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As i was walking towards d elevator,
a voice said
Excuse me please
I turned and saw d woman that resembled d girl that i saw as eliza
only dat dis woman was older
she was in her mid-fifties 2 be precise
She ran to me,
grabbed my arm,looked at my neck,
She even raised my gown up to study d wound,


She became confused and asked
So…U are not eliza?
U don’t have any of her birthmarks?
I frowned
This eliza must be so popular
Why was everyone taking me 4 her?
Am not eliza
She nodded
I know
I av seen it myself
U just look so much like d daughter i lost some months ago
My heart jumped
Dis must be ken’s mum..!
The woman began 2 cry,
I felt so sorry 4 her,
i knew wat it meant 2 lose a child
i didn’t know when i went to her nd wrapped my arm round her
She hugged me tightly nd sobbed 4 a long time


Am a bad mother
I feel so guilty
It wasn’t ken’s fault he tried his best 2 control eliza
Bt i want to disown him bcus seeing him brings up d memory of eliza
She started crying bitterly again

When we seperated,she said
I smiled
U are welcome ma
She looked at me again and said
Tinu could u please do me a favour..?
I will be grateful if u do
I smiled at her
What’s that ma’am..?
She breathed nervously
Can u pretend 2 be Eliza..?
i don’t want to lose ken
I want u to pretend that u are the lost eliza so that we can be one happy family again


I was shocked
How do i explain..?
That i had met ken before
That he was my mr handsome who saved me 4rm death
That right now,am carrying his baby..!
Itz Complicated!!!
I went straight into tinu’s room and started searching 4 d paper
I searched and searched until i found a blue large envelope


I found a notebook and a white paper
I read it until i read d part of where i was drunk nd we made love nd how she got pregnant
I also read her plans of trying 2 escape once she gets a job
Water filled my eyes
Not a bitter one bt joyful one
I replaced d book and walked out of d room smiling


I entered the house in a confused state
Wat do i do now…?
Do i tell Mr handsome dat i met his mother and dat she wants me 5 play Eliza’s role
Should i tell his mum dat i av met mr handsome b4 nd dat he was my saviour nd am now carrying our baby
should i just pack my loads nd run away 4rm them all and keep on wit my revenge plans?
I sat down tired
I had vomited my breakfast due to my morning sickness.
I jumped wen i heard Mr handsome’s voice


How u?
I almost choked
I didn’t know he was around
He said
How’s our baby doing?
I almost fainted
I screamed to myself
Ground please open nd swallow me..!


Everywhere was blank nd black
I didn’t hear any voice,
Nt a sound
Where was i..?
Was i dead?
Was i alive?
Am i in Heaven
Or Hell?
I couldn’t nd didn’t open my eyes becus of pain
Den a soft hand touched my forehead nd i went unconscious again




I felt so embarrased that i couldn’t look up
When he moved nearer,
i started shifting 2 d backward
I shifted and shhfted until my back touched the wall
When he got to my front he raised his hand and i quickly covered my head with my hand to protect my head 4rm his blow
I heard a soft voice
Afta all dis while
You think am gonna hurt you..?
I looked up and saw his eyes swimming tears


I was confused until he said
I see Eliza in You
The tears dropped until i couldn’t bear it anymore
I went to him and hugged him tightly

I was still in my darkness world when i felt an object in my mouth
I opened my mouth and something tasty and strange entered my mouth
D object kept on giving me d tasty liquid and after some minutes
i started feeling strong and warm
I didn’t know wat pushed me 2 open my eyes
I opened my eyes slowly as i felt pain in my eyes
At first
everything was black but soom
my vision clearly and what i saw almost made me 2 faint


I saw a guy,
A young guy with long hair
His hair was resting on his shoulders as he packed it in a special manner
His right eye was covered with his hair
He had a brown skin and was well built
D scary part was that all his body except his face was covered with tattoos
He had different tattoos on his body
He seemed happy to me awake nd he wanted to touch me but i gasped in fear so he smiled nd left.
An old woman of about 75 entered d room gently,
She sat down next to my bed and spoke a quesy english that seemed so strange to me


My girl
U av been unconscious 4 abt 6 months
My son,who found u at d shore of a beach brought u in and he nd i have been taking care of you since we had belief dat u were not dead
I tried to talk but my throat started paining me due 2 my long illness
The womam petted my arm nd coolly said
My dear
Take care
and she left
The house looked so strange
Where i was laying down was also in a strange manner.


I woke up and 4 d first time in months,i stood up
Stretched my back and walked out of d room,
i stood in d doorway and studied my surrounding
I saw dat i was in a kind of hut
Dis hut was built wit rocks and wood
I saw that in my compound
We had over 18 huts
The huts were painted colourfully in different partners
In d middle of the compound was a very large hut dat was surrounded wit hefty men.


I saw that all d men dat was there had different tattoes on their body
It seemed that tatto was their culture
I saw that the ladies were black
As black as chacoal bt they were all beautiful wit low cut hair
i was still staring at them when i heard a voice
Come and eat
I turned nd saw d old woman carring two bowls in her hand
As i sat down,
D woman said
U are in d tribe of Zungi
We saw you at our beach and brought u in


U were found by d royal prince
Prince Gelimz on his way to war
He has left 4 d battle but he left you in my hands
I am to protect u wit my life
where exactly was Zungi



Episode 18

What is ur name the woman asked
I looked at her in a confused manner and said
D woman looked at me like she was looking at a mad person
I mean ur name…
what they call you
I scratched my head nd said
I can’t really say..!
The woman stood up
shaked her head nd went away
I sat alone 4 hours trying to remember who i was and how i got there but i had no idea of what happened 2 me
I didn’t even know my name again
After some hours,the woman came back with an old man dat looked lyk a dibia
He did some performance
Sprinkled some substance on me and announced


What a pity..!
She has lost her memory
D old woman rubbed my back gently as i looked more worried
D dibia stood up and said
Wit time she would recover
bt it would take a long time
and he left
D woman made me eat nd she told me 2 call her Maa Kenisha
I was not allowed 2 see the king nd queen until my purification
nd until d prince nd his men comes back 4rm war
No purification rites must take place


I decided 2 move out of d compound and take a walk.
I passed by some girl who looked at me with great envy
I was light-skinned and had a long hair unlike dem
Some greeted me
Some gave me a bad face
As i was walking,
i tried seriously to recollect who i was but i was impossible
I didn’t remember anything
I walked and walked unti i reached a great beach surrounded wit coconut trees.


I fell in love with d beach instantly
Great Rocks decorated d sea middle
I was carried away till d extent dat i didn’t hear
d running foot of horses
I turned to look and saw over 3,000 men and horses galloping towards me
I screamed in fear and started running towards d village
thanks 4 d short outfit dat d zungi ladies wear
It was easy 4 me to run
I ran like a mad person screaming
Maa kanisha!!
Maa kanisha!!
Maa Kanisha!!!


Suddenly d horses surrounded me and i knelt down
Tired nd weak
Two men climbed down and i saw d Tattoed man i saw when i first opened my eyes smiling at me.


He smiled and said
U look better
Love ur running speed
I bowed down in great relief
We were about going when a loud trumpet sounded and a large black horse
Very big nd hefty horse,
D size was terrifying
All d men went down and bowed
Long live our PRINCE..!
on the horse was a tall dark man
He had tattoes all over his body
He seemed different
There was a sense of power and strenght around him
He seemed strong nd powerful
D only strange thing was that he covered his face and head wit a beautiful piece of cloth


I later learnt that d princes don’t open their face until they got married
I opened my mouth in awe
So this was d mighty PRINCE GELIMZ who saved my life
He stared at me 4 a long time b4 saying in a loud voice that made me shiver
D hefty men beside me all went quiet
They greatly feared him,
He got down 4rm his horse and i saw how tall he was
I moved back in fear until he reached my front and said in a calm nd gentle voice

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