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*Psycho Billionaire*

*(Mr Arrogant*

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear a greek god and a billionarie ,they city sweetheart is a gay?

What a waste right

Well yes that was the case here

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He was a huge playboy before and all of a sudden he changed and told the whole world he is a gay ,if not a psycho part who would say such a thing

As if that wasnt enough he was caught kissing a guy in public

And that was when the whole world knew he was serious

What happened and why will a player turn gay over night ?

Find out in the story

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A young beautiful and charming girl who is also psycho,troublesome and ask questions alot

She is a journalist who work in a small company

Well that is what people thought she is, not knowing she was a big time call girl

It is only rich men that calls her when they need her service

Faithfully a billionarie needed her service and he called her but to her greatest surprise it was the psycho billionarie who told everyone he is a guy

Being a journalist she was happy that she was going to tell the whole world what she discovered and by that she will be famous

DOPERCH: Psycho Billionnarie

Mr Arrogant

Chapter 1

Mira pov

“what the hell” i yelled angrily looking at my car

“Am so sorry miss”the young man replied

“Is the sorry going to repair my damaged car or changed the fact that you crashed my car”i yelled at him

“what can i do miss”he asked

“You have to pay”i replied

“Fine can you follow me to the hotel i lodged in ,its at the begining of the street am going to give you your money there”he said and i nodded

I entered my car and he entered his and began driving

Son of a bitch he started driving on speed and to a different direction ,increased the speed of my car and followed him

There is no way i will let him run away with my money

i was familiar with the street so i followed another root and blocked him at the front

He was surprised ,i brought out my gun and pointed it at his direction

Dont worry guys its a toy gun 😂 i normally use it to scare people who refused to pay me or looks for my trouble

I walked towards him ,and he lifted his hands in surrender

“Please dont shoot me ,please i will give you any amount “he said while i laughed within me

i dragged him by his trousers and lead him to my car the drove straight to the hotel


“Get down” i yelled and he flinched

I pointed the gun to his waist

“If you misbehave i will shoot ,now take me to your hotel room and act normal”i said and he nodded

I moved close to him so that nobody will see the gun and soon we arrived at his hotel room

“Were is my money “i asked rudely

“Check the drawer close to you ” he replied

I opened the drawer and took some bundle of dollars and stormed out of the room



“Good morning mira” my colleagues kept greeting but i totally ignored them

Some days are like that ,one minute am happy one minute am sad ,my mood swings are the worst ,typical female behaviour

I sat down in my call office when a text message popped in my phone

“Meet me at the green house by night”i read and smiled ,the message was from my manager

Okay i know you guys must be wondering who am i right?

My name is Mira Johnson ,i came from a poor family and we are 5 in number including my parent ,my parent are old and they look up to me for everything even my junior ones school fees

I am a journalist and i work in a small company ,well working in the small company is just a cover up

I am a call girl ,the money i make from my call girl business is what i use in taking care of my family

Talking is my hobby ,i am troublesome too ,well i dont look for trouble but if you come close to me i will give you what you ask

I have this massive figure eight shape ,plump lips,v face and long hair,i can say i am very beautiful ,well thats what people say i am but i dont see anything when i look at the mirror

The person that texted me was my manager he runs the call girl business and am his best ,i dont go for poor guys anytime am being assigned to any client it will be a millionarie who pay really well and those kind of client only comes once in a while

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After work i head straight to the club were my manager stays

“You came late “he said sternly

“I know ,whats up” i replied

“A multi billionarie asked for our best thats why i called you “the manager said grining

“Who is he”i asked

“No idea too,he wants his identity to be kept a secret” the manager replied

“Then are you sure he isnt a scamer or those who do women trafficking ” i asked

“okay fine i will tell you,the truth is that he is a very good friend of mine ,i normally send girls to him and after one night he complained of their service and send them back ,he is highly demanding “my manager said and i nodded

“So recently he asked for the best of the best and thats were you come in ,he want to travel out for a month and he need someone to accompany him”the manager added

“what you want me to follow him for a month what about my job “i yelled

“Calm down , you can just tell the company you will be off for a month ,bribe the director and thats all”He said

“how much is he paying “i asked

The manager whisphered the amount in my ears and my jaw dropped

“You mean he is going to pay that huge amount just for a month”i asked and the manager nodded

“He already sent half in my acct ,if you agree then you will receive an alert in your phone asap

Gosh this is tempting ,with that kind of money am going to put an end to this call girl job and live a better life with my family

“Am in “i said and the manager smiled

“But he has certain rules ,he hates noise ,he dosent like it when people ask questions and you must not tell anyone who he is ,the whole stuff is between two of you and thats all

“he hates noise ,does he wants me to have mouth odour?

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To be continued


DOPERCH: Psycho Billionarie Mr Arrogant

Chapter 2

“You have to understand please,just do whatever he says okay”the manager said and i nodded

I hope this ends well i thought

“so when am i going “i asked

“Right now”the manager said

“What ! you mean like now NOW”i asked again

“Yes NOW”he replied

“But i need to go pick my things first” i said

“Dont worry he gat it all covered “the manager said and my eyes widen


“you guys are leaving as early as possible tomorrow,so please try and be on your best behaviour”the manager said

“what do you mean?am always on my best behaviour”i said and the manager starred at me

“then how am i going to talk to my company and parents”i asked

“I will handle all that” he said and i nodded

“Just go out ,you will see a black car outside and a man leaning on it ,just go there and he will take you to the client”the manager said and i nodded

I walked out and called my parent ,give them some excuses and sent money into their account

“Hi”i said to the man leaning on the car

He just ignored my greeting and opened the car door for me to entre

I entered and he started the engine and we were on our way

“So whats your name”i asked trying to start a conversation but he totally ignored me again

Is this guy deaf or something ,,yeah maybe his deaf thats why he dosent reply anything

The drive was not that long and soon we came to a halt

The deaf guy opened the door for me and i came down

My jaw dropped as i behold the sight before me

The house was magnificent,who ever owns its is fucking rich

He walked ahead of me and i followed behind admiring the house

As soon as we entered the house ,he turned and left while i stood there

A maid came in wearing a uniform

“You are welcome ma please follow me “she said and i did

We walked through many rooms and finally stopped at one

“This is your room ma’am,i will be right back “she said with a bow and left

I entered the room and it was beautiful as well

I sat down on the king sized bed removed my shoes and waited for the maid to come back

Soon the door clicked open she came in with a night gown still packed in its leather

“Take and shower and put this on,i will be back with dinner”she said dropping the clothes

“Excuse me please were is the person am suppose to meet ,i mean your boss”i asked

“Am sorry i cant give you any information am under strict rules here”she said and left

Gosh this is way more than i thought ,i wonder who this person is ,what if his a really old man

they are the ones who likes doing their things with so much orderliness

I entered the bathroom and it looks beautiful too,it was way better than my room at home

I took a shower and came out ,a tray of food was already there

I wore the nightie ,i was very comfortable and expensive too

After eating the maid came back and carried the tray ,i lay on the king side bed tossing from side to side

I felt really bored and lonely

I decided to bring out my phone and play candy crush my favourite game

After hours of gaming and lossing i fell asleep

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I felt a gentle tap on me and i opened my eyes slowly ,it was the maid

“Ma’am please get up, take your bath and get dressed the boss is waiting for you downstairs “she said and left

I quickly rushed into the bathroom,took my bath and came out ,a black gown was laying on the bed with a new panties and bra and my breakfast was at the other side

I quickly glumped the tea and toast bread before putting on the clothes ,they were exactly my size and the brought out my shape

I finger combed my hair and packed it in a ponytail

I took all the things i needed and head downstairs

I came downstairs and saw someone so engrosed in his phone ,he is very young

Maybe he is another driver

i went and sat close to him,he didnt even raise his head to look at me ,total snub

“Do you know who the boss is and why is everyone acting weird”i whisphered in his ears

“Am the boss”he whishpered back and thats was when i saw his face properly

“Omg ,you are the gay guy,the one people talks about ,i know you”i blurted out immediately

“I hope you read the rules properly ,i hate it when people make noise ,i dont like un necessary questions and this is between me and you ,nobody should know about it ”

“Lets go”he said sternly and i stood up and followed behind him

Holy shit,what does a gay want from me ,dose he thinks am a male ,

Oh or maybe he lied to the public ,but why would he do such a thing ,why would he want to ruin his own image

I have like a thousand question to ask him right now

The deaf guy of yesterday opened the door for us and we entered and drove straight to the airport

“Were are we going”i asked

“Paris”he replied

“Why did you have lie to people” i asked again

“quiet please”he said and i kept quiet starring at the window

“Is your driver deaf”i asked again and he sigh angrily

“Hand me the sellotape”he said to his driver and her did

“I thought he was deaf”i said

he opened the sellotape and moved close to me ,our face was really close and i could feel his heart beat

We stared into each others eyes for seconds and he used the sellotape to gum my mouth while i starred at him angrily

Are you kidding me right now?

This isnt going to end well

To be continued
DOPERCH: Psycho Billionaire
Mr Arrogant


Chapter 3

Mira pov

I kept stealing glance at him till we arrived at the airport

And am damn sure its his own private jet

He removed the sellotape and i walked behind with his securities everywhere

We entered and sat down

I was really nervous,but i dont want to show it so that he wont think low of me ,i hope i dont throw up

The plane was about to take off and i held my seat tightly

As other guys would do they will hold the lady’s hand right?

Well not this dude beside me ,he didnt even glance at me ,it was as if i was invicible

soon i slept off
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someone tapped me gently and i opened my eyes

the gay guy was no longer there , i walked out of the plane with the driver ,he opened the car door for me and i entered and the gay guy was sited there still engrosed with his phone

I wonder why he didnt wake me up himself

“Next time you sleep like that be ready to find your way to where ever we are heading to because nobody will wake you up”he said still focused on his phone

this guy is really rude i thought

I was beginning to feel bored the ride was way too silent for my liking

i streched my hand to the front and turned on the music

“turn it off”he yelled and the driver turned it off

I streched my hand again and turned on the music

“i told you i hate noise”he yelled

I ignored him and started singing to the music on high pitch even if the lyrics was wrong

i could feel he was really angry ,he pushed me down from the car and i landed my butt on the floor

the car drove off leaving me

i stood up and dragged my feet out of the road

Can you see what my mouth has landed me into

I sat down on the road bench in the city paris ,watching the way people move about

What do i do now ,i have never been to paris i dont even know my way arround

I stood up from my seat and began sight seeing ,sometimes you just have to forget your sorrows and enjoy life and thats what am going to do right now

i began walking arround ,turning any direction my leg leads me and i was really enjoying the view

Seriously whats the worst that could happen right now ,i came here with an arrogant dude who claims to hate noise ,he threw me out of his car for singing and i hope you guys dont expect me to sit down and start shouting for help or start crying ,well am not that kind of girl this is a one time opportunity and i wont let it go to waste

I kept taking pictures with a lot of people and things

Kelly Pov

I am so sending this girl back ,what kind of human being is she for Godsake

She cant keep quiet for only 2 seconds

She even have the guts to turn on music when i ordered it to be turn off

I got really pissed and threw her out of the car thinking she will start running after us or crying and maybe react to the way other girls do

But no way ,this girl is evil

We parked at a distance and watched her ,after sitting at the road side she stood up and began walking arround

Where dose she even know that shes going

I ordered my driver to keep following her and he did

She kept running arround taking crazy pictures of herself and things

This girl is insane ,who takes pictures mouth open,and makes funny face

It seems she was really having fun isnt even bothered about anything

Soon she became exhausted and removed her shoes and began walking

“drive to her “i said to my driver and he did

immediately she saw the car she giggled like and new born baby jumped in

Please what do they call this kind of girls becaue right now i have no idea

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DOPERCH: Psycho Billionarie
Mr Arrogant

👉 Not edited

Chapter 4

Mira pov

📱Hello boss”i said as the gay guy handed me his phone

📱What is your problem mira ,i thought you said you will be on your best behaviour”boss yelled over the phone

📱yes boss am on my best behaviour “i replied

📱But kelly told me you have been a pain in his neck “my boss said

📱what! He said that about me”i half yelled

📱Listen carefully i dont want any more complain ,you know what am capable of right”he said

📱yes boss”i replied

📱now make him happy so he wont have to send you back tomorrow okay”boss said

📱Yes boss” i replied and gave him back the phone

How can his name be kelly, instead of sabastine for rude people

“Take her to her room “kelly ordered

“Take a shower and get prepared i will there in a sec”he said to me and i followed the driver upstairs

Woah the room is beautiful too

I entered the bathroom and came out then wore the nightie the maid brought for me

I lay on my bed waiting ,i was already feeling really weird and nervous because most of my clients use to be old men and now this one is young to worsen it all his a gay

Well that was what he told the world

The door opened and he walked in and sat on the single couch

“come here”he said in his usual cold voice and i walked towards him

And now i was standing infront of him, he trail his hands down my thigh thereby causing me to shiver

” Seduce me ” he said and i starred at him

“I mean dance sexily and seduce me”he added

Thank God am good at that

Kelly pov

This girl is fully endowed but i dont know what keeps pushing me not to have sex with her

So i asked her to seduce me ,she smiled

It seems shes good at that

She quickly ran and brought her phone and began playing a boring song

I just watched her

She came back ad stood infront of me and started dancing like a mermaid

With all seriousness, This girl is dispicable ,i asked her to seduce me and look at what shes doing

Inside me i wanted to explode with laugh but i dont want her to see me laugh

I quickly ran into my room and began laughing

Jezz its being long i laughed that way

What am i going to do with this girl,i cant have sex with her and she cant even seduce me ,i think the best thing is to send her back

later someone knocked on my door ,i opened it and it was her

“What do you want”i asked sternly

“please can i come in”she asked and i shifted for her to enter before closing my door

“Am sorry about the dance ,i dint know it was that bad ,but i can do to make it up to you”she said

“fine am waiting “i replied

She moved towards me sexily and started removing her nightie while i starred at her ,she was wearing her pant and bra only

She was about to remove her bra and i saw her hand shaking,she was really nervous and scared

I held her hands and stopped her

“Put your clothes back on”i said and she did

“Leave “i commanded and she left immediately

I ran my hands through my hair confused

what is happening ?

I decided to come outside and have some fresh air when i heard sounds coming from her room

I listened and noticed she was crying ,but why

I decided to entre her room immediately i entered she cleaned her tears and stood up

“Get ready you will be going back tomorrow”i said sternly and turned to leave

“Am not going anywhere” she replied and i turned

“What is that suppose to mean “i asked harshly

“There is no way am leaving you”she added boldly

“Really ” i asked and she nodded

“If you send me back i am going to tell the whole world that you are not a gay and your only lying to them”she said

“And how is a prostitute going to do that”i asked

“I am a journalist and i have already gotten all the proof i need “she replied and i starred at her in awe

“Besides even if you let me go or stay am still going to tell the whole world anyway but sending me away will make it worst”she added

“so its better you let me stay and do whatever you brought me here for ,so your secret can remain for at least a month”she said

I dragged her by her hand and threw her on the bed and she starred at me in shock

“This is what i brought you here for and i will do it “i said harshly

I dragged her close to me and began tearing off her nightie while she struggles with me

Soon she was naked and i began kissing her body roughly,she started crying and i felt weak immediately and left her room

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[4/18, 5:32 PM] DOPERCH: Psycho Billionarie

Mr Arrogant

👉 Not edited 👈
Chapter 5
Mira pov

I lay on my bed as tears gush out of my eyes

Just see what my loud mouth has gotten me into

I should have just kept it a secret ,well i had no option ,he was going to send me back

After crying i finally slept off

I woke up with a slight knock on my door

I quickly used the duvet to cover my body

“Come in”i said and a young lady in her 40s walked in with some shopping bags in her hand

“Good morning ma’am” i greeted and she smiled

“Call me annie”she replied

“Mr kelly asked me to give you this,he said you should get prepared and meet him in thirty minutes”she said and i nodded

I dragged my feet to the bathroom did all the necessary and came out

I began opening the shopping bag ,they were filled with expensive clothes and the last one has a lot of undies and bra in them

I quickly settled for a short gown ,packed my hair properly and head downstairs

I was feeling headache ,maybe it was due to last night

I walked down and met kelly having breakfast in the dining and my stomach grumbled ,i was really hungry

“Come here”he said coldly and i walked towards him

“Sit” he ordered and i did

This guy seems to love ordering people arround so arrogant

Annie came to us and dished out my own food for me

I began eating hungrily forgetting kelly was there

“Your gonna choke”he finally spoke and i slow dow the way i was eating

“Am sorry about last night”we both said at the same time and starred at each other awkwardly

“I was really pissed because nobody has ever threatened me and also the idea of you exposing me is foolish”he said

“Now you see ,if you tell the whole world am going to deny it and tell them you tried to seduce me or i will simply tell them you are just a common journalist looking for attention

,besides if your proof is not the one that we are having sex then its useless because nobody will believe

,beside how are you going to tell them you are a prostitute?”he added and that was when my brain began functioning well

Why didnt i think about this all this while ,gosh and now his going to send me back and everything i have is gone ,my boss will be highly disappointed and i will still go back to being a prostitute

“Dont worry am not sending you back”he said and i felt relieved

“I payed for you with my money and i cant let it go to waste “he said sternly and i nodded suddenly i lost appetite in the food and excused myself .
story written by author jenny

I dont feel bad when others call me a prostitute but hearing it from kelly makes me feel worst

i walked back upstairs and opened the door to my room ,my clothes were no longer on the bed and the bedspread is now changed and the room smells different

Maybe it was annie that did all the arrangement i slumped on the bed and i feels really comfy

Why didnt i noticed that last night ,i drank alot of water to ease the headache i wad feeling and dossed off



Kelly pov

After breakfast i decided to go upstairs have a change of clothes and go out

I was suprised to see miranda on my bed sleeping

I got really angry ,i wanted to just go there and push her off my bed but something keeps pulling me back

Maybe she thought it was her room

Damn shes so dumb

I carried her in a bridal style and took her to her room

What type of girl sleeps in the morning,shes just waking up some minutes ago and now shes sleeping again

i did a change of clothes and went out

Mira pov

I woke up feeling a lot better but something feels different ,the pleasant scent is no more there,the softness in the bed isnt there too

I looked arround and saw my clothes on the bed and still that same bed speard earlier today

What is happening or am i beginning to see double

But i was sure this room was different or was it a dream

I walked out of my room and head downstairs

the house was so quiet and i think kelly went out and annie isnt arround

Gosh how can they leave me alone all by myself in this big house

i decided to stroll arround the house when i sited a large swimming pool ,i love swimming

I quickly ran inside carried my phone and a glass of juice took them to the pool side

I believe in enjoy while your young and thats what am going to do

I turned on the music in my phone and connected it to a small speaker ,i love pool party but never been invited to one

i removed my clothes leaving my pant and bra and jumped in the swimming pool

Ahh this feels good

I began splashing the water and enjoying the music

“Best pool party ever “i yelled and suddenly the music went off

I turned to see angry kelly looking at me

“Holly molly am dead”

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To be continued

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