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VESSAR HIGH SCHOOL: Sequence 27, 28, 29, 30

VESSAR HIGH SCHOOL: Sequence 27, 28, 29, 30

Sequence 27

(I loathe that girl)
Sean’s POV
Just as I was about to enter my room, I saw a sealed letter on the floor. I bent and picked it.


“To Sean” That was the word inscribed on it
I twisted the knob to the door and walked in, I slumped to the bed and unsealed the letter, it reads;


“Hi Sean , you may not know me , but I’m that girl you did not like ,I’m that girl you did not want to see , I do not fit the kind of girl that will speak with you nor look into your face but please oblige to my request ,tell me how I can help you find the lady you are looking for ? Please write it inside another letter and drop it at that same spot you picked my letter from ”



Who could the writer be? She really wanna help me find who the lady is, I’ll he is so glad.
The lady is the only one I feel peace around, she’s the only one that can help my terrible state.
I’m so glad that it’s not only professor Lucas that will be helping in search of the lady, someone somewhere had volunteered also.



Wow! I’m glad
I hurriedly stood from my bed and searched for a sheet, I finally found one and took my pen,the scribbled down how to find the perfect lady
I folded it inside an envelope and hurriedly went to the entrance of my room to drop the letter . I hope that the person sees it before another person sees it



I sat on the bed and set time for myself, I promised myself to check the entrance after one hour to see if the person has picked it or not, because I did not want any of my brother to find it.
After thirty minutes, I opened the door of my room and I couldn’t find the letter again.



Oh! Has it perhaps being taken by someone or it’s the helper that picked it, we’ll, there is only one way to know, I told the helper to write back after thirty minutes of receiving the letter so I’m just gonna sit here and wait for another thirty minutes before I check back



Kimberly’s POV
After I’d thought miserably for While, an idea struck my heart and that is to find a way of getting the idea of who the lady Sean is looking for is.



I reasoned that there is no way I could have ever gone to meet him, he disliked me especially now that Steven had told him that I did not like him
I then implemented the idea by writing a letter and sealing it. I dropped it at the entrance of his room hoping and praying that he replies
I really wanna help him find who the lady is, I just want Sean to be happy. He is always dismal and depressed. I guess it’s my fate to always adore him from afar. Yeah…a poor lady like me will never have a chance before him
But I will help him.



I was tossing to and fro the bed nervously, I was hoping in my heart that he replied the letter
I was so happy when I went to check and didn’t see the letter there again, I start to peep every minute to see if he would write his own letter and reply. I was so anxious.



A part of me tells me he will reply, another part of me battles with that, But I hope optimistically that he will reply
I kept checking, going back inside, sitting, standing completely uneasy
I was stupefied when I saw the new letter on the floor, at first, I did not want to believe my eyes, I opened my door slightly and peeped well to confirm. oh! He replied.



I jumped up heartily. I was so delighted. I ran hastily to tug the paper and ran rear to my room.
I sough cheerfully. I unfolded the missive and it reads;
” Thanks for asking whom the lady could be. I need to tell you how much of importance this girl really means to me.
My life has to being a constant display of darkness and despair, I have never been happy of living on earth.



Many people admire me because I’m a celebrity but I live a sad life than most people on the street.
My past broke me, I’m an empty barrel ,I’ll die soon too but please as you’ve promised I need you to help me.
Anytime the girl sings with me, happiness that knows no boundary use to arose in me. If I sight her and tell her to wait for me, she would never wait, she doesn’t like to see me, she loathes me, I do not know what I’d done for her.



My helper, please I really need your help…she has almost the same kind of voice that matches with my voice and please if you find you , tell her to stop running away from me , I really wanna see her, if I’d hurt her in the past, tell her to please forgive me, tell her she’s the only one that can heal my broken heart.



I can’t see clearly, I can’t even describe her, I do not know if I’ll see her before I die and that hurts me so bad. My helper, please help and make it faster…my heart is dreadful”



Tears were pouring heavily from my face as I read the letter, It saddens me and hurt me so much that he’s talking about his own death.
No, Sean should stop talking about Death, please. It hurts me, it’s making my heart bleed
I like you Sean…you did not like me but don’t even think or talk of death …it’s making my heart horrible.



“Whom could this lady be? I guess that is the only lady that can save him from his state of despair, but gosh! I loath that lady… I detests her so much…
I lamented on behalf of Sean and cried
Why will she keep running away from Sean…huh?
Didn’t she know that Sean is sad?
Didn’t she know that Sean wants happiness?
And just her could make him happy.
I sobbed heavily, I do not want anything bad to happen to Sean.



How will I help find her now, I swear if I find that lady, I will spank her butt again and again for running away from Sean
Sean…please don’t think of death
I will start searching with all my strength for whom the lady could be and for where she is..




Sequence 28-30
(Someone should…)
Kimberly’s POV
After sobbing for a while,I feel relieved and strengthened. He wrote it inside the letter that I should retort the letter.
I wrote mine in response to his letter and opened the door to walk to his room when suddenly, I saw him standing at the entrance of his room.




I was stuck, the letter is in my hand, he kept his gaze straight at me. I looked into his deep blue eyes gently. His nose is distinguished and his mouth is exquisitely shaped. I’m tripping for his pink lips



Should I turn inside or pretend I’m going somewhere? I guess he has seen the letter in my hand. But why is he staying at the entrance though? Didn’t he know that the writer of the letter doesn’t want to see him?



“Why are you staring at me? I’m not Stephen… ” He let out
“Erm…I’m sorry ” I mumbled as I turned to go inside my room.
“Thought you were going somewhere,Stephen’s room I guess. Don’t be shy, after all, he’s your friend ” He said and I paused
Should I ignore him and walk inside or…what if he counts that as an insult? What do I do then?



I probably walk of out his sight…but he is gonna be tracking me with his eyes till I enter Stephen’s room but why should I go to Stephen’s room? I can’t. So what do I do now?



“I’m waiting for someone girl, either you enter your room or leave please,” He said
“Who are you waiting for?” I asked gently and turned at him sullenly
“I’m trying to observe what connections my business is to yours. Stephen said you did not like me so why pretending as if you care about me?” He asked.



“Erm…I…” I mumbled, I didn’t know how to tell him that I so much like him and care about him.
“What have you got to say? This world is short,It’s full of sadness, everyone is sad. The poor are sad because they did not have money, the rich like me is sad because life has not been fair to me” He said
My eyes became bloated, I really felt for him



“I like you,” I said but my mouth didn’t move. Which implies I said it in my mind
“Erm… Why are you sad?” I asked
“Hey, girl! When did you start caring about me? You are even exasperating. You are pretending to like me right? I haven’t answered your first question and you are asking another question… Silly girl” He said and looked away
“I might be of help,” I insisted



“You can’t, you did not like me, but I’ll answer you so you can leave here for the person I’m waiting for , He said and stood well
“You asked whom the person I’m waiting for is…well, he or she is my helper, I’ve never seen her but the person promised to help me find the lady whose voice synchronized with my voice. Just that girl can make me happy ” He explained
“You also asked…” he wanted to say but I interjected



“Wait, please… What do you mean by a girl whose voice is in perfect synchrony with yours?” I asked
He maintained his sad silly but cute look
“Oops, too many questions. Can you stop being curious like you really care about me ” He said and paused
We were silent in a brief moment of introspection



“Well… Nobody has really asked me that for real” He said maintaining a look that explains that he was meditating
“Okay…let me tell you one of my experiences with that girl…just one…I repeat…just one. Because I know you may start asking more now” He said
“I won’t. Tell me ” I said trying to hide the enthusiasm in my voice
I’d been rehearsing in my mind how I will go and dance in my room for having a long conversation with Sean. I’d never envisaged that.




I’m so happy standing before Sean speaking with him but I had to play it cool.
“You see…there is this day that I was at my secluded place at school. Not my specially built house, I have a special place I stay. I was rehearsing a song that day and…” he said, paused, looked inside my face and swallowed
He stood well again and continued
” I sang the first stanza and the…the…” he said, but complete the sentence and began to cry
Aw…Sean is crying
I remembered clearly that I sang a song with him at school. Could it be me….ha ha ha..Kimberly ,you must be funny. He’s definitely referring to another person
I’m too far from being the lady he’s searching for.



“Please stop crying,” I said already crying too.
I just can’t stand it, I was trying to hide my emotions in all possible way but my emotions betrayed me. He buried his head in his right palm
I was contemplating if I should walk to him or just tell him sorry from here. I’m just a maid, he probably won’t find it convenient for me standing close with him plus he had this idea that I did not like me
He did not trust me, he may think I want to hurt him.



But I can’t stand him crying, I just can’t. I want Sean to be happy and I had promised myself to help Sean in all possible way
I summoned slight courage and walked slowly to him. I stood before him. I guessed he noticed the presence of someone before him and he raised his head at me
I could see fear and bellow his face. He is like someone that wants to run away from me…



“I won’t hurt you” I quickly said.
“Stay away from me… You common maid, you did not like me, don’t pretend to” He said softly but his emotions betrayed him
All I could see in him is someone that needs help, care and attention. he needs a shoulder to lean on.




I could see a lonely person who yearns for love
My face darted to his hands, they were so beautiful, I could see beautiful rings in all his fingers with different colors, ,his nails are well shaped and designed.
My head starts to ache as my memory darted into the past. I saw that same hand having those same rings with same colors holding my hands
I blinked my eye to reality and cautioned myself.



That must have to being a silly hallucination even though it’s like an experience in my past because it’s crystal clear to my mind



“Tell me more please ” I inquired looking gently into his face
He took few steps backward as if he’s scared that I may hurt or break him, the door flings open by itself and he fell into the air instead of the door he was trying to lean on



I can’t watch Seam failing.
I hurriedly tried to hold and stop him from falling but fortunately or unfortunately, I can’t say. He fell and I fell on him.
I looked into his deep blue sexy eyes and my heart beats heavily in anxiety. his face was startled, he wasn’t moving not saying anything.


See the eyes…This is the first time I’m seeing his beautiful eyes clearly . Very blue and alluring ,exquisite and glamorous
Common! See the brightened nose and firm mouth, the pink lips are starring before me and driving me so crazy


I’m tempted to kiss these lips before me…
I’m tempted…
Someone should carry me up from Sean before I plant my lips on his..


Kimberly’s POV
I hurriedly stood from him when I heard some steps approach where we lay.
I’m so happy for what just happened but sad at the same time for how Sean fell. I do not wish he fall that way.



“What’s going on here?” A feminine voice asked
I turned at the voice and it was Sophie
“You pushed him down?” She asked looking at Sean on the floor
She hurriedly ran to where Sean lay and nuzzle his hair carefully. She heaved Sean up gently.
Sean stood still looking handsome but sad.



“Sean, sorry ” Sophie said almost crying
She helped Sean to the bed and made him sit.
“Is any part of your body aching?” She asked but Sean shook his head.
I’m glad he’s not feeling pain in any part of his body.



“Who pushed you down?” She asked
“I can’t say” Sean replied
“It’s this petite worker right?” She asked. Sean collapsed to the bed with his eye closed.


“I know you caused it. What in the world are you doing in his room?” She asked me angrily as she stood and sauntered towards me
I wasn’t scared of her ,I’ve never being scared of anyone , if she tries anything silly ,I’ll deal mercilessly with her
“You senseless dingbat, you are suppose to be focused on your work but instead , you are trying to seduce my Sean” She said sternly.



“Your Sean..when did he become yours?” I asked boldy and I could see an expression of concussion on her face
She grinned as she adjusted back looking intently at me
“Did you realize whom you are speaking to?” She polled
“Who cares if you are the daughter of the president…you have no idea what is happening here , you just barge in and start behaving like a demi God” I taunted her



“Oh! Whatever gave you this boldness must die today. I will deal mercilessly with you and show you the rich has the powers to oppress the poor at any point in time ” She said
“It’s obvious your wealth has gotten to your head. What you gonna do anyways?” I asked



“Stand and watch” She answered and put a call through to someone explaining where I am and how I humiliated her
She hung up and went to sit at the edge of Sean’s bed. “You will beg me soon, just watch” she threatened
I stood obstinately standing akimbo waiting for what she’s about to do.
Three boys entered all of a sudden and before I could speak, they had bundled me ready to carry me out when a voice stopped them



“Isn’t that girl the new worker?” Sean asked
“yeah, the girl that pushed you to the floor?” She said
“Oh! That girl that did not like me…” Sean said still closing his eye
He finally opened his eye and sat upright.



“Why is she not in her room… I wonder where she could be….maybe here? ” Two people conversing suddenly entered the room
“Oh! What’s happening here? Kimberly,we’ve being searching for you?” The woman who employed me ask.



Beside her was a fat chunky lady with enormous check
“Well, the lady I promised to employ to keep your company is here , hope you guys get along ” The woman said and I maintained a meditative look at the girl
“I’m Kim” I greeted as I stretched my hand to welcome her
“I’m Autumn, my mother calls me spring , my father calls me Summer and my…”
“I get…Autumn , nice meeting you” I said and she shot me a cheerful smile
The woman took few steps to leave not minding what could be going on in the room.



“Hey! ” She called to the woman and she turned at her.
“Where am I gonna be living ,you haven’t shown me my room?” She questioned
Before the woman could talk, she had interjected ” or perhaps ,I’ll be staying in the same room with Kim ” She said
“Yes” The woman confirmed her presumptions and left.



“Wao! What’s going on here?” She asked as she starred around the room
“Guys , carry her away ” Sophie ordered and the boys rally round to carry me again but the obese girl quickly guided me



“Hey! Where are you carrying my new friend too?” She asked
“Excuse us miss ” One of the bully boys said politely
“Huh? I will punch that your yellow face ” She threatened and those guys looked up to Sophie for what next to do
“I guess you know what to do with the two of them” Sophie said and the bully boys forcefully charged at us
The obese girl whose name is Summer , autumn , winter and spring charged towards them and knock them down in seconds



“I can fight like Anthony Joshua ” She boasted showing her muscles
“Let’s go my friend ” She said , held my hand and we both walked to my room.
Sean’s POV
I furrowed my brow in surprise. I wanted to allow Sophie to punish that girl but another part of me was restricting me.



And even this very worker , I think I’ve seen her before , her appearance seems like one that I had encountered.
Her presence seems positive to me too unlike other girls that had always stayed around me. There is this unexplainable hatred I always have towards them.
They use to look to me like they had hurt me in the past.



That makes me loathe them, not remembering what they had done for me in the past makes me loathe them more.
I can’t say I like this new girl , but I know she is positive. I can’t imagine myself conversing with her…and the conversation was one that I wish not to stop
For the first time , I enjoyed my conversation with someone.




Conversations with people had always being a burden to me. I like loneliness. I have being addicted to sadness cus I’d never being happy
But who could the helper be? Now , it isn’t just about the letter…I really want to know whom the writer of the letter is, I should know my helper at least
But… Okay okay!



I think I’m getting something here. That new worker was holding a letter.. Could it be the letter? Or the helper perhaps sent her?
I ran out of my room abruptly leaving Sophie and the boys in the room in a bit to satisfy my curiosity.
I stood at the entrance and gulp. I have never entered a girl’s room though…
What will she do to me anyways? She’s just a worker…



But how will I ask?
“Where is the letter?” No no!
“Hey you, what was that thing you were holding!” Erm… I think I can say that. That should fit.



As I was about twisting the knob I remembered her friend who defeated those boys like she was Bruce lee , I hope she doesn’t try anything silly with me
I finally twisted the knob and a head popped to welcome me with the door slightly opened.



“Whom did you look for handsome boy…We are five females in this room…so tell me the name of the person you are looking for exactly?” The fat girl asked with a playful smile on her face.



“Five!” I repeated instinctively
“Oh…handsome boy is stunned…well, we have Autumn, spring , summer , winter and Kimberly. Which among us do you look for?” She asked
This girl has really gone crazy , guess she’s one psycho, how can just one person bear four names?



” Kimberly ” I replied
“Oh! My new friend…hope you are not about to hurt her or else ” She said and showed me her clenched fist
“No” I replied and she let me in
Kimberly sat on her bed with teddy on her laps.



“Where is that letter I saw you holding?” I asked softly standing before her bed.
Before Kimberly could speak , the obese girl appeared suddenly before me and I jerked



“The letter! I know where she kept it ” The girl said smirking playfully and ran cheerfully to the wardrobe
Kim stood hastily to stop her from taking it but the stubborn obese girl would not oblige
They start to fight like little kitten and for the first time , I smiled.



(Biological brother)
Kimberly’s POV
I finally overcame Autumn and she fell to the floor with her big ass and that made me chuckled mockingly
“Why don’t you let her get it for me?” Sean asked.



“Nothing ” I replied softly as I bowed
“Did anyone send your letter to give me?” He asked and I shook my head
He nodded and walked outside. I exhaled happily. I’m happy he’s gone. He could have seen that letter
I walked to my bed and sat watching my stubborn roommate still sitting on the floor.



“And why won’t you stand up?” I asked and she bowed her head slightly
“Are you a student?” She asked like a drunk woman
“Yes” I replied
“Ouch! So bad! I’ll be alone after you’ve gone to school. I wish I’m able to go to school too” She said sullenly keeping her head bowed still.



“I can speak to Miss, she may consider ” I replied
“That woman is tall, tall people are wicked,” She said and stood up and came to the bed
“Let’s try it out, ” I said and she nodded.
We both walked to the office of the woman that employed us.



I told her that Autumn wants to go to school
“This obese girl, she will be mocked and frustrated at school, ” The woman said with a sarcastic smile on her lip
“No one dares mock m, I can fight,” She told the woman and the woman giggled thinking she’s just playing
“I’ll tell Lil to bring your uniforms and your school kit very early tomorrow morning, ” The woman said



“Which implies I’m admitted? Just like that…I do not need to sit for an examination?” she stood and start to dance without beat happily
We walked away from the woman after we had shown her our gratitude.



“Thanks, Kim” She appreciated
“Your welcome ” I replied
“For helping me to get admitted to your school, I will teach you how to fight like m, ” She said and I giggled
“I’m so girl, I hate fight of anything violence, ” I said and walked faster




Following Day.
At School.
“Everywhere is just so busy,” She said and I sighted the 6S band stepping down from their cars
She kept speaking but I wasn’t paying attention to all of her sayings, instead, my face was fixed on Sean.




He looked sadder this time, I do not know what has happened again.
“Oh! You really like that boy, I can see you staring at him” She said and I directed my gaze at him, smiled and set my gaze back at Sean.
I traced the 6S band as they walked through the balcony of the school to their class
Why did Sean look sadder?
What could be happening to him this time?



I walked away from Autumn and tiptoed to the 6S band’s class.
I was trying to peep through the window just to see very well the face of Sean when someone suddenly calls my name from the back
The voice was so soft but bold that I jerked in surprise to see whom the person was.




“Stephen!” I called and he smiled
“Have this?” He said and handed over a picture to me
I received the picture and what I saw stunned me
I saw my dad, my mom, my little brother, Sean and I in the same picture
“The picture was taking years ago, are you still doubting if Sean is your biological brother or not?”

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