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Episode 19

I looked at him wit fear and backed away
He laughed sofly
Come on..
I don’t bite
I stood in a position
not moving
He came and carried me like he was carrying a precious gem
He placed me on d high horse and climbed next to me
His chest were so soft nd cool
His hand rugged nd rough rubbed my arm tenderly as we rode towards d village
As we entered,
Shouts of Joy went up and people ran out to welcome their prince
Many girls kept on eyeing me wit great envy
My nurse,
Maa Kanisha came out in a worried manner but wen she saw me
She relaxed a bit
D prince shouted at her


Maa knelt down wit fear
Am sowi my prince
I knelt down too as i was shivering wit fear due 2 his voice
He softened when he saw me shaking n pulled me up
softly saying
Not U..
You did not offend
I burst into tears due 2 fear nd said
Do not punish her
I sneaked out
I wanted 2 kneel again wen he pulled me gently nd said
go back 2 ur room wit maa kanisha
We both left


I didn’t set my eyes on d prince 4 d next 3 months
He was greatly busy wit different fuctions
I sat down in front of my room wit maa Kanisha one evening eating roasted plantains and a funny blue stew of theirs
As we were eating,
Five hefty men came nd said
His Royal highness
Prince Gelimz asks to see d young lady
Maa Kanisha took me inside
Dressed nicely 4 me
Packed my long hair and remembered me how she taught me to bow
I left feeling nervous
We passed many huts until we got to a big one surrounded with men and horses
I entered alone and saw d great prince standing.
His face were still covered with another beautiful cloth in a stlye dat revealed just his eyes nd mouth
After we talked 4 good over 30 minutes
He said
Since u have lost ur memory nd u can’t remember ur name again
Am going to name you
He stood up and pulled me to face him
Our faces almost touching
Am going 2 call u Alimta
It means rare gift
He bent to kiss me passionately


When his lips touched mine,
i forgot everything,his sweet fragance filled my body
my soul and spirit
I hung to him tightly as i wrapped my arms round his neck.
He deepened the kiss as he thrust his tongue into my mouth
I was so hungry 4 his kiss
I returned it passionately as his hand began to roam about my body
He gripped my b**bs tightly
i moaned quietly
He carefully unzipped d short top dat i was wearing,
and brought out my meduim sized b**bs,
my nipples were taut hard as rock as they stood erect
D prince licked my right nipple and felt a great wave of pleasure
He went to d other nip and did d xame
I couldn’t help moaning again
He held my right nips wit his thumb and finger nd began to roll it like a ball
He did d xame 2 my left nip
As he was rolling both nips in his hand,
He was kissing me hard and hot
I felt so aroused
My pants were dripping,
I began 2 visualize myself on my knees wit d prince’s cock in my mouth…..

Ooooh my my …….i so much love this part
find out what happened next.


Episode 20

We about going further when a loud trumpet sound snapped me back 2 reality.
He reluctantly left me and said
Go Alimta…
I have to go nd meet my parent
But i must meet you again
I smiled and redressed,i was about 2 bow down when d prince said
He went to me and hugged me tightly
He was so warm and sweet
I did not even feel lyk leaving him bt i had 2 go
He kissed my forehead tenderly saying
Till we meet again
I replied wit a sad tone
My prince
I turned and walked back 2 my room


I just finished my purification rites nd my bones were weak
I got a small beautiful spider tatoo on my left lap.
I was preparing to go nd get water when the number one village-gossiper ran into d compound lyk an animal being chased screaming
Big News..!
I just got it today..
Calm down…i said
What happened..?
She smiled
Our Royal prince is getting married soon to his fiance dat he courted 4 5 years
i felt my world collasping


With a shaky voice i said…
U mean Prince Gelimz..?
She nodded
Of course..!
Who else..?
I felt greatly betrayed..
So the prince just wanted to have fun with me..?
I turned and went inside my hut
I heard whispers 4rm d maidens outside…
They said
Useless lady
Did she think d prince loves her..?
I couldn’t help my sorrow,
I went to the beach where i was found by d prince wit great sorrow


Am not getting married to that lady..!
My father stood up in great fury
U must marry her..!
It’s our custom to marry d first daughter of the Jovana Family
Either u like it or not..!
U shall marry Her..!
I stood up with a boiling blood and went out in anger
I pushed d guard in front of d entrance away that he broke his arm bt i didn’t care
I could hear my mum shouting
Come back Here.!
I went to d beach where i first found my angel,
Alimta nd began to punch d rocks until my knuckles began to bleed seriously
I was in LOVE


As i neared d beach,i heard deep masculine grunts
I stopped at a safe distance behind a tree and looked down
To my suprise,
It was d crown prince,he looked so furious,i noticed that he had been punching d rocks.
As i was about turning back towards the village,i heard a fraustrated voice 4rm d prince.
I don’t want to marry that idiot
She’s proud,
useless and lazy
Itz Alimta
I want my Alimta…
Part of me wanted to run to him and hug him tight
Another part of me wanted to run away with great fear
I stood on dat spot 4 some mins b4 deciding 2 run.
I turned nd ran away with great speed
Prince Gelimz noticed me and shouted in his powerful voice…
I didn’t but within seconds,
the prince caught up with me..
He turned me to face him,i looked into his eyes and i was mesmerized
I forgot my anger
I forgot my fraustration
He tenderly rubbed my cheek and said
Õün Âlímtà…(My alimta)
Come with me..
I wanted to reply but he cut me short with that romantic kiss of his

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When we broke d kiss,gelimz looked tenderly into my eyes nd said
I know u av heard abt it
But it won’t happen..
It won’t happen
I promise,
I said sincerity in his eyes and my heart melted
Without warning
I wrapped my arms round his neck and he held me tight
He released me gently and i noticed his bruised knuckles
He held my hand nd led me towards his giant horse,


he placed me on it and sat behind me
In three minutes,
D horse has started running faster than a car
It was a very fast horse
We arrived in a secluded place which i guessed was his private arena
We entered a warm cave afta we had tied d horse outside
D cave was so comfortable as i saw many big soft leather chairs,
I wanted to curl in d chair and sleep
Prince Gelimz said
I have a unique gift 4 u..
I looked up and smiled
What’s the gift my prince..?
The prince went to my front..
Held my hand and threw d bomb
I opened my mouth


Prince Gelimz smiled and held d scarf nd began to remove it slowly.
He unwrapped his face nd i saw d most handsome face that remained in my memory 4 a lifetime.
I opened my mouth like a goldfish until he softly said
Close ur mouth.
I closed my mouth and stared at d perfect guy in front of me.
He softly said
I Love you Alimta
And he came closer and began to kiss me
The kiss was demanding


He kissed me passionately and hungrily,
His hands began to roam down my body,i felt my nips getting hard
In few seconds,
we were both naked on a large big leather bed enough to contain 12 fat people.
He bent to suck one of my nips and was rollin d second one
I was feeling greatly pleasured
I moaned thickly
He started trailin kisses down my belly,my thigh until he reached d opening
He played gently wit his finger at d entrance
I gasped loudly as he thrust his tongue into my p***y
He began to lick nd suck like he hadn’t had a meal in years


I was lost in d sweet sensation that i didn’t know when he thrust into me hard and fast
I gasped in pleasure and pain
He stopped and looked into my eyes with teary eyes
Yo.Yo…you are a virgin..?
I looked at him and tried to smile
Yes..I am
He bent nd kissed me gently
I love you..
And i would always love you
When we finished
I had a new feeling of satisfication and pleasure as i fell asleep in d prince’s arm.


I woke up in a start..!
What was i doing here..?
I remembered trying to kill myself when ken refused to marry me
I felt a slight pain in my thigh and i noticed a man beside
I grew scared
Who was this?
Did he rape he?
I noticed a small patch of blood on my thigh
I screamed
What is this..?
D man jumped up in fright and tried to hold me..
What is it..?
I ran out of the bed and covered my boobs with my hands
I screamed
Don’t touch me..!
The man became confused
He gently said
Calm down..
I opened my mouth
Am not Alimta..!


Episode 22

He became more confused
If this is a joke
U beta stop it..!
I couldn’t control my anger,i ran to him and began to punch and beat him
Son of a bitch..!
U dare rape me..!
U disvirgined me..!
U will pay 4 this..!
Am gonna sue you..!
U will rot in jail..!


I began to cry as i was punching him with all my strenght
When i grew tired of beating him
I ran to d other side of d room,grabbed a big wood and pointed it to him
Come nearer..
Just come near me and i will break ur stupid head..!
U rapist..!


I expected him to come and attack me but when he raised his head…
I saw tears in his eyes
He wiped blood away 4rm his mouth and with a shaky voice he said
Our enemies has attacked u Alimta
They want to seperate us
But they won’t
We will succed
They want to make u mad..
I laughed and said
You are d mad man here..?
Just return me
Without warning he came towards me,
I threw away d wood in fear and ran for dear life


He caught me nd put me on a giant horse,
he had covered his nose in a strange manner
I began to struggle until he began to ride his horse…
We were in a strange place,
Everywhere was soft nd cool
I loved d beach d more
As we nearered d town..
I remembered and suddenly said
My prince..
Am sorry…


How will i explain to ken abt his mum
i sat on d chair..
And i must revenge,i knew dat celine nd dele won’t go unpunished.
I had to leave so as to do my act quicky.
I picked up my loads and left d warm and big home


I drove, my car towards d house wit joy thinking of tinu,i and d baby.
The only sad news was that eliza was not there to join us in celebrating
I felt bad again when i thought of my baby sister,i stopped my thoughts and i continued driving towards the house.
When i didn’t see eliza in d living room,i knew dat she must be upstairs asleep.
When i entered her room to wake her up,i didn’t meet her there.
I saw a letter and deep down,i knew what happened
Tinu has left me..!


I remembered how i lost my memory and how d prince and i made love
I burst into tears at my stupidity but d prince was an understanding character.
He held me tight when i was crying and said…
Itz Ok Alimta…
He took me back 2 d village but when we got to the village.
We met the greatest shock of our life…!


I went to dele’s house around 1:00PM in the afternoon
I knew how to enter without a key so i entered through a secret passage
I went straight to the bedroom and i saw wedding photos of dele and celine..!
I laughed bitterly
They will definately pay 4 this
I went to dele’s electric safe where he kept his money
Nobody knew except me and dele
I took out a big large bag and packed over 200,000000 naira 4rm d safe.
I left only a 1,000 naira note there
I was wearing gloves no i had no risks of fingerprints
I took all celine’s gold too.
Infact i took some vital documents and Celine’s and Dele’s original certificate nd burned it.!

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