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Psycho Billionarie

Mr Arrogant
Not edited

Chapter 17

Mira pov

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It hailed a cab and hopped in immediately giving him the address to my new apartment

After the hazard with kelly ,,,i stopped working as a call girl got a better apartment and a better job which have been really stressful but at least the pay is good

Its been three month now ,,yeah you heard me three whole month since i saw kelly ,,well i wont blame him because i moved to south to have a better life and since then everything have been moving well for me ,,i still miss him though but am very sure he dosent even remember me anymore

The cab stopped in front of my apartment ,i came down paid the cab man and went inside ,,I slumped on my bed immediately

It not easy to be working non stop everyday ,,for the past month i have been having some kind changes in my body and my face is pale ,,am too busy to give it an attention but this time its getting worst

I have an appointment with my doctor so hopefully i will get treated and be okay soon

My phone rang and i looked at the caller
It was clarie my newly found bestie she work in the same place and shes has been a great friend to me

” hey girly”she said immediately i picked up

“Whats up clarie”i replied back

“I was thinking if we could go out tonight and have fun'”she said

“Not interested clarie”i replied

“C’mon mira,when last did you have fun ,,i promise we wont stay out long please plsssssssssss”

“Fine “i replied and ended the call ,,clarie is always persistant ,,she never lets things slide am sure she will not let me be if i dont go out with her ,,and shes right its been long i had fun

I decided to grab some sleep before she comes

I was in the middle of my sweet dreams before i heard a lound bang on my door obviously it was clarie ,i cant imagine she just disturbed my sweet dreams ,,i was dreaming about kelly

“Omg you are not yet ready”clarie half yelled

“Chill babe i will do that now “i replied

“Go take your bath while i choose your clothes”clarie said in a bossy tone and i nodded gently making my way to the bathroom

Soon i was done taking my bath ,clarie choose a sliver short gown ,its been ages since i wore them and they were really tight bringing out all my curves ,,i cant believe i put up such weight in a short time

I looked at the mirror and i was satisfied with the way i look before heading to clarie’s car

“Were are we going “i asked

“To the club”she replied with her eyes on the road as she drived

“why didnt you tell me earlier clarie ,you know how much i hate clubs “i replied faking a frown

“Your gonna enjoy it trust me”she replied

Soon we arrived at the club and entered

To say i was uncomfortable is an understatment ,,she sat down at the bar and clarie ordered some shoot while i used the opportunity to take a proper view of the place and that was when i noticed the VIP section and then some pairs of eyes were starring directly into mine from there, the place light was dim so i couldnt see the face clearly but i was sure that person was looking at me without blinking and it looks so creepy i had to remove my eyes

I began taking the shots while clarie stood up and went to the dance floor with some guy ,,great she ditched me

After taking some shots i was feeling a little but tipsy so i dragged my feet to the dance floor

I looked up at the VIP section to see if the creepy guy was still looking at me and yes he was ,, i decided to shrug it off and enjoy myself

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I had a really bad hangover today due to the amount of drink i took.

Right now i was done with work and on my way to the hospital

i arrived at the accurate time and went tonthe doctors office

After taking my blood and went to the lb for test slim nurse walked in with a file in her hands am sure it must me the result

I know know why but i felt tensed and nervous of what the outcome might be

What if am pregnant ,,jezz my hands began shaking

The doctor collected it and looked at me with a shock expression

Omg is it that bad i thought

“What dose the result says doctor”i asked

“It say you have fibroid” the doctor said sadly


He before i knew it everywhere went dark

To be continue

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Psycho Billionarie

Mr Arrogant

👉 Not edited👈

Chapter 18

Mira pov

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I opened my eyes and everything was blurly ,,but i could see some pair of eyes starring into mine

Soon i could see clearly,,i was in the hospital and the doctors were all looking at me

And that was when i recalled everything that happened

So its all true

“Are you okay miss”the doctor asked while i nodded slightly

“Am sorry there was mixup in the name ,a lady had the same name with yours and your actually two month and some days pregnant”the doctor said

gosh is this another dream or what

I am actually pregnant or is it a fake result also

I grabbed my things and ran out of the hospital to another

I sat down and waited for the result and it says am pregnant

i went to another hospital again and it confirmed the same thing

Should i be happy or sad ?

at least am happy its not fibroad

Am carrying kelly’s child ? it seems like dreaming

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Yeah its been a week since i found out i am pregnant ,i have locked my self up and not going anywhere

Clarie asked me if i was pregnant and i denied it bluntly

i dont know if what i did was right or wrong but and going to keeping denying it till i figure out what to do with the pregnancy

Right now am all prepared and about to hit the club with clarie ,,it wasnt my idea but hers since i have been locked up for a week now

We arrived the club and i walked in sluggishly ,,i have been a mess for this one week ,i never knew pregnancy was this difficult

i get irritated by every single thing,i throw up at night,and my appetite for food increased but am too lazy to cook ,,so i have been starving my self

I sat down at the bar with clarie while she ordered some shot

i tasted my drink and i was shocked to see it was orange juice

“Did u ordered orange juice for me “i asked clarie while she starred at me with a surprised look

“No,why would i order orange juice for you in a club”she asked and took a sip of my drink

“WTF ,you are right”she said and called the bartender immediately

“I ordered for alcohol and you brought my friend orange juice “clarie asked

“Am sorry ma’am am just following orders”he replied

“But my order was alcohol”clarie yelled

“I know but we were asked not to give her alcohol”he replied clarie and i starred at each other confused

“By who”i asked

“am sorry i cant say”the bartender replied and left

“What the hell is happening”i asked no one in particular

I collected clarie drink and glumped them down immediately

oh no! bad idea i need to puke

I ran to the bathroom and let everything out

Why will some ask them to give me orange juice huh? this is so confusing

Actually the person is right ,i almost threw up my intestine

I walked back to the table and saw a figure like that of kelly

I looked clearly and noticed it wasnt him ,,i think am going insane

A bartender walked passed me with two glass of wine in a tray ,i guickly grabbed the two of them and ran into the crowd of dancing people before glumping the drink down

Another person passed and he looked exactly like kelly i ran to the person and noticed it wasnt him

What is kelly doing to me ?

I stole another drink and glumped it down

I was drunk and dancing crazily because all i could see is kelly ,,kelly is everywhere and am carrying his child

Kelly is making me go in sane

I made my way towards the exit with another stolen drink in my hand

“You drank alot”i heard a voice said and i turned

“Mind your business”i yelled and countinued walking till i was finally out

“Do you need a ride “he asked and i ignored him

Before i knew it someone lifted me off the ground and led me to his car

If it was on a good day i would have struggled to set my self free but i didnt

I just relaxed on his body ,,i feel relaxed with the stranger ,,not only that i had a lot of things going through my mind

we both sat down in an awkward silence and only one person dose that to me “kelly”

Everything reminds me of him

“I love him so much and i miss him too”i said to the stranger who just starred at me am sure he must think am one crazy person

I moved closer to the stanger and wrapped my body arround him like a baby and placed my head on his chest like its a pillow

I dont know why i did that but i will just apologize tomorrow

To be continued

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Psycho Billionarie

Mr Arrogant👤

👉Not edited , there might be some little errors👈

Chapter 20

Mira pov

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I arrived home to see angry clarie looking at me

“WTF ,,where were you all night i almost fired a missing report “she yelled

I looked at her for sometime and smiled

“Whats so funny “she spat angrily

“I am pregnant”i replied and she just rolled her eyes

“I knew it ,,but who is responsibile”she asked

“lets go in and i will explain everything to you”i replied

i opened the door we sat down and i explained everything that happened between kelly and i from the on set

“jezz,you mean you punched him”clarie said laughing and i nodded

“You see thats all that happened between us and i need your help to make him pay for all he did to me “i said

“count me in”clarie said and we both laughed

i was beyound happy today and finally i am having good thoughts about the pregnancy but still nervous

I took my bath and wore something sexy because i knew kelly would definately come over

I was done with make up and other stuffs before going downstairs

The door bell rang and i went towarda the door and opened it

Behold it was kelly looking insanely handsome and drolling over me ,,i felt like i won a medal already

I immediately faked a frown

“What do you want “i asked sternly

“Can you let me in “he asked

“No”i replied

“Okay my mom and other member of my family are in town and they are on my neck asking you to come ,,can you please make it to dinner today.. please”he said

“I have a date today,,but since its your mom and i respect her so much i will”i replied coldly

“Great ,thanks ,,my driver will pick you up by 6″he said and i nodded

“Bye”i said and slammed the door

I peeped through the window and watch him leave

“You should have seen his face when i told him i have a date”i said to clarie who laughed loudly

“lets go get you prepared “clarie said and i starred at her

“But its only 4,we still have time”i replied

“No way” Clarie replied and dragged my hand

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I starred at my self at the mirror ,,i looked so different and breathtaking

I was six already and kelly’s driver is already here

I walked out with clarie who couldnt stop complementing how great i look,,she did a good job in the hair and make up too

Soon we arrived at kellys apartment and he was looking handsome as always waiting for me by the door

“You look amazing” he said and i flashed him a smile

“Omg mira you look beautiful”his mom said and pecked my cheeks

The whole family welcomed me as usual and we sat down at the dining talking and laughing

I could feel kelly’s gaze on me all through

i felt like puking immediately

“Wheres the bathroom please”i said to kelly’s mom

“Follow me” she said and i did

She opened the bathroom door for me and i threw up everything in my stomach

“Are you okay honey “She asked

“Yes and good,i just feel dizzy “i replied

She held my hands and starred into my eyes

“Your pregnant”she said and i nodded slightly

“Omg ,,omg ”

“Streacher,,help ,everybody come”kellys mom yelled in panic while i starred at her and watched the whole family ran up to us

“Shes pregnant”kelly’s mom said and the girls were already crying and congratulating me and kelly

“Carry her kelly,she must not walk” kelly’s mom yelled at him

He scopped me from the floor and carried me to a room while others followed behind giggling

Are these not the same people crying minutes ago?

“we need to shop for her and the baby immediately”the girls said and they all nodded

“Yes and the baby room ,,i need someone who can decorate”his mom said

they kept in talking and talking till i finally slept off

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To be continued



Psycho Billionarie

Mr Arrogant

👉Not Edited👈

Chapter 19

Mira pov

I woke up with a light headache ,,and the bed i was on felt so comfy

I opened my eyes gently and noticed i was in an unfamilar apartment

I tried standing up but some hand held me down and cuddled me

Omg that scent

I raised my head and looked at the face it was kelly

Omg am hallucinating again ,,the event of last night came back to my memory

I cant believe i drank that much and followed a stranger home and now the stranger looks like kelly

He opened his eyes and we starred directly into each others eyes for seconds without a word

“Why did you sleep in the same bed with me is that how you treat strangers”i asked

I know for some reasons i sound crazy but i dont care ,,maybe its because am carrying kelly’s child thats why i see him in everybody ,,i mean everybody is kelly ,,,you guys dont actually expect me to believe its kelly right before me ,,i mean my own kelly

He scoffed and stood up ignoring me

I tried to stand up and i noticed i wasnt wearing my clothes

“You pervert how can you undress a stranger”i yelled while he starred at me confused

“C’mon theres nothing there that i havent seen or touched before “he replied

“Well the fact that you have seen others dosent mean you will see mine,,Now get me my clothes “i yelled

“You do not want to see that,,you messed it up last night”he replied starring at me

“Am sorry mira for leaving you”he said still starring at me

I stood up from the bed and walked towards him ,,,i sniffed his body
Omg its kelly

I trailed my hands through his body ,,,it was actually him

I hit my face twice just to be sure i wasnt hallucinating or dreaming

But yeah it kelly right before me apologising

“its me mira,,am sorry”he said again

I threw a heavy punch at him ,,and his lips bursted while he held it

“You left me like i was some piece of trash ”

“for months kelly” i yelled

“You made me fall inlove with you ,,,you got me pregant”

“You vanished”

“Not even a call kelly ,not even a text ”

“And now you just showed up and tell me your sorry”

I grabbed my things and stormed out of the room or let me say house

I hailed a cab and gave him my address

Jezz my hands are paining me already

But the act i put up there was great i couldnt be more happy

Kelly came back ,,he really did ,,,i just had to resist the urge of kissing and hugging him that moment

He looks so handsome than before but you dont expect me to forgive him just like that ,i have to fake annoyance so he wont repeat it again

And that punch i gave him was lit




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Others girls slap in this situation but she punched me ,,such a crazy girl

But i deserve it

The truth is that i have never for once forgotten her ,,i have been with her since that day at the airport

I was happy when she quit her call girl job and i made arrangement for her to be given a better job

i have been stalking her for long,,i even knew she was pregnant before she found out herself

I couldnt live without her ,,i love her so much and am ready to make things work

And carrying my child made everything even better

But how do i make her forgive me ?

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To be continued

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