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*Pastor’s Second Wife*
*Part 18 (Final)*

I got home feeling even more weak and pallid. I hadn’t had anything to eat since morning nor even have time for Shina.


Devil definitely must have rented a 3 bedroom apartment in my head to manipulate and torment me…. I felt so depressed and disillusioned


“Sister Mercy,” where have you been?

Elder Omojola asked me immediately i got home… He looked tensed.


Shina had been crying since morning….

I didn’t know whether to divulge the outcome of my laboratory test to him or keep it..


Keeping it for what?, “i thought.

I told Elder Omojola that i was pregnant again for Deji and that was the reason for my sickness .


I was sure he was wondering how it happened and probably didn’t know how to ask me how I knew it was Deji.

The proposed DNA test to ascertain Shina’s real father was slated for Saturday and even before then, here i was claiming to be pregnant for same man.


He looked puzzled. I felt the rage in him as if he wanted to pounce on me. He nodded repeatedly as he tapped my shoulders.


“My daughter,” it’s well, he said as he stood up to leave.

I asked him to sit back that i had another important confession to make.


Elder Omojola’s apprehensive mood was vicious. He was already getting tired of all this dirty melo drama.


“What’s is it again , Mercy?, he asked angrily .

” Daddy, it’s about sister Stella.

“Who’s Sister Stella, he asked.


Obviously, he had forgotten who sister stella is…

I took my time to remind him of whom stella is and carefully narrated to him everything that happened between her and Deji that made her elope.


He couldn’t contain his shock as his jaw dropped in utter disappointment in Deji.

Very early in the morning, Stella arrived with her twins.


She was shocked to have seen me with a kid and in Elder Omojola’s house.

Elder Omojola had known everything about her unholy affair with Deji and mine as well so he wasn’t so surprised seeing her.


I didn’t know what or how to face Stella as i buried my face in shame.

She looked perplexed as well…..

Elder Omojola sat us down and explained everything to Stella.


God would bless that man for me… He is indeed an Elder and a father who doesn’t judge or crucify one for her sins.

Stella cried so much after she learnt that her best friend is now married to the estranged father to her kids.


Obviously, she felt so bad and depressed…

It was really a festival of tears and consolation that morning.


As we were crying and still finding a way to pacify the situation someone knocked at the door.

guess who!


The devil himself…. It was Deji…

He was in elder Omojola’s house.

Deji rushed in but was shocked to see me and even more surprised to have seen Stella . He came to confess everything to elder Omojola, how he compromised the DNA test result just to evade the church executive council punishment.

“Sir, I couldn’t stand the humiliation. I am the father of sister Mercy’s baby,” he finally confessed.


Please help me explain to the G.O and the church executive council that it was satan who pushed me”, he begged elder Omojola.


“G.O is your father and you will have to explain to him yourself, I believe he loves you,” he bluntly told him.


To Deji’s greatest surprise, Elder Omojola informed him that the twin sister Stella was carrying were his kids.

Of course, he knew he got her pregnant . That was the Genesis of this whole evil love triangle .

Deji fell on the floor crying and begging both of us… .he didn’t even know whom to face.


Infront of him were three cute children all from different women but his wife.

Elder Omojola wadded in and pleaded to us to forgive him and urged us to let go.

Right there, he picked his phone and put a call through to the G.O.


“Daddy, I have to see you this morning sir. After his call, he carried us and drove to Deji’s house, asked his wife to join us in the car and we drove straight to G.O’s house.


All of us arrived at G.O’s house…. It was a crowd of visitors. ..While we were all seated, elder Omojola went on his knees before the G.O, signaled Deji to join him to knee down too.


Sir, pastor Olumodeji is your son and your son had offended you. He’s here to tell you his offences and to ask for your forgiveness.


He pleaded on behalf of Deji.

“I am listening, the G.O said as he put on his glasses. Elder Omojola beckoned on Deji to speak up.


He started with a long sob.

“Sir, I am sorry for all my lies, I am the father of sister Mercy’s baby,” and eeeehm !!!eeeeh!!!!, “Sister Stella’s twins,”he startled.


..Everywhere went cold, tears began to drop from everyone’s eyes.

Everyone was surprised to have seen Sister Stella reappear with kids and even more surprised to hear that same Pastor Deji was responsible .


Tears were uncontrollably gushing down.

Why? Why? Why? G.O began to ask Deji in disappointment. I trusted you so much, why? Why did you allow satan to take advantage of you to do this? For almost an hour, it was all about “why” from G.O.


Deji was forced to resign as a pastor. He was also discovered to have embezzled church fund to the tune of N10.7 million. His gratuity and entitlements were shared between me, Stella and mummy pastor.


I took my own share of the gratuity, rented a small apartment and also started a business.


I couldn’t continue in that church again because of the damage caused by my action. When Deji resigned, almost half of the members of the church left.


Today, the church is a shadow of itself. A church that previously holds two services every Sunday, now struggles with 100 members.


Right now, Deji is very sick and has partial stroke. Mummy pastor later conceived and gave birth to a baby girl. Don’t pity me because I have settled with God and He has forgiven me.

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NB: No be only Pastor in the character, many Alfas do more. Nobody is holier, we are all human and fallible.

God help us all…

The End…

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Comments ( 2 )

  1. Great work done by the writer, the story is so captivating and so intresting.

    Though not in the story but would have love the writer to clarify if it’s ordinary or there is some spiritual things done on Mercy by the Pastor to sleep with her during his confession with the G.O and Elder Omolaja.

  2. Really big lesson for us ladies. And i love the last word at the end of the story that no body is holier than the other, no one is infallible. That’s true… That’s why we have to be careful both as a girl or boy cos it can happen vis visa.

    I love and enjoyed this story. Kudos to the writer.

    Remain blessed


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