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The Wedding
Can I love you
Episode 22

Nigel got home in the evening to talk to Selena who’s still angry about the incident that happened before.
Anna and Jean are currently not in the house as they went to their other property to give the couple their needed privacy.
Selena is drinking in the living room and playing loud music, Nigel turns the music off.


Nigel: This is a house not a club Selena quit doing this.
Selena: It’s not like you care, I mean you no longer live here right.
Nigel: What are you talking about Selena this is my house.
Selena: Then come back and continue being my husband again. Don’t leave me for her, you can’t really trust her. What if she’s planning to finish what she didn’t finish the last time? Open your eyes and see the reality Nigel.
Nigel: Can I trust you?
Selena: What? What do you mean by that Nigel?


Nigel: I’m just asking if I can trust you since you said I can’t trust Rose.

Selena: It’s not fair that you’re treating me this way, all I’ve done is love you and you have so much distrust for me. I wish I could turn back the hands of time, I’d have not fallen in love with you and suffer like this.


Nigel: I’m not making you suffer Selena, you know I like you. I can’t feel more than that, my heart belongs to Rose. She’s already filled all the spaces left in my heart.

Selena: (Scoffs) I don’t believe in giving up or backing down. I don’t believe in no spaces left, my type of love says no one can have you if I can’t. That’s the truth.


Nigel: This is the reason you’re hurting so much Selena. That belief is stupid and selfish, you’re gonna end up alone if you don’t stop. Because you’ll still be chasing what’s not meant for you while the one meant for you passes you by.

Selena: Still I’m not giving up. At least not now, I’ll prove to you that you can love someone else even if she’s not Rose ( Walks away)


Nigel: (Palms his face) This will be harder than I thought. Gosh what do I do with her?

He picks his phone and calls Rose.

(On the phone)☎️☎️☎️
Rose: Darling.
Nigel: My love, are you done with work?

Rose: Yes. I just need to attend to a few patients, I’ll be going in twenty minutes. What about you?


Nigel: I’m on my way to pick you up. Have you heard from Cathy and my son?

Rose: Yeah. We talked an hour ago and we agreed to meet at home. I miss my baby though.

Nigel: I’m on my way to pick you up now, just wait for me.

Rose: Alright I’ll be waiting.


He hung up and went upstairs to change before picking his car keys and heading out.
He got to the hospital and went straight to her office, just as he was about to enter he got a strange text.
He opened it and saw a shocking sight, meanwhile Rose came behind him and hugged him.


Nigel: (Startled) Ummm… Rose… Sweetheart… You’re here.

He quickly hid his phone in his pocket before she got to his front.

Rose: You sound off and you’re sweating under the AC. Is something wrong?

Nigel: No nothing is wrong. What makes you think that?


A text came to Rose’s phone, he snatched the phone from her before she could check it. And it turns out it’s the same text he received.
How will he tell her Angel and Cathy has finally been kidnapped and the restaurant has been destroyed?
Those kidnappers sent a picture of Cathy tied up with Angel in her hands.


Rose: Hey why did you collect the phone? What’s going on?

Nigel: Let’s go inside the office before anything.
Rose: Now you’re scaring me.

They went inside the office, he sits her down hoping she will take it calmly.

Rose: Now tell me what is going on.

Nigel: Rose you need to calm down first.

Rose: I am calm Nigel, just tell me.

He brought out the phone and showed her the text. She covers her mouth crying.


Rose: No. My baby, Cathy. How could he do this? My child is innocent and doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.

Nigel: I’m calling the inspector right now, we have so many enemies. We don’t know who it is but I won’t spare Fred if he’s involved.

Rose: Let’s go report at the station immediately. Let’s ask that guy arrested maybe he has an idea where my dad is.


Nigel: Rose… Don’t…

Rose: What? Why?

Nigel: He’s dead Rose, he was murdered at the hospital.

Rose: What?! By who? Why didn’t you tell me?

Nigel: I didn’t want you to worry yourself I’m sorry.


Rose: what do you mean by not worrying myself? I am the child’s mother and I deserve to know everything that is happening. You have to tell me everything not hide some from me. We’re gonna talk about this later but now we need to find my baby and my friend.


Nigel: Lets go tell the police.

Rose changed and they left the hospital for the police station.
At the station
Inspector Dave: We’re going to try all our best to get your son back. But who do you have in mind?

Rose: My father Fred Gonzalez. He promised to hurt my son today if I don’t leave Nigel.


Nigel: She’s right Inspector. The man is very dangerous and has a lot of officers working for him, so I’m thinking he has someone in this station too.

Inspector Dave: Yes and we’re working on it. We will figure out who the traitor is. Fred Gonzalez has many murder cases against him from many years ago which he got away with. This time I will make sure he pays for everything he has done.

Nigel: I’ll be expecting your call officer.

Rose: Officer I have someone else in mind.


Inspector Dave: Who miss Gonzalez.

Rose: Selena Owens.

Nigel: What? Rose don’t do that. Because you had a fight with Selena doesn’t mean she’d kidnap Angel. Stop it.

Inspector Dave: Are you sure of what you’re saying miss?

Rose: Yes. She threatened to get me and my son out of the way besides I think she’s working with my father.

Inspector Dave: That’s interesting. We’re going to call her here for questioning, but do you have a witness?

Rose: Nigel was there when she said it.

Inspector Dave: Mr Owens….

Nigel: Well…



The Wedding

Can I love you

Episode 23
Still at the police station…
Rose: What is wrong with you Nigel? Why aren’t you talking? Say something?

Nigel: Do what you have to do officer, we have to leave now.


Inspector Dave: We’re gonna get back to you Mr Owens.

Nigel: (Stands up and shakes the Inspector) Thank you Inspector, please be fast with the investigations.

Rose: Really? (She walks out angrily)

Nigel: She’s still affected by the disappearance of our son.


Inspector: I understand Mr Owens.

Nigel: Okay. I’ll leave now

He walked out of the station and runs after Rose who is already leaving in anger. He catches up with her and stops her.

Rose: Let go of me pervert!

Nigel: What’s wrong with you my love?


Rose: Don’t you dare call me that you liar. You’re nothing but a liar. You were defending Selena knowing fully well she could have something to do with the disappearance of my son. I hate you.

Nigel: And I love you Rose. I wasn’t defending Selena, I just don’t want us to make a mistake by accusing someone.

Rose: You better find my baby Nigel, get my baby from her or I’ll make sure I press charges against you and her.


Nigel: Rose wait… darling I know how you feel right nowi but we don’t need this at this time. Please let’s stick together and support each other at this stage, we should focus on getting our son back.

She began crying.

Rose: I just want my baby back Nigel. I’m so scared that they might hurt him. What if they don’t feed him well? What if he gets sick? What if he’s crying all night?

Nigel: We’re going to get Angel back and whoever is involved will pay for everything. I promise you Rose. Let’s go home, you need to rest.


They walked home together, they went to Rose’s apartment to pick up a few things while he took her to another house. One of his houses which is filled with security, she is to stay there until everything dies down.


At Nigel’s Mansion
Selena is seen going to the basement. She stays there for a while before coming out.
She then dresses up and goes out, unknown to her a car followed her out.
She drives to the outskirts and stops in front of a strange house.
She got down and entered the house after looking around for a while, she was wearing sunglasses and a scarf to cover her face.


She met Fred in the living room drinking.
Fred: You’re late, what’s keeping you so busy.

Selena: Waiting for my husband to come home (Sits) Your daughter hardly let’s him stay home anymore.

Fred: She really thinks I’m joking. But then I have more important things to tell you.


Selena: Tell me.

Fred: Someone kidnapped Rose’s baby.
Selena: What? How? But wait… I thought we’re supposed to be happy, didn’t you order them?

Fred: Are you listening Selena? Do you know what this means?

Selena: I don’t understand…


Fred: (Stands up) We have a rival… Someone is on to us. Someone is acting before us and I’m not gonna let that happen. I will get to the root of this and that’s a promise.

Selena: Do you have anybody in mind who you suspect?


Fred: That’s not a problem, the police are after me now because my past case has been restarted by someone. One of my enemies, I think this same person abducted that baby so they’ll think I did it. Since I already threatened Rose. But I’m not giving up, whoever did this must pay.


Selena left there smiling at herself, well she is kinda responsible for everything. She filed a case against him and also kidnapped the baby with Cathy.
Once Fred is out of the way, she can get rid of Rose and have Nigel all to herself.


Nigel’s Mansion
Selena walked in only to find Nigel waiting impatiently for her. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw the dark look in his eyes.

Selena: Nigel.. You’re home already.

Nigel: Where are you coming from Selena?

Selena: I went to see a friend.

Nigel: I know you don’t have any friends here in Florida so tell me the truth Selena!


Selena: I’m saying the truth! I went to visit an old friend.

Nigel; Really?
He brings out some papers and showed her.
She stared at it shocked.

Selena: Nigel… Where did you get these pictures.

Nigel: If you don’t talk right now, I’ll do something nasty right now.

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  1. Haba! I was beginning to think the detective was no longer in the picture na. 
    I pray Selena confesses and Rose’s baby n Cathy are saved.

  2. I wish nothing happens to them sha cause am somehow scared

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