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The pain had become so unbearable,
So as to prevent any problem,i hid d money well,
I stuffed a piece of cloth into my mouth to prevent any my screams to reach d next room
Some hours later,
Someone forcefully entered nd held me
Can u hear me..?
I was already feeling my world fading,
But in my dizzy world,i recognized ken’s voice but i couldn’t talk,
Ken carried me and that was when everything went blank.


A nurse told me that d men dat saw me requested to see
I was over happy to see them
Three tall men i didn’t recognise came in
After thanking them,i asked them abt d horse and d first man said
That horse is so amazing…
Since we brought u here,it has been restless
We even had to drug it to prevent it 4rm destroying more properties
With great relief,i rested back on d bed nd said
Can i see it today..?
They looked at me with great suprise then one said
But…U are just recovering!
I jumped down 4rm d bed nd said
I must see my horse right now,!


I told d men to take me to where they kept d horse nd one said
U are just recovering
We heard dat u were pregnant
Rest nd when u are beta
We will definately take you to d horse….
I screamed
Shut up..!
Shut up.!
If not for that horse,by now i won’t be alive
Take me to my horse
The men all frowned then one said
Just becus of a horse..
U are so hot lyk dis..?
I gave him my bad eye nd said
Mind ur buisness
All i want is my horse
After settling my bills nd getting me a loose gown nd sandal
We got out of my room,as we reached d entrance
I heard a familiar voice
I recognized d voice
It was KEN…!


Tinu was admitted immediately,i was so scared when i saw her bleeding
D doctors told me to wait in d lobby while they attend to tinu
I was walking about wen i spotted Tinu..!
I knew straightaway that i had founded Elizabeth
I screamed her name nd she stopped


I stopped nd turned back,
Lo nd behold,it was ken in all his handsomeness nd coolness,walking towards me
His eyes were filled with unshed tears
He wrapped his arms round me nd hugged me tightly
Immediately,i realized how much i had missed ken
I wrapped my arms round him too nd broke down into tear
For..For..Forgive me
He used his thumb to clean my eyes nd said
I missed you..
I smiled
Me too…
He asked
Where have u been..?
It was then i remembered my horse
I gasped
i av 2 go
These men are waiting 4 me
Ken frowned at d men
Were they d one dat made to leave..?
I said
No ken..
Itz twisted
I av 2 go
Ken replied
but am going wit u
i can’t bear to lose you again
I smiled nd hugged him again


As we entered d house
I heard d familiar powerful scream
Ken frooze in fear
Wat’s dat?
I didn’t reply as i ran towards d voice,
I ran to d horse nd hugged it
It rubbed me wit it nose nd screamed again
Behind me ken said
Dis is a wow
I also have a suprise 4 u



I looked at ken and said
Which suprise..?
He smiled mischeviously nd said
Let’s get back 2 d hospital
It took me 3 hours to calm d horse down,fed it and made it lay down then i left 4 d hospital

As we entered d room,i opened my mouth nd couldn’t close it again
On d bed,i saw ME..!
Or let me say i saw THE OTHER ME
She was awake nd she opened her mouth too


Definately,she was older than me,
she looked so shy
Ken broke d silence by clearing his throat
Eliza,this is tinu
Tinu this is eliza
I smiled
Hi Tinu
Itz so much a pleasure 2 meet you
She broke into smiles nd quietly said
I like you..
dat word broke d spell
I ran to her nd gave her a tight hug
She hugged me back


I had neva felt so happy in my lyf
Definately,she wasn’t my twin
bt our resemblance was great
Ken smiled again b4 saying
I called mum
She’s on her way…
Our baby’s fine
Eliza frowned
Which baby?
Ken laughed
Eliza..Tinu is carrying my baby
Eliza said
Just then,mum entered and as she saw d two of dem
She fainted.


We all sat down in ken’s mum large living room
she was just discharged 4rm d hospital nd she decided to tell us her lyf story.
Actually,i am a twin
I have a twin sister
we were identical
so much identical,i was a crazy and bad girl but she was my opposite
She had great and good virtues while i had none
we had no mother,just a old blind father
Wheneva i go to clubs nd party
my twin sister would go 2 farm nd take care of our father
but my twin was always getting male’s attention more than me
Rich men were always begging her for her mobile number while i would be d one chasing afta them
I was always so furious nd jealous of her


one day,she met a man,mr alex by name who loved nd cherished her so much
he loved her wit great passion nd dat made me more jealous
Few years later,she got married to my alex nd her lyf changed,
she had a daughter 4 him who was Tinu
she tried 2 give me help but i was too proud 2 receive them
One day,i did what i wasn’t supposed 2 do….
I had no intention of killing anybody
All i needed was money,i was a single mother den wit a son who later died nd dat made me adopt ken.
I planned wit a group of bandits 2 adopt my twin nd let me pretend 2 b er so as 4 me 2 dupe him
Dis went out nicely,i played d role of my twin nd took care of tinu
Wen i became able 2 steal his money,d group of guys had accidentally killed my twin wen raping her
I den discovered dat i was pregnant,i took most of my properties nd fleed
Mr alex died of heart attack thinking dat it was my twin whom he truely loved dat duped him nd ran away
Since then,


guilty conscience had been worrying me
I tried tracing tinu back so as 2 take care of her bt i couldn’t find her again
Then her real name was Eunice Alex not Tinu
I couldn’t remarry due to guilty conscience,i opened a spa nd used most of my profits as donation 2 orphanage homes
Forgive me Tinu
She knelt down and began to cry
Eliza nd ken opened their mouth
I couldn’t do anything
I was just staring lyk a fool




Tears began 2 roll down my cheeks
am so disappointed in u
U made me an orphan
U betrayed ur twin nd killed her husband
U made me suffer at an early age while ur own children are enjoying 4rm d labour of my father
I wonder why God has not killed you..!
Ken knelt down beside her wit tears in his eyes
Eliza also knelt beside him and they both said
Forgive her
I stood up in anger
As i stood up 2 leave,ken held my leg nd slowly said


Pls forgive her
4 my sake
I remembered how ken took care of me
how he saved my lyf
how he saved our baby nd water fell 4rm my eyes
I was abt to talk wen his mum grabbed er chest nd screamed
Eliza nd ken rushed 2 her as she lay on d floor with her legs shaking terribly
I grew scared as they drove her to the hospital
B4 she was being wheeled 2 d theatre room 4 operation,i held her hand nd said


Ken’s mother made it alive but she wasn’t d woman she used to be again.
she didn’t even remember her family well nd was also paralysed
It was such a painful thing 4 ken nd eliza,she began to act lyk a child
would cry over trival matter
would scream over nothing nd would laugh 4 no cause
We employed a nurse to take care of her bcus she couldn’t do anything herself.
Eliza’s tale was d most unbelivable one,she said she landed in one kind of Zungi kingdom nd fell in love with d prince who was Gelimz but trouble arose nd the enemies needed her blood so she ran away 4 her life.
I didn’t believe her story
I began to wonder sliently if eliza was not going mad due to her mother’s sickness nd stress..?
Suddenly ken burst into laughter
He laughed nd laughed
He later said


U must av been dreaming
itz nt real
it seems lyk a movie 2 me
Eliza eyes turned red
Am not lying
Explain how i got d strange horse nd d rare necklace
was it 4rm d dream?
Explain how i got pregnant
Was it 4rm d dream too?
I froze
Everyone stared in disbelief
Eliza held a page dat stated
To our shock,it was positive
Again,she showed us her urine test and it was postive too
Ken was stunned
I was shocked
Eliza’s voice was shaking as she was at d edge of crying
She said
I miss him
I miss gelimz so much
I miss Zungi
The beautiful beach
The wonderful rocks
Our baby shall be wonderful
I don’t know how to go back bt i know we would meet again…
She burst into tears nd left d living room


I donated half of d money dat i stole 4rm dele 2 d orphanage home
I decided to even go back and see what was happening
Ken drove me into d compound,as we entered,i saw a little boy crying
i ran to his side and it was nino
he was weeping,i hugged him tightly,as we went inside we saw that dele had been murderded
Nino said as he was crying
Mummy put a knife in daddy’s neck
I told her 2 stop bt she beat me nd drove away
He started crying again,kan called d police nd investigation started as dele’s body was taken to d mortuary



With what dele did to me,i still felt pity nd cried during his burial
Four weeks later
The devil was found
Celine was acting like a mad woman bt when
she got into d court
she confessed dat she thought dele had some hard currency
She planned to kill him,
dump nino and travel out of d country
I marveled at how evil she was,she only cared abt herself
D judge sentenced he to death by hanging
I felt great pity on Nino
I lived d lyf of an orphan nd i knew how bad it was
They gave her few mins 2 talk to me nd she looked so cold nd expressioness
She gripped my hands nd said


Am going 2 die
I derserve it bt pls just do me a favour
take care of nino
i know dat i don’t deserve it
i betrayed u
forgive me now dat am gonna die
It was greed nd jealousy
Even if Nino would be ur slave
Just let him be wit u
Forgive dele
Do not blame him much
i am d devil
i charmed dele
B4 she could say more,she was taken away
I cried nd cried
So dele was just a victim too
With a bitter soul
I vowed 2 adopt nino nd raise him
Nino was so glad when i adopted him
I simply told him
Am ur new momma now..
2 my suprise,he smiled gladly


I laughed nd knelt down in front of him nd held his shoulders
Nino,am ur new mum now
are u ok wit dat
He threw his tiny arms round me nd said
Tears ran down my cheeks as i held him tightly

I was really heavy now,Nino was d heart of d family as eliza had moved 2 a remote area wit her strange horse
Nino was getting worried day by day as he saw my fast growing belly
He burst into tears one day and said
When my baby comes out
It would be bigger than me
It would beat me
pls tell it dat i will be a good boy
Ken nd i burst into a fit of laughter nd ken replied
Don’t worry darling
I will talk 2 d baby
It won’t beat you
Nino ran to ken who hugged him
Just den,my labour began nd i was rushed 2 d hospital
Afta 7 hours of vigourous pains i pushed out a bouncing baby girl
Nino was d happiest
He screamed
We all laughed



I painfully opened my heard nd i heard exicted voice
He’s Awake
He’s Awake
He’s Awake….
Two strong men ran 2 me nd carried me into my large nd royal hut
Afta some hours,i rembered all and i jumped 4rm d bed nd said
My attendants bowed nd then said
The greatest Prince
We are afraid
maiden alimta is dead
I roared
We found her bloody clothes
all d people dat tried to help her escape were all brutally murdered
I felt pain instantly..

I sat down in d backyard wit d necklace in my palm
Everyone thought i was mad bt i wasn’t
I rubbed d horse gently nd thought of gelimz
I remembered our love making nd so on
I missed him terribly nd just then i felt a sharp pain in my adomen and den water came out
I packed my things,called ken
Calmed d horse and waited calmly 4 ken as more pains were coming
Ken took me 2 d hospital,i went through a great deal of pain b4 giving birth of twins
D shocking matter was that they were born with tattoos each.



The set of twins were both boys
The one dat came out first had a great dragon spitting out fire tatto on his chest
He had another small crown tatto on his back
The second also had a crown tatto on his back but he had a strange but cool-looking flower tattoe on his chest and arm
D nurses were all scared to touch them even ken nd tinu hesitated to move near them bt i didn’t care
I saw Gelimz’s face on d first twin so i named him Küãn
and i named d second Dérúnà becus he looked meek
Küãn was a troublesome guy
He was tough even at his young age
He never cry but he can scream 4 d world
If he screams,d whole area won’t rest
They were very handsome
Dérúnà would always smile and laugh at people but Küãn was harsh nd strict
He would scream at d slightest error
D only lovely thing was dat the twins both loved d horse
Wen they started crawling,they would race down towards d horse who will begin 2 lick their face wit tenderness
At 6 month old,they both had teeth and were sitting properly
I miss gelimz so much
One day,as i was breastfeeding Küãn,he brought up his tiny hand nd gripped d necklace
I held his arm nd struggled wit him bt he refused 2 let go of d necklace
Afta some mins,i managed to remove d necklace 4rm his hand bt he let out a scream
I had to give im 4 d sake of peace

U av mourned her 4 good 6 months…
That’s enough
The king said
I was so angry
I am not ready to marry again 4 now
My father stood up
U must gelimz..!
U must marry
I wanted 2 reply bt then 6 guards rushed in panting
Dey bowed
Our king..
D ancient door is open
Someone used d strange necklace(ójídà)
to open it
D king faced me
what happened..?
I frowned and said
D necklace is wit alimta
D queen opened her mouth
Then i got it all of a sudden
i became exicited and happy
Tears of joy were in my eyes
Alimta is alive
There’s no way alimta can use d necklace
she’s nt my blood
Only me or my children or my parent
This means Alimta is alive
And she has a baby 4 me
My child must av accidentally touched it…


I laid Küãn on d bed wit great care
i was so glad dat he fell asleep so early,he had becum obsessed with d necklace
Despite its heaviness,he would drag it 4rm place 2 place
Dérúnà also loved d necklace bt küãn neva let anybody touch it except me or else he would deafen such person’s ear wit his scary scream
As he slept peacefully,i went 2 check on his twin who was playing with d horse
I went to wash their dirty clothes then i washed d dirty plates
I then decided that it was time to rest
I went to have a cold shower and i wore a loose blouse and bum short and was heading 4 my bedroom when d doorbell rang
I wondered who could pay me visit today
Afta d naming,ken and tinu had stylishly avoided me cus they believed dat my twins were abnormal
I had no friends,just me,my horse and my kids
Milk began 2 drip 4rm my left breast so i took an handkerchief and covered my nipple
D doorbell rang again
i removed d handkerchief nd ran to d door
As i opened it,my mouth opened and i screamed fearfully

Find out what happened next.

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