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Lo and behold
i recognized warriors who had been chasing me 4 d necklace
They were d one who made me flee from Zungi land 4 dear life
I was so shocked but d unbelievable part was dat d one man that i saw wen i became conscious for the first time in Zungi land
D one dat chased me with a horse down d beach
Prince Gelimz best friend..!
He was their leader
Wat a great betrayer..!
He smiled nd removed a long knife nd said
Where is d necklace.?

Buaden,my best friend wasn’t around
Immediately he heard that Alimta was alive,he told me that he won’t be able 2 come wit me bcus he had vital issue 2 attend to
I let him go although i felt that he was behaving somehow strange
I knew how to track my love,
all i needed was 2 connect my strange aircraft wit d necklace,i would get there in no time
i prepared loads of gold 4 her family but as i entered d aircraft
i had a bad feeling again


i changed my mind nd said dat am changing aircraft
Just as my men and i got down
We heard a loud BOOM!
A bomb exploded
I was greatly amazed but not shocked,
I av been aving a bad feeling 4 a long time
I smiled and commanded dat all d men with me were kept in jail till am back
I whistled loudly and a large bird descended,i packed few weapons with me and connected my sacred coin with d bird
Immediately,d bird screamed with delight and took off.
I silently prayed that much harm hasn’t been done to alimta or my child b4 i reach their side


I took two steps back in fear
He gave me a evil smile,
We heard that u had a child but unfortunately d prince had remarried..!
I opened my eyes wide in shock and surprise
But something told me dat it was a lie
I laughed loudly and said
U can’t trick me
He smiled
If am tricking u..
Why am i here
Why isn’t ur lover here…
I wanted 2 reply when a familiar voice replied
He only came late…
Sowi 4 d delay..
In a twinkle of an eye
Gelimz was beside me in his full glory
his face were covered but i could feel anger radiating through him.
His best friend was shocked



Buaden didn’t waste time,he approached Gelimz with full force of a warrior
That was d first time i saw him fighting nd it was a marvelous sight…
He stylished avoided hurting buaden but he killed all d seven men dat buaden brought with him,
When buaden noticed that he was losing d fight
He grabbed me and placed a knife on me throat
He laughed evily
Move a step and i will kill her
I saw d prince looking dejected,he calm said


Don’t u touch her
I quickly thought of a great trick
I grabbed my stomach nd screamed
Bauden lost focus 4 some minutes so i bit his arm nd punched his face
Gelimz was beside me,with a fast skill,he put his sword into his chest and d traitor bauden fell down
I went to d prince,wrapped my hands round him and started crying
He immediately hugged me tightly nd whispered
Av missed you Alimta
I smiled as i remembered dat he was d one who gave me d beautiful name
He quickly asked
How’s my baby..?


I smiled and said
Follow me…
You shall see
I took him to d twins bedroom
He didn’t understand at first until he noticed one baby playing with a toy and another sleeping
He noticed d tattoos nd burst into tears
I didn’t know what to do,i was just staring at him
Later he raised his face and said
Av missed a lot…
I wish i was there wen this babies kicked madly in you
I wish i was there wen u were abt to push them out
I wish i was there when they grew their first tooth…


A tear slid down my eye nd i went to him
He hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead
Kúãn woke up and he screamed loudly again
To my suprise,gelimz blinked his eyes thrice and did a funny dance
For d first dat he was born
Küãn burst into a great fit of laughter
He laughed until he fell down back 2 his bed
Dérúná also joined in d laughter nd b4 i knew it
They had both crawled into his laps and were playing and laughing
I had started packing my loads when i heard a loud whine
Our horse ran 4rm it yard and went to itz master and began to lick his face.
I looked at mem nd smiled
I felt great joy at the reconciliation
At last,


everything worked out 4 good
D bodies of d men had been buried in my backyard.
I wrote a long letter 2 ken,tinu and my mother
It just hurts me dat she is now in a bad condition
A large aircraft landed in front of my cottage nd i knew dat i would be leaving forever and ever
I took out d large book that av been writing for so long and wrote the last sentences.
I wrote….


Many people felt betrayed
Tinu’s mum
Tinu herself
Gelimz my prince
But at d end,we all ended up well while d wicked paid d price
I have to leave 4 d land of Zungi now
A land that most people think doesn’t exist
But b4 i leave wit my twins nd prince
I av 2 drop dis book that i wrote down 4 everyone 2 read
Itz the story of Ken,tinu,tinu’s parent,mum and i
And the title is

what did you learn so far in the story ?
A very big thanks to each and everyone of you whom had being following the story from the first episode to the End, wonna say I love you all
stay tune for another interesting story

*Thanks for reading

BETRAYED by Gbemi Love

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