even his family members knew nothing about,
His business was something so evil but he had do well in enclosing it by his charity work and smile,
So the question Sandra was asking him made him suspect she had knew something about him, seriously if this question had came from another sources he wouldn’t waste a second in taking that person’s life,

“I don’t understand that your question….where are you even heading at or have the cook told you any gossip about me?” he asked with fear visibly written on his face,
Sandra held his palm softly and stared into his eyes, letting out a calm smile,
“Calm your nerve, trust me…i mean no harm to you afterall you saved my life so why shouldn’t i reciprocate by keeping your little secret, feel free and tell me that your secret, i promise to keep it safe” she said with a soothing voice, which made Daniel breath down in relief,
“What do you want to know??” he asked
“Just how you got your money, thats all” Sandra said

“I don’t know why i suddenly feel safe telling you this…but please dont let me down by letting another ear hear this”chief Daniel said quietly
“I promise to keep it safe” Sandra said smiling
“I’m into human trafficking,
since my teen age that had been my sources of income, i was introduced into it by a man called chief Gabriel,
we does the trafficking together, but later on i stopped it, and decided to change after the the one we did, which almost claim our life, our boys kidnapped two middle aged women, and set them for the trafficking but on our way unfortunately our vehicle got an accident and they escaped,

Due to anxiety and fear of the unknown i stopped the trafficking, but chief Gabriel could not put a stop to the business,
I tried convincing him but it all resulted to conflict which made us divided, He went his way while i went my own way,
i got married and bore two children a boy and a girl, i thought my problem was over but i was mistakened as one fateful day the cops came in search of me,
They took me to the jail as a prime suspect in the missing of the married couple,
i couldn’t deny it as they had a strong evidence a
But as my case was about entering into the court hand chief Gabriel saved me out of their hand by paying them a huge sum of money,

It was after he saved me that i began the business all over again, i had trafficked many people both men and women outside the state” chief Daniel concluded”So you still the trafficking till now?” Sandra asked,”Yes..that is my main sources of income…like you promise don’t tell anyone, or else i would be forced to act badly on you” chief Gabriel said in a serious tone
“There is no problem….tell me about your family” Sandra said while Daniel stared at her with a suspicious look
“Tell me, i just want to know about you because i think i would be staying with you till further notice” Sandra explained
“Wooow, i would really love that…i guess my son would love to meet you also” he said happily..
“Hmmm, so can you tell me about them?” Sandra said with a wide smile

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