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Yes, growth. I’m a teenager; why shouldn’t I aspire to grow, especially spiritually and mentally? I mean first class growth.


As an eager beaver, I was so excited to attend my first lecture on campus as a fresh student. My hair was neatly styled “doughnut.” My firm, durable, twilled cotton fabric, woven with coloured warp and white filling threads, was neatly pressed—it was what I wore.


My shoes were really shinning bright like a diamond due to the executive polishing I gave them. And I had my accessories on me that matched my make-up.
Class all the way! And on my way, I saw posters . Many posters. But there was this poster. The bright colors on this poster grabbed my attention. Behold, it was about a one-day programme for fresh student! Three topics would be discussed, “Leadership, Sex and Entrepreneurial skills.”
Reading that overwhelmed me. And I said to myself, “This will be a great opportunity for me, since growth is all I crave .”


But I soon recovered from this amazement and I went to class. As soon as I got a seat, I quickly wrote the date for the programme in my diary.
As days passed, I waited patiently for the day of the event. Growth on my mind.
Today happened to be the awaited day. The programme was to start by 10:00am, but I was done dressing up and was set to leave my hostel for the venue by 8:00am. Funny enough, the event center was just a stone throw.


I had anticipated this programme long enough. I couldn’t trade it for anything! And that was why I planned taking the first seat at the front row. I was prepared to view every act . To miss nothing.
The meeting room was set up in a theatre style. Each row of chairs was arranged so that participants faced the front of the room.


Finally, it was about 15 minute to 10:00am. Every piece of the sound system was rightly positioned. Nice music was oozing out of the stereo. We were expecting the arrival of some of the speakers.


At last, the programme kicked off by 10:00am. The host started with an opening prayer, after which she welcomed everyone who was present. And the special guests were recognized.
After some preambles, the speakers took turns to rise and speak to us. Each of them adhered strictly to the time they were allotted. They were a wonderful set of speakers.


And they indeed did justice to the topics—Leadership, Sex and Entrepreneurial skills. Admittedly, they swept me off my feet and made me conclude that this was the best place to be for anyone craving for growth.
It was now time for questions and answers


A lot of questions were asked by the participants and appropriate answers were given. But one of those questions caused me to change my sitting posture.
The question: “How can one handle sexual urge as a virgin, without having sex with the opposite sex?”
The response: “Culturally, virgins are respected a lot. But if you do have a persistent urge, it’s better you polish the pearl.”


Participants: “Ha.”
Response: It’s better you polish the pearl than allowing someone jilt you. This will help you face your studies and lessen the rate of break up trauma.
The participants clapped and screamed in agreement with the speaker’s response. And with that, the programme came to an end. And about 500 participants poured out of the meeting room.
No one discussed what the other speakers said. It was the last part of the question and answer session that ruled the day.
Considering the response the speaker gave, would my growth be in safe hands?



As I walked down to my hostel, thoughts of the response given by the speaker recapped continuously in my memory.
Could it be true?
Is it possible?
Questions upon questions arose within me as the thoughts carried me away. Little did I know that a departmental friend of mine, Mosun, has been greeting me.


Mosun: “Good evening.”
No response came from me. This left Mosun with no other choice than to tao me.
Me: “Yes.”
I began to blab.
Mosun: “Are you okay.”
Me: “Yes, I’m 100% okay.”
Mosun: “Please, take good care of yourself because you look a bit worried.”
Me: “Okay, thanks.”
After Mosun left, I concluded within that, afterall, I was only a teen . Part of growth was to learn at the elder’s feet and yield to their advice. Who was I to filter things.


It was 6:09am on a Saturday morning. The cool breeze seemed to send a refreshing chill to my spine. But after 30 minutes, the whole story changed—an unconscious sexual desire sprang up. Was I possessed, or something “But I’m a virgin”. Then I remembered what the speaker said 3weeks ago. I sat upright immediately. I turned on my data to browse about what the speaker said.
Trust me, the network on this fateful day was so strong. It was so swift as the speed of light. Within few seconds, YouTube gave me all I wanted. And this left me in awe.


I was left with a choice among other choices—to visit the toilet. I watched different videos repeatedly and tried asking myself if it was right
As a teen my parents had always warned me not to take words or instruction from elders for granted. Since the speaker said there was nothing wrong in it, I decided to practise it.
And polishing the pearl, I did! After 10 minutes, I felt relieved. This feeling of relief made to me plan to indulge in this act once a month.


The toilet soon became the best place for me to polish the pearl; it had space and privacy. I lived on campus and the room allocated to me was a four-person bedroom which eventually turned into a seven-person room because we had “squatters.”
I soon graduated from polishing the pearl once a month to twice a month, from twice a month to thrice a month. Thrice a month became my norm
. First semester ended and I was excited about the semester break because there would be enough time for me to indulge in such act. After all, I had a personal and spacious room to myself at home.
Second semester began and students returned back to school for registration. As for me, I added 3weeks to the break in order to enjoy the act to the fullest. After 3weeks, I resumed back to school for registration.


It was on a Thursday. Everyone but me, had gone to class. This Thursday happened to be lecture-free for me. Suddenly, the urge came all over me as usual. And since no one was in the room aside me, I thought it wise to practise my normal act in the room.
I started and was fully engrossed with the act. My body, My soul and My spirit were really into the act—to the extent that I forgot to lock the door to my room.
What happened to the unlocked door?
To be Continue



I was consumed in my pleasure of the act. The next thing I heard was a shocking scream.
” What’s this!”
The door behind her was widely opened. I was immediately brought back to my right senses. Standing right before me was Bimpe, my roommate. Bimpe stood shocked, with her arms folded, while I had to quickly recover from my world of fantasy.
Bimpe: “What’s really happening here?” But-but-i -thought-you-you-are-a-a-a Christian? ”


Me: “Yes, I’m a Christian and there’s nothing wrong in what I’m doing!”
Bimpe placed both hands on her head, her mouth widely opened —She was in total surprise.
Bimpe: “In case you’ve no one to advice you, I will. This act is bad.”
Me: “Really?”
Bimpe: “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone what happened . But it’s under one condition.”


Me: “I’m all ears, what’s the condition?”
Bimpe: “Sincerely speaking, I’m a lesbian.”
When. I heard this, I was shocked.
Bimpe: “What? I never knew you polish the pearl. You see, it’s better you join my club than the one you do. Now, you know what I do, will you be my babe? Believe me, I will spoil you with a lot of goodies.”
I was silent.
Bimpe:” I will give you a space of 3days to think about it.”
I was still in shock. I was just staring into empty space.
Bimpe: “Won’t you say something? Or should I call the attention of everyone around to tell them what I saw?”
I was dumbfounded.


Bimpe happened to be in her second year. She’s an extrovert, the overly social type. She clubbed every Friday, except on test and exam days. Her slogan was, ” while I’m young, I must enjoy my life to the fullest. ” of course, she was from a wealthy home, and she was likewise a die-hard gossip. Tomorrow would be the third day for me to accept or decline her proposal. My heart beats fast as thought of the decision to make continually crossed my mind. I know fully well that she was famous on campus and I was only in 100 level.


I kept questioning myself if there was any big deal in the act I do indulge in, after all, it was the speaker that said the act was a lovely one. After so much thought, I planned declining her proposal.
The third day finally came. I called her out of the room to a private place very early in the morning and told her that I can’t accept her proposal. At my declaration, she flared up.
Bimpe: “please break those words down! What’re you insinuating?”
Me:” I’m not interested. Thanks”
And to avoid further questioning, I walked out. I left Bimpe disappointed.
Did Bimpe later expose the act I indulged in?
*_To be Continue

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