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#Episode 4

I opened my eyes in d hospital
I was so weak
As i tried 2 move,two nurses rushed 2 my side
Calm down ma…
I asked weakly
My baby
How is my baby…?
They both smiled kindly
Madam both u nd d baby are doing fine
I smiled nd rested back
At dat time,dele entered with flowers in his hand
He moved 2 my side nd knelt down
The nurses left
Tinu darling..


Am so sorry 4 my foolishness
Forgive me…
I was a lady wit a meek heart
I was about 2 hug him when celine entered
I frowned with disgust
Dele looked so scared
A boy of about 4 years rushed in nd shouted
I was shocked
Celine smiled wickedly
Hi tinu
U must be shocked 2 see my son nino
He’s just 4 years
I have been in a relationship with ur husband 4 d past 7 years
Just 1 year afta ur wedding
I had been aving sex with him
I got pregnant 5 years ago nd had Nino
Ur husband comes 2 see him every weekend
I kept it a secret becus u were just an idiot
bt now dat u are pregnant
I advise you 2 Go nd abort
Dele is mine ONLY


I couldn’t talk nor shout
Celine was my bridemaid
My bestlady
My best friend 4 over 15 years
I trusted her wit all my heart
I so much loved her and she BETRAYED me like dis..?
I looked at her son
He was just a carbon-copy of dele
They looked so much alike
Water began 2 run down my eyes
Celine laughed wickedly
Don’t cry
Just go nd abort d baby
Itz 4 ur own Good
I looked at celine
So u could be so heartless
Afta trusting u with my life
U did this 2 me..?
Fear God
I began 2 weep as celine kept on laughing
Her son Nino,was surprised at me crying
He held his dad’s hand
Y is she crying
Dele petted d boy nd looked at celine weakly


He took Nino 2 celine nd said
Pls go
Celine smiled
Am going…
Bt u must follow me
Av u 4gotten dat today is nino’s spelling competition
Dele rubbed his neck weakly
Oh yes
I forgot
Pls i av 2 go
With dat…
He left
I was so depressed
I began 2 cry into my pillow
My heart was aching
I was Greatly Betrayed


I smiled 2 myself gently as i knotted my tie
I was going on a Blind date dat my mum set up 4 me
I was eager 2 get into a relationship so as 2 make eliza lose interest in me
I entered my flashy car nd drove 2 d resturant where we were 2 meet
As i entered,
I went saw a slender and a beautiful lady in a short nd lovely black evening dress sitting at our reserved seat
I greeted her
Hi beauty..


Am ken,
Ur date…
She got up
Mr ken
It is nt good 2 play with people’s feelings
U set me up on a date
And u had a girlfriend..!
I became confused
I don’t av one
She became more furious
Don’t play innocent
A Lady with long hair nd full lips came here
She told me dat u were her boyfriend and showed me up to 25 photes of both of u cuddling each other
Infact u wore d same top nd trousers
Pls sir
Stop disgracing urself
She left


I sat down sadly
Dis was my 8th spoilt date
I looked up nd saw eliza tiptoeing out
I shouted
She Ran out
I chased her
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#Episode 5

I was moving like a living dead in my own house
Celine and her son would come to our house
Eat nd play
Dele my husband would ignore me nd play with nino nd celine
I would av left a long time ago if nt dat i was an orphan
I just had me nd myself
After celine nd dele played with nino
They left him watching cartoon nd went to my matrimonial bedroom
I decided 2 go nd peep
Bt on my way i was already hearing heavy moans
With tearful eyes,


i went back to d kitchen
I sat on a stool nd began 2 cry
Nino entered nd childlishly asked
Y are u crying..?
I smiled nd said
He became curious nd came nearer
I like you
I was surprised
Becus u prepare nice meals 4 me
Mama doesn’t know how 2 fry eggs
I don’t like her meals
But ur meals are so tasty
I laughed
Thanks Nino
He became excited nd he ran to my side nd sat on my legs nd started playing with my hair
I felt no hatred 2wards him
I hugged him until he said
Dad nd mum says u are our housemaid
Y are u.?


I frooze nd asked nino
Are you sure..?
Nino nodded innocently nd said
I asked dad if u were my aunty
Daddy said No
he said you were our househelp
My legs began 2 shake,Nino became concerned
Are u ok.?He asked
I nodded fastly like an agama lizard
Yes Nino…Am ok
I opened the pot and dished some spahgetti into a plate
I added Egg nd plantains nd gave it 2 nino who accepted it with joy
He sat down at d kitchen table nd began 2 rush his meal with joy
I thought of poisoning him but i was too meek 2 do dat
I stood up nd went 2 d bathroom where i sank into d floor nd began 2 weep


I caught up with her in d driveway,when she about 2 enter d car
I was panting greatly as i caught up with her,i grabbed her hand roughly nd said
What d hell is wrong with you Eliza..!
Why d hell are you doing this…?
She tried 2 look innocent as she said
What did i do ken..?
I just went 2 see a friend
I yelled at her
What is wrong with you..!
Are U mad..?
Eliza began 2 cry
But i luv u ken..


I became confused
Eliza..What has come over you?
Are u sure dat u are ok.?
Eliza sniffed and hugged me,i felt dat she had become thinner
she rarely eats nowadays,
I wrapped my arms round Her
I had missed my Eliza
I had missed the happy Eliza
I had missed my younger sister
Everything has changed
Things were falling apart
Eliza began 2 sob quietly in my arms
I stroked her hair nd whispered
It’s ok
It’s ok
After some minutes,
Eliza removed herself and said
Ken…Pls marry me
We are not siblings
I frowned


Pls don’t do dis
We can’t marry
I don’t love you
I can’t make love 2 you
Tears began 2 roll eliza eyes with pain
I closed my eyes,
i couldn’t bear 2 see my sister in pain
Bt i can neva marry her
Eliza legs were shaking madly
I held her hand nd said
It is not love
It is just becus u avn’t seen me 4 long
Eliza shaked her head


I truely Love you
I want 2 marry u
I want 2 b d mother of ur kids
U are my sister
I can’t
We are nt siblings by blood
Am confused
What should i do

what do u think will happen, will Ken agree to marry Eliza ?
Find out as the story goes.
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