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The Wedding
{Can I love you

Episode 16

Still at the hospital…
Rose: Kelvin?
Kelvin: Yes it’s me baby, it’s been so long.
Nigel: What’s this Rose? Who’s this jerk?
Rose is a little shaking and scared in between the two men. They both look like they’re gonna devour each other anytime soon.
Rose: He’s… He’s my ex before I married you.


Nigel looked at him with so much hatred in his eyes.
Nigel: What do you want with my wife?
Kelvin: (Laughs) Calm down lover boy. I’m not here for you but for the love of my life Rose.
Rose: Stop calling me that Kelvin. I don’t belong to you and I don’t love you. Not after you conspired with my father to ruin me.
Kelvin: Come on baby… That was long ago and I’m very sorry so just let it go and let’s be together again.
Rose: I can only forgive you if you tell Nigel the whole truth.
Kelvin: That’s not hard. Listen lover boy, it’s true that she did marry you for your properties.
Rose: Kelvin!
Kelvin: Relax baby I’m not done yet. She agreed but I never wanted her to go. She promised never to leave me. But then she had to get pregnant and fall for you, so I was angry. Her father came at the right time, we twisted the plan. Originally she was supposed to dupe you but she changed as soon as she married you.
Nigel couldn’t believe his ears, his anger was coming back again.
Nigel: Are you saying Fred has something to do with this?


Kelvin:That man planned everything. He won’t stop until he sees you down, you should better watch your wife well. I’ve said enough. I’ll be back baby. Just wanted you to know I’m around.
He winked at her and left, Nigel just stood there feeling numb. All these discoveries today, Rose felt relieved that at least he knows the whole truth.
Angel started crying, she quickly carried and comforted him.
Rose: Awwwn don’t cry my love. Mummy’s here for you baby, you know I love you very much my angel.
Nigel: But… what did I ever do to your father Rose? What..don’t remember ever hurting anyone in your family so why me?
Rose: My father is a greedy man, he is just bent on ruining you and I really can’t explain why. All I know is that you need to be careful with everyone.
Cathy barges in.
Cathy: Rose you won’t believe who I just… Oh I didn’t know you’re busy. Sorry. Hi Nigel.
Nigel: Hi.
Cathy: (Snatch’s angel) Ummm… Since the baby is hungry I’ll go get him something. You guys continue (Winks at Rose and leaves)
Rose:But Cathy… Gosh that girl. Shouldn’t you go be with Selena. She just lost a baby, as a doctor I’ll advise you stay with her.


Nigel: And as you? Do you really want me to be with her?
Rose: No.
Nigel: What
Rose: I’m too selfish so I’d prefer you always be with me. You heard so leave now and stay with her.
Nigel: I’ll come back for you later. You and I need to talk about a lot of things.
(He pecks her lips) Don’t you let that punk or that jerk near you. Take care of my son. (Leaves)
Rose: Thank goodness Kelvin cleared my name. Now I can breathe peacefully but I’m still not happy. How can I be falling for someone that can’t be mine everyday. The more I stay away the more I fall for him. Get out of my head already Nigel.


Things went back to normal as Selena was discharged and she kept acting like she lost a real pregnancy to keep Nigel with her.
Harry is doing everything to make Rose happy and get her to fall in love with him through sincerity and care.
Rose took Angel out to the park since today is her off day while Nigel also came in a bid to make Selena happy not knowing she has other plans.
Rose took Angel on rides and bought ice cream even though he couldn’t take it.
Selena: My love, I need to use the restroom. Please wait for me.
Nigel: Sure I’ll be waiting. But don’t stay long.
Selena walked to the other side of the park.
Selena: We’re right there now. Please be careful. Nigel is with me and he can’t suspect anything, this is his son were talking about… Yes I’ll wait here till the job is done so as to avoid more suspicions… Be fast.
Nigel kept waiting for Selena but he didn’t see her so he decided to look for her. But he saw people gathered as a woman screamed. He walked there and found out it was Rose.
He rushed to her.
Nigel: Rose! What’s wrong with you? What are you doing here?
Rose: (Crying) Angel…
Nigel: What happened to Angel? Where’s my son?! Talk to me!
Woman: She’s traumatized sir. A man just snatched her baby and ran away but I don’t think he went far because we already called security and they’ve closed all entrances.


Nigel: How dare he? (he left angrily)
Rose: Nigel please don’t leave me… Help my baby please.
Woman: (Consoling her) please calm down miss, I’m sure your husband and the others will find him.
Nigel kept running and searching everywhere and everyone. He already called the police and most men and security were helping him.
Selena being aware of what is going on called the unknown man.
Selena: That idiot you sent has fucked up. He’s gonna reveal our identity as soon as he’s caught. You need to do something about him.
Man: I always knew he was not a professional. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him. We’ll do this another day, for now stay low and avoid trouble.
Selena: Okay, I have to go now. continued looking for the idiot until he came across someone in a hoodie with something on his back covered up.
Nigel: Hey you. What’s that on your back?
Guy: What’s it to you?
Nigel goes towards him but he kicks Nigel and ran off.
Nigel: You’re gonna pay for that you bastard..
He runs after the guy until he had nowhere to run to so he stopped and brought out a dagger with Angel in his hands.
Guy: If you come close I will end this Cutie’s life right now.
Nigel: Don’t you dare hurt my son you bastard.
Guy: Try me and see if I won’t kill him…. Shut up brat.
Nigel: What do you want with my son and who sent you?
Guy: You think I’m just gonna answer you loverboy?
Nigel: What’s in it for you? How much did they pay you for all this? I can pay you ten times more just give me back my son and I’ll let you escape.
Guy: (Laughs) You really think I’m thinking that stupid? If I’m going down everyone is going with me. So I might just tell you that the person who sent me is none other than S…
A gunshot is heard and he falls down while Nigel quickly catches the baby.
He looks back and saw a police officer already shot the guy, he sighed in relief.
Nigel: Thank you so much officer.
Officer: I’m just doing my job Mr Owens.
Nigel: Is he dead?
Officer: No. I shot his arm, he’s gonna be taken to the hospital.
The other officers carry the man out.
Officer: We’re gonna need you at the station sir.
Nigel: Yes. I’ll see you later. Just let me return my son to his mother.
Officer: Yes sir, were sorry for the inconvenience.


Nigel: It’s okay officer, the important thing is that my son is safe now.
Officer: I’ll take my leave first. (Leaves)
Nigel walked back to the crowd and everyone kept watching him and murmuring to themselves.
He went back to Rose who has already called Cathy and is being comforted by her.
Cathy: OMG! Angel! You brought him back Nigel! Thanks a lot, let me hold him. I’ll take him home, you should look at Rose. She’s not feeling well.
He gives the baby to her and squatted in front of Rose who is still shaking.
Nigel: Rose! Look at me Rose! I already got our son back, stop this right now.
She finally fainted. He quickly carried her out totally forgetting he brought Selena. He took her to his car and drove off. Selena saw them and felt so angry.
Selena: He came with me but left with her, I know my main goal is to get his wealth but I’m suddenly getting jealous. Am I really falling for him? No I can’t. I can’t fall for him, boss is going to kill me. But I’m so angry, I hate that woman. I swear I’m going to make her son disappear myself.




The Wedding
Can I love you?
Episode 17
Nigel rushed Rose inside the hospital. He waited at the ward while the doctors attended to her.
A while later the doctor came out smiling.
Doctor Ray: There’s no cause for alarm Mr Owens, miss Rose is doing fine. I think it was just a mere shock. She’s resting now.
Nigel: (Sighs in relief) Thank you doctor, can I see her now?
Doctor Ray: Yes you can Mr Owens. The ward is that way, the second on the right
Nigel: Okay.


Nigel leaves and walked inside the ward to see Rose. She’s sleeping as the doctor said, he wished he could kill the person who tried to steal his son.
He sits beside her and holds her hand.
Nigel: My beautiful Rose, I miss you so much. I wish the devil had never gotten between us my darling, I’ve never loved any woman the way I love you. I’m sorry for hurting you and everything I did, I hope you can forgive me.
Be strong for Angel. He needs you. I need you.


Rose: (Opens her eyes) Nigel… Where am I?
Nigel: You’re in the hospital Rose, you passed out.
Rose: My baby. Where’s my baby?
Nigel: He’s with Cathy, don’t worry. I hired five bodyguards to watch over you girls and my son.
Rose: (sighs) Thanks Nigel. But what were you doing at the park?
Nigel: I came with Selena.
Rose: (sits up) Well… Shouldn’t you be with her now?
Nigel: I wanna be with you Rose, because you’re the only one I see as a woman.
Rose: But Nigel…
Nigel: I’m not gonna leave you alone Rose, you’re mine. And I’m getting you back.


Rose: What are you talking about Nigel? You’re married. How can you be married and still do this?
Nigel: Do you love me Rose?
Rose: Well…
Nigel: Just say the truth Rose.
Rose: Yes, I love you.
Nigel: Then I’m not giving up on you. I’m going to fight for you and get you back. I know I took long but it’s never too late.
Rose: What about your wife?
Nigel: She knows I love you. I only married her for the baby but it’s gone now. I want you Rose, and I’ll have you.
He turned to leave but Rose dragged him back and hugged him.


Rose: I’ve been wanting to hear that for fifteen months. I love you. I want to fight for our love, but now I’m scared.
Nigel: You don’t need to be scared of anything Rose, we’re gonna conquer this together.
Rose: Please don’t leave me again Nigel
Nigel: I’ll never leave you again Rose, I promise you.


At the police station
An officer received a call from a strange number. His name is Martin.
Martin: This is Officer Martin, who am I on to?
Voice: Officer, I have a great offer for you.
Martin: Who are you and what do you want?
Voice: $5million
Martin: What for?
Voice: For a small job.
Martin: Let’s meet and discuss.
Voice: Very good, I’ll text you the address. But don’t try to deceive me or its dangerous.
Martin:I’m a man of my word.
Voice: Good. Expect my message.
He hung up. Martin received a text and left the hospital to the menu. A lonely park.


He saw a masked man waiting for him.
Martin: I’m here now. What’s the job?
Man: It’s simple, just kill the boy you shot at the park.
Martin: What about the money?
Man: I’ve sent $3.5million to you, you get balance after the job is done.
Martin: Consider it done. He will be dead in two hours.




The Wedding
Can I love you
.Episode 18
Rose and Nigel went to her house, after talking and catching up on everything they missed.
The love is blossoming and coming back afresh. Especially now that Angel is involved.
Cathy stared at them confused.
Cathy: ummm… What’s going on and why are you both smiling like that? Are you good now Rose?
Rose: I’m good now Cathy. Thanks a lot for taking care of Angel.
Cathy: Angel is my god child. Why won’t I take care of him?
Nigel: Still thank you Cathy. Where is he?
Cathy: Sleeping on his crib over there. Can I see you for a minute Rose?
Before she could say anything Cathy dragged her to the kitchen.
Cathy: Now start talking
Rose: (blushing) We made up.
Cathy: Really?! Oh that’s good news. (she hits Rose on the head)
Rose: Ouch. What’s that for?
Cathy: He’s a fucking married man Rose. What are you gonna do about his wife? You know how dangerous this is, I don’t want you and Angel caught in the middle of this.
Rose: (sighs) I know, but I’m ready to fight for my love. Nigel belongs to me and I’m not letting go of him ever. Never again. Besides you’ve always wanted us to make up.


Cathy: Yes I know but with all that happened today I’m scared. What if she knows about the kidnap? I’m just saying this because I don’t want you to get hurt.
Rose: Thank you Cathy. Just be happy for Nigel and I. I’m glad to have my husband back at my side.
Cathy: Don’t worry my love, it will all be good very soon.
Rose: (hugs Cathy) You’re a rare friend. I love you.
Cathy: Let’s go back before your hubby goes crazy with jealousy.
They got out and met Nigel playing with Angel.
Rose: You woke him up Nigel.
Nigel: I didn’t. My phone did, sorry.
Cathy: You guys go ahead, I’ll take care of him (Carries the baby from Nigel’s arms) I’ll be in my room. (Leaves)
Rose: (Laughs) that girl is totally weird.
Nigel: I think she’s pretty and nice.
Rose: Huh? What about me?
Nigel: Ummm… You’re very ummm… Pretty.
Rose: What? You can’t compliment others and not me? Very nice.
Nigel: I smell jealousy.
Rose: No I’m not.
Nigel: You are.
Rose: No I’m not!
Nigel: Fine. Stop being so… Jellyfish.
Rose: (Glares at him) I’m out of here.
Nigel pulls her back and kissed her.
Nigel: You’re still my number 1. My beautiful Rose. I love you.
Rose: I love you too Nigel.
A call comes through his phone but he didn’t pick it.
Rose: Why aren’t you picking up?
Nigel: I have to go now, I’ll be back.
Rose: Alright. I’ll be waiting for you.
Nigel: Don’t miss me too much.
Rose: Get out Nigel.
She pushed him out and waved at him as he entered his car.

At the hospital…
An unknown man is seen entering the kidnapper’s ward.
He goes in there and breaks the security camera.
Frank: (the kidnapper) Who are you? What do you want?
Man: Your life. You’re gonna die now.
Frank: (groans) No please. I’ll do anything. Don’t kill me.
Man: if I don’t kill you now you’re gonna ruin everything.
Frank: No I won’t. Please. Don’t. Kill. Me.
Man: Too late bro.
He uses a pillow to cover Frank’s face and stabbed him thrice in the stomach. He then removed all the plugs and went out of the hospital…

At Nigel’s Mansion.
Nigel went into the house and goes straight to his room to meet Selena just coming from the bathroom. Selena frowned as jealousy overtook her.
Selena: So how is your lover doing?
Nigel: Selena I’m sorry for leaving you there. I have to tell you something.
Selena: Yeah tell me.
Nigel: (breaths) I want a divorce.
Selena: What? What do you mean Nigel?
Nigel: You know the reason I married you Selena, it’s because of our child. But now there’s nothing and I still find it hard to love anyone apart from Rose. I’m sorry if I gave you any false hope but I have to stop now.
Selena: (Laughs) You’re leaving me for her? The same woman who tried to dupe you?
Nigel: That’s the past Selena. I still love her.
Selena: (Wipes a tear) No Nigel. I’m not going to give you a divorce. We’re not getting divorced so get used to me.
Nigel: Selena stop this. I thought we agreed …..
Selena: That if I can’t get you to fall in love with me we can separate? Yes but I’m not giving up yet Nigel. We just got married. So I’m not giving you a chance to leave me. Forget it Nigel…


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