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I was busy staring at d pic of eliza nd i wen we went to uk 4 a trip
She was wearing a blue bump short nd a white crop top with a black leather knee-lenght boots nd a blue face cap
I held her 4rm behind as she pointed 2 d sky


I was still looking at it wen my phone rang,i didn’t want 2 pick it bt wen i looked at d screen nd it bodly read
I instantly picked it wit joy bt only a cold voice greeted me
I quickly replied
I entered d cafe wit high spirits
I spotted my mum nd her lawyer
I sat down quietly nd d lawyer started 2 talk


Am so happy dat u are here
We are all here 4 a purpose
Which purpose?
He gave me a document
As i opened it,
My mum wanted 2 disown me!
Wit watery eyes,i told d lawyer
If it makes my mum happy
I will do it
I faced my mum
Even if u disown me
U are stil my mum and i will always love you
She turned her tearful face away as i walked out


I stared at the wall clock for the hundredth time
It was 11:30PM and Mr handsome wasn’t back yet
I became worried,b4 7:00PM,he was always back 4rm work and i wasn’t sure if he was ok
If i had a phone,i would av called him right away
I sat at d pavement until i heard a car horn,it was around 12:00AM
I quickly opened d gate as he drove in recklessly,
As i was closing the gate,he had already entered d house without switching off d engine nor closing d door
I was confused,it was unlike him.I quickly switched off d engine, took d car key,carried his briefcase and closed d car door.


As i entered,i saw him facing the wall,i dropped d briefcase and quietly said
Can i carry ur briefcase into ur room,
He turned to me with red swollen eyes
I knew he must av been drunk as i smelt acohol in his breathe
He harshly said
Wat d fuck is wrong wit u?
Wat do u want
Mum wants 2 disown me
Can’t u follow me home.?
I said i will marry u..!
Before i could talk
He grabbed me nd kissed me


I was shocked,i wanted to remove myself from him but his grip on me was strong
I knew he wasn’t in his normal self but to be sincere,the kiss felt
so good
I wrapped my arms round his neck as he deepened d kiss
He thrust his tongue into my mouth as his hands began to roam around my body


He grabbed my boobs and squeezed my nipples
I felt a great wave of pleasure flowing through me
He pinched my two nipples and began to roll it between his two fingers
I gasped
He moaned loudly


Before i knew it
We were both naked and laying on the rug,he kissed my cheeks and trailed his kisses down my neck till he got to my stomach
He parted my legs and thrust his tongue into me
I gasped as he kept on licking nd sucking it crazily like he had not had a meal 4 d past 10 months
I couldn’t tell him to stop as i was also lost in this crazy passion
He thrust into me slowly and slowly started moving faster
I started moving my hips to match his pace
Suddenly he said
Am gonna cum
Then he collasped on me.


Episode 14

I woke up feeling sick and light headed
I slowly raised up my head and looked about,everthing seemed wrong
I was laying on d rug,
I remembered going into a bar and driving home
That was all i remembered,
My clothes were scattered and i was only in my boxers
I became alarmed,hope i had not
misbehaved to Tinu last night..?
I saw stains of sperm on the floor
I became confused
What happened Last night..?


I sat down on my bed uneasily
What had i done..?
I had sex with mr handsome
Deep down in my mind,i prayed that he doesn’t remember anything that happened
Chewing my lower lips,i bowed my head
I hadn’t taken revenge on my enemies
And that was the main reason why i was here
I am now healthy now so there wasn’t any need 4 me to stay longer
I must move on to deal with d evil people that killed my baby and almost killed me too


Celine and dele must not go scot free.
I took out a 60 leaves notebook which i had been using as my diary and wrote all d events dat happened yesternite


After mr handsome left for office,
I did my normal cleaning and wore one of the clothes he bought 4 me recently.
I took #500 out of the money he gave me and went out in search of a job
I dropped my application at many stores but as i was turning to go,
I saw an attaractive 3 storey building
On the Top
The name was bodly written


It drew my attention so much,
as a makeup artist myself,
i decided to go but the problem i was having was that i had none of my credentials with me
Everything was at dele’s house
But i took a step of faith and entered,
A friendly receptionist talked to me and after i told her why i was there
She smiled and gave me a form which i dutifilly filled.
I was told to come back 4 an interview d following week
As i was on my way back home,
i rembered that i have been feeling sick so i branched a pharmacy store
And afta lots of examinations
I was declared Some weeks PREGNANT!!!!!


I got home sweating,
Even though the A.C was on
i was still sweating profusely,
Mr handsome had been a good man
Without knowing me he took care of me,brought me into his house
Made me happy.
If i tell him that am pregnant,
he might get mad at me because he doesn’t remember the night we shared together
He might think i want to forcefully marry him because his wealth.
He might change and start maltreating me,


And the last thing i want to do is to Abort
I wanted a baby badly,after i lost the first one,i had felt empty
Now that am pregnant again,i don’t pray to abort
I sat down on my bed and thought
If i get d makeuping job,i will quietly leave without telling him anything
Although i knew it might look like am ungrateful,but i needed to leave
I picked up my diary and started writing everything.
I got sick again and rushed to d toilet to vomit,i began to cry
Why was my life like this..?
Why was i getting the right thing at the wrong time.?
Having a baby 4 mr handsome was totally wrong


Episode 15

I drove into the compound listening to one of
Eminem songs.
I had noticed that since the day i woke up naked in the sitting room,
Tinu had started avoiding me greatly and dat made me disturbed
What made her avoid me,what happened dat night..?
Did i harass her..?
Did i rape her..?
I delibrately came home early to question her
as i entered d house
I went 4 her room
On getting nearer,i had a soft cry
As i moved nearer and peeped through d curtain


I saw that she was crying heavily into an handkerchief with a white paper in her hands
I became confused
Why was she crying..?
I went back 2 my room quietly.
I didn’t know what to do as i walked to and fro
What was in the white paper in her hand?
I sat down like nothing happened as she knocked my door
U came back early
I smiled
i came to pick up a file
Do u want to eat..?
I smiled again
I will eat when i come back
Take good care of yourself.
I then walked out and drove away
I was very worried


I dressed casually for the interview
Wearing a beautiful short blue gown nd black sandals
i plaited my hair in a ghana-weaving style
Mr handsome even commented
Tinu,u are looking beautiful
I blushed hotly
As i entered d place,the friendly receptionist directed me to a place where i saw over 30 ladies who claim to be makeup artist.
I seemed intimidated cus dis people all look sexy,beautiful,and more bold than me.


wen it was my turn,i entered timidly into a large room with a conference table and over 7 people round d table.
A woman dat looked like d eliza i saw in d picture looked shocked
She opened nd closed her mouth
wit her seat position
I guessed dat she must be d C.E.O
A lady said
Miss Tinu
I want you to go over to that room and transform yourself
Show me ur effectiveness and ur magic hand as a makeup artist.
I slowly stood up and went into the room.
This room was bombarded with plenty makeup kits.
I heard whispers 4rm d room
She’s too dull
don’t think she can do it.



I decided 2 show dem d real stuff i was made of
I started wit washing my face
since i was a very fair type
I didn’t apply much foundation cream
I was done in 45 minutes
Bt i didn’t feel good enough nd i suddenly remembered
Wen Dele was beating d hell out of me,
I got a big bad Wound on my right thigh,i felt intimidated cus d Wound was so bad
I took out my own self-made cream dat matched my skin colour and applied it on my lap,added a secret concealer of mine and walked out
D people gasped as they saw dat av changed
A woman then said


U can go
I smiled
Ok ma’am
But before i go
I want to show u something
I took out a white handkerchief
Soaked it wit water nd wiped my affected thigh
It showed out my bad wound
The people gasped again and i smiled confidently
Makeup doesn’t affect ur face alone
It affects ur emotion
When there is some defects on ur body
U feel timid
U don’t feel like others
Bt once it disappers
Ur boldness resurfaces
U feel Good
Thank you
Wit dat
I left d room

find out what happened in the next episode.
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