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The Wedding
{Can I love you}
.Episode 11

Rose quickly got up and took someone’s bicycle following the car in a high speed
She didn’t think about herself, she just wanted to take her baby back.
Nigel saw her coming and asked the driver to increase his speed too, but he feared for her life.
Rose lost them so she kept driving and crying, she yelled so loud like a mad woman.

She didn’t notice a car coming, they collided and she fell hard.
The driver who turned out to be Harry, quickly got down and carried her unconscious body to a nearby hospital.
He waited patiently at the reception, he never thought he’d see her again.
But he likes her just the first time he saw her, who wouldn’t fall for such a beautiful lady.
The doctor finally came out.
Harry: how is she doctor?
Doctor: She really fell hard and luckily her head injuries are manageable… But
Harry: but what has happened?
Doctor: Well… Her legs, we weren’t getting anything from there so I think she may be paralyzed for a while.
Harry: (Holds his head) Fuck! What have I done?


Doctor: we will have a therapy done for her and it will take like just two months to start feeling her legs.
Harry: Alright doctor… do whatever you need to do.
Can I see her now?
Doctor: Not yet… She’s still asleep and I think she really needs to rest. Perhaps you could wait till next two hours to see her.
Harry: Okay thanks doctor Paul (the doctor nodded and left) this is not happening.
A call came to his phone, he picked up.
Harry: Harry speaking…
Voice: ummm… Hi it’s Cathy… You came to our restaurant yesterday and gave me your card.
Harry: Oh! Hi… I have something to tell you.
Cathy: Me too… Can we meet up?
Harry: Please meet me at the DS hospitals now… It’s urgent.
Cathy: But why you sound tense?
Harry: (sighed) Your friend had an accident.


Cathy: What?! Are you joking?
Harry: She’s at the hospital now… You should come and see for yourself.
Cathy: I’m on my way!
She hangs up and quickly and hailed a cab to the hospital, in ten minutes she was there.
She ran to the reception panicking, Harry walked up to her.
Harry: hey
Cathy: What happened? Where is she?
Harry: She’s resting for now… I didn’t mean to, she ran into me. She was riding too fast as if she is chasing something or someone that she didn’t notice my car coming.
Cathy sat on the chair to catch her breath, this is just too much to take in.
Cathy: How can Nigel do this to her?
Harry: Who’s that?


Cathy: Nigel Owens, her ex husband and the father of her child. He left her and didn’t care about her pregnancy only for him to want the child’s custody, a child he just met yesterday.
Harry: Wow… That’s… complicated.
Cathy: Rose will die without her baby, the hearing is next week and he has come to take the baby till then.
Harry: so she was chasing after him because he has her baby.
Cathy: Yes and that’s the first thing she’ll ask for when she wakes up.
Harry: Have you guys gotten a lawyer yet?
Cathy: That’s why I wanted to see you since you gave me your card yesterday.

Harry: I’m going to help you guys get your baby back… Believe me.


Nigel took the baby who is now awake home still wondering why she didn’t come anymore.
Maybe she just gave up or she’s gone to call the police.
He went in the mansion with Angel only to find his sister Jean in the house watching TV, she got up as soon as she saw him with the baby.

Jean: Nigel where are you coming from with a baby?
Nigel: This is Angel… Rose’s son and my son also.
Jean: Wow… Such an angel, can I hold him please (Nigel gives her the baby who keeps smiling and playing) You’re so cute Angel, you don’t know me so I’ll introduce myself. I’m your aunt Jean Owens, and we have a lot to talk about.
Nigel: He’s such a lively kid even without his mother.


Jean: Where’s his mother anyway and how did you meet her after so many months?
Nigel: I met her yesterday and I met my son, I realized she might not want me near my son and she might run away. So I’m taking custody of the boy.
Jean: What? Nigel are you crazy? Why are you being so selfish and stupid? You just separated a poor baby from his mother! Do you even love him at all?
Nigel: You don’t understand Jean, I have to make her pay for what she did to me by hurting her where it hurts the most.
Jean: Shut up Nigel! You’re so stupid! If you want to have your ‘revenge’ why not use something else rather than use a poor baby because you don’t love him.
Nigel: Don’t say that Jean… I love the baby and his mother, I just can’t help myself.


Jean: You better go make amends and I’m going to call mom and dad. The baby needs some clothes and food, also you’ll have to give me the address or mom’s gonna make you do it. I can’t believe you, I’m so disappointed in you.
Jean leaves with the baby upstairs while Selena comes down with a smile.
Selena: You did well Nigel… Don’t let anyone bring you down.
Nigel: No Selena, I’ve actually made a big mistake and now there’s nothing I can do. I acted without thinking, if she wins I may never see my son again.
Selena: She can’t because you’ve got the best lawyers in the country. Don’t worry yourself my love.
Nigel: I need to be alone (he leaves the house again)
Selena: It’s too late to feel bad Nigel… What’s done is done.
She smiled wickedly and walked to the kitchen area.


Rose didn’t wake up until the next day, she immediately went hysterical because of her baby. But Harry assured her she will have her baby back.
Nigel refused to give her sister the address even when his mother came so they had no choice than to wait for the hearing.
Rose cried everyday and refused to eat because of her baby not even minding her new condition.
The day for the hearing finally came and everyone was present, except Rose which was assumed that she is ignorant of the case.
But it shocked everyone when Cathy brought her in on a wheelchair.
Nigel was more shocked than anyone…
Jean whispered to his ear, “If you lose this…say goodbye to your son and Rose…”



The Wedding
{Can I love you}

Episode 12

Continues at the court…
Jean was holding Angel, Rose stopped in front of her with tears in her eyes.
Rose: Can I hold him a little please…
Jean: (nods) of course Rose he’s your son
Jean gives the baby to her, she collected Angel who happily smiles at Rose. She kissed him and hugged him crying.
Rose: My darling… I miss you so much… I’m gonna get you back I promise baby.
Jean collects Angel who started crying and takes him outside to calm him down, the hearing began and both lawyers started to defend their clients.
Nigel’s lawyer Mr Job Hawkins called Rose to the stand for questioning.
Job: Mrs Gonzalez, it’s true that you and my client were once married.
Rose: Yes


Job: You left to come to this city because of the divorce and didn’t inform him when you had the baby.
Rose: That’s not how it happened.
Job: You were going to leave again with the baby after he found you
Rose: I wasn’t gonna leave… I told him he could come see him anytime.
Harry: Your honor this questions are irrelevant and he’s making my client uncomfortable.
Judge: Sustained, please ask the proper questions.
Job: What I’m trying to portray here is the fact that this woman had the baby six months ago and didn’t tell my client, that clearly shows she’s hiding the baby. And she is not also financially stable yet she didn’t inform him. It only means she might try to hide the baby again from her father. No other questions my lord.
Judge: (to Harry) You have anything to ask?
Harry: Yes your honor, (faces Rose) When you were pregnant with the baby, did you inform Mr Owens?
Rose: He knew about the pregnancy before the problem that led to our divorce.
Harry: What happened after the divorce?
Rose: I begged him mostly because of my pregnancy but he refused.
Harry: You said your child was born with a minor heart disease that kept him in the hospital for three months
Rose: Yes


Nigel got more shock as he heard that, he began to feel guilty and bad. What happened is mainly his fault and he wasn’t there for his son. Harry hands the doctors report to the judge, the judge nodded.
Harry: Please continue
Rose: I didn’t have enough money to treat him, but because I’m a doctor myself…
Nigel: What?
Rose: I helped treat him so my money was low.
Harry: What did the doctor say was the main cause.
Rose: I’ve fallen down the stairs before and I bled a lot, it really affected my baby.
Harry: Your honor according to my findings, Mr Owens is a very violent man when he gets angry. How did you fall down the stairs miss Gonzalez?
Rose: I was begging him when he pushed me and left, I fell down the stairs that day.


Nigel’s mother and sister gasped, Nigel palmed his face. He never knew he hurt her or did all those things to her.
Harry: And did you ever tell him you didn’t want him near the baby?
Rose: Never… I even begged him to accept Angel and I said he could come visit us anytime.
Harry: What happened to your leg?
Rose: I had an accident while trying to chase after him when he came to take my baby away.
Harry: Thank you Mrs Gonzalez (Rose nodded and drove her wheelchair back) I’d like to call in Mr Nigel for a few questions your honor.
Nigel sighed and walked to the stand, his eyes met with Rose as she looked away at her baby. He felt so guilty and stupid.
Harry: Mr Owens you and Mrs Gonzalez were once married?
Nigel: Yes
Harry: Did you know she was pregnant or not?
Nigel: I did.
Harry: Did you reject the child or not?
Job: Objection your honor He’s trying to make my client say things he doesn’t want to say.
Harry: And why is that your honor… because Mr Owens has a depressive illness and is easy for him to say the truth without thinking.
Judge: Overuled, continue…
Harry: Thank you your honor… Did you reject the baby or not?
Nigel: I…did.
Harry: And when you found her did she mention or act like she didn’t want you around the baby?
Nigel: No
Harry: Then why did you ask for custody of the baby
Nigel: I didn’t want her to separate me from my baby…
Harry: But did you think before doing it?
Nigel: Yes
Harry: My report shows that you have a depressive illness and you’re mentally depressed.
Nigel: (Sighs) Yes
Harry: You also stopped taking your drugs and treatment about a year ago
Nigel: Yes


Harry: That will be all Mr Owens (Nigel goes back to his seat glaring at Harry) Your honor, this case seems like one of numerous illnesses attacks, Mr Owens has stopped taking his medication a year ago. So he is easily violent, thoughtless and more dangerous. I don’t think the child will do well staying with him, his mother on the other hand is hardworking and can provide for her baby with no violence. I rest my case your honor.
Judge: With all that have been said, I ask for a recess before we hear the final verdict.
Everyone went out, the judge and the jury walked out of the courtroom.


Cathy and Rose walked to where Jean and her mother Anna are standing with Angel.
Rose: Can I Please hold him?
Anna: He’s your baby Rose you don’t need to ask (Gives her the baby who stopped crying) See? He stopped crying.
Rose: Thank you so much for taking care of my Angel.
Anna: He’s my grandson and I don’t mind at all so don’t thank me.
Cathy: I wonder how such a jerk came from a family of nice people I’m sorry to say.
Jean: (Sighs) Nigel is not Well.. he doesn’t even understand what he’s doing and why he’s doing it.
Anna: He stopped taking treatment the day you broke up Rose, he was so broken and shattered. I’ve never seen him so sick like that, he almost died. He spent two months at the hospital before he got well.
Rose: I… I didn’t know…
She felt so bad and heartbroken, especially because she still loves him despite everything. She felt it’s still her fault all this is happening.
Anna: I know my dear… please just find a place in your heart to forgive him, he’s not well and he doesn’t know what he’s doing. At least let him see his son once in a while and if he wins we’ll get you your child.


Rose: (nods) Okay… Can I get a paper?
Cathy: What do you need a paper for?
Rose: Something important
Jean: (brings out a note with a pen) here.
Rose: (Collects it and writes a medication for different types of illness like fever, headaches, migraines, stress etc) buy all this for him, let him use it all together according to how I wrote it. He might get some changes.
Jean: Thank you (puts it in her bag)
Anna: I still can’t believe you’re a doctor.
Rose: (Smiles) I can’t either… please don’t tell him I prescribed this.
Cathy: Why? He needs to know you’re saving his ass.
Rose: No please don’t tell him.
Anna: We won’t my dear, let’s go back it’s time for the decision.
Rose gives them the baby and they all went back to the court room, Nigel was already sitting and looking sober.


Judge: My final decision is that the baby goes back to his mother with full custody, and that Mr Owens starts his treatment again or have the government come treat him.
Rose happily collected Angel with tears in her eyes, Nigel felt hurt, disappointed and bad. He left the court and went to a nearby bar to drink.
Harry congratulated Rose and left to meet a client, Anna and Jean said goodbye to Rose and went to look for Nigel before he does something stupid to himself.
Despite everything, Rose wants to forget about everything and move on with Nigel. But it’s impossible, he belongs to someone else now so she has to move on….


The Wedding

{Can I love you}

Episode 13
It’s been two weeks since the hearing, Rose is now able to feel her legs little by little.
But what saddens her is that Nigel doesn’t care about her or Angel, he never comes to see them.
Nigel feels too bad and ashamed to go visit them, he mostly goes to work and comes back home without talking to anyone.
Selena likes the idea of them not being together, this way she’ll execute her plans easily.
Nigel can’t stop loving Rose, he just keeps sulking and thinking about her and Angel.
Harry is slowly falling in love with Rose, he’s doing everything to make her happy and her baby also so she doesn’t feel like Nigel is around.
A month later, she has started walking. She got a strange invitation to start working in an hospital, a very high hospital. She wanted to decline but Cathy and Harry convinced her to take the job and continue her career.
Rose sits in front of the apartment at the porch, she placed Angel on his crib while she enjoyed the view outside.
Rose: Oh my darling, I really wanted a good life for you… I wanted you to be close to your father my love, I never wanted you to go through the pain of separation… but what can I do? Such is life….


A car stopped in front of the apartment and Nigel surprisingly came out, Rose stood up shocked.
Nigel: Rose…
Rose: Nigel? You… came?
Nigel: I’m sorry for everything Rose, just give me a chance to be with my baby just for today.
Rose felt sorry for him, he looks rough and very sad.
Rose: You’ll always be welcome to see your baby… I only thought you never cared about Angel.
Nigel: I love him… I just couldn’t bring myself to face you after what I did
Rose: I understand… You can sit (she points at a chair beside her, he sits and stared lovingly at Angel who’s sleeping)
Nigel: I can’t believe I almost separated you from him
Rose: Like I said… I understand you.
Nigel: You never told me you’re a doctor, there’s a lot of things I don’t know about you.


Rose: I know I lied to you and I’m sorry… but I never lied about what my father told you.
Nigel: Rose please don’t bring that up now, I love you but you chose to hurt me.
Rose: Can’t you see Nigel? My father lied to you. He wanted me to dupe you, I agreed at first because I never wanted to marry you but then I fell for you. Everything changed, I realize duping someone’s evil so I backed out and he threatened to destroy me if I don’t do it.
Nigel: You expect me to believe that lame story (he stood up) stop hurting me Rose, I didn’t come here for that
Rose: (Stands up and hits his chest) What is wrong with you?! I love you… You hurt me too but I forgave you… I almost died, our baby almost died… I forgave you! Why can’t you just listen to me for once?! You said you loved me, why can’t you believe me?!


Nigel: Calm down
Rose: (Crying) Don’t ask me to calm down! You don’t believe me? My dad must have gotten someone else to do his dirty job, do you trust your wife? I’m sorry but don’t say I didn’t warn you about her…
Nigel: Rose are you jealous of Selena?
Rose: Jealous? Why would you think that I’m jealous?
Nigel: You sound jealous…
Rose: You’ve moved on… and I’ll move on also, it’s high time I gave him a chance.
She carries the baby inside and placed him on the crib in her room, she goes to the living room and sees Nigel observing the house.
Nigel: Nice place you’ve got here.
Rose: Thanks…( she tried going out but he held her back) Nigel what are you doing?
Nigel: Are you really telling the truth?
Rose: Everything I said is the truth…
Nigel: I’m gonna investigate myself (he comes close to Rose that her heart starts beating fast) I miss you…
Rose: how can you say that Nigel you’re married and married people shouldn’t cheat on their spouse.
Nigel: But you cheated on me when you were married to me
She got really angry and slapped him… before regretting it.
Nigel: (He grabs her) What? Am I lying?
Rose: Let go of me!!! I’m tired of telling you the same things all the time!!! I’m tired of telling you I’m innocent!! I’m tired of telling you I never cheated!!! I’m tired of falling in love with you everyday!!! I’m tired of…
He kissed her, at first she fought him but then she succumbed to his kisses. He never thought he’d miss her this much, he was taking it to the next level when she stopped him.


Rose: Please Nigel… Don’t hurt me anymore… You’re married and you belong to someone else now, I also want to move on with my life.
Nigel: You are mine Rose… with me or with another person, he’ll never love you like I do. He’ll never kiss you like I do…
Rose: Nigel stop…
Nigel: Tell me… Can you Love him the way you love me?
Rose: Nigel please stop this…
Nigel: Can you ever forget about us…
Rose: No!!! No!!! No!!! I love you! So what? I’m gonna live without you from now on, I started forgetting about you since the day you got married. Just leave me alone and be with your wife! The only thing that brings us together is Angel, nothing more.
Nigel: For the past weeks and months, I’ve tried to forget you because I still love you. You hurt me Rose, I loved you despite all you did to me.
Rose: I still love you Nigel… I’ve decided to move on, please let’s not talk about this anymore.
Angel starts crying, she quickly goes to the room and carries him out.
Rose: It’s okay my love… Mommy is here now… shhh.
Nigel: Why is he crying?
Rose: He’s hungry, please hold him while I go get his food (she gives the baby to Nigel and leaves)
Nigel: It’s okay my little man… daddy’s going to take good care of you… You’re so cute like your mom… but she’s so stubborn and I’m currently confused about what I want, but I know I love her. And I wanna believe her… it’s just so hard.


(Rose starts coming in)
Here comes mommy.
Rose: Thanks (she collects him and started feeding him)
Nigel: Selena is pregnant.
Rose stopped as all her hopes of coming together shattered, but she didn’t show it.
Rose: Congratulations…
Nigel: I’m a little confused about it… even though I’m still thinking of what to do
Rose: You shouldn’t really be telling me about your marital life
Nigel: Seriously Rose…
The door bell rings, Nigel goes to open as Harry stood at the door staring at him.
Harry: Am I in the wrong house?…
Nigel: I think so…
Rose: Who’s that Nigel?
Harry forces his way in as Nigel glares at him, anger blaring through him.
Rose: Oh Harry… how are you doing?
Harry: I’m good Rose… I came to say hi to you and this cute prince.
Nigel: And you see she’s busy with me so leave (he said in a rude and possessive tone)
Harry: Excuse me Mr Owens… I don’t remember talking to you
Nigel: And I’m saying your services are no longer needed lawyer.
Rose: Nigel please stop, Harry stop also
Nigel: What?! Are you guys a thing now?
Rose: Nigel what…
Harry: And What if we are? I thought you’re supposed to be a married man
Nigel punches him, Harry retaliated.
Harry: You’re still supposed to be in a mental hospital, I wonder who brought you out.


Nigel: You bastard!!!
He punched Harry again, Rose stood up and stands between them scared they might kill each other.
Rose: You both should stop right now!!! Nigel please leave…
Nigel: What?
Rose: Please leave Nigel… I don’t want any more trouble…
Nigel: You will pay for this( he punches him again before leaving)
Rose: Oh my gosh I’m so sorry!!!
Harry: It’s okay… I’ll be fine
Rose: I don’t know why he got like that…
Harry: He’s just being jealous… I want to tell you something Rose
Rose: Really what is it
Harry: For the past few weeks since I’ve met you, I’ve always wanted to tell you this. I love you Rose
Rose: What?
Harry: And I want to ask you to be my girlfriend… I know you wanna move on Rose and I’m ready to do anything to make you happy.
Rose: I… don’t know what to say
Harry: Think about it… I really love you and will do anything for you… please just give me a chance…
Rose: I… well…





The Wedding
{Can I love you}

Episode 14
Harry: What do you say to a new beginning Rose?
Rose: Harry… I really like you but it’s a little too early… I need more time to think about it
Harry: I understand Rose and I’m willing to wait till you can love me back.
Rose: I’m sorry Harry
Harry: It’s Okay Rose, I know how you feel. I won’t rush you or make this feel awkward for you.
Rose: Thanks Harry, I really appreciate you a lot.
Harry: You don’t have to thank me, I will do anything for the ones I love.
(Rose smiled) So when are you starting work?
Rose: I’m going to start in two days, Cathy has to be ready to manage since its just her at the restaurant.
Harry: How about getting a manager, that way the stress won’t be much
Rose: You’re right Harry, we’ll do that for sure.


Harry: I brought something for Angel (hands her a game toy) I thought it might help distract him.
Rose: Awww thanks… See baby (Angel smiles) Harry brought you a beautiful toy for a beautiful baby like you
Harry: And there’s more where that came from, If you can convince mommy to give me a chance
Rose: Harry you’re very funny (She said laughing)
Harry: Keep smiling Rose because that’s what you deserve.
Rose smiled more at Harry’s words, she really wants to move on but she doesn’t want to rush things. Not when Nigel is still the only man she loves, besides she doesn’t want to make a mistake she will regret later.


Nigel got home and met her mother and sister sitting in the living room, they left before but then they came back.
Nigel: Mom, Jean… You’re back
Anna: Is there a problem with that?
Nigel: No mom… Where’s Selena?
Jean: Upstairs where else could she possibly be?
Anna: Jean…
Jean: Sorry… The truth sucks I know, where are you coming from Nigel.
Nigel: Do I have to answer to you now Jean? Mom seriously I’m gonna kill her one day
Anna: Jean please behave and don’t make your brother angry, you can tell me where you went Nigel.
Nigel: (Sighs) I went to visit my son
Anna: Or you went to see Rose? I know you Nigel, I know you still feel something for her but you have to get rid of those feelings… The sooner the better, you already got married and you should learn to love her.
Nigel: You don’t get it Mom, I can’t stop loving her. She’s the only woman I’ve ever really loved my whole life, you know why I got into this marriage in the first place. I had hoped that since she’s pregnant I’ll try to love her and move on but no. Seeing her again and discovering my son made it impossible for me to stop loving her, I even want to forget about everything and start again.
Jean: Nice poem


Anna: Nigel you can’t keep doing this, Selena won’t be happy. We warned you about it but you refuse to listen so you don’t have a choice than to move on with your life.
Selena: Don’t force him Anna (Nigel turns to see Selena walking down the stairs with tears in her eyes) You can’t force love… I understand I’m only a medium to forget about Rose
Nigel: Selena…
Selena: Please don’t touch me Nigel, I am pregnant with your son and you don’t even care about him. I know everything you did even before Rose got pregnant and when she did. I’m not trying to take her place, all I want is a little love for my son… Is that too much to ask?
Nigel: I’m sorry Selena… But you know we talked about this before.
Selena: Yeah right… I forced myself to marry you when you never wanted to… I understand.. Excuse me (Walks out of the house)
Nigel: Selena (No response )
Jean: What a drama queen… She’s right anyway, even if I don’t like her.
Nigel: I really don’t mean to hurt her why is she…
Anna: Nigel calm down… Nigel don’t stress yourself please.
Jean stands up and helps him sit down, just thinking about everything was giving him an attack. He doesn’t want to hurt Selena yet he still loves Rose a lot.
Jean: Take this water
He collects the water and drinks everything.


Anna: I will have to call your father to come back from his business trip.
Nigel: Why mom?
Anna: Since you refuse to start seeing a doctor… I don’t have a choice.
Nigel: Fine mom… I will start going in two days, I just need a competent doctor.
Jean: Like Rose…
Nigel: Rose doesn’t work in an hospital… What are you talking about.
Jean: Well she told me herself that she was starting work at a hospital soon the last time we talked and guess what it’s the same hospital you have a share in… And the same one you’re gonna get treatment.
Nigel: I didn’t know… We didn’t get to talk much because that idiot showed up.
Anna: Nigel did you have a fight with someone today?
Nigel: No but I wish I did
Jean: Someone is jelly fish.
Anna: Nigel I don’t want you to start making enemies with everyone because of Rose, don’t get me wrong. I like Rose a lot… But I won’t let you keep hurting Selena because I’m a mother and I wouldn’t like it if someone does this to my daughter. You have to make a decision now, it’s either you choose Rose or Selena….


Selena walked majestically into the restaurant, she saw him sitting with a hoodie on his head. She walked towards him and sits down his face was down.
Selena: I’m sorry I came late
Man: You know I don’t like to be kept waiting… Where is it?
Selena: Here
She gives him some documents, they contain everything that Nigel owns and is worth. He smirked checking it out, the document is a fake but it’s good enough to help his plan.
Selena: Nigel has about twenty houses, and twelve are in this country. His company has ten branches all over the world, he also has investments in various companies and hospitals particularly… His current net worth is $500 billion, he’s richer than we thought.
Man: Everything that will soon be ours… You have to be fast with the plan and don’t make the mistake of falling in love with him.


Selena: I know, but Rose is still in the picture, he can’t stop loving her especially now that she has his son. When I start the other plan of having a miscarriage, he won’t make the mistake of coming closer to me anymore.
Man: We will make the child disappear
Selena: Wait we’re gonna kill that innocent baby?
Man: No dear… We’ll just make sure Nigel hates Rose completely when the child goes missing and we’ll make it look like it’s her fault.
Selena: And where will the baby be?
Man: We could just drop him off somewhere… Where he could be seen and taken?
Selena: You’re a genius… This can also give Nigel a upper hand in case he wants her arrested.
Man: That’s what I’m talking about… You’re very good.
Selena smiled and ordered a drink, they talked for a while before she went back home looking sad again.


The Wedding
{Can I love you}

Episode 15
The next day…
Selena got home still pretending to be sad, she goes to the room and wears the invisible rubber pant that was given to her.
She made sure no one was around and she suddenly started screaming, Nigel and Jean rushed from where they were to check on her.
Nigel: Selena! What is wrong with you?!
Selena: My baby… help me please my baby, it hurts a lot (she starts crying)
Jean: Call the ambulance Nigel.. we need to take her to the hospital, my gosh she’s bleeding.
[He called the ambulance and they helped her downstairs, the ambulance arrived in no time and took her away. Nigel and Jean drove to the hospital following the ambulance… they waited impatiently at the reception]
Nigel: This is all my fault
Jean: Stop blaming yourself for everything Nigel, it’s nobody’s fault.
Nigel: You don’t understand Jean, I was never there for her. I neglected her and my child and now look what happened.
Jean: If you will just calm down Nigel, you will understand that this would have happened whether you neglected her or not. Besides you stay with her every day, you only go to visit angel once in a while.
Nigel:(Sighs) I really want to be with Rose and my son yet I don’t know how to do it.


The doctor walked to them, they quickly rushed to him with questioning looks.
Jean: How is she doctor?
Doctor: I’m sorry… She has gone through a lot of stress, she lost the baby.
Nigel: Damn it! Where is she now?
Doctor: She’s currently resting at her ward… over there (he leaves)
Jean: You should go see her, I have to go inform mom at home.
Nigel quietly goes to Selena’s ward, she was lying with tears in her eyes which really made Nigel feel guilty. He doesn’t love her yet he should have given her some attention, ever since he saw Rose no woman mattered to him anymore.
Nigel: Selena… I’m sorry.
Selena: My baby is gone, I can’t believe it. I just wanted to raise a family with you even though you didn’t love me, I had hoped that I would hold my baby in my arms very soon but now I can’t (she started crying again while he consoled her)
Nigel: I’m sorry Selena, it’s all my fault. Please don’t cry, I’m going to make amends for everything from now on… I’m sorry.


Selena: Please don’t leave me(She smiled to herself for a job well done)

Rose sat down in her new office arranging the files of the patients she is to attend to, a nurse comes in with Angel.
Everyone in the hospital loves the baby and his mother, it also helps in concentrating on her work.
Rose: Tessa
Tessa: Your baby is really adorable, I want to quickly attend to a new patient so I decided to bring him back.
Rose: Thanks Tessa (Collects the baby) Awww my little angel, let’s go out for a walk.
Tessa: (Smiles) I’ll be back for him (leaves)
Rose: Let’s go out my dear.
Harry comes in the office just as she was about to leave.
Rose: Harry… when did you arrive?
Harry: I’m sorry I didn’t knock but it was open and I’ve been watching you and your baby for a while now, I really love the bond between mother and son. That’s why you’re my dream woman Rose.
Rose: (Blush) Harry the things you say.
Harry: I mean every bit of them… So how is work going?
Rose: Great… Nice place and good people reside here ( Looks at his hands which are behind him) What are you hiding?
Harry: Oh… I was actually passing by and I decided to say hi and drop this.
He gives her a very beautiful rose flower, she smiled and collected it.
Harry; A Rose just like you… but not as beautiful as you.


Rose: Thanks Harry… I’m speechless.
Nigel already came out of the ward where Selena was admitted and was on his way to the cafeteria when he saw someone holding a baby in one of the offices.
That’s because the doors and some other parts are made of glass and can be blocked if the person wishes, he looked well and smiled when he saw that it’s Rose.
His smile dropped when he saw Harry, he clenched his fists and barged inside.
Rose: Oh my God Nigel why can’t you knock?!
Nigel: What are you doing with this Jerk?!
Rose: Harry is my friend and I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t be with him besides it’s my life.
Nigel: Get out punk! I want to talk to my woman.
Harry: The last time I checked you don’t own this hospital or Rose so you can’t order me around.
Rose: Harry please… please excuse us, I will talk to you later.
Nigel: (Scoffs) Talk to him later.
Harry: If you say so… bye Rose (Harry left a little angry)
Rose: (Drops Angel And faces Nigel) Listen to me Nigel, you don’t own me and I’m not your woman. Harry is my good friend and I like him, stop pestering me.
Nigel: You’re the mother of my child Rose and the woman I love, I can’t stand seeing you with anyone especially him.
Rose: I am not your property Nigel stop claiming me, what are you doing here anyway?


Nigel:(Sighs) Selena had a miscarriage.
Rose:(Gasps) That’s terrible… How is she doing now?
Nigel:(Smiles) Now you care about her?
Rose: I’m human and I’m not heartless… I’m sorry for your loss, shouldn’t you be with your wife now?
Nigel: Yes… I was going to get some food but I saw you talking to that jerk with my son.
Rose: You can leave now Nigel, I’m all good.
Nigel: Do you really want to move on with him?
Rose; I don’t know yet, but wherever my heart leads me I will follow. I’m gonna stop hurting and make myself happy, I deserve this much.
Nigel: I can make you happy, I always made you happy didn’t I?
Rose: Yes but that was before you found out I wanted to dupe you from my very own father.
Nigel: I wanna believe you Rose, I wanna let go of the past and love you.
Rose: You’re Married Nigel (turns her back on him) Please leave.
He walked towards her and hugged her from behind.
Rose: Let me go Nigel this is an hospital.
Nigel: I don’t care… I missed you so much, look at how you’re trembling. Does my touch affect you that much?
Rose: Please let me go Nigel (He kisses her neck) just stop.
Nigel: Are you sure you want me to stop?
He turned her around and grabbed her by her waist.


Nigel: You’re not saying anything which means you don’t want me to stop, you’re mine Rose.
Rose: You think I’m that easy right (She pushes him off and goes to open the door)
Leave right away.
Nigel: (He walks to the door) Yes I’ll leave… for now (He quickly kissed her and let’s go)
Voice: What is going on here?!
Rose: Ke…Kelvin?
Kelvin: Hello baby…


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