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Psycho Billionaire

Mr Arrogant

👉Not edited, so there might be little spellings and grammar errors👈

Chapter 20

Mira pov

I arrived home to see angry clarie looking at me

“WTF ,,where were you all night i almost fired a missing report “she yelled

I looked at her for sometime and smiled

“Whats so funny “she spat angrily

“I am pregnant”i replied and she just rolled her eyes

“I knew it ,,but who is responsibile”she asked

“lets go in and i will explain everything to you”i replied

i opened the door we sat down and i explained everything that happened between kelly and i from the on set

“jezz,you mean you punched him”clarie said laughing and i nodded

“You see thats all that happened between us and i need your help to make him pay for all he did to me “i said

“count me in”clarie said and we both laughed

i was beyound happy today and finally i am having good thoughts about the pregnancy but still nervous

I took my bath and wore something sexy because i knew kelly would definately come over

I was done with make up and other stuffs before going downstairs

The door bell rang and i went towarda the door and opened it

Behold it was kelly looking insanely handsome and drolling over me ,,i felt like i won a medal already



I immediately faked a frown

“What do you want “i asked sternly

“Can you let me in “he asked

“No”i replied

“Okay my mom and other member of my family are in town and they are on my neck asking you to come ,,can you please make it to dinner today.. please”he said

“I have a date today,,but since its your mom and i respect her so much i will”i replied coldly

“Great ,thanks ,,my driver will pick you up by 6″he said and i nodded

“Bye”i said and slammed the door

I peeped through the window and watch him leave

“You should have seen his face when i told him i have a date”i said to clarie who laughed loudly

“lets go get you prepared “clarie said and i starred at her

“But its only 4,we still have time”i replied

“No way” Clarie replied and dragged my hand



I starred at my self at the mirror ,,i looked so different and breathtaking

I was six already and kelly’s driver is already here

I walked out with clarie who couldnt stop complementing how great i look,,she did a good job in the hair and make up too



Soon we arrived at kellys apartment and he was looking handsome as always waiting for me by the door

“You look amazing” he said and i flashed him a smile

“Omg mira you look beautiful”his mom said and pecked my cheeks

The whole family welcomed me as usual and we sat down at the dining talking and laughing

I could feel kelly’s gaze on me all through

i felt like puking immediately

“Wheres the bathroom please”i said to kelly’s mom

“Follow me” she said and i did

She opened the bathroom door for me and i threw up everything in my stomach

“Are you okay honey “She asked

“Yes and good,i just feel dizzy “i replied

She held my hands and starred into my eyes

“Your pregnant”she said and i nodded slightly

“Omg ,,omg ”



“Streacher,,help ,everybody come”kellys mom yelled in panic while i starred at her and watched the whole family ran up to us

“Shes pregnant”kelly’s mom said and the girls were already crying and congratulating me and kelly

“Carry her kelly,she must not walk” kelly’s mom yelled at him

He scopped me from the floor and carried me to a room while others followed behind giggling

Are these not the same people crying minutes ago?

“we need to shop for her and the baby immediately”the girls said and they all nodded

“Yes and the baby room ,,i need someone who can decorate”his mom said

they kept in talking and talking till i finally slept off

To be continued

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Psycho Billionarie

Mr Arrogant

Not edited

Chapter 21 FINALE

Kelly pov

She was pergnant i knew it but hearing it again makes it all sound weird

She carrying my child and am not freaking out but my family is and they are super exicted

Am i ready to be a father?

I starred at her as she sleeps peacefully in my arms ,only God know how much i missed her

I wonder who she wants to go on a date with ,the thought of her in another mans hands want to make me go insane

I would do anything just to make her mine

Gosh i cant believe am saying this ,how did i fall inlove, everything just happened ,i turned into another person since she came into my life ,shes one in a million



Mira pov

I woke up feeling better than earlier ,but i wasnt alone

kelly wrapped his arms arround me and i felt really good

“good morning”he said

“good morning “i replied back

“Are you hungry”he asked and i nodded gently

He stood up and walked out of the room while i hurried into the bathroom to freshen up

I picked up one of his tshirt and wore them ,,i knew what happened the last time i wore them and some how i really want that to happen again

The door opened and kelly walked in with a tray of food in his hands

Who would believe that the almighty kelly would be such a gentle man

“Should i feed you”he asked and i nodded

“Open up”he said and i did and he began feeding me

The silence between us was really awkward

I was done eating while he went to the bathroom to freshen up also

Soon we were both done we bade his Family good bye and left

“Were are you taking me to” i asked

“my penthouse”he replied

“Take me home”i said

“No we are going to my penthouse ,,i need to watch you now that your carrying my child”he said smiling

Wow this is so weird

We arrived at the penthouse and i couldnt help but me amazed by the view

He took me to a well furnished room ,,i checked the closet and there were a lot of expensive female clothes and shoes and the most funny thing is that ,,they were my size
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It was night already and i was feeling bored and lonely i havent seen kelly since we arrived and am really hungry

I walked down the stairs and heard some noise coming from one side

And behold it was a shirtless kelly making dinner

I couldnt help but stare and droll

I couldnt help it anymore ,i walked towards him and wrapped my arms arround his neck before placing my lips one his

We kissed and kissed till we were both unclad on his bed moaning in pleasure

that night was one which i would never forget ,we made love through out the whole night it was like we couldnt get enough of each other

Few months later

After the couples had a wonderful night ,,kelly officially proposed to mira and they did their wedding ,,the city was surprised that the supposed to be gay is tieing the knot

Kelly also told the public that he said he was guy just to keep ladies away from him

Right now mira is in the labour room with kelly by her side as she pushed the baby out

Mira finally gave birth to a bouncing baby boy and they were all happy

Kelly’s mom decided the name him MIKEL ,,which is a combination of Mira and kelly

And the family lived happily ever after

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*The End*

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