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Episode 25
Nigel went back to the other house to stay with Rose who is suffering because of everything that is going on.
He met her sitting in her room staring at the ceiling and tears coming from her eyes.


He sat beside her and hugged her, he has a feeling Selena is up to something.

But he doesn’t have something big on her yet, if only his investigator could get more dirt on her.

Nigel: My love it’s okay, we’re gonna have angel back very soon I promise. Please stop crying.


Rose: My baby is hungry, I need to feed him. I’m the one who is supposed to be holding him and feeding him. He doesn’t deserve to pay for my sins

She breaks into tears again.


Nigel: It’s alright Rose, I’m as worried as you are. Please come eat something.

Rose: No Nigel. I can’t eat anything until my baby comes back, I won’t eat anything until he comes back.

Nigel: Don’t do this to me Rose please… I can’t…


A call came through his phone and he recognizes as the police.

Nigel: Yes inspector.

Inspector Dave: Something big happened Mr Owens. We found the body of a lady dressed in a uniform presumed to be your workers uniform at the roadside just now.


Nigel: (Shocked) What? What’s wrong with the person?

Inspector Dave: We can’t say yet… She has been taken to the hospital, where are you Mr Owens you’re needed for questioning.


Nigel: I’m at my other house with my son’s mother, I never knew any of this happened.

Inspector Dave: This is a very critical case Mr Owens, whoever did this wasn’t careful.


Nigel: Can I come early tomorrow morning? It’s already late and Rose needs to rest.

Inspector Dave: As an inspector, that’s all I can do so please make sure you come in the morning.


Nigel: Sure I will… Thanks inspector.

He hangs up and sees Rose staring at him for an explanation.

Nigel: They found the body of one of the workers at the mansion on the road side… I don’t know what really happened yet but I think it’s linked with our son’s disappearance.


Rose: Hmph! Couldn’t be anyone other than Selena.

Nigel: Rose

Rose: Don’t call me Nigel you know it’s true. That worker came from your mansion and Selena is the only person apart from the workers that is in the mansion.


Nigel: I know but… I never knew Selena would do something so dangerous and callous.

Rose: Then do you think I’m worse than she is.


Nigel: No Rose don’t think like that please. I’m just saying this because I’ve known her for years and she never came across as a troublesome person.

Rose: (Scoffs) Stop talking about Selena’s good girl acts to me. I’m going to the station to report and request for a search conducted at your mansion tomorrow.


Nigel: Rose stop being so stubborn and wait at least. I was gonna ask for that even before you said anything.

Rose: No you’re not! You are always supporting her! I’m sick and tired of hearing you defending her!


She ran out of the room in anger while he chased after her. He caught her before she got to the gate.

Nigel: Rose! Rose I’m sorry… I’m not defending Selena, I’m just surprised.

Rose: Well I’m fed up of hearing about her so I’m leaving.

Nigel: What?


Rose: I’m leaving and I’m also going to give that bitch a piece of my mind.

Nigel: Rose… You want to leave me just because you are jealous? I’m the one who has suffered most in all of this yet I’m not complaining (He starts feeling a pain in his chest and head) Stop… Stop doing this please.


Rose: What’s wrong with you Nigel?

He collapsed on her shoulder

Rose: Nigel! OMG! I’m so sorry.

The security help her carry him up to the room and she attended to him.


Rose: I’m so sorry Nigel. I shouldn’t have stressed you so much. I totally forgot… I’m so stupid, being your doctor and knowing your condition I… feel so bad.

She continues crying.. He opened his eyes and sat up. She was backing him so she didn’t see him wake up, he dragged her to himself.


Nigel: Stop crying

Rose: I’m sorry… I’m so sorry.

Nigel: I’m not mad at you my darling… I guess I’ve been too stressed out.

Rose: What would you like to eat?

Nigel: I’m not hungry.


Rose: But you’re not well Nigel, you need to eat in order to take your drugs.

Nigel: You’re not eating so I’m not eating

Rose: What?

Nigel: Let’s just wait till our son returns.

Rose: Nigel… You’ll get sick.

Nigel: Does that matter? You’re all that matters Rose so I don’t care.


Rose: I’m sorry… I was being selfish. I’ll eat something now… Let’s go.

He kissed her.

Nigel: That’s my girl.



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The next morning
Nigel went to the police station as promised.
After a while he was allowed to see the inspector.

Inspector Dave: Good morning Mr Owens


Nigel: Good morning Inspector… Please tell me what’s really going on?

Inspector Dave: One of our officers on patrol saw this body on the road last night.

Inspector Dave brings out some pictures taken of the woman.


Nigel: Dear God! This is Soledad. She’s one of my favorite workers.

Inspector Dave: She was still wearing her uniform which means she was coming from your mansion.

Nigel: She always wears her uniform even when going home… I have not been home and only my wife has been home with the workers.


Inspector Dave: What if she saw something that made them smash her head because she was really bleeding from her head.

Nigel: Officer… Can I please request that my house be searched ?


Inspector Dave: If that’s what you want Mr Owens we do just that.

Nigel: Don’t hesitate to arrest anyone you see doing something suspicious even if its my wife.

Inspector Dave: We’ll be sure to do our job well. Besides we need to ask Mrs Owens a few questions.


Nigel: She’s Selena… I’m gonna divorce her soon.

Inspector Dave: Alright Mr Owens.

A call comes to the inspectors phone.

Inspector Dave: Yes tell me… She’s awake? She is trying to say something?
Watch her well… I’m on my way.

Nigel: Can I come with you Inspector?

Inspector Dave: Sure… Let’s go.




The Wedding
Can I love you

Episode 26

Nigel and the inspector went to the hospital together.
On getting there they rushed to her ward.
Her head was bandaged and she was in a bad state.


Inspector Dave: (To the officers watching her) Excuse us officers.

They saluted and walked out. Nigel took a seat beside her, she opened her eyes.

Nigel: Soledad. How are you feeling?

Soledad: F.i.n.e.


Nigel: Can you tell me what happened?

She just stared without speaking.

Inspector Dave: Ma’am we’d appreciate if you say something because it will help our investigation.

Soledad: Ma…dam… S…


Nigel: Selena?

Soledad blinked her eyes to confirm.

Nigel: Selena did this to you? But why?



Nigel: Basement… Oh my God! Officer we need to go to my house immediately!

Inspector Dave: Yes… I’ll call for backup.

Nigel called Rose to meet him there while the inspector called for backup.
They barged into the mansion but Selena was nowhere to be found, they rushed to the basement and met Cathy’s body on the floor.


Nigel: Cathy! She’s really bleeding.

Cathy opens her eyes a little.

Cathy: Nigel… Save… Angel

She fell unconscious, they carried her to the ambulance while Nigel went out to look for Selena.


A car suddenly rushed through the back gate almost hitting everyone.

It was Selena, Angel is in the car and she’s driving dangerously.
The police and Nigel chase after her.

Selena sat comfortably in the living room sipping a glass of wine when a call came through her phone.


๐Ÿ“žYes Martin

๐Ÿ“žI have a feeling you have something to do with the body of the woman found on the roadside.

๐Ÿ“žWhat? What woman?

๐Ÿ“žI’m just calling to tell you the police are on their way to your house. You might wanna run.


He hung up. Selena angrily throws the glass of wine on the floor.

Selena: Idiots! They’re so stupid. How could they let this happen?
No I can’t lose! If I don’t have Nigel, then I’m not going down alone.


She went to the basement, Cathy is still tied up and the men are not there.

She picks a gun and points it at Cathy.

Cathy: I’m not afraid of you bitch. I’m sure in no time you’re gonna rot in jail.

Selena: And in no time you’re gonna be in hell. So ironic.


Cathy: You’ll pay for this.

Selena: You talk too much and that’s my problem.

The police siren is getting closer, she smirked.

Selena: Say hi to my grandpa in hell.

She shoots Cathy and untied her, then she goes upstairs to the secret room and carried Angel.


Then she goes through the back door and entered the car after placing the baby in the back seat.

Selena: It’s either me or the baby. One of us will die and I don’t give a damn. Shut up brat!

Angel is crying loudly and shaking because of the way Selena is driving.



Rose was coming in a car with Nigel’s men when an unknown car blocked their path.

Then they began shooting… During the shootout, Rose managed to escape and she ran away.


She wasn’t lucky as another car came and some men abducted her.
They injected her with something that made her unconscious.

She opened her eyes only to find herself in a room with a woman at the corner.

Woman: Rose.

Rose: Mom! Mom!!


She runs to hug Theresa as the both of them cried in each other’s arms.

Theresa: My poor girl. I’m so sorry for everything. I’m sorry for abandoning you when you needed me.

Rose: It’s okay mom… You were only a victim like me, dad is the real culprit.

Theresa: Stop calling that man your father Rose, he’s not your father.

Rose: What do you mean mom?


Theresa: I will tell you about your biological father when all this is over. I was pregnant with you when I married Fred.

Rose: No wonder he hates me so much. He’s evil mom… My son was kidnapped.

Theresa: I didn’t know you gave birth to a boy. I’m the worst mother in the world.


Rose: No don’t say that mom. You’re the best mom and I love you. We need to get out of here, I have a feeling my baby is in danger.

Theresa: We’ll pray Rose. Nothing will happen to him.

Rose: I hope so mom.

The door opens to reveal Fred and two armed men.


Fred: I hope you’re enjoying your mother daughter union cos it won’t last long.

Theresa: Don’t you dare hurt my daughter Fred.

Fred: Hmmm… You’ve got such a confidence huh?

Rose: You’re so mean and evil, I hate you.

Fred: You should be worried about your son who is in car being chased by the police.

Rose: Angel! No!


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