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Deep Affection: 31-35

Deep Affection: 31-35




“Right from that day you left me, I came to realize that I have just losed something rare, I found out that I’ve done the greatest mistake of my life, I came to believe the say that “you don’t value what you get until you lose them, yes I never valued you until I losed you, before you caught me having sex with your best friend, I had got the feeling that something was gonna go wrong today,

That was not the first time I will be having sex with him, I had been cheating on you for a month, It wasn’t my full choice, like I said before, I was tricked.. yes… your friend MIKE tricked me, hmm, Mike made me believe he loved me, the few month after you left me he made me feel on top of the world, he showered so much love on me that I would sometimes even forgot me and you ever had anything in common, but it never last, yeah..

just a month later I started suspecting some kind of change from him, he hardly calls me the way he used to, sometimes he do intentionally ignore my calls, even to visit was now rare, I was deeply disturbed, all I had always prayed for was to get married to you but I don’t know what kept on drawing me closer to him, I was really happy the day he proposed to me, I felt on top of the world, my joy really knew no bound, at last I was going to get married, but it hadn’t reached up to a month he proposed to me, he started ignoring me, his attitude towards me began to change, sometimes u do pick courage and confront him, but what do I receive, a sweet lie..

He would start feeding me with believable lies that I wouldn’t hesitate believe, I love him so much that I never tried accepting the fact that he would be cheating on me,
Then one fateful morning, I decided to take the bull by the horn, i decided to track him, I was bent on knowing his hidden secrets, I decided to give him an unexpected visit, on reaching there I found the shock of my life, in the sitting room was Mark and a lady I had never seen smooching in the couch, they were so much engrossed in their act that they didn’t even take notice of my presence,
The kind of pain that surge through my heart that moment was immeasurable, I found my leg quivering in fright as I prayed that what I instantly saw should be a dream, Is this the Guy I had been preparing marriage with?..

Is this someone I choose over Richard?? ” All this thought ran through my mind as hot tears rushed down furiously,
I stood there for a very long time contemplating on what next to do.. What was I to do when the man I had in mind to spend my life with is here enjoying himself with another woman? What was I to do when I had just received the biggest blow of my life, I tried screaming but no sound was able to come out of my lips, my whole body kept shivering profusely, my legs became weak making it hard for me to keep standing, before I could make any movement i found myself crashing on the tiled floor as a loud cry escaped my lips, my heart became so much heavy, the pain was becoming unbearable for me,

I turned my gaze to Mark and the strange lady, they both had the same expression, an expression of scorn, I had thought I would get a little pity from Mark but with the expression on his face I knew that pity was very much far away from him,
“What are you doing here?” He had asked with a gawk stare,

I opened my mouth to say a word but it was still difficult, the shock I was in had created a huge lump inside my throat so no word was able to come out, I just stared at him with a teary eyes praying to get a soothing word from him,
“Are you deaf?.. I said what are you doing in my house at this moment of the day… Who invited you?” He snarled with a twisted fist, I could see the anger burning in him, he was a real description of a hungry lion ready to devour it’s prey,
“Honey, who is the filthy bitch here?” the strange lady asked sneering at me

“Oh, don’t stress yourself about this desperate slut here.. You know how desperate all these poverty stricken lady could be.. She is one of those gold digger who drools around rich and handsome guys like me.. Don’t stress yourself.. Go upstairs to my room I will treat her myself ok?” Mark said in a soothing voice before placing a soft kiss know her lips,
They both smiled sweetly at eachother before she turned and head upstairs after giving me a glare.

“Why do you came to my house without my consent?” He asked me this time with a little bit calm voice
I slowly sat up from the floor I was laying on then sluggishly walked to the couch and slumped on it heavily,
“Mark! why?” I asked with a horsey voice which I had suddenly gotten due to the much amount of tears I had she’d,
“What do you mean by that question?” He asked back with an arched brow
“Why are you doing this to me?.. Why!!” I half yelled with more tears rushing down,

“See, Clara.. I’m sorry for not telling you this earlier but I had got a change of mind about our relationship, I don’t harbour any more feelings for you.. I am sorry you are finding this out this way, but this is the fact, it is over between the both of us, get that into your skull ok?” Mark said with a finality tone,
My world came crashing in my feet, all I had planned for my life became a history, the kind of matrimonial life I had wished for became an unfulfilled dream, I tried screaming but the same lump came up again,

“Please let what you just told me be a joke.. Please” I pleaded calmly,
“If you are having the thought that what I just told you is a joke then that us your own cup of tea, the earlier you start getting adapted to it the better for you, so take your clumsy self out of here as earlier as you can” Mark said and turned to head upstairs, with a state of heartbreak I rushed at him and grabbed one of his leg pleading to him with all my heart,

Just then, the unexpected happened, Mark started beating me mercilessly, the strange lady also came downstairs and joined hand in trashing me, after they were full, they left me and walked back to the room upstairs,
After crying fir a long time, I picked my miserable self up and left the house, I can’t explain how I felt that day, it was an appalling and regretful day in my lifetime,

After that day, I changed into an introvert, I turned back to my secluded life harbouring the pain in my heart all to my self,
A month later, I heard that Mark was about to Wed that lady, with much fury and anger I stumped to Mark’s house, on reaching there I grabbed him by his collar and pushed him hardly on the floor, he was so much shock by my act that he just stood there gazing at me with his mouth agape,

“Mark!!!… You destroyed my life, my destiny, my dreams, all I have harboured, you destroyed it and crashed it on the floor, now you wants to begin your own life beautifully with the lady you love after what you did to me.. I’m sorry, it’s not gonna work out for you, i will never stay alive and see you get married, if you think I’m joking then try me!!!!” I screamed and dashed out of the house,
The next day, he came to my house pleading for forgiveness,

He told me we have to run down to this state, he told me that his parent was the people who forced him to get married to that lady, he said it was not his wish to marry her, the way he said those words made me moved in pity and I foolishly agreed,
We travelled together to this state, at the middle of no where, he suddenly let the car to halt then brought out a pistol and placed it on my temple then ordered me out of the car, with great horror and fright I walked out, it was getting dark so I couldn’t tell where I was,
I thought he would leave me and go like that but he did the unexpected, he raped me!!… he raped me without mercy,
that I started bleeding,

He left me lying there in pain,
I thought I was dead, I thought I was dead!!! because the pain I was feeling was really unbearable,
Just the next day I found myself in a gigantic building with group of boys surrounding me,
to cut it short, I found out they were a notorious gang, Ilater joined them and there I was transformed from a fragile lady to a beast, I became a ruthless lady with a strong heart, immediately I tracked Mark and brought him here,
“look” Clara beckoned and pressed a button, the center of the room opened and a swivel seat elevated, sitting on it was Mark brutally beaten almost to the point of death..

To be continued


Richard countenance transformed from his normal expression to that filled with horror and fright as his gazed fell on the figure tied on the chair in front of him, his whole body suddenly went limp that moment, his palm became sweaty with his leg quivering, he could not just believe what he saw, his heart truly went deep in pain sorrow and passion as he stared pitifully at Mark who was between life and death, to be sincere if anyone had ever for once in his life told him that the Mark which he had made friend with long ago would ever been in this condition through his lifetime he would never believe, Mark was someone he knew of being swift and clever,

always finding his way out from any trouble or complicated situation he find himself, he was a guy full of life doing things the way he wants without retrain, they had became friend when they were still a very young teen, when they were still in their high school, they were always seen together all through their school years even after they graduated, they were just so inseparable, Mark was someone Richard had always look upon revealing every of his secret to him without doubt, he had trusted him with all his heart, that day he found Mark having sex with his fiancee was a very terrible day, the day he would never for once in his life ever forget because that was what he had never expected, if it had being another guy that he had found with his fiancee it would had been a little bit bearable but it being his friend not just a mere friend but a very tight one, a childhood friend,

it was really a great shock of his life.
Staring at the hopeless and motionless Mark at his front all these memories flashed through his mind making him get infuriated, much fury and anger was trying to boil up inside him but with the way Mark stayed limp he was forced to move in pity and mercy, the past years of togetherness and love he had shared with Mark made him have a great pity for him, there is no doubt that nemesis had just caught up with him but to Richard it was way too much for him,
With a quivering legs and heavy heart, Richard walked closer to where Mark was and raised up his head which was sagged downward,

a sudden gasp of fright loosed out from his lips as he got a clear view of Mark’s state, all over his face were covered with bruise and deep cuts, both of his eyes were very much swollen, his upper lips was no where to be found anymore, coming to his ear, the right one was also missing, with the way Mark was tat moment one would hardly believe he was still alive, if not for his heart which was pounding slowing there is no difference between him and a corpse,
A stream of hot tears rolled down from Richard’s eyes down to his chest due to how much he was really touched, this was what he would never wish for anyone talk more of his tight friend whom he loved so much.

“Who did this to him?” Richard asked facing Clara who sat cross legged on the couch with an expression void of pity,
That is his reward for toiling with an innocent soul” Clara answered with a stern face,
“We have to take him to the hospital or he will die here” Richard said as he glanced back at the motionless Mark
Clara stood up then walked over to a cupboard which was at the corner of the sitting room them brought out a syringe and an ampoule,

“What are you using that for?” Richard asked inquisitively,
but received no answer from her.
Clara took the syringe and drained all the content inside the ampoule into it then inserted the syringe into Mark’s arm injecting all the content into his arm,
“What was that for?” Richard asked again with curiosity,
“That would make him regain consciousness” Clara answered then walked to the faucet and washed her palm,

“What do you wants to do with him?” Richard asked again
feeling pity
“Kill him!”Clara answered dryly then walked to the side of the room, while Richard flinched at the word she just uttered,
“You say?” Richard asked trying to understand if he truly heard her well,
“I’m gonna kill him and dispose his filthy body, people like him are not worth living” Clara answered then turned to Richard and walked closer to him making them stand much close to themselves as if they were about to kiss,
“Do you really mean to kill him?” Richard breathed,

“Annoying question.. I mean every single word that comes out from my mouth” Clara answered folding her arm,
Richard stared at her confusedly as he could no longer find any other word to tell her,
“Richard!” Clara called out resting her gaze deep into his eyes,
“Yes” Richard answered
“Do you hate me?” Clara asked
“I don’t hate you, but i hate what you had turned into” Richard replied,
“If you could hate me for what I had become what of the person that made me turn into it?”

“But it isn’t too late to change” Richard said tilting his head sideways
“Really??.. Can we begin afresh?.. can everything become as it was at the beginning??.. Please can you just tell me yes.. do you mean I can be your wife and lover again?” Clara said with her eyes glistened with unshedded tears,
“ that’s isn’t what I meant, I mean you can still change and begin your life newly like a normal human being, you can still change and become that lady I knew you of, you can still turn back to a new leaf as a meek Christian you were before, you will surely find another man who would love and cherish you like a rare gem, you still has a long way to go, you are still young and fresh, you….

“Stop saying those gibberish to me!.. just stop!!! do you even know what you are saying??.. how do you expect me to… do you.. know I… I… love you.. I can’t do without you.. you are just like my breath which I can’t do without. do you still care about my feelings, why are you so selfish?.. you have find your true lover which is Sandra right?.. then you no longer cares about me, if I’m still in existence, why do you want to end everything between us just like that, after all this years of our relationship, do you know how much I had passed through all this years without you, all this years I have to leave my body for Mark to devour his sexual urge on it, day and night I do think of you, praying we would get to see layer in life, that was my prayer from the day you left without me without returning, I had thought you would come over for an explanation, months passed and I couldn’t see you anywhere closer,

I couldn’t come over to your house because that fool Mark kept under lock, he put me into house arrest, I don’t think you understand me.. After all this while of searching for you fruitlessly I later find you, how do you expect me to let you slip my grip, I..I love you so much Richard, the last thing that I can ever allow to happen is leaving you for another Lady” Clara said in a finality tone and a serious expression,
Richard could not help but flinch at the word that just blurted out from Clara’s lips, now he was understanding the situation he was.. he was now getting the message clearly, Clara had come back to begin a new history between them, this time she was now really determined, he could sense the trouble lurking around the corner,

“Clara I’m leaving.. don’t come after me anymore, it is over between us, for the sake of peace please stay away from me and anything related to me!!” Richard retorted then turned to leave,
“Where are you going to?” Clara asked then slumped on the couch,
“I’m leaving here of course, I can see you don’t have a better thing to say” Richard answered without looking back or halting, he walked to the door and twisted the knob but the door refused to open, he tries again this time putting much effort but it did not made any cracking sound talk more of giving way,
“Open this door, I’ve to leave, I had wasted much time here” Richard said still facing the door,

“My name is Claret a beast in human form, a women with the heart of stone, I am cold and heartless, many soul had been wasted by me, many had been disabled, I’m the lady which sends fear to her opponent, I don’t care who are killed or pained what I’m after is achieving my goal and aim. that us what I’ve turned into but at that u can’t stop loving you alone, I was taught to be mean and blank, killing with no retrain,
Richard!… with the way you are behaving I’m sure you are yet to know me fully well.. I don’t take shit from anyone, come here let’s discuss everything out or you would live to regret your actions” Clara said sternly
“What do you want us to discuss huh?.. you were once a devoted Christian having the aim of attaining heaven.. you were calm and meek, your beauty surpasses all, you were as gorgeous as ever, your smile are capable of making a man drool over you, everything about you was as great as ever, I saw you and instantly fell in love with you.. yeah.. I fell deeply in love with you, I did all I could do to make you mine only, you had never asked me for anything which I refused, but due to your ignorance you fell into a trap and made a huge mistake which cost you alot, yes you passed through alot but the is what is expected of, I left you and found a geniue love else where, I find my true missing rub, then we joined together and become one, after almost a year later you came back a changed human,
more sophisticated
stone hearted

you totally changed in all aspect, how do you expect me to come back to you, it is impossible, take that into your skull okay?..”
“We can still sort things out you know?”
“Let become secret lover, Let date secretly, let’s come closer to ourselves and make right all our wrongs, Let’s create another strong bond between us once again by loving each other.. it would not get to the hearing of Sandra, We would do the stuff in secret until the time when you are fully ready to send Sandra away for me to occupy..” Clara said with a little smile

“Can I leave now or are you not yet done talking” Richard breathed.
“Well, I will give you sometime to think of this, so we can…” a loud groan from Mark interrupted her words, they both turned to Mark who just let out that groan Richard quickly rushed closer and squat down in front of him,
“Are you okay?.. can you see me?.. how are you feeling?” Richard asked curiously
“Rich..ard is… t..hat you?” Mark stuttered staring at him with a half closed eyes
“Yeah, Mark what happened?”
“She.. Please just save me I am in great pain, please I know that I have wronged you and her but please i need a second chance, I promise to be…

“Mark can you just shut those filthy mouth if yours!!. say your last prayer because you are going into your grave right now” Clara said with an angry tone
“Please spare my life, I promise to make it up”
“You remember what I promised you right?.. the day I will find Richard would be the day you will leave this earth so..” She paused then brought out a pistol, before Richard could ascertain what was happening talk more of stopping her three bullet had already find it’s way into Mark head the Floor immediately opened making Mark fall inside while it closed , as if nothing happened,
Richard stared at Clara in awe and shock, his hearts suddenly stopped beating he was totally shocked to the core,
To be continued


What word can be used to explain the state Richard was that moment, to say he was shock was totally an understatement, his whole body suddenly went stiffened, his whole body quivered in much fright and horror, what just happened still seem unreal to him,but was just like a dream which he prayed silently to wake up from,
did she just shot Mark his friend??
did she just killed him??
He stared blankly at Clara his eyes widened in great shock, he tilted his head side ways slowly, he was going down, his body was now so heavy and his leg now find it hard to carry his body, he was getting dizzy, this was really more than he can bear, before he could get himself he staggered and fell down in the floor sobbing silently,

“Richard… Richard…” Clara called out out tapping him on his back,
“Richard” she called again but Richard could not answer her, he could no more talk to her or look at her in her eyes, he could not even fathom what he was feeling,
“This is Clara he know, how come.. she just killed someone with getting anywhere remorseful for it, that simply mean she had gone deep and her conscience had died totally, he was now getting afraid, if she could be able to kill Mark this easy, so killing Sandra or any other person who stand her way would not be any where hard for her.

“get away from me!!!… leave me, get your filthy hand off me!!!” Richard interjected angrily, his eyes filled with tears which fell freely down his cheek,
“Richard I’m sorry” Clara pleaded staring at him with a blank expression,
“Get out from me!!, you re a devil reincarnated, why did you kill him.. why… Clara why!!” Richard yelled with a cracking voice,
“I just told you I’m sorry, what else do you want me to do or say”
“Well..” he breathed then stood up,
“I totally hate this moment, I never knew this is where you had reached, I didn’t know, mistake is a part of Life and I believe I made a great mistake by falling in love with you once in my life, if you had dreamt of me and you coming or ever being together then that would be your greatest nightmare, never!! I say never!!! will I accept you to be my friend talk more of being my fiance again” Richard blurted drying his tears with the back of his hand,

“You are down emotionally now, I will leave you for today but you will have to come tomorrow, we still have a lot discuss” Clara said then push a button on the device she was holding, just then the door gave way,
“Don’t forget to come when I call.. i want you to also know that no matter what I am, I will love you” Clara said in a low tone before walking upstairs,
Richard slowly walked out of the house and dashed into his car, he inserted his key to ignite his car but he suddenly went weak and dizzy, he was a man with an emotional heart, without him getting angry he can’t hurt even a fly, he was someone who has a fragile heart, no matter what, Mark doesn’t deserve death, everyone does mistake, his own is not so much that he had to die,
“Clara, can you just leave my life please don’t come into me and Sandra, don’t bring asunder, stay on your own, please” Richard muttered then ignite his car and zoomed off.

Sandra stood at the balcony with her eyes glitened with tears, she had been trying hard to calm herself with a soothing word that Richard is all right but still her heart could not be at rest it kept on telling her that all isn’t alright,
“Richard where are you?? I know you are alright, but I don’t know why my heart is beating this fast, it seem where you are, you are also troubled, please just come back so we can sort things out for ourself, you have stayed so long, what could be holding you my love…” Sandra muttered to herself as more tears fall off,
Not long after, she heard the sound if his car horn outside the gate, she quickly sprang up in joy and rush to the door step,

Immediately Richard opened the door Sandra ran into him with a tight hug,
He was down and troubled, he could not reciprocate the hug, he was feeling so sorry for Sandra because things would no longer be the same was it was before, he knew that untill Clara is dead they would not be together anymore, With what she did back there in her house he was sure of her taking Sandra’s life just to make him hers,
“Richard.. what is wrong?” Sandra asked as she saw how lost Hale was in thought,
Richard faced her then breathed in heavily

“I’m fine just so tired” He said then broke off from the hug, he walked into the sitting room then slumped on the sofa,
“I know everything is not alright, I know you are deeply troubled, you don’t want to tell me what it is so I believe it’s something secret so there is no problem if you don’t want to tell me, go and take your bath while I bring your food I know you must be hungry” Sandra cooed with a calm smile then pecked his cheek before leaving,
Richard could not retain the smile that just eloped his lips,
“You are the best thing that has happened in my Life, I would never leave you” Richard mussed happily before walking upstairs,

Around a circular table sat Paul, Angela, Dr Mike, David and chief Chief Gabriel they were all silently waiting for Paul to conclude what he was doing with the computer he was operating,,
“I got them!” he announced bringing smile into the lips of everyone except David who was so disturbed by the news,
“ohh, at last, where are they I’m so much anxious” Chief Gabriel asked rubbing his palm in excitement,
“Read this” Paul said handing a paper to him,

“This is an estate in Kano, what about it?” Gabriel asked with an arched brow,
“That’s where they are living, we can’t penetrate in there and get them without putting ourself into trouble, that place is as safe as any anything you can think of” Paul explained,
“So do you mean we are hopeless??” Angela asked with a raised brow,
“Hmmmm, we have only one option which can help us in getting them” Paul said then typed something into the system,
“What is it?” Mike asked just immediately,

“I know of a lady who can help us get them, her name is Clara” Paul said
“Clara???.. who is she?” David asked talking for the first time since the gathering
“Yeah, she is an assassin or should I say the best assassin, she lives in Kano for the main time, u get to come across her when I was scrolling through the internet one time, she is known for her clean job without mistake, many politicians and millionaire always call in her when they need someone to be filled either their opponent or any other, I think she can do this job” Paul explained with a smile,

“How sure are you that she can go into that estate to get them, like you said it is very hard going in there” Chief Gabriel inquired
“Through her history, going through all her already carried out missions I found out that most of them had been in that estate” Paul replied
“Then we have to call on her, you all know we have to get that land filled with Crude oil at all cost” Chief Gabriel said with a lopsided smile,
“I don’t really need that land, all I need is to make sure I kill that little brat Sandra” Angela muttered to herself,
“What did you just said?” Paul inquired,
“No..thing, just forget” Angela answered with a fake smile,
That was their plan which they had hidden from Paul,

Having find out that he had feelings for Sandra, they all agreed not to let him know they were after her life, they only told him they needed Richard to tell them the location of the land with crude oil which after that they would kill him then give Sandra to him as his wife, that was what they had told and that had made him zealous on helping them in accomplishing their mission,
“I will call her and explain everything to her, I will tell you all her reply immediately I’m done” Paul said then stood up

“Ok, so this meeting has come to an end, as we can see, we are close to our success” Chief Gabriel said while they all shook hands and left,
Not long after, they all came back this time without Paul,
“Wow guys, can you see how progressive we are becoming?” Chief Gabriel said smiling broadly,
“Yeah.. after we get them, we are done, we don’t need their parent anymore, we would force Sandra into signing this document, you know what that means?” Dr Mike said while they all laughed out loudly,

“After we get that land, can you just imagine how much rich we would be?.. we would be so rich than anyone in this country” David said smiling,
“But. Mike, how did you get Sandra’s parent signature and finger print?” Chief Gabriel asked happily,
“hmmmm don’t you trust me anymore, it was forged, I couldn’t find their past files which had their signnature or finger print” Dr.mike answered,
“I am so impressed by your intelligence” Chief Gabriel applauded
“What do you guys think about that Clara of a girl?” Dr Mike asked
“hmm, well we have to try her, I’m sure she would be able to carry out the job” Chief Gabriel replied,

“If I may ask, what are we gonna do with Paul after we succeed in getting that land and becoming rich?” David asked,
“We would just kill all of them, Sandra, Richard, Cole, including Paul and Chief Daniel,you know they knows little of our secret so we would clear them off” Chief Gabriel said while they all laughed loudly..
To be continued



Chief Daniel and Marie his wife sat together on the sofa In the sitting room, they both had their face buried in thier palm with different thought running through their mind,
“Marie, where can we find that doctor that exchanged the baby.. he is the only person who can tell us where to find our child” Chief Daniel muttered feeling depressed
“If I had knew where to find the doctor, I could have did that long ago” Marie replied drying her eyes which were dripping down tears,
“My heart is telling me that Richard is my son, but.. I can’t find him, if only I could find him…” Chief Daniel mussed in pain,
Just then his phone rang, it was an unsaved number, he stared at it for sometime contemplating whether to pick it or not, it later stopped ringing, after some minutes,it started again,
“Hello who is on the line?”Chief Daniel asked immediately,

“Whaaaat!!!!!!” he screamed in excitement which eloped his whole system, it was unexpected, at last, with the voice he as able to foretell who was calling and it was Sandra, finding Sandra equally means finding Richard also,
he could not just believe his ear, when he had thought of losing hope of ever finding Richard Sandra suddenly called
“How are you?” Chief Daniel asked immediately with joy

“so much fine… I’m just calling to know how you are faring”
“Please i want us to see, is it possible?” Chief Daniel asked
“I don’t think so, I’m no where close to you, I’m in another state, so you see we can’t meet” Sandra answered calmly
“OK but can I know where you are now?” Chief Daniel inquired
“umm, I don’t think so, well just forget about where I’m living” Sandra replied
“Ummm, okay please are you staying with Richard?” He suddenly asked making Sandra flinch a little bit,
“I don’t understand”

“I mean are you close to Richard?” Chief Daniel asked
“Well, I don’t know what you are insinuating, I’m living with Richard, any problem with that?”
“No.. no, there is no problem at all, I’m very happy and elated with that, you are the type of lady I want for my so…. oh just forget, i..”
“What were you about to say? ” Sandra interrupted
“Just forget ok?”
“Okay no problem, so how is Paul and Jane your children?” Sandra asked
“They are not my chil…. erm.. yeah they are fine”
“Do you just want to say they aren’t true children?” Sandra asked
“No.. no, ugh.. I.. ”
“Why are you stuttering?” Sandra asked just immediately

“Can we discuss later?.. I’m feeling dizzy”
“Okay, but seriously you sound as If you are nervous to tell me something, what is that?” Sandra asked,
“Yeah, you’re right there is something I want to discuss with you but feeling really agitated”
“What is it?” Sandra asked anxiously,
‘I will tell you when I’m ready,but it would be better if we can see face to face”

“Mark that as something that can’t happen okay?… so can I hang up?” Sandra asked
“Ermm, yeah.. but is Richard fully well and healthy?” Chief Daniel asked making Sandra much surprised,
“this is totally absurd and ridiculous, why is he suddenly concerned about the well fare of Richard?” Sandra thought silently,
“Are you still there” Daniel’s voice sounded in her phone bringing her back to reality,
“Yes.. yes, bye” Sandra concluded and hunged the call,

“There is something fishy here, Why was Daniel suddenly concerned about Richard, she could sense the tone which Daniel used in asking about Richard, it was that of a caring and loving father,
“Could Daniel be Richard’s father??” her subconscious suddenly chipped in,
“Oh no.. It can’t be, Paul is the sun of Daniel'” Sandra thought then stood up and head upstairs,
“Hi Richard wats up” Sandra greeted immediately she stepped into the room, Richard was sitting at the edge of the bed, his face buried deeply into his palm
Sandra stood at the door step watching him without him noticing,

“Clara why.. why, what have I done to you… why do you want to ruin all I had planned, why should you come at this time of my life, you are what I least expected in to my life now, not when you have changed totally into a heartless human, now I will now be forced to do what I never wished to , all because if you, Now she would have to pass through this unnecessary pain because if you, please can you just die, just die and leave my life, I hate you with passion, can’t you understand that.. Ooh God why me..” Richard lamented with stream of hot tears dropping down his cheek,
Sandra stood staring at him with confusion written all over her face,

Oh could it be that lady that visited us some days ago, gosh who is she to you really” Sandra thought still gazing at Richard who was now shedding tears,
“Richard!!” Sandra called out immediately making Richard cringe in fright, he quickly hid his face so Sandra wouldn’t see he was crying,
“What are you doing here… when did you…”
“Richard why are you crying?” Sandra asked sitting beside him in the bed,
“I’m not cry…”
“Dont try lying because I just saw you” Sandra interrupted in a calm tone,
“Fine.. I was crying for something I can’t say, something that’s eating me deep, I love you, do you know that?”
“Yeah.. I also love you too so what is it?” Sandra asked staring at him
“Sandra for the benefit of the both of us can you just forget about why I’m crying because for me to tell you would cost a lot, just know that I will be okay, no matter what just knoq that i love you” Richard cooed and hugged her tightly,
“Is it because of Clara?” Sandra asked while Richard quickly broke off the hug and stared at her surprisely,
“Do you know anything about her?” Richard asked shocked

“She is the reason why you are crying right?”
“Yes but how did you know?” Richard asked still shocked
“Richard, our past years had been full of pains and transgression, we had passed through many difficulty and appaling situation, our love had led us through, what made you think that we can’t equally pass through this particular one, why crying like someone who had lost hope, be strong because the Richard i know is a strong man with a strong heart, cheer up okay?” Sandra said with a broad smile taking his both palm into hers,

“Sandra she wants me at all cost, she is ready to dp anything to make me her own including killing you” Richard explained,
“Look Richard, what matters most is love, she need you to love her, she needs you to be her man, she wants you beside her, but the ball is In your court, you have to choose who you wants to be with, you have to choose who your heart accepts, if you don’t love her make it clear to her by never showing her any advance of care or affection, make her know you hate her by acting cold towards her, don’t smile to her, but if you love her then that is your choice, but seriously i don’t know who that Clara of a lady is but with the way you are acting I’m sure she must be very dangerous… ”
“More dangerous than you can think of, im stranded, Richard breathed resting his head on her shoulder,
“But who is she to you, I mean how did you two get to know each other” Sandra asked,

“She is my ex.. my ex fiancee” Richard breathed,
“I see, so what broke you guys up?”
“She cheated on me with my best friend” Richard replied then breathed out heavily as his mind flashed back to that very event,
“So she came back to claim you right?”
“Do you still love her?” Sandra asked immediately,
“, I hate Her totally, you re the only lady in my heart” Richard replied gazing at Sandra passionately,
“Hmmm, but why did you not tell me of her all this while?” Sandra beckoned,
“Erm… you see, I was trying to.. I don’t want you to feel disturbed, I don’t want you to be perturbed” Richard replied calmly,
“Okay then, make her know you hate her”

“She wants me and her to secret date for sometime before I send you out of my life for her to occupy, she us much desperate in getting me to herself and the worst of it is that she is an assassin” Richard said hopelessly,
“Start the secret date with her, but fall in love… act coldly to her, don’t show her love, she will later get fed up and realize that ahw can’t force someone to fall in love.. she would realise that love is choice” Sandra said with a lopsided smile,
“Thank you for understanding.. you are really a virtue woman, I can’t stop loving you” Richard said and placed a deep kiss on her lips.

it started like a peck but little by little it got more intense,
Just then Richard’s phone rang making them halt, He gazed at the screen, it was Clara.
“Clara is calling” He muttered to Sandra
” answer it”
“Hello” Richard said immediately he picked the call,
“I need you with me now please” Clara’s voice sounded
” I’m busy”
“With who?.. Sandra right?”
“No.. with something private” Richard answered,
“I give you 5 minutes to be here” Clara commanded and hung the call.
Richard turned his gaze to Sandra who stared back at him then nodded her head,

“I love you”
“I love you too”
they both hug them self tightly with stream of tears rolling down their cheeks
To be continued


Sandra slumped on the bed in tears and heartbreak, she was totally stranded that moment, what she felt was really unbearable, Richard was going to meet his ex fiancee in a secluded place, somewhere she knew nothing about, she was perturbed to the core as the thought of Richard and Clara in a room flashes through her mind,
“Richard please don’t break my heart, I trust you that’s why I allowed you to go to her” Sandra mussed then walked out of the room,

Richard walked into Clara’s mansion straight to the sitting room, the doors were opened giving him easy access,
Immediately he entered into the sitting room Clara rushed into him with a tight hug,
“Oh I really really miss you, thanks for coming” Clara muttered amidst the hug,
“So why do you call for me?” Richard asked breaking the hug,
“Please just sit and relax yourself with any drink of your choice, I will be back in a jiffy” Clara beckoned jovially then pecked his cheek before walking out
Richard sat there without moving an inch to anywhere, all he want was for Clara to say what she called him for so he would leave,

Not long after, Clara walked out carrying a tray of food,
“Richard please can you have some food” Clara beckoned calmly
“I’m not hungry and presise what made you think I will eat your food” Richard sneered and scoffed,
“Are we enemies?” Clara asked with a drawn face
“Hmm, what then are we, incase you don’t know, my greatest enemy now is you” Richard blurted while Clara immediately cringe with her eyes widened in shock, her lips went agape that moment,
“Richard do you mean what you just said” Clara asked with a crack voice like someone about to shed tears,
“Annoying question, I mean every word that comes out from my mouth” Richard said mimicking what she had said earlier,

“Why do you hate me this much… what is my crime… please tell me, please..” Clara pleaded in a calm tone before sitting on the sofa beside Richard,
“I hate you because you want to ruin all I had planned for, you want to destroy my joy, you..”
“Okay… Okay, now I understand, you don’t need to utter much words, I already get you.. you love Sandra, I love you, I want you for myself, I.. okay I understand, you don’t need me anymore, infact I disgust you right, you hate me because I am trying to separate you from Sandra the lady you love, okay now I know… I’m sorry” Clara said shocking Richard

“I said I’m sorry for causing you pain, I’m sorry for being a torn on your flesh, I’m sorry for making you feel bad, please forgive me, will you?” Clara pleaded with a narrow gaze,
“Are… you for forgiveness.. I mean are you really sorry, I… ”
“Richard, this is the reason why I called you, I called you to ask for your forgiveness, all through the night I thought about these, I kept thinking of what I’m doing, I kept asking myself if forcing a guy to love you will ever make the guy fall in love with you, after much thought, I finally concluded, yeah..

I concluded to leave you for your real love, I decided to let go.. there is no gain on forcing oneself into a guy who doesn’t love you, I know I really need you andgad always wish you were mine, but things has its way of happening, I’m leaving you for your choice, I can’t force myself into you, even though I am now a heartless, cold and emotionless human I still have my pride as a woman, I still has my ego, you love her so be free to go on with her, I pray I finds my own true lover” Clara concluded then head to the dinning table leaving Richard shocked to the core, he could not just believe his ear, it was just like a dream, what just came out from Clara’s mouth was the least expected,

Has she let go of him for real??
This was the question that popped up in his mind, even if he wants to doubt her, what could be his reason, her facial expression while saying this word was so grim and serious,
“Clara… do… you…”
“You don’t have to ask me if I’m serious, I mean, what do you take me for.. A lady who doesn’t have a single sense of dignity and respect, C’mon, how does it look like.. fighting to gain the love of someone who had told you countless times that he hates you, oh no!!.. I’m getting really ashamed of myself… what a stupidity and shamelessness, I wonder how Sandra will take me now, I wonder what she will see me as” Clara breathed with a deep sigh
“What do you mean?”

“You’ve told Sandra about me, you told her I’m you ex fiancee who wants to take you back after cheating on you… I know she will hate me now…”
“I’m sorry for telling her about you, I was just… ”
“There is no need telling me you’re sorry because you’ve already done it, so what is the essence of being sorry” Clara said with a loud hiss,
She carefully opened the plate on the table,

“I had cooked this food for the both of us but I see you are not gonna eat from it, maybe because I may poison you or try anything fishy… well it’s your own cup of tea” Clara sniffed drying her eyes which was forming hot tears making her vision blurring,
As she made to take the first spoon into her mouth she felt an arm wrapped around her body from behind,
“I’m sorry for hating you… you don’t really deserve those cold treatment, don’t worry I’m eating with you okay?” Richard said then kissed her cheek making a broad smile appear on Clara’s face,
“Thank you” Clara muttered still smiling like someone who won a lottery,
“Can we be friends?” Clara suddenly asked as they devour the meal,
Richard stared at her for sometime before answering,

“I don’t understand that word”
“What don’t you understand, I said can we be friends, what is confusing there. I mean… it’s a normal question for anyone” Clara said facing her food
“But… I thought we are friends already”
“No… everything is anew now, old things are passed away, we are now like two teen who just meet themselves, so officially, can we be friends?” Clara said with a little smile,
“Okay… I accept, we are now friends, so can I get to know you well?” Richard said smiling,
“So you don’t know me again abi?”
“Well I don’t think so, have we met before?” Richard asked sounding more official,

“Just stop, that isn’t what I mean” Clara whined
“But you are the one who started it, you are the one who began being official so I took over” Richard said while they both burst into laughter,
“So we are friend’s now?” Clara asked with a grin,
“Yeah, nice to meet you” Richard said and brought out his palm, Clara smiled widely before shaking him,
“One more thing.. promise you won’t disturb..”
“Shut up!!!” Clara squeak hitting her spoon on his head lightly,
“Haaa…” Richard squealed rubbing his palm on his head
“Don’t try going there.. if you dare… hmmm”

“What… ” Richard’s phone rang interrupting his statement,
He glanced at it, MY HEART BEAT was boldly written on the screen, with much enthusiasm, he picked the call,
“Hello my sweet heart”
“I will be back in no distant time”
“okay my love”
“Take care, I love you too” Richard concluded and hung up,
“Who called?” Clara asked immediately
“Oh, it was Sandra, she just wants to know how I’m faring” Richard replied jovially,
“You seem to be much happy.. what is the cause?” Clara asked with a lopsided grin,
“Oh you see, I’m so happy that you finally decided to do the right thing” Richard replied munching the food in his mouth,

After some time, they were done eating, Clara took the plate away while Richard walked into the sitting room,
Clara walked out after sometime,
“Can you accompany me, let me show you around my house” Clara beckoned stretching her hand forward for him to hold,
“Okay, no problem… but after that you will tell me how you became this rich” Richard added with smile making Clara chuckle,
They walked all around the corner of the building both interior and exterior, everywhere and everything was just so Flashy and beautiful that Richard almost faint of series of gasp,
After they were done, Richard took his bath then set to leave,

“Bye. see you” Richard waved and turned to leave but Clara quickly drew him backward and hugged him tightly,
“Help me convince Sandra that I’m a changed human, tell her you sorry I am, tell her I want to be her friend, please” Clara begged like a little kid
“I will… promise.. not how did you even know I told her?”Richard inquired,
“Find out by yourself” Clara answered and slumped on the sofa,
“I… ”
“Rush home before she gets disturbed of your whereabouts!!” Clara yelled with a giggle,
“hmmm… see you soon” Richard said and rushed out,

With much happiness and joy Richard rushed into the house, sitting on the couch in the sitting room was everyone, Cole and Joy was sitting together cuddling each other as If their life depends on it,
Immediately his presence was noticed Sandra rushed at him with a tight passionate hug which sent shiver down their spine, they could both hear the sound of their heart beat as they engaged in the hug,

“are you alright sweetie?” Richard asked,
“I’m very much alright, just so worried about you” Sandra answered,
“Awwwwn, chill up okay, your husband to be is safe” Richard said jovially,
“You look so happy.. Amy goodnews?” Sandra inquired with an arched brow
“more than good… I will tell you” Richard squeak then carried her in a bridal style and lay her on the couch,

“Hey, hey.. what does that means?” Cole chipped in staring at them with grimace,
“What does it seem like?” Richard questioned back placing a soft kiss on Sandra’s lips,
“Richard!!!” Cole called out
“What Is it?”
“You are corrupting us here, can’t you gently go upstairs and do all those stuff?” Cole said and covered Joy’s eyes with his palm making them burst into laughter,
“Who are my corrupting?.. You?… haha, don’t you know that it is because of corrupt people like you that is why this our country Nigeria is not good, c’mon remove that your unclean hand from my sister’s eyes now biko!” Richard whined,
“Oya, you pull up that your plumpy body from my sister sharp sharp” Cole said making them all laugh out loudly,
“Let’s go upstairs, leave this corrupt children alone” Richard beckoned and drew Sandra up
“Ohhhh, I’m tired, I can’t walk” Sandra whined,

“Okay no problem, oya enter” Richard said with a broad smile then turned his back for her, swiftly, Sandra climbed his back letting out a loud chuckle while they both walked upstairs,
“Don’t disturb us with loud music ooo!!, remember you are not engaged talk more of being married!!!!” Cole shouted with laughter,
“Spoilt child!!!” Richard yelled back laughing loudly

To be continued

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