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*s3x with my teacher*

Episode one
“Oh shit,argh ..” I moaned in pleasure as I jerked my dick,memories of the last porn I watched,it was about the sex between a class teacher and her student and I began to imagine it happen between my teacher and I.

Oh,sorry,pardon my manners,I am josh Harrison the only son of Mr&Mrs Harrison. I am 17 years of age and I am a student of Clifford high school,that should be all about me for now.
After few minutes of jerking my dick continuously, I finally felt my cum building up and without warning,


I shot loads and loads of cum in the air,shaking heavily and sweating profusely.just after I had recovered from the pleasure land,I heard our gateman opening the gate for a car,I hurriedly cleaned up the mess I had made and wore my trousers as I made to go and check whosoever that just arrived…



*S3x with my teacher*
Episode two

Miss Helen’s POV
Hi I am miss Helen,I work at Clifford high school,I am 34 years but I am still single but I am not a virgin.

“Hmm,I missed having my ex’s dick in me” I thought but since I packed into this neighborhood I haven’t gotten a good dick good enough to satisfy me,I could still remember the way my ex fucked me the last time we met before our breakup. The thought of this turned me on and I felt a tingle in my pussy.


I slowly raised my skirt up to my waist region, shifted my panties to the other side and started rubbing my pussy, by now my legs were aching me because I have been standing since so I lowered myself to the nearest couch and settled on it spreading my legs wide and continued rubbing my pussy “uhmm yeah baby …” I moaned in pleasure.I then inserted two fingers in my pussy imagined it to be my ex’s dick.


“Fuck..oh shit” I cursed as I felt my orgasm building up and not long after,I began to shake as I felt the current pass through me up to my pussy before I started squirting,this didn’t stop me as I continued finger fucking myself before I finally stopped squirting.


I got up as I made my way towards the bathroom to cleanup ,just then I remembered the way one of my students was staring at my ass in class,I dismissed the thought because I believe that teenagers like him don’t know about sex and even if they do they can satisfy me.

I came out of the house only to discover that it was my parents that are back “narrow escape” I thought.I greeted them and noticed that a beautiful damsel also came with them.I asked my parents about her and I was told that she’s our new maid,”wow”I thought as I remembered how one of my friends in school narrated his sexual ordeal with their maid,it was really a great experience for him and I also look forward to having that type of experience with our new maid.



*S3x with my teacher*

Episode three

Josh’s POV
I woke up today,being a Saturday, it’s a school free day for me.After cleaning up my body, I dress up wearing a shirt and a short and headed to the dinning room for breakfast,just like I had expected,my parents were sitted there and the new maid was busy serving the food ,


I greeted them and sat on the chair opposite where the maid is serving,that was when I noticed the cloth she was wearing,she wore a yellow fitted gown which shows all her body features but i’m sure my parents won’t notice this because the cloth is suitable for any lady to wear.I stared at her and began to eye fuck hear,I imagine burying my head in between her huge boobs,then I glanced up to look at her then I caught her looking at me,I felt embarrassed, but she smiled at me


“Wow” I thought,my embarrassment has been turned into a blessing “she must be a naughty girl” I thought.
During the breakfast, I told my parents that I need a private teaching to be teaching me in our house,which they willingly agree to and my heart leaped for job,they said that I should tell the person to see them so as to discuss the price and schedule.I was very happy because it was miss Helena that I want.
After the breakfast,my parents went out for a business meeting and I was left home alone with our maid.

I went to the living room to watch TV but I decided against it and brought out my phone to watch porn forgetting that I am not alone in the house,I slowly brought out my dick and started jerking it as the guy in the porn started fucking the lady,


I was busy with my porn without knowing that our maid was behind me recording my action.immediately I noticed someone was with me,I hurriedly hide my phone and dick but it was too late,I saw that she has been recording me since so I knelt down and began to beg her,she said she will delete it on one condition..



*s3x with my teacher *
Episode four

I asked her what the condition is and she said I will fuck her “one of my dream is finally becoming a reality ” I thought,she said she will be in control which I willingly agreed to,then she removed her clothes and laid on the couch opposite me and she told me to come closer,she directed me to her huge fresh boobs which I began to suck like an hungry lion that wants to devours it’s prey,after sucking her boobs for sometime, she told me to give her a head,I stared at her with confusion written over my face.
Then she said “oh virgin boy..

what I mean is that you should suck,eat and lick my pussy for me”, I got the message and directed my head to her V area,I started by licking the surrounding of her clean shaved pussy before pushing my tongue into her V itself,I began to move my tongue in and out of her pussy which she reciprocated by pushing her pussy forward to meet my thrust ,” oh josh baby,suck me like that..I love it..don’t stop pls”then an idea struck my mind in porns,they do insert finger in a pussy,without any order,I inserted a finger into her pussy to support my tongue .


Sheila’s POV

I am the maid in Mr&Mrs Harrison’s house,it’s been a while that I have been searching for a young guy like josh to fuck me but I haven’t seen one,it was my sexual experience with one young teenager like that, that lead me to craving for young dicks.

Back to reality,The pleasure that I am feeling from the ministration that josh is giving to my pussy is unmeasurable. He just kept sucking like a pro which sent me to cloud nine.
Not too long after,I felt my orgasm coming close and BOOM!! I began to release my juice right on josh’s face and with the look on his face,I think he enjoys it.



“WTF! our maid just released pussy juice on me,wow this is an achievement”.Then she ordered me to remove my clothes which I did” what!!” she screamed when she saw the size of my fully erected dick and j became a little bit scared but she


calmed my nerves by saying that my dick is too big for a teenager like me which I just shrugged,she squatted before me and before I could say jack,she buried my dick in her mouth but she couldn’t take it all before she started chocking,she removed her mouth and placed it on it again this time moving her head up and down and sometimes she will remove her head and suck my ball licking it up to my shaft which sent me to the pleasure land and I was busy saying senseless words like “fuck the sleep on the roof..I want to cook Noddles fuck..”


Then I felt my cum building up,our maid sensed it and stopped sucking my dick,she bent her back and her pussy and asshole were facing me which I later knew was doggystle then told me to insert my dick in her pussy,I penetrated her with full force even when she told me that she can’t take my whole length in her,I turned deaf ears to her seeing it as a punishment for blackmailing me which I love,I removed my dick and penetrated her again,finally my act of watching porn is now working for me..


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