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VESSAR HIGH SCHOOL: 51, 52, 53, 54 55

VESSAR HIGH SCHOOL: 51, 52, 53, 54 55


Sequence 51-52
(What kind of friend is Steven?)
“Is anything the matter?” Steven asked and I blinked my face. That was when it dawn on me that I had being hallucinating all this while.


But what sort of silly thoughts is that…
“Do you try to…” I said and paused looking intently at the face of Steven
“Try to what? ” He asked seriously.
“Never mind” I replied and kept my eye open , I miss Sean.


I do not have any hope of seeing him, I do not know if we will ever meet again , I do not even know what they may be doing for him over there.
“Did you think you need some space?” Steven asked.


“No, stay with me ” I replied.
I just need someone’s shoulder to lean on,Steven had being a good friend to me and I trust him.


My face was covered with mask while we were inside the car , the men that kidnapped me were silent. I do not understand a thing of what was going on? Why I was kidnapped? And how they could possibly breach the security of our house.



I noticed that the car finally halted and I was escorted inside a room , I was made to sit and the mask was removed from my face.
I sighed not wanting to be pessimistic, just when I thought happiness has found me , some evil people are trying to make life hell of a living for me.


I do not know how Kimberly will be feeling where he is now , my sweet heart.
“You will be here till the day of the duet , inside this room. All we needed you to do is to perform well in the duet” A thick voice said.


“Are you working for professor Lucas?” I asked the guy when I sensed who could have possibly kidnapped me.
But it doesn’t make sense for professor Lucas to kidnap me,I’ve always being in his mansion.


“Lucas is not even aware that we kidnapped you, the person that sent us is anonymous, what we will do to you immediately the duet is over is absolutely up to the hands of the person that sent us. ” The man said.


“But know this ,young boy…you will never set your eye on Kimberly again forever ” He said and fear gripped me.
Kimberly is the only girl that had ever given me happiness.


She is the only one that will ever give me happiness, hope they would not hurt her where she is.
Fear of what they might do to her gripped me so hard, I need to get out of this place and escaped all this turmoil of the enemy with Kimberly.


We need to start to live in a place where no one will ever see us , just Kimberly and I.
I stood up in the dark room and realized that everywhere was locked up , there is no possible way of escape , nevertheless , I will and must leave this place.


Who in the world could have wanted to separate me from my Kim?
Could it be…oh no!
But I’ll be strong.
Steven’s POV


I’m sad that Sean had being kidnapped but happy in one way , Kimberly should stop seeing me as just a mere friend or a brother but as someone that really loves her.


The departure of Sean just set a nice pace for everything , I love kim so much and now she must know.
All my efforts to make her love me had being futile all this while but now it’s time to tell her how much I love her and that I want us to be in a real relationship since Sean will never come back again.
What if he does?


Oh no! I pray nothing negative happens to him,though…but I still do not want him to come back.
I want Kimberly and I to have grown so close and deep in our relationship so by the time he appears , it would have being too late.


Kimberly! it’s just you and I now, fate had being good to me by taking Sean away from you and about to give you to me.
Did you think Steven is a good friend?


“Where is that daughter of a b# #ch , where in the world is she?” I heard a loud voice from outside and I came out to see who it was.


It was Allie , Sophie and one other girl.
“Heard that my Sean is missing. Where in the world did you keep him?” Allie asked.
“Sorry! Your Sean…thought you knew that we guys are now into relationship ” I replied.
“You must have gone crazy , young girl” She said angrily.


“Get me my Sean this instant before I descend on you” She said and although I was a bit frightened from the inside , nonetheless , I won’t show it.
“You wouldn’t have being here yelling at me if Sean and I haven’t come here for rehearsal. You should be ashamed of yourself Allie… Nothing happened to Sean all this while that he had being with his mom , we both cane here last night for rehearsal and just this morning , he had being kidnapped and you are here yelling like a…” I said and swallowed. I do not want to be too rude but I’m ready to treat her well if she tries any silly thing.


“Why not complete it? Are you trying to say he was kidnapped by one of us in this mansion?” She asked.
“Maybe, And I will ensure I find who did that to my Sean and get them Jailed ” I threatened and walked out of their presence , back to the room to go and arrange the little luggage that Sean and I brought the previous night.


I walked out of the room with my luggage, then out of the house.
I drove straight to Sean mother’s house and I saw her cross-legging her leg and drinking softly in the room.


She has no idea what had happened to her son. “Mom!”
She turned and shot me a welcoming smile but her face quickly heightened to that of curiosity “Why the pale look?”
“Mom, Sean is missing ” I said.
“What! Missing…Sean…how is that possible?


” I do not know mom, you know we went to the rehearsal last night, we rehearsed last night only for me to wake up and find this letter beside me ” I said and handed over the letter to his mom.
She read it and I could see tears dropping her face.


“You did not have to cry, mom. We are badly broken and hurt right how but crying will not solve anything. We need to do something to get Sean out of wherever he is” I said body and her mom was surprised at the courage at which I spoke.


She cleaned her tears and summoned little courage. “What did you suggest we do to get my son back?”
I aided her to sit and sat as well while I thought.
“I have an idea ” I said.
“Tell me , my daughter ” She said adjusting well on her sit.
A slim girl came to the room with a p$nt and b#a only and served me a plate of food.


“I’m not eating” I said and she looked at me without saying a word.
“You want this?” She asked pointing to her br# #st
“Of course I do” I replied and she stripped herself n#ked before me.
“She helped me up and began to unbutton my shirt , she stripped my cloth off and I was left with ordinary boxers.
She squatted before me and was about to pull my boxer down ” wait!”
She raised her head up to me
“Seems you want this more than I do” I said and she winked at me ready to pull down again “Be patient, you will have it all”


“Do you know me?” I asked and she shook her head.
Seems she is just being used.
“Oh! Can you help me out of here?” I asked.
She hesitated for a while and looked away.


She stood from her squatting position and smirked
She chuckled looking at my face while I wonder why she was chuckling.
“Well, I will help under one condition” She said.
“Tell me “..





Sequence 53-55
Kimberly’s POV
I drove while Sean’s mother sat at the owner’s sit.
We drove to professor Lucas place.
He welcomed us gladly on seeing us. We sat and I commenced speaking. “Sir, are you aware that Sean is missing?”
“So sad, I got informed this morning. ” He replied.


“What are we going to do to get him back , please?” I requested.
“I will try my best to get him back. ”
“Have you informed the cops already , sir?” I requested.
“Oh no! Sean is my boy. I will get him back. I’ve got some internal agents working for me day and night. I assure you”



“Sir, I will report to the cops anyway. The cop should be the first to hear of this. They would do a perfect job than your so called…sorry! I mean your internal agents” I said softly.


“You do not have to be rude. I know you are of course bitter and sad that Sean Is being kidnapped. But you have to trust me”
“I wish I can , sir” I said and signaled for Sean’s mom that it’s time to leave.
we walked out of Professor Lucas presence right inside the car and I drove straight to the police station. I reported the case and departed back to the house.
We stepped down from the car and noticed noticed that there was something strange about the house, I just had the intuition. I can’t place it precisely but I know that something isn’t right…”
I paused while his mom watched me to see if everything is alright.



“We walked boldly to the door and on twisting the knob of the door , a toxic gas blew from the inside , I being prepared immediately ran a distance but Sean’s mom inhaled it already.


I ran as far as my leg could take me and watched from afar as the thick smoke beclouds the surrounding of the house. I could hardly see Sean’s mom.
I hope nothing bad happens to her , who could be behind this?
After about an hour , the ambulance I had called arrived and helped Sean’s mom to the hospital.


Sean’s POV
“There are just three at the first room, and there are two at the entrance. They are dangerous fighters…can you fight? ” The girl said to me
She’s the girl who came to serve me food but promised to help me.
“I can’t fight, I can only…”
“Sing” I know that.
“Thought you said you know nothing about me , how did you then know that I can sing?”


“Forget about that now,let’s talk of how to get you out of here” She said and I nodded.
“Well,I can fight…I just didn’t know if I will be about to beat them all at once?” She said.


” Okay, please ” I said hoping her fighting skills surpass those guys that are imprisoning me here.
“Follow me , but stay far , wait for my signal , cleared?”


“Good” She began to walk out gently , she walked to where the first three sat drinking and making gist. She was quick to knock the first one at sight with her elbow , the other two saw what was happening and ran to where she is.
They began to fight while I watched , hoping that she wins.


One of them blew a whistle and the other two standing outside came in
By them , she had knocked two of the three men inside to the floor already.
Wao! This girl is good I pray she defeats the other two that just joined and the one left of those three.


I stayed out of sight as she had ordered. Suddenly one of the two men that entered threw a knife to her and it hit her stomach.
She yelled in pain ,removed it and threw it to the same guy that threw it. It met him on the neck and he fainted to the floor.


“Good! I’m loving this girl, but she’s hurt already, …my days! I hope she defeats the other two so I can carry her at the instant to the hospital.
One of them threw a leg kick to her chin and she fell to the floor , she was weak and seriously bleeding.


She spat to the floor, stood at once and did a front flit and hit the two at the head,one’s neck got knocked and fell instantly , the other one struggled to quickly take a knife from his pocket ,he threw it at the girl before he could fall.
Having seeing that all the enemies are down, I ran towards the girl and I could see the new knife stuck at her shoulder.
She was seriously bleeding and struggling to breath.


” Common! I’ll take you to the hospital , stay alive , please. ” I said holding her in a bridal style while I squatted to the floor watching her conscious-less face
I hurriedly took a nearby phone and input the digit of the ambulance.
She snatched the phone from me and threw it away.


“I know you, you are Sean. I did this so you and Kim can get back together. … Take care of her please…” she smirked still bleeding
“And for…for…” She grinned and groaned the more in pain.


“…For those that sent .me…or I say , for the person that sent me…whose name is Sss” She closed her eye and I didn’t hear any sound from her anymore.


Sean’s POV
I cried so hard on realising that she had given up the ghost. My heart was bleeding. It’s the first time I’ll see a dead persons before me and she actually saved me.


I sat , squatted and cried all I could. I didn’t even know what to do at that instant. I did not want to inform the police directly so It won’t be said that I’m involved in murder of some sort.
I just need to be very careful here. I picked up a phone and dialed my mom’s digit. I had crammed her contact offhand.


“Hello, mom…”
“Oh my days! Sean… Yes ,it’s Sean ”
Mom!” I called and cried.
“You did not have to cry , my son. Kim and I had also being trying all our best to find you…where are you?”


” I do not even know the address , but I’m so devastated , right now. ”
“We will track the address of the phone , just stay there please , we are coming”
“Alright , mom” I replied and hung.
I rested my back to the wall with a heavy heart, I just want to be happy but I had to keep experiencing a lot.


After few minutes , I noticed a car drove in. In a twinkle of an eye, my mom and Kim entered.
Kim ran to hug me after which she disengaged giving chance for mom to give me a motherly hug also.


“Kim! I missed you so much ” I said
“Not as much as I do” Kim replied with tears pouring from her face , she walked close to me and hugged me tight.
I placed a gentle peck In her chick and I’m just so glad we are back together.
“We need to do something as soon as possible , you guys must leave the sight of the enemies…I’ll handle the dead bodies ” My mom said.


Kim and I nodded in agreement.
We just want to live a happy life.
“Kim, drive Sean to a save place , I will join you”
“No, mom. You are not even fine yet, the doctor said you should rest for a while before commencing your daily activity ” I replied.


“Did anything happen to mom?” I asked.
“Yes, the enemies filled the house with some toxic substance and she inhaled it ,I’m glad she’s fine now ”
“Mom, I think we should go together ” I said.


“No,I’ll be fine and I promise to join you as soon as possible. ”
I nodded after realizing that my mom had made up her mind , we ran out of the house and Kim drove to the safe place.


On getting there , it was an unpopulated small city , we lodged in a very decent house.
“I hope they didn’t trace us here ” I said.
“We just have to be optimistic” Kim replied.


A message popped into my phone at that moment. I I unlocked the phone and it reads:
“Hi , Sean…information reaching us now that you are free…I’m so happy for you brother…please stay safe wherever you are…but…I’m sorry to tell you that Kim betrayed you while you were absent. Brother…I did not know how it happen but I must confess. Kim and I had s$x.


Kim’s POV
I do not know what is happening to Sean ever since we got here. He has being this very cheerful somebody while we were coming but he had suddenly become moody.


He looked like someone disappointed in somebody, I can’t place what suddenly happened around him but I should find out.
I set his room and went outside to inform him that his room is fit to relax.
“Kim!” He called softly looking deeply into my face.


I keep watching him wondering why he called my name with so much seriousness.
“Is it true that you had s$x with another while I wasn’t around?”
“What the h3ck! Who in the world is telling that false rumour?” I yelled.
“Kim…If I had received this message from just any random person , I won’t have given it much thought but I recieved this message from my brother and I trust him”
“Which of them?”
“You mean, Stephen sent this to you? Why in the world will he ever do that…I can only remember us…” I said and paused.


“Remember you doing what? Just say it?”
“After you were kidnapped , I went to inform Stephen and he followed me to your room, I then showed him the letter you left and…”
“And what?”
“I was bitter , I was crying because you were kidnapped , I needed a shoulder to lean on…”



“You needed a shoulder to lean on , then it lead to s3x between the two of you” Sean said and angrily walked inside without allowing me to complete my sentence.
Oh my days!
Sean trust his brother so much. Why did Stephen had to do this? Why will a brother do this for his sister?
This is dangerous for me now…I just want to live a happy life with Sean here and someone is somewhere orchestrating this terrible act.
I cried softly and walked inside.
I put a call through to Sean’s mom.
“Mom, how are you?”



“Fine Kim…hope you guys are having fun over there?”
“Not really but are you safe over there or you will come over here to join us?” I asked.
“I’ve travelled to a safer place already, you did not have to worry about me , however…why are you not really fine?”
I sighed and explained what is happening between Sean and I to her.
“How can Steven be so cruel to do this! ” She lamented painfully.


“I’ll talk to Sean , you do not have to worry…but are you sure nothing happened between Stephen and you?”
“Yes, mom. You should trust me. I love Sean more than betraying him.”
“Why should I believe you?”
“Mom, why are you talking like this?”
“Because , just now…I received a message in form of an image in my tab and it’s a n@ked picture of you in Steven’s room”


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